Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Post Purge... Old Loves... And The Blogasphere

I did my Blog Post Purge, usually now I only keep about 3 Months worth active and dump the rest.  I used to keep Archived Posts, but honestly, who reads those unless they might be New to a Blog?  Even then, I tend not to go too far back, even when I've discovered a wonderful Blog that I just Love and Connect to.  As for me, I never revisit my Old Posts, so they're no longer relevant to me, so why keep them?  I wish I could Purge possessions as easily and efficiently as I can Purge my Online stuff!  

As I delete them it is still interesting to see which ones were visited most, which had more interactions with Readers.  My Journal Online for me personally, usually is just in the Joy of Writing the Post and selecting Images to go with it, as a Creative venture.  I'm very random about the Imagery and more specific about the Topic.  Mostly because I highly suspect people either come to enjoy Reading or to just enjoy pretty Pictures.  Perhaps some come for both, but I quit trying to take Photography for the Post Topic too literally.  That's because unless it was an Event Post, I don't even know what the Hell I'm going to Write about, but I've usually taken all the Photos in advance.

I know that Blogging can be very random tho' in what Appeals to the Community here.  So I selfishly still do it for myself primarily and how it pleases me to set it up and enjoy doing it.  In the beginning, way back over a Decade ago when I began, I really thought I'd explore what made a Good Blog.  Then I realized how subjective that was.  There were Blogs I Loved that had broken all the 'Rules' on what allegedly constituted a Good Blog. The Photography didn't have to be decent, you didn't have to be some amazing Writer, for people to come and Connect.  Some did all the 'Right' things, great Imagery, much to say, yet didn't Connect.  So it's kinda like Life that way.

Topics can be anything at all and still find an Audience it seems, which is what I Love about The Land Of Blog.  Anything you might want to Read about or see Images of, you can find it on a Blog.  Out here in the Blogasphere is a vast amount of Interests, Opinions, Life Experiences, Sharing, Hobbies, Businesses, Intimate Details of Life {or not}.   There are Blogs I've followed a long time and yet have no Clue what the Blogger even looks like, what their Home looks like, since they've never introduced themselves that way to their Audience, and it's Okay, they never have to.

Other Bloggers Connect in more intimate ways with their Audience and you'd feel you've come to 'know' them because enough details, personal and/or private, have been Shared, like a regular Real Life Friendship.  Of coarse, one thing I did learn immediately was that we can be so Editorial about what we say and visually show, that it isn't Real Life, there is a certain amount of Illusion.  I mean, you would think my Home to be Clean and a Visual Delight, if  you Believed the snippets shared in Photographs!  Notice, not too many Panoramic Views exist, there's a reason for that!  *LMAO*  A good many of the Images Shared Today were from my Beloved Art Studio Cottage, which was the converted Carriage House of the Historic Property, my Old Love... I miss it so much still and probably always will!

But even there, I was Editorial about Staging Photos just right, not like I had an Image to uphold or anything, just Vanity and Pride!  *LOL*  It's kinda like those filtered Selfies everyone you know takes and they look absolutely nothing like that in Real Life!  Tho' it's a Fantastic Illusion and Years from now, Who would remember you didn't look that Fabulous for Reals, Right?!  Hey, I got PICTURES... and you whip out those Model Quality altered Images and it's 30 Years later and everyone is Impressed, since, no Evidence anymore!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Not like the Old Days, where you might have even been all that, but not very Photogenic perhaps, so nobody will ever recall, since, no Evidence anymore!  *Sob!*

My Brother is a Semi-Retired Professional Photographer and he worked in Hollywood for Years, he always told me that Pro Photography was part Skill and part Illusion.   Back in the Old Days it wasn't as simple as now to doctor an Image to make it appear Perfect.  There was Air Brushing and lots of other techniques used to impart the Illusion of how people looked.  When Photographing Scenes, Decor or Fashion, there were other Tricks of the Trade to make it swoon worthy and Editorial!  I like Illusions, Real Life can sometimes Suck compared to the Illusion and the Fantasy.  *Winks*  Of coarse, all the New fake parts Help now, back in da Day what ya was Born with is what ya got to Work with... mostly!  *LOL*

I recall, Years ago, there was a Designer's Home going up for Sale that I'd fallen completely in Love with.   But, when emptied of the contents and the Touch, the Essence that owner had expertly imparted and infused, it was rather disappointing what you'd buy, all the Magic was gone.   It was just a house and all the flaws I'd normally pick out immediately were glaringly obvious when purchasing a major Investment.  Then there are other Homes that NEED the contents and Essence of the owner removed, so you can see it's a worthwhile Investment, but their stuff or their Style impeded the potential for Sale.  That's often why Homes are Staged by Professionals or left Empty when Selling.

Blogs are kinda like that too, the Essence of the Blogger, I think is in every Blog, in some way.  You almost have to put some of yourself into the Process and that will Personalize it in your own way.  I happen to think THAT is what people Connect to... or don't.   I find that in Life and in Blogs, you tend to Connect to Kindred Spirits, we just find one another and that's the way I like it!  Not that everyone I know here or in Real Life has to be in Agreement with every Thought in my Head or how I do Life, but generally, there's a camaraderie that is clearly evident and forms the bonds.

I'm actually glad that Today it was effortless to Blog about something other than the enormous amount of Pain, Crisis and Loss going on.  To have some break from it, yet still take it Seriously enough not to move on to the Next Thing dismissively, especially before anything Major is resolved.  Which would be foolishness and how things don't Change for the better actually or get worse.  I've found it very interesting how some have never mentioned anything relevant like what's going on in any Online Space they occupy, evading or avoiding it all.  It fascinates me actually how superficial or preoccupied some Minds can be no matter what's going on that is DEEP or Heavy! 

 I can't fathom that when a Plague is going on Worldwide, Social unrest is at unprecedented levels too, Rioting, Death and intense Suffering is literally everywhere, Economic collapse could be eminent... the only Topic worth mentioning to some, via their Social Media Outlets, is what new Shoes they bought, where they're going for Lunch next or taking a bunch of Selfies!  Of coarse, there are the other Extremes to that, where some become fixated literally on ONE Topic, whatever it is, to the exclusion of EVERYTHING else.  No matter what that happens to be, if it's become the ONLY thing, I just can't stick with it, since it's not my Obsession I guess?  *LOL*

If ALL you're talking about is your Politics, your Religion, your Kid, your Pet, your Collection, your whatever... even if I was initially interested, Forgive me, but my Eyes are gonna Glaze Over if it's incessant and dominates every conversation every time.  I do like some diversity if I'm to stay engaged, in Real Life or in the Blogasphere, perhaps it's my Adult ADHD, I dunno, I Bore easily and ONE thing cannot hold my Attention Forever and a Day either!  *LOL*   I think many of my all time Favorite Blogs have been diverse, random and Authentic to Self of the Blogger and it really comes across in a Special way.  Sadly, a lot of Great Blogs quit Blogging and now I'm seeking out some New ones to enjoy visiting.  If there's any you can suggest that you happen to Love... that would be Fantastic!

Brad the Hot Pool Guy just left and he's always a Great Visual as well as knowing everything and Maintaining the Pool Magnificently.  *Winks*  He is so Patient with us Old Folks learning the Ropes about Pool Ownership and explaining everything in a way that we can Process and Understand.  He Rescued some Diving Torpedoes the Kids had forgotten and got sucked up in the Pool Vacuum, but Thankfully without damaging it... Whew!  I'm giving his Biz a Shout Out and Link here on the Ole' Blog, PRACTICAL POOLS.   Now, I know that the Pool Guy being Hot might not be your prerequisite, but if they're great at what they do AND as a Bonus they're Eye Candy, it doesn't hurt, Right?!  I think I'd make Brad blush if he read that, but he is a Sweetheart and I'm sure he's heard it before!  *LOL*


   Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I've never purged my blog---make that blogS. I've got four of them going back on Bloggers to 2008. I did have another on Yahoo and a caregiver website before that that got purged by their systems. People do read my old posts, many even starting at the first one and reading forward. I think the difference is my blog was more focused on widow recovery in the beginning, so there's that. I also do reread my old posts, usually when I'm trying to figure out if I've covered a topic before.

    By the way, I come to read your words. Sometimes your photos give me nightmares...just kidding. Your pool boy could give me dreams of another kind. I need to shut up now. LOL

    1. LMAO, the Dreamy Brad, the Nightmarish Bohemian spin on The Addams Home. I cover all the Bases, aiming to please! *Winks* I do get a lot of hits when I have Posts about the Caregiving, I try to keep it 100% about the experience and find that most Caregivers go thru similar trials and joys in the Family Role they are in. Writing exclusively about that would bring me down I think, tho' now he's rehabilitated a lot more it's easier and of coarse as The G-Kid Force and the Adult Disabled Children got Older I think I handle it all better. Well, sometimes... ha ha ha.

  2. A long time ago I was going to purge, but thought twice, since so much work goes into it and I want to look back years from now and use it as a dairy of sorts. My blog is also a huge archives of drag a nd drag related info I've been told as there is that. I am amazed when I look at comments on the dashboard and comments come in daily still on past posts. So people still have interest on things I guess. I always said when I hit ten years I would hang it up, but now three years later.....It's hard for me to find new blogs I like and keep on interests. They are getting harder to find. I used to read upwards of 100. but now down to around 45-50. Your one of the newest blogs I read and stayed...so your good tootes!!!! but I feel you and enjoy stopping in. It's always fun to get new readers I just hope I don't scare off people. I can get very random with my posts and I aint the slightest shy....I'm an open book.

    I needed this post tonight. Now I see your holding out on Brad. Where's my invite for his next stop by the pool lambchop?????? Hmmmm? Beside he's wayyyyyyyyyyy over dressed to be tending to the pool dear.

    1. Well, he is coming to an Old Lady's house so I'm sure he doesn't wanna give me the Vapors. *Bwahahahaha!* I had joked when we hired him and before he ever showed up that I hoped he was Brad Pitt Dreamy... I think my Hopes were realized and The Man thought it hilarious. He was thinking perhaps some Old Weathered Pool Dude would show up and I'd be like, shit, if I'm paying for this... I need the Staff to be HOT! *LOL* I wondered if I might scare people off too but surprisingly a lot of Normal people do visit often, who knew? *Bwahahaha!* They don't even get scared that I might start to bring them over to the Dark Side... tho' some of my Real Life Friends who used to be the Colorless Palette or Pastel and Sparkles kind did say they began to buy some very strange shit after Years of hanging out with me. *Smiles* Speaking of hanging it up, my Parents liked to joke about when I was a Teen and told them I didn't want to live past 30 so I wouldn't be a 'burden' to anyone! *LMAOROTF now!*

  3. I am so glad that you visited me - and even gladder that I came to your home. I don't purge, and do occasionally revisit older blogs.
    I have been endlessly blown away by the warmth and the wonder of the blogosphere. I have laughed with other bloggers, I learn from them (often) and I have wept with and for them.
    All this in a way my severely introverted self can cope with. What's not to love in that.
    And yes, I do believe that we all put a bit of ourselves into every post - whether we mean to or not.

    1. Yes, this Community has been a lifeline to many of us that were housebound due to Caregiving too. My Social structure kind of fell apart when I couldn't join in any more due to inheriting Special Needs Grandchildren to Raise and then also when The Man became extremely Sick and Disabled, requiring me to give up Career and become a Full Time Caregiver. I had so many Life Changes that Blogging was a Beautiful Outlet for Writing, Photography and Documenting so much of Life that was Lovely or Challenging. I find this Community to be more accepting, in so many ways, that was unexpected... compared to Real Life where I guess you just don't run into the volume of people that Cyberspace connects you with. I found there were more people like me, imagine that! *Winks* Finding one's Tribe is essential sometimes since they have a point of reference to relate to in ways that perhaps many other people could not who have a different way of being, different Life experiences.

  4. I started my blog as a sort of history for my descendents. my sister is into genealogy and has pushed our lines back to the 900s in a few cases but all we know is names and dates mostly, nothing about their actual lives, and so my blog was started. I think one of these days I'm going to bite the bullet and have every year printed up in a book.

    1. With all that Work and Investigation that has gone into Tracing your Family History you should print a Book. It's expensive but worth it, my Mother-In-Law did it for the Family and it's cherished by all the Relatives now. Of coarse I made it into the Book being Married into the Family, which was kinda Cool. *Winks* They are very big into Genealogy and in Utah where The Man is from I guess a lot of Families keep meticulous Records. My Native American Side {Dad} just passed things down in Stories and much of it seemed embellished in grand Storytelling Style so we don't know really what is accurate and what was imagination and embellishments to fill in gaps or unknown data? Mom's Side, Welsh, pretty much stayed Locally for numerous Generations and probably had more accurate Data and also some photos, which Dad's Family were too poor to do even once cameras became available on the Rez. I think it's nice to look back at what should be remembered and passed along Generation to Generation.

  5. Dear Dawn, I have to confess that I started viewing your blog because of your delicious images. Here was the funky person I wanted to be, could easily be, if I didnt' live with a pocket/protector husband with an electronics background. Hubby was reared by a no-nonsense Mom who threw anything away she didn't use within a six month period. SO, I've had to curb my decor to 'normalcy' lol, in my home. Now when I had my shop---I could drape, gush-gush, floralize every square inch...which was SOOOOOO much fun. Now I get to do it, in the dollhouses.
    Back to the point----I love your eye and photographs, but it is your soul that makes me read every word, to rage, laugh, think, and share with. Hugs back to you, Sandi in Chicagoland

    1. I'm catching up with everyone's comments, your Sweet Words were so Touching, Thank You! There is so much that draws me to Blogs too, sometimes it's the Imagery, the Story, but mostly it is the Soul of the Blogger... this Community has so many amazing people in it!

  6. Whoops forgot to check notify me, to read back...grins! Sandi


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