Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day is always hard on The Man, he lost a lot of Buddies during the various Wartime deployments and we've both lost Friends as well in Military Service to Country.  I could tell he was struggling some just being in Lock Down during it, so I suggested we go out for Take-Out to a Fav Restaurant Downtown.  If it wasn't busy and they had implemented good Social Distancing to make it feel Protected enough, we'd even Dine In.  So, off to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Phoenix we went and to our Surprise we practically had the place to ourselves at Lunchtime so we could Dine In!

Of coarse many Downtown Inner City Professionals are still able to Work from Home, so the usual Lunchtime Crowds in the area that pack these Restaurants aren't there during Lunch Break now.   And the Restaurant had sectioned off about 2/3 of the Seating for Non-Use, so you didn't have to Dine near anyone at all, but still have great Ambiance of this place.  I had him all Suited Up for Safety and he no longer is resistant, given the increasing Death toll rising exponentially and his nifty new USMC Face Mask he likes to actually wear.  *Smiles*  It was good to get out and to Dine In after SO long!   I gotta Confess it was a semblance of Normalcy, except for the obvious lack of Patrons, which we were glad of since we don't wanna be around people and have that risk of exposure.

All Staff were wearing Masks and staying as far from you as possible, for their Safety and yours.  We've been leaving large Tips, even for Take-Out Meals, knowing the Hospitality Industries are hurting so much during Pandemic and Workers who still have Jobs aren't making the Tips they once relied on.  We have vowed to frequent the Establishments we don't want to see go Under, to Support those Local Businesses we would like to see get thru this and be able to stay Open.  This is one of them, I've been coming here since the early 1970's, during my First Corporate Life Working Downtown in the Banking Industry.  It's filled with Ahhhmazing Antiques and Killer Architectural Salvage, long before any of that became Trendy.

This was one of the places my Staff took me to for my Retirement Party.  I've Retired a few times, so had more than one Wonderful Retirement Party.  Then popped out of Retirement to start another Corporate Life off and on thruout the Years.  One might say I did it for the Parties?  *LOL*  But the Corporate Grind being Forever behind me now, I'd rather follow my Bliss in whatever I choose to do... in what I now dub as Semi-Retirement and Working just for Fun, a Hobby Job.  *Smiles*   I did do some Corporate Consultation Work for a time, which always paid very Well for how few Hours I chose to devote to it.  But now I'm sure I forgot more about those Industries than I remember.  *Ha ha ha*

 I'm fortunate that I Worked long enough to earn Pensions and made Wise Investments when I had good paying Careers.  To be able to take the Early Retirement when The Man got Sick, was Medically Retired... and then required Full Time Caregiving after his Catastrophic Accident and Brain Injury.  Not to mention in 2000 and 2005 I also began Raising Two Special Needs Grandchildren as each was Born.  I did juggle Work with all of that for a Time, it was just A LOT... TOO MUCH actually.  At the time The Son Rented one of our Cottages at the Beloved Historic Property to help me out.  Since he Worked Days and I Worked Nights... so we'd switch off with the Caregiving Duties of his Dad and Nephew/Niece when we each got Home from Work.

It was the 50th Anniversary this Year of this Restaurant and so The Man wanted an Italian Cherry Cream in a Souvenir Glass he could Keep.  He Cheered up considerably, not being as morose about dwelling upon how many Dear Sacrificial Souls have been Lost that he knew or we knew, tho' we somberly Honor their Memories and Sacrifices this Day.  For us, now things are better, The Man has Rehabilitated considerably from his TBI Injuries, one Grandchild is now Grown and out on his own, Princess T is a Teenager who Helps me out a lot with her Grandpa and his Care.  Except for a Plague, everything is Swell!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*  Okay, sorry, I just couldn't resist throwing a little Gallow's Humor into the mix at the end of this Post.  We've Survived a lot, The Man said Today at our Meal... we might even Survive this too!?


In Loving Memory of those who Gave All... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Visiting the Vietnam War Memorial in D.C. is a moving experience, isn't it. Even the traveling model chokes you up. It's comes here at least three times and the motorcycle escort for when they move it in goes right by my house which, in itself, tugs your heart to see.

    1. The Man has visited the Memorial, he lost so many of his Special Forces Team during his double Tours in Vietnam. Then many others too that we went to School with or were Brothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters of those we knew in the Military. A Dear Friend of ours was lost during The Middle East deployment, he'd retired but the DOD asked him to come back in a Leadership Role and his convoy was blown up. So many lost... and then to consider this Pandemic took out twice as many as that long Vietnam war in just a matter of a couple Months is terrifying really. This 'World War' we are not Winning and the toll will be greater than any other War in History if we are not more Careful. I was appalled to see the behavior of people Celebrating Memorial Day and ignoring all Social Distancing and sane practices... they will be the Carriers of Doom.

  2. That last picture brought tears to my eyes.


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