Friday, April 17, 2020

So Many Irons In The Fire

I had so many Irons in the Fire Today and it was Okay, the randomness of our Days and flitting from doing one thing to another, to doing Nothing at all, has been Liberating.  There's no Schedule, no Time Line, no Deadline, actually no particular Time of the Day or Night we can't just do whatever we Please right now!  I can't remember the last time I could say that!   This Morning Princess T and I hung some Taxidermy to get at least some of it off the Dining Room Floor... well, Two of it anyway!  I'm Pacing myself, what can I say?! *LOL*

'Lil Dik-Dik has always hung on a Black Wall so I wasn't certain I was gonna like her on a Taupe Wall, but I really do!   These Walls are sturdy like our Historic Home's Walls were, so the Taxidermy hangs solidly.  *Whew!*  Those of you who've been following my Blog any length of time know that 'Lil Dik-Dik had a terrible accident at Villa Boheme' due to flimsy Modern Day Walls and any vibration shaking anything hanging on them.  She bounced off the Wall, crashing to the Floor, broke both Horns and an Ear, the first time the Kiddos let a Door slam shut! *Gasp and Sob!*

 I was so distraught and had to do some E-6000 Emergency Surgery on her!  It was like putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again, a real Amateur Taxidermy Repair Job!  It's given her some Character, but it did make me Paranoid about hanging Taxidermy after that, I kinda overdo it to secure shit on the Walls really solidly now.  The Man busts my Chops constantly about the size of Hardware I insist upon now!  *LOL*  Princess T is a better Minion when I'm hanging anything than he is, she could Care Less how I'm going about it!  Her only Concern is ensuring I don't fall off the Ladder of Death and safely handing me up whatever is Needed to get the Job Done without a Casualty! *Smiles*

For the really heavy Taxidermy like the African Goat Mount, that The Young Prince used to hang for me, she said her Bestie Gay Timmy could assist us with it.  Social Distancing of coarse, he's being Raised by his Grandparents too, who are being as vigilant as we are about Safety during Times of Pandemic.  Sometimes he comes over to visit her and sits in the Yard about 15 Feet from Princess T, who is sitting on my Truck's Tailgate.  I throw Snacks and Refreshments to them like a Quarterback during Super Bowl... it's comical... we all Laugh nervously, this is so hard on the Kiddos to try to Maintain their Relationships with Friends and Extended Family. 

It's difficult right now to even Imagine what the Future might look like Socially for any of us anymore?!  I'm Thankful that Princess T isn't Dating Age, keeping Young Lovesick Teens apart would be a Beast right now, wouldn't it?!  Kiddos being Raised by their Grandparents probably take this Pandemic Risk a LOT more Seriously than their Peers, which is a Good thing, their Guardians being super High Risk and all.  I've had absolutely no Push Back from Princess T about our Restrictions.  She said she's always been worried about our Mortality, we're Old and haven't been the Healthiest bunch on the Planet you see.  Now she's all the more vigilant about our Well Being and Risk Factors.

Onwards to Taxidermy No. 2 that we hung Today... she wasn't our First Choice for this Placement, but she was facing in the right direction and the other Deer Mount wasn't, that had been First Choice.  And Yes, I know 'technically' they are not Girls and it drives The Man and his Taxidermy Younger Brother Mad that I have Pimped out my Male Deer to be Gals... whatever!   I have been Transgendering my Taxidermy for Years, I don't Care what's PC about it with Hunters and Purists or not!  *Bwahahaha!*   Sure I couldda put an Antique Beaver Top Hat, Monocle and Bow Tie, to be a Pimped Out Dude... but this Dude looks like a Lady... Deal with it!

He-She doesn't Care, totally Rockin' that Tiara, Flowers behind the Ear and Predator Wrap with Bling!  *LOL*  Yes, I have Intentionally sought out Antique and Vintage Wraps made of Predator Furs, for the Prey they would normally Hunt to wear, as Sweet Revenge... the Irony of it makes me Smile.  And Please, no PETA Comments, all my Mounts and Wraps were Sourced from Nature before any of us was even Born!  They've been Immortalized in their Afterlives beaucoup Years ago, this Mount is Dated 1932, so it's as Old as my Mom would have been.  I Preserve and Rescue Old Taxidermy that is dog-eared and might have been discarded otherwise and end up in a Landfill.

Here's her Corner, they're looking mighty Fine against that Taupe Wall I must say!  I Love the Color Scheme of this Home, with the exception of the Two Children's Bedrooms it was Perfect for us.  Princess T immediately Painted over those Two hideous Hot Pink Walls in her Bedroom with Taupe Paint on one and Black Chalkboard Paint on the other.  I'm currently Painting over the Two hideous Grass Green and Yellow Striped Walls in the Guest Bedroom with Black Paint on one and Kabuki Red Paint on the other... the rest of those Rooms Walls had Taupe which we'll leave As Is. 

 The Black Wall I've been finishing up Today in here, the Edging takes time since the Texture on these Old Walls is very prominent so my Edging Tool doesn't Work... dammit!  I've had to use a Child's Paintbrush to do the Edging, it's like Painting the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel it's so Tedious a Project, so I Work it in Stages.  So that was one of the other Irons in the Fire, Painting off and on for the past few Days.  I happen to abhor Painting Walls, and this time around, with the Pandemic, I didn't have a Host of Minions to assist me, just Princess T.  With the jacked up Left Shoulder I can't switch off and use both Hands either, so I'm limited to also Painting with just my Right Hand... dammit!  Yeah, I use both Hands equally, always have.

Today we brought one of the Vintage Mannequin Gals in and sat her on the Antique Wood Pedestal in the Entryway.  Originally an Antique Religious Statue sat on it, but The Man has been unsteady on his Feet again lately, so I didn't wanna risk him crashing into a Beloved Statue and breaking another one.  Yes, ANOTHER one... before we Moved he broke a Huge Antique Madonna and Child that I had to do another Amateur E-6000 Restoration Surgery on.  *Le Sigh*  His Mobility Issues off and on, since the Brain Injury, have been significant... so I almost have to Childproof the Home because of him.  *LOL*

She's Vintage, but the Old Department Store Mannequins were built pretty sturdy for Commercial Use, so if she happened to take a tumble if he fell into her, she might fare better than Antique Statuary!   She looks Okay up there, I don't Mind the Change.  And she's heavy, so she's not easy to tip over.  Princess T brought her in from the RV Garage this Morning and did the Placement, she likes to help with Styling and Organizing things, she's good at it so I can let her Run with it.  Sometimes her Ideas and Eye are better than mine, she's got a Good Eye and a Great Sense of Style.  And I might add... a whole lot more Restraint than her Gramma Dawn!  *Winks*  She often tells me when to Dial it Back... and go more Tasteful... or I'd go Over-The-Top always!  *Smiles* 

Shit, I know, hard to BELIEVE that Moi would go, or be, Over-The-Top, huh?!  *Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!*  I considered, if I was doing a Podcast from Home with MY Home's Backdrop, how much Gossip Fodder it would Generate?!?!??   You know, since we now know we're all developing the Past Time during Times of Pandemic, of Critiquing the Homes of everyone Working from Home and getting those Peeks into their most Intimate Personal Spaces that normally not many get privy to!  *LMAO*  I mean, we ALL have our Opinions of what is Stylish, Cool, Tasteful, Tacky, Hideous, Lovely, Weird or Wonderful... or Weird AND Wonderful to Decorate with.

  I KNOW that I would Intentionally seek out the Weirdest of my shit to park my Ass in front of, just to get a Reaction from Viewers!  I need Attention like that sometimes and just to spark Controversy within the Normal People Population and make them clutch their Pearls.  *Winks*  The Young Prince used to joke that our Tribe made the Fundies nervous particularly and said that some were quite sure I was a Witch.  I'm not certain if they thought me to be a Good Witch or a Bad Witch tho'?  *LMAO*  I recall my Mom was often accused of that too, but then again, Mom 'Read' People and Tea Leaves, would tell them shit about themselves or the Future that made folks real nervous since it would be Spot On.  *Smiles*

Princess T got all Dolled Up for us to take our random Drive Today and toss out some more Cardboard Broken Down Boxes in the Commercial Dumpster.  I went in my Grateful Dead Pajamas.  *LOL*  The Man was waffling on whether or not to change into something more presentable, 'til I reminded him the only time he'd be getting out of the vehicle would be to toss the Boxes in a Dumpster behind a Building.  *Smiles*  We've taken to at least one Short Drive a Week just for Scenery beyond these Walls and to get Fresh Air blowing thru our Hair as we take the Mini Road Trip.  Sometimes we drive around fav Neighborhoods to Admire the Homes, people are doing a lot of Work on their Homes now they're all on Lock Down.

I was very Saddened to see that a Historic Home on Acreage that I had tried to Buy when we were looking for a Home, which got bought by a Commercial Developer instead, had now been razed... dammit!  It was a 1930's Rural Tudor on about 3/4 of an Acre with a stand alone Garage with Apartment above that and a small Glass Conservatory.  They also destroyed the Mature Date Palm Grove behind the Home and basically ALL of the Mature Trees around the Lot had been removed, it was now a Vacant ugly Lot.  They'll likely build high density Housing on the Lot, obliterating History for Profit.  The real tragedy is... there is an enormous Vacant Lot beside it that they could have bought to do that instead and let a Preservationist buy the Historic Home on Land.  *Le Sigh*

You can almost never outbid the greedy Developers and Investors who can pay Cash and Close before you can get Funding to try to Preserve any Historic Property up for grabs.  So Sadly, many are Lost Forever to Greed and Profiteering, they never stood a chance.   Those of us who would try to Save and Rescue some, rarely get the Opportunity to once an Investor or Developer is involved as competition.  This is Why I Sold my Historic Homestead for less than those Greedy Bastards were offering and then Intended to Raze it and put up High Density Low Income Housing where it stands.  My Preservationist Buyer could pay Cash, so I Sold it to him for less, to Save it and it's Rich History for Future Generations.  It is part of a Community and it's History, not just a Commodity!

Princess T brought in some of the Metal Eggs and put Candy in them for her Easter Egg Hunt, we haven't found the Plastic ones yet.  I know since I'm Post Dating these Blog Posts it's impossible to know what Real Time Date I Wrote them, it's not Easter yet in Real Time.  I Wish I had been able to find and unpack all my Easter Vintage Decor to Style the House with to make it seem more like Spring and Easter Time.  But I didn't and it's unlikely to happen now, tho' The Man and I did unpack some more Boxes and break them down Today too, another Iron in the Fire.  We also arranged Patio Furniture around the Pool and set up the Stone Tiered Fountain by the Pool {not operational} and hung the Lion Head Antique Metal Font on the RV Garage exterior facing the Pool.

This is my only Nod to Easter in the House right now, since it's all I could locate thus far in the unpacking Process.  I'll probably find the rest just after Easter, you know how that goes?  *LOL*  I Love those Vintage or Antique Commercial Chocolate Molds, but now they're getting so expensive that they're outside of my Price Point.  But I did Score a couple when they used to be more reasonably priced and this is the Easter one of a Quartet of Eggs.  The Vendor that Sold this to me had a huge Collection and in hindsight I do Wish I'd bought more of them at the time, it would have been a Wise Investment.  Hindsight is always 20-20 isn't it?!   Those Vintage and Antique Paper Mache' Easter or Halloween Decorations are also something I Collect when the Price is Right.  

My Favorite one is the other one I have... I like how Macabre it looks even tho' as a Chocolate Mold it was never meant to be Sinister looking.  It's a Vintage Kewpie Doll Chocolate Mold, but because they always put the Mold Forms in these Cage Like Structures around it... so Kewpie looks more like a Silence Of The Lambs Type Halloween Prop Victim and that's what I LOVED about it!  *LOL*  I bought this one from a Biker Friend who usually was a Vendor of Transportation and Biker or Hunter Clientele Merchandise, but he'd got this for precisely the reason I thought it was hilariously Cool!  He also gave me one of those First Cousin Deals on it, since he knew I Collect The Weird And Wonderful shit and Appreciate Odd Treasures.  *Winks*


And now, to Enjoy doing Nothing... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You've got such a wicked sense of humor that I can't imagine what your place would look like if your granddaughter wasn't there to dial-it-back here and there. LOL

    1. It would be a DEEP, DEEP fall down a Rabbit Hole my Friend, Alice's Wonderland would have Nothin' on me I tell ya! I Channel my inner Morticia Addams and Lily Munster. *Winks*

  2. It's like Christmas at your house, every post, as you unfold your treasures...I missed the taxidermy---our only one---Bambi, a way too small deer head that was used for practice for a taxidermy friend---went to my girlfriend who still calls her Bambi.... anyways, stay safe and yes, day night, today, this day, that day, the day after the other day---it's really strange with NO appointments...and screwed up TV, can't tell what day it is from that either...
    Anyway, Happy Wednesday??? maybe it's Wednesday??? Sandi

    1. You cracked me up with "The day after the other day" because that's just how much of a Time Warp Vacuum has happened! I couldn't have told you if it had been a Wednesday that I wrote the Post, or even the Time of any given Day, it all bleeds into one another now! The Beauty of that is of coarse the Open Schedule where I can do whatever, whenever and it matters not... or even if I do Nothing at all! I was missing the Taxidermy too, a LOT... even tho' it was the last things I brought back over since my Friend was so Kind as to Dead Head Sit them for me as long as I needed so that they wouldn't get damaged in Storage by Mites. I did have a Mite problem with some Butterflies and a Bat that I did have in Storage so I'm SO THANKFUL she held the rest for me or it all might have been destroyed by Mites and Beetle Larvae!? It is like an extension of Christmas rediscovering what I packed almost 6 Months ago... Wow, was it that long ago we began the Moving Journey and Journals!?!

  3. Glad you had some good help today!

    1. Me too... sometimes I want it all just Done... and other days I'm Thankful for having so much to do to get thru this Lock Down because it can be a Welcome distraction to work on getting it all done.


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