Saturday, April 18, 2020

Overachiever... And A Rant

So Today I was a total Overachiever... I did some housekeeping, skimmed the Pool of Leaf debris, pulled Weeds, swept the Back Patio, unpacked more Boxes, worked some more on finishing up the Edging on this Black newly Painted Wall in the Guest Bedroom, paid some Bills, worked on Organizing some Art Studio Supplies, caught up with Friends and Family on Facebook Messenger, purged some Old Paperwork to shred and make into Hamster litter.  All before 1:00 PM!!!  That was the most Amazing thing, not just how much I got done, but how fast I got it all done when I put my Heart and Mind to it!  *Whew!*  So now I intend to do Nothing and Be Still for the rest of the Day... except that I'm on here Blogging, so I guess that's not exactly doing Nothing or Being Still... but it always feels like it is to me.  *LOL*

I found some more Pecans in the Grass while I was pulling Weeds.  But the Pecan Trees are now beginning to Bud into Leaf so it's likely there won't be much more of a Pecan Harvest this Season.  This is all I kept, the rest we Shared with Family and Friends.  They are some of the best Pecans I've ever had, perhaps because they were so Fresh, or mebbe it's just Psychological because they were grown here and were Free... I dunno!?  *LOL*  No, I think it IS the former and not the latter, because the Citrus grown on my Neighbors Trees were some of the best I ever had too and everyone I Shared them with was in Agreement.  Especially those Grapefruit of Omar's... OMG, so Sweet and not at all Tart like Grapefruit typically are!

Really, since I'm trying not to HAVE to leave Home EVER right now... and only doing Grocery Shopping when I completely run out of Options, like once a Month... it's a Big Deal to get anything Fresh and Free from our own Property and what Neighbors Share!  I'm taking Lock Down as Serious as a Heart Attack, because Honestly, The Man and I would have better Odds at Surviving a Heart Attack than Surviving this Virus, given the grim Statistics!  The Man did have a Double Bypass many Years ago and bounced back from that and much more, including a near Fatal catastrophic Accident that damaged both sides of his Brain... this Virus, I really wouldn't have a Peace about him contracting and Surviving!?  I'm keepin' it 100%, folks like us aren't faring Well if they get it.

The Hamster Litter being shredded is from my Inspiration Books, which I have about 60+ of them gleaned from Magazines over the past couple Decades.  I'm Purging whatever isn't Inspiring to me anymore and just Keeping what still is. This reveals to me what has been Abiding in Attracting me over the past Decades, a Pattern is already emerging of Abiding Loves in Decor and Style.  A Certain Aesthetic has drawn me for well over 20 Years, now I'm sticking with THAT and letting the rest fall away.   I'll eventually be doing the same Purge to my vast Library of Decor Books again... Yes, did it before the Move, but will probably be more ruthless in Curating what is Kept and still Inspires me. 

I'm not much into TV watching, but I so do Love the Music Channels our Cable Network has a vast array of.  My Fav is "Soundscapes", which has a lot of Beautiful Meditation Music coupled with Photography of Nature, info about the Artists and Inspirational Quotes.  Whenever I'm doing Work it is my backdrop Music and brings me into a Peaceful State of Being and Serenity, in spite of it being a Time of Pandemic.  Princess T and Miss Priss the Cat will instantly fall asleep on the Sectional when this Music is playing, even if my Granddaughter has been plagued with Anxiety and Insomnia it Calms her Spirit enough to Relax and drift away.  Otherwise, Princess T will have it on Cartoons, so sometimes I'm Working with "Sponge Bob Square Pants" or "South Park" as my backdrop.  *LOL* 

I will Channel Surf the various News Networks to get brief Updates on the Pandemic, but I limit my Exposure because it's all such heavy News, coupled with that Sociopath in the White House saying and doing what he just always does *Heavy Sigh coupled with Outrage and Anger*... and I just can't stay Calm and Centered thru any of that!  Bernie dropped out of the Race Today and I know that The Young Prince and all his Friends will be disappointed.  They don't really feel that the Establishment Types are Inclusive of them or their Generation, so Uncle Joe wouldn't be their First Choice.  Tho' God knows 45 wouldn't even be their Last Choice... so they'll have to decide what they will now do to make their Voices heard and be recognized?  My Heart is heavy for this next Election, but I'll Vote Blue no matter Who this time around!

So my large Tretchikoff Print Canvas arrived from Great Britain the other Day, I think she is Lovely, tho' I do like most of his Art and his Aesthetic, this is my first one.   Mostly becoz you rarely ever find his Work here in the U.S. and I don't know Why?  Even Online Orders will almost always come from Europe.  This was my one single Indulgence in Purchasing what wasn't a Necessity during this Pandemic!  The rest has only been outlaying for Necessities and only when absolutely necessary.  Losing my Income from the Antique Mall did squeeze the Budget of Retirement all the more... and Purchasing an expensive New Home right before Pandemic went Full On makes me Careful and Cautious about Finances right now.  I think Globally the Economic Recovery is gonna be difficult and long.

It made me absolutely cringe AGAIN when 45 did his Economy Update and said he's gonna Open the Economy with a Bang and his lame everything will be Beautiful Speech!  Gak and F U C K ... I wanted to knock his fucking Rose Colored Glasses right off that White Ringed Eye pouty Orange Face!  And his Tiny Little Hands gestures he makes, to make a Point of what he says that actually has none remind me of a very Bad Magician whose not Fooling many!  Does he really Believe the Bullshit he constantly says I Wonder... or is he such a Hopeless Conman that he's hoping everyone else falls for it and throwing any shit against the Wall to see if it'll stick and take some Pressure off him and deflect accountability?  

His new Scapegoats being the World Health Organization that warned him to quit it and stop Politicizing this Pandemic... and the various Governors of hurting States who he's trying to blame for anything he possibly can so that he can pretend he's not done everything from calling this Pandemic a Hoax, to withholding adequate Aide to States.   Most average Americans ARE Living Paycheck to Paycheck and he shouldn't be making Light of and B.S.-ing how he's gonna make everything Beautiful in a hurry, with a BANG in fact.  Please people listen to and place your Trust in the Expert Economists, Expert Infectious Disease Scholars, Respected Doctors and those who are Credible for such important information during this Time of Pandemic!!! 

  Not this Bullshit Artist that somehow managed to Con enough People to become President.  Whose shown time and time again that he's not up to the Job and is unraveling.  Because he refuses to Trust or Listen to his own Panel of Experts, since he is convinced he knows more than all of them, is vindictive, always has to be 'Right', and needs to be incessantly Praised to prop up his enormous Ego and is a self professed Stable Genius!   Just the last part alone... WHO Says that?!?!?!?  Definitely not a Stable person... and if you think he's a Genius and at all Credible, after all the Lies he's been proven to have told and proof he's anything but that... then your own IQ or discernment is seriously Questionable.  You've likely bought into a Cult Of Personality.  Well it has been said, "There's a Sucker Born every Minute!"

  I think his Staff probably has to Dumb Down a lot of what they tell him in Hopes he will actually have any grasp or understanding of it?!  And his Handlers certainly can't Control his reckless actions, words and Tweets... so they're constantly having to run Damage Control behind his impulsivity and lack of Facts... or just making shit up as he goes along.  If all our Lives and the Country's entire Economy weren't at stake I wouldn't be as Alarmed, but this is no time for a Sideshow Performance my Friends.  No time for a Man to be Leading that everyone has to coddle and constantly tell how Wonderful he is, lest he throw a Temper Tantrum and start Firing everyone like he's still on some titillating Reality Show that was neither Real nor all that Entertaining.  When a Leader is more excited about his Pandemic coverage 'Ratings' beating out the Ratings of a Mindless Show called 'The Bachelor'... Seriously... Houston, we have a Problem!

And there are too many still hanging on his every Word... that are going to break Ranks prematurely the moment he ignorantly suggests there's no Trouble in Paradise, and pretend that everything is back as it was Pre-Pandemic!  That part Scares me the most, because if we EVER Hope to have this Killer Virus contained and under control, we can't listen to Bullshit as if it's remotely Credible or based on any Facts!   We can't be dragged down with this Man's Fantasies and deep into his Rabbit Hole where he's so out of Touch with Reality that he really needs Serious Mental Evaluation!  His over-use of words like Beautiful, Best, Wonderful to describe everything he does, Egotistical Exaggerations and his frequent repetition of False Claims has been a distinctive Business and Political identity of disinformation!

 It's a Pattern that is well documented and can't be refuted, even tho' he often does try to refute what he said, did, when it comes back to bite him in the Ass... even when confronted with the Hard Evidence, Yeah you DID!   Then of coarse, he'll Blame someone else, any handy Scapegoat he can pass the Buck with.  Tho', honestly, by the time you've become President, the Bucks stops with YOU, you're supposed to be in Charge.   When I was a Corporate Executive, the Buck stopped with me anytime anything went Wrong in my Departments.  Regardless of how much Staff might have done or not done, because... I was in Charge and therefore held the utmost Accountability for it ALL.  That's what they paid me the Big Bucks for... not to dump it on whoever was unfortunate and Handy to make into a Scapegoat and deflect Pressure off of me, so I could pretend I had a Free Pass when things didn't Line Up or went Sideways. 

He doesn't want to be Accountable for anything and actually said, "I don't take Responsibility at all...", well then, Who the Fuck does Mr. President, if not you?!?!  If you don't want to take Responsibility then relinquish it, step aside and let someone who has the Ability and Integrity to Lead and be Responsible take over!  And this is Why I have to mostly just go about my Business at Home or listen to "Soundscapes" instead my Friends... because having to Endure even a few Moments of that Orange Menace makes me feel too Upset and in Need of Venting!   My Lamp Baby is indicative of how it makes me Feel!  *LOL*  I do Wish ALL of the Media just covered the Experts so we could obtain Accurate Information and no Politicizing of a Pandemic... or having to sit thru a Sideshow Act where his 3-Ring Circus is just Too Fucking Unbelievably Much!!! 

There, I Feel Better!  *LMAO*  And I'll end this Post not with my Rant... but with my Overachiever last Act... I installed the Paper Towel Holder... Ta-Da!  Yep, we still have Paper Towels AND TP... and I'll refrain from Showing Off all that I have that is in Rationed Supply or can't be had at any of the Shops.  *Smiles*  Tho' some are doing that on FB as a Lark and it is absolutely hilarious, I ain't gonna Lie!  It's like Hunter's Trophy Shots of their Kill to me... when someone is panning across their Grocery Scores of the Day, with Bragging Rights... Yeah, I got it... Toilet Paper, Rice, Milk, Pasta, Bread, Paper Towels AND Eggs... Drops the Mic... Booyah!  *Bwahahahahahahahaha!*


Peace, Be Well and Stay Safe, Six Feet Away or at Home my Friends...  Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You write the best rants. Ever. Anywhere. I just wish none of us an so many things to rant about. I was aghast at him comparing his pandemic "news conferences" to ratings of a damn TV reality show! What an egoistical bunch of crap he is. I do think the news casters need to show how irrational and loose he is with the facts.

    I wish I could be an overachiever for a couple of days. I didn't even get dressed today until after 2:30 and only then because I wanted to go to the mailbox. The only real thing I did was bake a batch of scones which isn't a good thing for person who is a stress eater.

    Carry on, you're going well in a sucky situation.

    1. Say it ain't so that you didn't achieve anything, you're my Downsizing Hero! *Gasp!* Some days it is hard and I don't get dressed even when I'm Overachieving, I did all of that in the Post in my Jerry Garcia PJ's! Which sometimes I'm wearing 2 days in a row since it hurts like Hell to raise my Left Arm and now I have this knarly burning rash on that Armpit that looks like I've been scalded! So I'm challenging myself to raise that Arm to get more Air onto the skin, thinking perhaps that's the culprit for the Rash? Put some Barrier Cream on it to soothe it 'til it heals. Thanks for the Sweet Compliment on my Rants... they are like a Good Therapy when I pop off and get them out of my System. *LOL* It does Suck, the scariest part to me is the Victims dying Alone without Loved Ones being allowed at their Death Beds, that's terrifying to contemplate! Especially if the Victim would be a Child not having a Parent there with them... it keeps me up at Nights dwelling upon shit like that!

  2. I can't watch 45...and what he is doing to states and governors who aren't brown-nosing---and I outloud say way worse than that, is horrible. Our governor here in Illinois, is very clear in his updates, what has been asked for and what has been received from the federal non-existant assistance. A drop in the bucket from the feds and then taking credit for transforming McCormick place into a hospital. After the fact 45 claimed it was his plan---crap! The whole situation is horrid, and if we don't have some sort of revolution here in this country after this...I would be surprised. Well, I leave the house or go in the basement after 11am...and can't watch any of it after that. Hope you stay safe, and fresh fruit is definitely an asset, and my hubby would kill for a bowl full of pecans.

    1. I am in complete Agreement Sandi that a Revolution is likely immanent if the ordinary folks are left hanging out to dry while Profiteering of the Crisis by the affluent is allowed to go unchecked. I'm hearing horror stories of what essentials are costing as the unscrupulous exploit this. As the most disadvantaged perish in greater numbers, a glaring evidence of the disparities that have gone on too long unchecked even before a Global Pandemic revealed that it's not, and never has been, a level playing field for all. Kissing that Wannabe Oligarch's Ass and stroking his inflated Ego shouldn't be the criteria for receiving Federal Aide EVER! I see Governor's, even the Bad Ass ones I greatly Respect, having to Carefully bear Truths while also ensuring Protection of their people, knowing the Orange Menace's Vengeance is legendary if he takes Offense or think they aren't being Nice to him! It's tragic beyond words that we've come to this and that his Approval Ratings are still anywhere near 40% Favorable, what is wrong with the people who Support such Behavior and Agendas? Perhaps they line up with their own, that's the only explanation I have... Birds of a Feather flock together. I Wish I could Share some Fresh Pecans with your Hubby so he wouldn't have to Kill anyone! *Winks*


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