Sunday, April 12, 2020

Not Being Pragmatic Today

The last Post was a Tough Read and I know many of you don't need that right now, we do need a Balance of Pragmatism and Relief from the Pandemic woes.  So Today's Post is not being Pragmatic on Purpose!  Yes, it offers some Comfort to Deal with things sensibly and realistically, focused on reaching a Goal.  However, there is also Comfort in the Escapism we can also indulge in when things are tough... and things ARE tough, no Doubt about it!

I'm enjoying quite a bit of Escapism as I unpack my worldly possessions, all the Memories of when I acquired each Object come flooding back.  I suppose I Keep a lot of shit because it evokes strong Memories and because as I'm Aging, my Memory often begins to fail me otherwise.  I don't know Why, but any Imagery, Triggers a Memory of that Time so succinctly I could Live it again, and that's Pleasant.  Especially during Lock Down when I can't go anywhere except when it's Essential!

Along with Collecting Objects that are Uniquely Unforgettable... the People, Places and Times surround the acquisition of them is also Uniquely as Unforgettable!  Many of the items are OOAK and a great many were Created by Talented Artisans that I will continue to Support the Small Businesses of so long as they remain solvent.   Our Small Business Owners are the ones who will suffer most during these Times of Pandemic.  The Stimulus meted out will likely go to the most Established ones before the most Needy up and coming ones.  Banks still Lend and offer Lines of Credit to Existing Clients before Unknown and shaky struggling mightily Clients.

I have always sought out the Unknown Masters that are up and coming in their Artistic endeavors.  Fresh New Talents are exciting, and before they become Iconic or Well Known, they haven't Branded yet to where they're no longer the ones making their Product and having it mass produced instead.  Their Price Point hasn't gone into the Stratosphere once they become the Coveted Brand of the Affluent and the Masses.   Kudos to anyone whose gotten Rich and/or Famous off their Art, it rarely happens in their Lifetimes, most Artists are the Proverbial Starving Artists.

Today's Photography has Poor Clarity because it was taken in LED Lighting in the RV Garage at 3:00 AM, when Sleep was eluding me and the Coolness of the Night made it more Comfortable in there tho'.  The high Ceilings and brightness of those Ceiling mounted LED Lights belies that it sucks for Photography, the Space is just too large to properly illuminate things to Photograph them with a Cheap Camera.  *LOL*

Even tho' the Space is an enormous Hot Mess right now, it does bring Comfort to be revealing all of my Lovelies again, even if they don't have Placement yet.  It is Familiar to be around Objects I Love and many I've owned a good long time and Decorated numerous Homes with over the Years.  I'm a Sentimental Soul and a Nostalgic Being, those of us who are probably enjoy reveling in the Past more than the average person whose not.  I don't Live in the Past, I'm a Live in the Moment kinda Gal, but I sure do Appreciate and Cherish the Past.

I'm not one to spend a lot of Time in the Future worrying about it either, there's always been enough worry to try to ignore in the Here and Now for us, so my Pragmatism is often a Product of that Reality.  I've dealt with a lot of unpleasant shit for a very long time and so the Moment is easier to just enjoy whatever Joy it brings to us.  I really Delight in the Little Things, the Simple Things, the Minutia and Details a lot of people speed past and ignore.  I can still be Grateful even when things are shitty.

I recall numerous times when taking my SMI Loved Ones to their Therapist or Shrink's Appointments, that the Professionals seemed to Marvel at how much our Family just Laughed and got along, in spite of the Serious Mental Illness that Tormented the Family Daily.   That doesn't often happen, they would tell us... that made me Sad for those that it doesn't often happen to.  Because with the Hand Dealt of an incurable Lifetime Disability... that will make for some real additional Torment if you fail to experience Joy and Harmony!

Now, that's not to say everything was Buttercups, Rainbows and Unicorn Farts my Friends, quite the contrary, but we'd often Laugh our Asses off later, at the absurdity and surrealism of the Craziest Days we Survived!  It made for hilarious Stories that you couldn't make that shit up... and people would be rolling in spite of themselves when we'd talk about our Vida Loca that they knew was Factual Tragedies and farcical Comedies of Error being Shared in Humor, it can be Entertaining for any Audience NOT Dealing with it!

Like The Prodigal, Homeless, SMI Daughter in Mexico and I Laughing so hard we both could hardly catch our Breaths... when she relayed that Who Knew it would take a Pandemic to make her Glad to be a Paranoid Schizophrenic with OCD, because she's spent her Whole Life Training for a Time such as this!  *LMAO*  She said she always incessantly Washes her Hands, takes numerous Showers and thinks something or someone is out to Get her and Take her Out... for once the Voices in her Head are Protecting her rather than Tormenting her!  Yes, THAT was FUNNY, if you've Learned to just Live with Gallow's Humor as a Coping Mechanism like we have.

We can have those Oddly Calm Conversations and Humorous ones in the midst of Crisis and Catastrophes that have befallen us Generationally.  Finding Humor in the most unlikely events and places is a Gift of sorts that we Appreciate having.  We can go from talking about something Grave and Serious to intense Laughter in a Heartbeat.   From frivolous small talk to the deep heavy shit or vice versa, depending on what we decide to just talk about First.   And you never quite know where those Conversations will lead... down which Rabbit Hole and back out again?!  *LOL*

 My Adult Addict Kiddos, who've struggled with Substance Abuse, tho' both Dealing with newfound Sobriety, can now joke about this perhaps being the Ideal time to try a Psychedelic, Mom... and me joke back that they could be Right.  I won't, they know it, but it's Playful banter about a Serious Topic that has brought much Heartache to our Family Members who struggle with Addiction.   They in turn ask me how Sobriety is going for me NOT being able to indulge in Retail Therapy right now... my Addiction of Choice?  *Winks*   You know, the Withdrawal wasn't as Bad and Brutal as I Imagined it might be, I'm Well on my way to Recovery I think!?  *LOL*

Well, it's not AS IF you can't still get a Fix in your Hoarded RV Garage, they banter back at me, the Adult Kids and Adult Grandkids... so you ain't gone Cold Turkey yet Mom/Gramma... True that!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   Okay, so I have an Advantage over them all... I ain't gonna Lie, it's Doubtful that in my Lifetime I'll manage to Give Up all of what I've Excessively Done accumulatively over this Lifetime of Retail Therapy acquisitions, Coping Mechanism and the Love of Old!  And I'm Strangely Okay and at Peace with that... at this Moment in Time...


Be Well and Stay Safe and Balanced my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I don't care who you are, what your daughter said about her Paranoid Schizophrenic and OCD giving her a life long training for the pandemic is darn right funny. I think of my niece, too, who has spent her entire adult life being made fun of because she always washed her groceries off with bleach water. Look who's laughing now. We have to find humor during or worst days or we'd be crying all the time. I'm so glad you've got the RV garage to work and play in. It would be a lot tougher to do retail shopping withdrawal without it.

    1. OMG Yes it would probably Trigger some Withdrawal, tho' Oddly, I don't even Feel like Shopping. Even Grocery Shopping, which used to be pleasurable for me and I looked forward to doing, I couldn't enjoy with having to take such extreme precautions just to get necessities! And Yes, our Dark Gallow's Human has gotten us thru some heavy shit before and it will sustain us now! Had to laugh about your Niece, she was ahead of her Time! *Winks* Having worked a Food Ministry for over 20 Years we always washed everything down with mild Bleach Water before giving it to Clients.

    2. Ooops, I meant Dark Gallow's HUMOR... not Human! Ha ha ha Fruedian slip perhaps?

  2. Yes! I was going to say the same thing! Good timing for unpacking long lost TREASURES!

    1. It's rather like Christmas Marlynne, so much of it has been packed away now for half a Year, which seems incredible that we began our Move that long ago... Time has flown by!


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