Monday, March 30, 2020

The NEED For Bohemian Fluff

I've had requests for the NEED to Escape the Doom and Gloom of the Pandemic and have some Bohemian Fluff Posts.  I will try to oblige, so will concentrate and dedicate this Post to the Fluff Of Life... the Bohemian Fluff Of Life!  I had actually began my Blog more as an Outlet for my own Peculiar Eclectic Aesthetic and Loves when it comes to Collecting, Style and Decorating.  That Aesthetic always being in a State of Evolution, yet having some Core Preferences that abide.  My largest Collection are my Antique and Vintage Spiritual Objects representative of all Faiths. 

 I really hadn't expected a Following of Supporters and Kindred Spirits when I began this Blog many Years ago, so it has been a Thrill to Connect with Our Tribe here in The Land Of Blog!  Not that everyone, or perhaps anyone, might Decorate their Homes as quirky as we do, but enough have shown Interest or Appreciation of it, that I continue to Share our Lifestyle and what Moves and Resonates with me, when it comes to what I choose to surround ourselves with.  I am fortunate that The Man is very Open about what I drag Home and surround us with, after all, he knew he Married an Eccentric Bohemian Weirdo, what can I say!?

He's become Comfortable being surrounded by my Oddities, the Weird and the Wonderful, even tho' he certainly didn't grow up around it.  My own Parents were very Artsy and Bohemian Spirits, so for me it's perfectly Normal.  Growing up our Home didn't quite look like your Garden Variety American Home and I liked that Unique perspective they exposed us to.  My Mom had impeccable Taste, I cannot say I Inherited that Gene.  *LOL* I kinda gravitated between her preference for Luxury and Style... and Dad's preference for what was Natural or just quirky Kitsch and the Weirdest of shit.

Think of it like if Eva Gabor and a Native American Version of Salvador Dali had a Child, me being that Child.  *Smiles*  Dad had some of the Weirdest shit he Cherished and Decorated with, some of it was even too Over-The-Top for Yours Truly, if you can Believe that?!?  *LOL*  Mom on the other hand, had some of the most exquisite Objects she Cherished and Decorated with, that I had to ask my Brother to Inherit, because frankly, it was too Refined and Cultured for Yours Truly!  *Smiles*  So my Brother was better Placement for passing that along to and I kept more of Dad's Stuff.

And then of coarse I have my own Stuff and Bohemian Fluff... including my Weird shit that I Cherish and Decorate with.  If Professional Movers had been involved with our Move, rather than Friends and Family, there's no telling what they might have Thought as they packed and labeled the Boxes?!?  *LMAO*  The Son of coarse has always satirically bantered with me about it, this Move was no exception as he'd make up exaggerations of what the Boxes held... Blood Of Goat, Eye Of Newt, Hair of Gypsy Virgins... he's a Riot!  Well, to be Fair what they ACTUALLY held and were Labeled was pretty Weird shit, I ain't gonna lie!  *Bwahahaha!*

At the U-Haul Storage Units, while we brought things in and took things out, it wasn't unusual for other U-Haul Clients and U-Haul Staff to ask if we were "Entertainers"!?!  *ROTFLMAO*  Yeah, Kinda... was our response, I mean, what COULD you say that would otherwise make Sense of this shit, Right?!?   I mean we ARE Entertaining Colorful folks, just ask anyone who knows us!  *Smiles*  I remember as a Kid being absolutely infatuated with The Addams Family Home on TV, I wanted my Home to look just like that one... and so when I grew up... I did and Channeled my own Morticia Addams Sensibilities!  *Winks*

I mean, Who else are ya gonna Visit while they're busy unpacking and see a Box of Hybrid Chickens and a Peruvian Llama Jawbone on the Floor of their Diningroom!?  That's exactly what is on the Diningroom Floor of Forever Boheme' this Evening and I've got to decide Placement.  *Smiles*  It's been difficult deciding Placement, since this is half the House we used to own and some Stuff is Heat Sensitive, so I can't just use it for Decor in the RV Garage or Double Car Garage that isn't Climate Controlled 24-7... or at all.  And there's not enough Space for it ALL in the Main House, so I'm Curating as we go.

I finally have found a Stud Finder and Hope that these Walls have Studs where I want Placement of the heavier Taxidermy Mounts to hang on the Walls?!  But, since my Senior Fall, I'm still not able to raise my jacked up Left Shoulder and some range of Motion is impossible yet.  *Le Sigh*  Tho' it seems to be Healing slowly and isn't as bad as it was, so is more bearable.  So I've put off any heavy lifting or doing what would require a range of Motion I just can't do right now.  There's no telling when the Timeline of the Pandemic Virus will allow for scheduling Doc Appointments for getting anything else checked out and get Medical Treatment for?

So I'm left doing the more manageable tasks for now, like dusting off Alligator Heads and re-filling my Cabinets Of Curiosities, filling my Bookshelves and our Antique Pantry Cabinets.  It's all coming along pretty fast given that we've only lived here just under Two Months.  Of coarse the Sheltering In Place accelerated my Desire to get things tackled and Done, since what else are we gonna DO, Right?!  *LOL*  I'm just Hopeful that the Antique Mall keeps suspending Rents or I'll have to clear out my Spaces there otherwise and I have no Idea where I'd cram all of that Inventory and the Displays from a Showroom and a Booth?!?  *Shudder!*

Yes, I do have a Big Ass RV Garage, but I want to be able to move around in it and Decorate it while we're Transforming Forever Boheme'.   So I'd rather NOT have to cram everything from Retail Spaces at Home, since normally I do not keep much Inventory AT Home and won't pay for Offsite Storage of it either.  I've been reconciling myself to what I'd do with most of it, if for whatever reason I have to give up that Gig due to the Pandemic situation?   The Man had the best suggestion of Cherry Picking the Contents to drag over here and just Donating the rest to Charity.  So that's the Plan if we have to make that difficult decision to Close Up Shop.

If things were to return to Semi-Normal, I could always Rent Space again another Time, Month to Month, and have a Fresh Vision of how I want to go about the Essence of it?   I am Guardedly Optimistic that eventually things will return to Semi-Normal after the Pandemic and we run damage control behind what it has done to the Economy and regroup from fearing for our Lives!  It is being projected that it will become a Seasonal thing, so let us Hope for an effective Vaccine to be developed and administered and more preparedness in the Future.

Preparedness, this has brought into focus what I haven't been as adequately Prepared for, how about you?  I could do better at being Prepared, I think we all could actually.  I think perhaps many of us became far too Comfortable and Complacent... took too much for Granted.  It has been Humbling and an exercise in Humility for us, which isn't entirely Bad actually.  Both arrogance and ignorance are dangerous things, especially if you don't acknowledge them.  I'm acknowledging things Daily that perhaps I might not have been forced to confront otherwise, except in a Crisis situation.

I don't have any Predictions about how things will Play Out for the long haul, in the Present Moment tho' they're pretty FUBAR and worsening, that's for sure!  So, Yes, I've concentrated and dedicated more Blog Posts to the Serious Stuff than the Fluff Of Life recently, because Escapism hasn't been what I particularly thought was prudent full time at the present time.  There is a time to be frivolous and a time to be Serious... now was the Time for the latter IMO.  We can all indulge in some Escapism, so long as it's not excessive and ignoring the plight of our Realities.


I ponced around the House this Evening Photographing some Bohemian Fluff Blog Fodder tho', sufficient for at least a couple of Posts and I do Hope you Enjoy the temporary Escape from the Doom and Gloom?  It is necessary to Balance how much of it we expose ourselves to for our own Mental Health and Wellness, if for no other reason.   May you all Be Well and Stay Safe my Friends... and I do Appreciate the Virtual Visits since... well... can't have any Real Visits HERE while Social Distancing and Voluntarily Self Isolating... can we?!  *Le Sigh* 

And as I'm unpacking more of my Wardrobe and seeing what I'm NOT wearing... while I mostly schlep around in my Boho Jammies all Day long looking like an Old Dirty Hippie, I would like a return to a semblance of Normalcy.  On a Positive Note tho', my Sweet Young Neighbor, Anna, happened to see me in my Boho Ganesh Elephant Jammies and my Dreads all piled up in a ridiculously high Bun Today... and gushed over how Cool I looked, yelling it across our Property Line, Bless her... clearly, the Gal doesn't Judge, or totally digs the Style and Look of us Old Hippies?!  *Bwahahahaha!*


And again... Be Well and Stay Safe my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Can you imagine who awful it would have been to have the stay-at-home orders a few weeks before you had to move when you were already so stressed out! You may kid that you look like a dirty hippie but my washing machine just broke so I might actually smell like a dirty hippie if a repairman can't be found. The last of my taxidermy is stuck at the auction house. The longer he stays there the more likely I'll be bidding him back home again.

    1. So sorry to hear your Washing Machine took now to be on the fritz! Bathing isn't Optional tho' and remember when we were Poor that I used to wash clothing in my Tub! *LOL* But if ya wanna go all Funky GF, I'm not one to Judge, just sayin'! *Winks* And Yes, we dodged a Bullet for sure in how our Move coincided perfectly with getting Moved BEFORE all this shit hit the Fan... God is Good! I would have lost my freakin' Mind had I not been able to complete a Move after Selling that House and Buying this one... or not having a place Bought to Move into! *whew!*

  2. I fancey a bit of FLUFF, just to keep about that, gotta love alliteration!

    1. Yes, I think we're all fancying some Escapism to some degree to keep buoyed during a time we're all adrift without life rafts or flotation devices being provided by our Govt.!


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