Thursday, February 13, 2020

Getting Staff

I felt like a Putz, when I had the Home Inspection done, the RV Garage Inspection revealed that the Side Door had too large a gap at the bottom, so during Storms water would leak in, but I still stacked a tower of Boxes near there.  During the recent Storm, sure enough water leaked in and about Five of the Boxes got water damage and I had to immediately unpack the contents and run damage control!  *Le Sigh*  Why, in such an enormous Space, I stacked Boxes right near the ONE place I'd been told might receive Storm water coming in, I can't even tell you?!?  Only a scant amount of things couldn't be Salvaged, some papers that were no big Deal got soaked... the rest wasn't damaged.  *Whew!*  But a Victorian Crazy Quilt had to be aired out and some Vintage Tablecloths had to be immediately washed, to ensure no mildew or stains from Storm water seeping into the Boxes.  I was more angry at myself than the situation, because I don't need more Work to do!  *Le Sigh*

I'll be more Mindful now... and Careful to put Boxes that won't be unpacked for a while, where they won't have inclement weather damage.  I'm going to do an Online Order for the Door Guard that will seal that 2 Inch Gap at the bottom of that leaking Door.  It was strange because there is about a 7 Inch Step Up to the bottom of the Door, so Rain wasn't coming in from the Ground.  The Man went out to Survey the Situation and decided the angle of the Roof of the Back Patio Cover of the Main House is the culprit.  Water comes off that Roof at an angle that shoots it right at that RV Garage Door and thus under it's Gap at the Bottom!  You can't know all that 'til the first Storm and how the runoff is around the Property.  We live in a Desert, where Rain isn't plentiful, so it was probably fortuitous we found out so soon after moving in, to fix the problem right away.  I don't know Why any previous Owner wouldn't have fixed it right away, especially given the great Care and New Upgrades of the rest of the Property.

We had a Community Irrigation Meeting since Irrigation will resume this Month now Winter is drawing to an end... and SRP will come next Week to Train us how to do Irrigation properly.  We've never had Irrigation before, it kinda intimidated me actually, the logistics of it all and the Scheduling.  One of our Dear New Neighbors next door, T.J., who previously Maintained the Yard Work and Irrigation for the previous Owner, since they were out of Town a lot due to being Truckers, said we could retain him to continue, we think that will be a splendid idea.  He said the Irrigation part isn't hard, just slippery and so a lot of Seniors just hire someone to do the Irrigation for them so they don't risk or take a bad fall.  He said the Ants get you too once the Yards are flooded, Ant attacks and Senior Falls aren't anything I really want to Deal with or risk... and clearly The Man won't be able to do Irrigation, so it would be my Job exclusively if I didn't just Hire someone to do it for us.  I'm Hiring a Pool Guy, to handle all that, so Why not?  Now, finally, I'll have some Staff!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Seriously, I'm getting to that Age where I realize my limitations that are Age related might mean having some Hired Help, it's just inevitable as the Aging Process continues.   I can still do most things by myself and a great many things I can do that many Seniors my Age say they cannot, so I'm holding up pretty Well.   But, The Man hasn't been able to do too much of anything for a very long time due to his Disabilities and Poor Health, so it's rather like being a Single Woman when your Spouse needs Full Time Caregiving.  The Man used to be able to do everything and was quite handy, while Raising Boys I also always had that Present Help.   Well, now The Man can't do hardly anything and The Son and The Young Prince {Grandson} are Raised so they're no longer a part of the Household.  That leaves Princess T and I to do it all... at 14 she tries to be Helpful and is way more Responsible than most 14 Year Old Kiddos, she's had to be, but it pretty much means I do it all most of the time.

I've come to terms with doing what has to be done, but I can and will Budget for some Hired Help for things that probably I shouldn't or can't do by myself.  Not that I want to strain the Budget more, but some things you just have to set Money aside for to make Life easier and call it a Necessity.  I've found that you will find a way when you consider something Necessary!   Things have Calmed Down a lot since The Son is not here, tho' I do worry about him, he's grown and will have to figure out his own solutions to his situation.  The Young Prince is doing the same, tho' things haven't gotten better yet, I Hope they will soon for him too?  He wasn't able to get their Dog released from the Kennel, so may have to wait until his Partner is released to get that sorted out?  I'm glad that he found Alduin, the Bearded Dragon, and the rest of his Menagerie, a Home before he became Homeless or he'd have Critters to worry about too.  You do Wish you could spare Young Adults their serious situations, but we've all moved thru them in Life and each is a Learning Experience.

I've been having a lot of Four O'Clock in the Mornings due to concerns for Loved Ones, tho' everything about The Move is now at a place of Peace.  The Man, Princess T and I settled back into our Old Routine that we used to have at the Historic Beloved Homestead within the same Community we also Love.  Everyone seems so much Happier to be back on familiar ground around people we know and formed a long standing connection with.  We took Princess T to a Play Date near Villa Boheme', she said it seemed strange to even visit it because she'd already disconnected from it so quickly.  She misses just a couple of her Inner Circle of Friends there so I told her I can take her there from time to time to hang out with them and stay connected with them.  They are Welcome here anytime too.   I myself only have the Adorable Young Sri Lankan Friends from there that we intend to stay in touch with who lived across the Street, I do miss them.  It was good to visit with the Wife and I bought the Magnificent Carved Ganesh from their Homeland that they were holding for me.  They have a Stone one in their Front Courtyard I'd always Admired and they had a matching one in Carved Wood they were willing to Sell to me.

Tho' I don't have Placement for everything yet, since most isn't even unpacked and large Furnishings aren't all here yet, it's moving along at a Pace that is quicker than I expected.  With the exception of inclement Weather Days, we try to do at least One Load from U-Haul a Day in my Truck.  Some Days we squeeze Two to Three in, but even a single Load is emptying out the Storage Units quickly, Kyle is even impressed!  *LMAO*  I'm sure Kyle will miss me when I'm gone?!  *Winks*  I plan to buy he and the Staff some Donuts when the last Unit is emptied and it will be Adios from having Offsite Storage.  He really hooked me up thruout this Ordeal and saved me a ton of Money in Storage Costs and Truck/Equipment Rental, Bless him.  I'll move more of my Boxes away from the RV Garage's Side Door in the Morning, just to be sure nothing else gets water damage if we have more Storms and until I order the Weather Stripping for the bottom of that Door and remedy the Runoff trajectory off the Roof of the Main House that targets that Door.

It definitely feels good to be getting things unpacked and reuniting with my Stuff.  I'd really missed it and it didn't feel like Home without a lot of it being present.  I've also gone Goodwill Hunting with The Man and Princess T, doing things together again has become our Habit once again, now that everyone is in higher Spirits after Escaping Subdivision Hell's Oppressive Environment.  I had been quite Aware of how much it had Negatively affected my Spirit in Exile there, but it is so much more Evident now how much it had affected and infected theirs!  Breaking Free of there has made an incredible difference in the whole Family's Countenance and Restored how it used to be for us as a Family.  I've photographed just a few of the items I've Scored during recent Thrills of The Hunt.  I've been Seeking those items that will enhance the Botanical, Naturalist and Urban Farmhouse Style Blends that I've got going on here at Forever Boheme'.  It's Amazing how Cheaply I've been able to Source great Quality items of just what I'm looking for!

I'm bringing more Natural Wood Objects into the Home and have found some Fantastic Wood Vases turned from single pieces of Wood and Sculpted into mini Works of Art.  I've also been Seeking some Interesting Plant Pots for Indoor Potted Live Plants I'll buy once everything is unpacked and I have Time to tend to Living Plants.  So for now the faux Plants predominate and that's Okay, they look Fine and Create no extra Work or Care on my part.  *Winks*  Some things I bought with the Intention of Selling at my Antique Mall Spaces to earn Funds to pay for the Offsite Storage during the Month of February, since clearly I won't get all Units emptied out before staggered due dates this Month.  I'll do what I can and just Pony Up for the rest and take as much Time as I Need to get each Vacated before another Month's Rent comes due.   The pix below is of a spinning Metal Globe Thingy that I liked but won't Keep, it should Sell easily... it just probably won't go with my Globe Collection so isn't likely a Keeper.  It's just a No-Brainer when I find something like that on The Cheap that is an Easy Sell, to pick it up to hawk at my Retail Spaces to replenish Inventory.

No, I haven't had the Time nor Energy to devote yet to Inventory replenishment tho' a lot will eventually be Purged from my Private Collection from Home after they are unpacked.  The Culled Objects will certainly replenish Inventory for a long time to come I suspect and I won't have Need to Source hardly anything.  But since The Thrill of the Hunt is my Joy, I hardly doubt I'll cease Junquing either or Salvaging Historic Architecture when I discover it and Rescue it from being Landfill bound.  It's just what our Tribe does and there is a distinct Purpose in doing so, Keepers Of The Past totally understand the Importance of the Rescue and Preservation Gene that we seem to possess deep in our DNA.  *Smiles*  Now that I do have Space again and Acreage... I don't have to be as Restrictive in doing what I do without being Oppressed by the likes of an HOA that has different Lifestyle outlook than our own.  Not having some Pretentious Uptight Yuppie Type Dictating our Lifestyle and way of Life is Liberating, I cannot Believe I even Endured or even Tolerated it 4.5 long Years!

Okay, so I didn't Tolerate it very well and wasn't Tolerant of it!  *Bwahahaha!*  I Fought it and against it's Oppressive Controlling Establishment with every Ounce of my Being, so I'm certain they're just as Glad to be rid of me as I am to be rid of them!?  *Winks*   When we went to visit our Friends and get the Ganesh we saw the Vehicles of the New Owners parked in the Driveway of Villa Boheme', I had no Desire to meet the New Owners who will utilize it as a Vacay Residence and probably be gone by end of Winter.  We are Friends with the Buyer that Purchased the Historic Old Homestead, but he's of our Tribe... I doubt these Buyers of Villa Boheme' are at all, judging by our Experience with Dealing with them during the Sale and how bourgeoisie they were... bougie folks tend to just annoy me and work my last Nerve.  *LOL*  So it was merely a Business Transaction of Real Property, nothing more and I'm Okay with that.   I'm certain they'll fit right in with that Community, they're of that ilk and will likely be very Happy there and that's a good thing, finding one's own Tribe and residing among them.  To each their own...  I'm just Glad we're back among our own...   And Today I'll have my First Parent-Teacher Conference... so Pray for me!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Community Irrigation? That's a new one for me. We do under ground sprinkle systems individually for those who don't want to move hoses and sprinklers around but it doesn't sound like it's the same thing as you're talking about. I'm sure in the desert water issues are much different than here in the Great Lakes region.

    Can't believe you were able to find so many great things on your recent "search and rescue." I love the term "Keepers of the Past." I've always felt like that's what my husband and I have done most of our lives and we've managed to sell or donate one-of-kind things to six museums which is the ultimate score for me.

    Glad you're settling into your new life, just wish things were different for your son so you could enjoy it 120%.

    1. Yes, in the Desert Water Rights are a Big Deal and if you own Acreage there is usually a discounted Irrigation Program from one of the Six Major Canals that feed all Farms, Ranches, Mini Farms and Parks. You pay an Annual Fee and are Scheduled a time and amount of water during the Spring and Summer Months... up to 2 times a Month during the Summer. It's not mandatory, it's optional, we could opt out if we find we don't really need it, but to keep this much Grass and Mature Landscaping alive with City Water would cost much more. The Home itself is on the City Water System which is separate than the Irrigation System for Farms/Ranches/Parks of some size. I take my Keeping of the Past quite seriously, once it is Lost it is Forever Lost, so I feel good that many things still exist because I Rescued them and Preserved them... including my Old Historic Homestead.

  2. Sorry about the extra work due to rain damage! Glad you are enjoying family thrift storing again! So Fun!!

    1. Well, it was my own fault Marlynne that I had any water damage at all since I'd been forewarned during the Inspection before Buying and should have immediately remedied the problem... or at the very least, not stacked any Boxes there! *Le Sigh* Yes, the Family Junquing forays are Fun and we'd missed doing them together. Princess T looks for Wardrobe... The Man looks for Books to complete his W.E.B. Griffin Series/Collection and I look for Found Treasures of all kinds.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is filled with good vibes and good finds.
    I do hope you will be able to catch that rainwater for future use. The way it is sounds like it could affect the foundation over time.


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