Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Dreadlock Diaries

I haven't done a Dreadlock Update in a while because... The Move... it has consumed me.  I'm fairly certain you're fed up with Move related Posts already so lets talk about Hair!  *LMAO*  Yeah, that'll be far more Interesting... bwahahahaha!   Anyway, the Dreads are coming along fine being totally Neglected at this point, I just keep 'em Clean and keep 'em Separated, that's all they require of me.  Since everything else requires so much of me, I'm rather liking that my Hair doesn't anymore!  *Smiles*

Yep, me and my Hair are One with each other on how we want to just Be at this Season of Life, uncomplicated and left alone to just Be how we are... with no fuss or Extra Work!  *LOL*  Yes, they are thickening considerably and getting way longer, I was Surprised I didn't have the shrinkage a lot of Dreadheads go thru with them during the Early Years of them Maturing.  Mine seem to be growing at an exponential rate and if I don't have them thrown over my Shoulder to try to Photograph some of them, they're halfway down my Back already!  For someone with previously Hair that wouldn't seem to Grow for Decades, that was unexpected how strong and healthy my Hair has become now! 

The Greying of my Hair also either slowed down or ceased altogether and my Natural Color came back stronger, which was Odd too!   I had expected more of an Ombre effect from Brown to Grey in my Sixties.  But except for a few front Dreads, most of the others are shades of Brown and not shades of Grey!   Who knew?!   Even the front ones look more Blondish than Greyish compared to the Darker ones.   I'm also getting an explosion of New Hair Growth so The Fuzzies are a nuisance right now until those Hairs decide to Loc in to a Dread or form their own Dreadlock.   Some can be stubborn and just want to be Straight Hair and not Loc even tho' you never brush your Hair anymore, also Weird.  Because when I didn't have Dreadlocks this Hair would tangle like a Motherfucker, so what's up with that now wanting not to shit, when it's preferred it would?! *LOL*

Before Pix of Baby Dreads Days Old

So Yeah, some of your Hair gets rebellious in a different kinda way to where there are some Straight bits that won't Dread and get long too!  Since I don't Do Maintenance, it's just not Necessary and it would be Expensive to go to a Loctician and get them forced into a Loc.   It's healthier not to Crochet stray Hairs into place so I just let them Be.   Eventually they'll do something, since how could they Rebel forever among so many sticky Dreads trying to suck them in?!  *LMAO*   Yes, with Dreadlocks your Hair becomes like Velcro... it latches onto everything and anything... which is handy when you want it to stay put in a Style since it just DOES!  I don't even really Need Hair Accessories to Style it if I didn't want to, the Hair itself is it's own Best Accessory to Styling it or putting it up!  They've come a long way from the Beginning {above} May of 2017!

Before Pix of Baby Dreads, so Skinny, like I used to be when I was Young! LOL

In the Beginning, since I had them installed with the Crochet Method at a Salon, so I didn't have Crazy Hair for an entire Year or more using other messier Methods, they looked more like Caribbean Braids really.  In fact, so many people thought I'd come back from some Caribbean Vacation that it was humorous!  I WISH!  *LMAO*  I had researched Dreadlocks for a full Year before I commit to them, since once they're in... well... I didn't wanna really have to shave all my Hair off or go thru the Ordeal of trying to Unloc them, which is more arduous than putting them in... which took 8 Hours!   I am Old, I got mine when I was already Old, and Time and Patience being something Dreadlocks just take, I wasn't sure I wouldn't Die before they actually reached Maturity... so I'm Glad they're Maturing quickly!  *Bwahahaha!*

Before Pix of very short, tight, Baby Dreads... too thin even for Decorating!

Some people's don't and they get impatient, frustrated, fed up or can't stay committed and take them out or cut their Hair off to get rid of them prematurely.  I enjoy mine so much I plan to stay with them to the Grave actually, I'd of done it Years earlier had I known how Low Maintenance they would be for me and improve my Hair so much.  Tho' I am contemplating how heavy super long Locs will be and if it will create Senior Neck Pain Issues, since it has with some Young Dreadheads I know who have had to trim or cut theirs off due to excess weight.  Yes, they are heavy... especially when Wet... and the only Maintenance Issue I've personally had is ensuring I Wash them super Early so they have sufficient time to dry thoroughly.  But for the first time in my entire Life I have thick Hair, super thick actually, and I like that in spite of any downside to super thick Hair!  *LOL*

If you've had super thin fine Hair that wouldn't grow, you understand Hair Envy and Self Hair Hate... if not, you probably wouldn't.  *Smiles*   I had super long Hair in my Youth off and on, but as I Aged it just quit growing or became so Fragile it broke off and so Hair Styles were nonexistent options for me. It also used to have to be Washed every Day since it used to be Oily, Dreadlocks solved all my Hair Problems and High Maintenance Issues.   Now I can Style my Hair loads of ways and it's fuss free and low maintenance, thick and healthy... Win-Win with this Hairstyle for me!   I have had to begin now Buying Dreadlock specific Hair Products, the Shampoos are residue free and expensive but last a long time, I've used them since Day One, it's worth it!  Doing Hair Selfies proved to be quite the Challenge... clearly I suck at the Art of The Selfie!  But for Fun we'll still use some of the all Crazy shots out of Focus and almost requiring extreme Tantric Yoga Poses as I sit here Photographing them!  *LMAO*

Well, at least The Christmas Tree beside me is in Focus even if the hand full of Dreadlocks is not!!! *Bwahahaha!*   That's only about a Quarter of my Locs and I have about 50 of them I think at last Count.  Which may be too many, I dunno... most Dreadheads I know have fewer, but they started out with not choosing Micro Dreads, like I went for initially, since they Style better than Big Kahuna Dreads.   BTW: They will not stay Micro Dreads, they will get Phat and stiffer as they Mature!   Mine are now like Rope, but still have some bendability and flexibility... a few still have softness to them and aren't rock hard like the really Mature ones.   They will evolve and Feel different at different stages of their Maturity, lumps, bumps and loops will continue to disappear and so will Paintbrush Ends as they Blunt with Maturity.   

At One Year Old, still could use Dreadlock Cuffs, now they don't fit over them!

I don't mind the lumps, bumps, flats and loops of the Maturation Process so if some exist a long time, I don't Care.  Some people obsess with theirs being Perfect and mebbe why some Claim that Dreads are High Maintenance?  They only are if you make them so.  Anything can be High Maintenance if you fuss and Obsess over it too much and become a Fanatic.   I don't Palm Roll either... Arthritis ... and I found also that it didn't Help at all, so Why bother?  I was told to by almost everyone I know who had Dreadlocks, I just found it to be futile and so temporary to shaping them or Locing in New stray Hairs, that it was just too much Work and Trouble for naught IMO.  I'm a Lazy Dread kinda person. *LOL*  Mine just have to fend for themselves and they seem to do a damned good Job of it, so I Trust them to Work it Out over Time on their own.  I also didn't do a Dreading Party to install mine like the Youngsters do... since a bunch of Seniors with Arthritis probably couldn't hang for such an Ordeal lasting Hours, even with loads of Wine Helping?!  *Winks*

At Two Years Old, only bigger Beads still fit, now at 2 Yrs. 7 Mos. Old... they don't fit anymore except the really large hole ones at the Tips of a Dreadlock!

 So Yeah, I also now have to begin to Buy Dreadlock specific Hair Ornamentation 2.7 Years in, since the average Scrunchie barely goes around less than half of my Dreads as they've Matured and thickened so much.  And Beads now don't fit over them except at the Tips where they aren't thick and very fat!  *LOL*   I have gotten Beads stuck... so a Lesson was, don't leave anything ON them too long and forget about it... or they'll thicken around it too fast or suck it into the Dread and getting it off might prove to be a challenge or impossible!   Yes, they will grow around shit, like a Tree Limb growing around whatever tries to restrict it... and that would and could weaken the Dread and cause shit to get sucked up into your Dreadlock... both not a good thing.  *Smiles*  

The Macrame Tribal Style Cuffs I like {above pix of this Style of Cuff}, but they're a bitch to put over a Dreadlock and I'm exhausted by the time I can thread one on mine!  *LOL*  Plus mine proved to be too thick already for most Macrame Cuffs being Sold.  They are Pretty tho', if you have the Patience and nimble Fingers to thread 'em onto a Dreadlock not cooperating.  Then leave 'em in a Week so you don't have to repeat the Ordeal and can stand not Washing your Hair that long?!  *Winks*   Note: Don't leave them in long term coz the Macrame sticks to Velcro textured Hair, which your Dreads are... so taking them out will prove even more Challenging!  The same when Weaving your Hair with Yarn etc. for that Look, it quickly tangles up in your Dreadlock!

Best thing to do for that kind of Fancy Ornamentation if you want random shit in your Locs to Decorate them, which is Fun, I ain't gonna Lie... is to put in a Temporary Extension or Clip-In Manufactured Loc.  I've bought some individual Loc Clips for Fun, but don't wear them often and don't do Extensions to get the long, instant Luxurious Look.   A lot of people do and they can make Extensions that look legit, like any Hair Extension nowadays if you don't have the Patience to grow out your own Hair, options exist for Mermaid Hair that looks Pretty and often looks Real enough.   As a Senior, I'm Okay just letting my own Hair grow long and not going thru the Expense and hassle of Maintaining Extensions.  The Clip Ins are good for a Day Look you can easily remove and pay a pittance for Online. 

2nd Birthday they were getting Phat, for the past 7 Months they have thickened a lot more, individually and collectively!

I suspect by my 3 Year Dreadaversary they will be considered Mature Dreads finally, they rapidly Mature by the 3rd Year from what I'm noticing happening with mine.  I get a lot of compliments on my Hair now, that never happened without Dreadlocks EVER!  And it's Oddly from all Age groups, all Ethnicities, and Surprisingly, from people you'd think would dislike Dreads but Secretly apparently dig 'em!   Sure, mebbe they wouldn't Sport 'em themselves, but clearly it is way more Popular to LIKE than most people would admit to anyone but someone wearing them!   I've been fortunate, probably because of my Advanced Age and often being mistaken for being Rasta, that I've not had any discrimination nor negativity from people on account of my Dreads.   Young People often do and have told me it was a huge part of Why they chose not to have their Dreadlocks anymore... especially for Employment since they were not accepted by some Employers.

Yes, Stereotypes do abound... I am still often asked if I Wash them... AS IF you wouldn't... I find it a very strange Myth that it's Assumed that we don't or that you're Dirty if you have Dreadlocks.  I suspect anyone who doesn't Wash theirs probably had bad Hygiene before they had Dreadlocks too... just sayin'!   But then again, as an Old Hippie I do recall when people thought we didn't bathe either... so... Social Myths will always abound.  I don't take the Stereotypes to Heart, its just Ignorance and Bias that is the other person's Problem, not mine!  *LMAO* In case you Need to know, mine smell like Nag Champa, since I use Dollylocks Nag Champa Scented Dreadlock Shampoo and that's the Fragrance I wear as an Essential Oil anyway so it's Perfect!  I'm the Gal that smells like Nag Champa... and my Locs smell Clean and Divine!  *Winks*  Wrangling them into a Bun or Wrap now has become my New Styling Challenge... every time I do it I get different results, but it's an effortless way to wear them when they get heavy or too Hot and I like how it just Looks.

Another Myth that is rampant, if you have Dreads it is Assumed you smoke Weed... or Sell Weed... are High a lot... or are of the Rastafarian Religion. *LOL*  I don't... do any of it... and tho' I know dedicated Rastafarians and Respect their Religious expression as much as I do any Spiritual Choice of anyone... I'm a Christian myself who just happens to have Dreads.  I am a proponent of Medicinal MJ tho'... but I don't partake... yet... but I'm considering it for some Health Related Issues it might be Helpful for Managing or Curing?  *Winks*   I remember The Young Prince telling me all his Friends at High School assumed I knew where to get the Good Kush and didn't Believe him when he said No, his Gramma just has Dreads, she doesn't use or Sell Weed!  Sorry, can't hook ya up...  *Bwahahahahaha!* 

My opinion is that once Big Pharma derives a suitable Synthetic version of Medicinal MJ {and they are working on it}, then the Govt. will ease up and legalize the whole thing for Profit, since they're in Bed with Big Pharma and Western Medicine.  You mark my Words, that's the only reason right now they all are SO against Medicinal MJ... because the Proof is already established at how beneficial it is Medicinally for so many things.  Even tho' they haven't established how or Why it works for a Path to Wellness for serious conditions like Seizures, Alzheimers, TBI, Mental Health, Eye Disorders, Pain Management, even Cancer... and a litany of Conditions it has either been Helpful for or Cures! But, I'm of the Opinion Nature provides a Host of Beneficial Cures for what ails us and aides the Body in Healing since that's what a Body was Designed to do without even being told to.  Thus why I prefer Eastern and Tribal Medical Practices and Alternatives.

BTW: Speaking of that Topic, since doing my Chinese Docs Teas for only a mere Month, my A1C dropped FOUR POINTS to almost Normal and my Readings have been Normal Range 99% of the time now... so there ya go!  My Diabetic Specialist said she'd never seen such remarkably drastic Positive results, so keep doing whatever it is I'm doing... she's East Indian so didn't mock me utilizing Eastern Medicine even tho' she's a Western Medical Doc/Specialist.  I'm down from Five injections a Day to only Two, since they still want me taking my Diabetic Meds in tandem and even when Readings are Normal... but they're taking me off one Injection Drug entirely... whoop whoop!   Most of the Diabetic pills I take are protection for Organs so I don't have Heart Attack or Stroke from Diabetic complications and irreversible damage for being uncontrolled so long.

So... that's the Dreadlock Diaries Update and my Diabetic Update all in one Post... for those of you who might have Needed to know and keep up with my Hair and Health... because mebbe you have no Life either or are just of a Curious Nature!  *Winks*  I know... how Boring could it get, Right... can you only tell this was one of those Three in the Morning Senior Insomnia Posts of someone who doesn't get Out much anymore?!  *LMAO*  I mean, I cannot even traipse around Villa Boheme' randomly Photographing shit anymore for Blog Fodder since it's almost all at the U-Haul Storage Units now and I'd look just too Weird Photographing that for ya!  *Well, mebbe not coz I am ME after all so I do Weirder shit than that every Day and it doesn't even attract Attention now! LOL*

The best thing about my Dreads is that I no longer have Hair Envy, I Love my own Hair sufficiently now.  I don't even have Dread Envy for the Favorite Online Imagery I have always liked of Dreadlocks Styles... because I like my own Dreads more and how they're turning out.   Most of the Imagery I liked was Extensions anyway and not their own Hair sans the installation of Extensions which are easily bought and put into your Hair without any Patience or Work that having Real Dreadlocks requires.  In fact, if Dreads have taught me anything best it's how to exercise Patience and how things just will Be if you wait it out.   These are Fine Life Lessons and many people get Dreads for more than just a mere Hairstyle.  It probably is one that signifies more than just their Hair actually and goes Deeper than that... which is probably Why you end up having somewhat of a Relationship with them once you have them, they are Symbolic in ways few ways of wearing Hair are.


Blessings, Love, Light and exercising Patience in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Interest post. I didn't know a single thing about dreadlocks except the guy at the UPS store has a short pony tail of dreads that fascinate me. He's a cutie pie and I did assume he was from the Caribbean. LOL

    1. He could be... LOL... I just recall thinking it Funny that when I first got mine it was Assumed I'd been on a Caribbean Vacay! As if anyone who goes on one comes back with Dreadlocks? *Smiles* I didn't know a single thing about the Care of Dreadlocks before I got them which is why it's important to get sage advice from those who have many Years in with wearing them... myths and misinformation abound and many Salons have no Clue and even give bad advice that creates problems. Even within the Community there are divisions on how they should be installed and/or maintained. I used advice from Friends who had more than 9 Years in of having them and had luxurious healthy Locs... it served me Well apparently as I've had no problems with mine at all so that advice paid off. I Blog about the Journey to help anyone else contemplating them and needing guidance from experience.

  2. How positive is this post! I'm still contemplating the jump but want to grow my hair a bit more first. Just passing shoulders now :)
    So glad you have found a solution for your diabetes even if you had to pay the big bucks. At least it was worth it and you received something in return!
    Xo jj

    1. Jack I'm glad you're finding the Dreadlock Diaries on the ole Blog Helpful in making a decision whether to go for it or not. I think you would look so Cute with them and I think your Mindset for them is Ideal... it is something that is more than a Hairstyle for many... there is typically a Deeper reason that most people get them than just a Style. Those who briefly wear them might find it's not for them, those that had them a long time and did away with them always tell me they miss them and will probably get them again, which is very telling. I Love mine, my only unknown is when they get super long and super heavy, what length is most practical and I could maintain forever? I don't Plan to ever have my Hair any other way... so length is my only question mark, I admire the super long thick ones but I would imagine it's a lot of Care and Weight for the Aged especially? LOL

  3. Amazing how this has worked so well for you! Fun to have what you have always wanted!

    1. Yes it is, especially since I've always had High Maintenance Hair that I didn't like at all and couldn't do much with... now I have Options and Love my own Hair.


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