Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Viewing

So we had the Viewing and it went very well... in fact, the Family was unanimous that this Home had the best layout, floor plan and Aesthetic that was most Pleasing to us of any Home we've previously viewed!  It had a Good Energy and a Positive Vibe, fantastic Natural Light, no wasted space, quality upgrades in the Remodel and a Great Feel to it.  We were pleasantly Surprised at how much we Loved it and that we were unanimous and in Agreement about what was best about it!  We just gelled with the place... and most Surprisingly to me, I didn't Mind all that White, I actually dug it!  *Gasp! Yeah, who knew!?*

We've considered a lot of Great Properties and would have gladly bought any one of them, I'm discerning about which ones I'll even bother to View and devote any Time and Energy to.   I don't Schedule Viewings of any but the ones I think are Serious Contenders for us.  The Urban Farmhouse had so many Offers that it wasn't Surprising that it went under Contract with another Buyer Monday Morning, I had pretty much expected that actually, given the fierce competition for it.  The City House hasn't had any other Offers than ours, but the Sellers don't want to Deal with any Contingency... and... it was The Man's least Favorite Home to Buy of those we've considered thus far.

Pueblo Boheme', tho' we Loved it, the Seller being not only unable to perform and obtain clear Title, but not even progressing at all towards that after a Month and a Half, makes it a Deal Breaker for me.   As far as we know they haven't found a Solution and are out of Town all of the time doing other things, so aren't focused on solving the Problem in order to be able to Sell it to anyone.  Mebbe they have decided to stay put if it's too expensive or complex an Issue?  Their Agent isn't getting back with ours, so our consensus is: either they cannot afford to solve the Issue or aren't eager to enough to move forward so they can be able to Sell their Property?   Oddly they still have it Listed even tho' they can't Sell it to anyone without clear Title!   Odd to say the least.

A few other Properties we considered went under Contract before you could even View them and I wouldn't consider any Property Sight-Unseen.   With this one we'll have some Inspections done before we decide that we might Buy it... a Roof Guy and a Pool Guy and a full VA Inspection.   We are submitting an Offer contingent upon Inspection Report Outcomes.  On the surface there were far more Positives than Negs.   I J'Adored that Kitchen, it's HUGE, tons of Storage and Quality upgrades on everything done to it.  It's the nicest Kitchen of any Home we've Viewed thus far... by far... and some of the others had mighty Fine Kitchens!

We really liked the Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fan Styles and built-in Tract Lighting thruout the Home.   The Granite Countertop is really Nice... and tho' I'm fond of Delicatus White Granite... this was some of the Whitest Granite I'd ever seen with slight flecking in it that is very Pretty.  It is in the Kitchen and all Three Bathrooms.   The Cabinets and their Hardware I also liked a LOT and the Appliances were very Nice too, all Stainless and Upgraded Models.  The Fridge is a very expensive Model so we won't have to Upgrade it.

It does have an Electric Stove rather than Gas... a slight Neg to me since I prefer Gas Stoves for Cooking and thus have always had one.   I couldn't get over how much I ADORED the Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room Areas tho'... so spacious and flooded with Natural Light and lots of Windows and French Doors.   Our largest Furnishings will fit nicely and we'll Sell Off what doesn't Go or won't fit with this Home... so a lot of that will be kept in offsite Storage a while 'til I Price and Sell it in my continued Downsize Project and Style Metamorphosis I see emerging.

I liked that it had both a large Breakfast Counter Top and also a good sized Kitchen Island, which the Stove is built into.   There are Windows on both sides of the Kitchen, since the House is almost Diamond Shaped.   That Quirk makes some of the most Important Rooms of the Home have Windows on more than one side, on opposite sides of a Room actually... and we really liked that Unusual feature.   Since the lower level of the Home is Subterranean most of these Windows are slightly above Ground Level so the Views are Nice of the Garden Areas around them.  I like Earth sheltered Homes, in the Desert they are very Energy efficient for Cooling and Heating.

A big Surprise was the very Large Walk-In Pantry which is even larger than our present Walk-In Pantry!   For a Home of this Era that is Rare... but it was a Custom Luxury Home of the early 80's, so it has some things you don't usually see.   Custom Home Builders often offer things that even Luxury Home Builders don't when a Home isn't Custom and is replicated, even if Luxurious, like Villa Boheme'.  I happen to prefer OOAK Homes, they are more distinctive, have more Character and that usually also means people will either Love 'em or Hate 'em.   Such is the double edged Sword of the Custom Home or Customizing anything actually.   This Home will have either a Love or Hate reaction to people.  Our Historic Home did too... people either absolutely LOVED it or thought it quite Odd and Ugly too.

Here's an Example of a Funky Quirk in the Entryway that is very Odd but utilizes some Under-The-Stairs Space that would have been otherwise wasted and I happened to like it.  You could put a Live Plant in here... I'm considering a Potted Bamboo Plant for a Zen Alcove and some Art.

A Floor Mosaic {one side is dirty and had a now dried spill, Workmen have clearly been still doing some Work from the Remodel, which was very recently completed enough to Show the Home}.   Most of the Floors are either Marble Planks or Real Stone Tile with a lot of Character in the Stone.  I like all of them and am glad they limited the fitted Carpeting even tho' it's New and a Nice Quality Carpet that is an equally Nice Light Grey.  In the Listing Images I wasn't certain I liked the Tan Tile... before seeing it in Person and realizing it's Natural Stone and has tons of Character and is absolutely Gorgeous!   I think the Stone Tiling was Original to the Home and nowadays would be so expensive, I can see why they Saved some of it in the Remodel.

That Gorgeous Natural Stone Tile and Trim is also on the equally Gorgeous Living Room Wood Burning Fireplace!  *Swooning!*   This Fireplace is absolutely Stunning and very Large.  I Loved everything about this Fireplace!

Here is a Close-Up of it and that Beautiful Stone Tile and Trim.  The Trim is quite Ornate, I don't know if you can tell?

There are French Doors on either side of the Fireplace that lead out into the Courtyard.  That Courtyard is Fabulous... larger than my present Interior Courtyard and with Columns and a Balcony above it that also looks down into it.  So I could do a lot with that Courtyard to make it have a Magnificent View from both the Living Room and the Upstairs Master Bedroom's Balcony.  It is a very Private Semi-Subterranean Courtyard dug down with Walls around it that are built into the Hillside of the Lot.

The Wet Bar is around the Corner from the Front Entrance... we don't Drink but will be able to Host other types of Non-Alcoholic Liquid Refreshments and set up Buffet Spreads at that Station.  So it's a very Useful Feature, especially for Entertaining and Hosting Parties and Gatherings.

The Archway to the Left goes into all of the Downstairs Bedrooms and Bathrooms and beside it is the Stairs leading to the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom Upstairs... there is also a large Landing a little more than halfway up the Stairs that is large enough for Furniture or Seating and has a View.  There is also a decent sized Laundry Room and Storage Closets.  The Stairs are quite steep, so that was a Neg for The Man.  Fortunately there are Three Master Sized Bedrooms and the other Two are Downstairs, so we may utilize one as our Master Bedroom, it has a Bathroom.  Princess T's choice is the 3rd Master sized Bedroom that has an En Suite Bathroom.  The 4th Bedroom is very Small and will probably be our Guest Bedroom or a Media Room.

Here's a peek at part of the Wet Bar Space, it has Cabinet Shelving all the way around it, lots of Countertop Space and Seating Space on the exterior Countertop.   It has the same Nice Cabinets that the Kitchen has and lots of Storage in them.

The Two Downstairs Bathrooms are Identical in every way, mirror images of each other.  We really liked the Sinks, Hardware, Faucets and Cabinetry with space underneath for Baskets to hold Towels and Washcloths. 

  They both have large Walk-In Showers that have Lovely Tiling and Glass Doors.  Here's a Close-Up of the Tiling.

The Master Bathroom was the biggest Surprise in Person, I LOVED it way more than the Imagery in the pixs.  It is flooded with Natural Light and is very Large and Spa-Like.  So, I won't be Giving Up my Spa Retreat Bathroom... this one is equally Impressive to the one I have here at Villa Boheme'.  Remember how I said in my previous Post that I didn't Like the Tan Tile Walls?   Well, they're that Gorgeous Natural Stone, as are the Floors, so I wouldn't replace them, they look Ahhhmazing and Luxurious in Real Life!   I LOVE those Vessel Ceramic Sinks and Faucets in the Bathrooms.   This is the Largest Sink and Cabinet...

And this is the Smaller one on the other side of the Master Bathroom.   And it has a Spa Tub with a bank of Windows overlooking the Back Acreage and Balcony from the Tub.  A Balcony that wraps around the ENTIRE UPSTAIRS Structure... it's an ENORMOUS Balcony, the largest I've ever seen and is the whole Rooftop and then Stairs leading down to the Pool Area from it!  

 This is only ONE Side of the HUGE Upstairs Balcony, it's on all Four Sides and ENORMOUS with Views to North, South, East and West!  The only Neg, it is a Flat Roof and so I want to get that Inspected for structural integrity given the Age of the Home.   I've had Flat Roofs on Homes and like them, but they can be problematic if not well maintained and pitched just right for runoff, too many layers can make them too heavy.  This Roof is easily accessed since it's been made to be a Wrap Around Balcony, so even I can access it and not Freak Out because it has a Wall around it and is so Wide.

A Close-Up of that Goregous Stone Tile Wall in the Master Bathroom.  The Patina, Hues and striations on each Stone Tile is Unique and so Beautiful!

Very Cool to the Touch too, Stone Tile and Marble... and in a Desert that is a Big Deal!   The Tuscan Tile here at Villa Boheme' is Nice but it's an Upgraded Ceramic and not Natural Stone.   The Flooring at this Custom Home we Viewed is much more Expensive.

I liked that the Spa Tub is low... the Spa Tub here at Villa Boheme' is not and it's been very difficult to get into or out of and The Man cannot at all, even with Help.  This one I could crawl out of if I had to!  *LMAO*   Yes, it's Tiny and I'm very Short, so it Works for me and will be far easier to Clean too!  Maintenance being a Huge consideration, this Home is more Manageable in every way and is 2600 square feet, so a decent downsize from the 4350 I presently have and find overwhelming to Maintain.  It is on just over One Acre.

Now, on to the Master Bedroom Upstairs, which takes up the entire Upstairs with it's En Suite Master Bathroom... that's all that is up there.  Then it opens up with Arcadia Doors to the Wrap Around Balcony and overlooks the completely Walled in Pool Area, Courtyard Below and Back of the Acreage.   This is the large Wood Burning Burnt Brick Fireplace in it.  I Love this Fireplace too and it has an Alcove built into it.

The Brick is very similar to the Brick that The Urban Farmhouse was built out of.  This Home BTW is made from enormous textured Slump Blocks resembling Adobe Bricks... they are about 16 inches thick!  So along with the Subterranean insulation, this Home is insulated much like our Historic Homestead was that also had 14-16 inch thick Walls of Adobe, Rock and Railroad Ties.  It makes a HUGE difference in your Utility Costs.   Wood Burning Fireplaces that give off proper Heat also are Helpful with Heating Costs in Winter and have that Wonderful Ambiance you just don't get from Gas Fireplaces of Modern Homes.

So another Nice Surprise in all of the Bedrooms was how large the Closet Spaces were, especially the Huge Walk-In Closet in the Master Bedroom Upstairs!   Here is Princess T sitting in a Storage Alcove in said Closet.  *Smiles*  She was Overjoyed with this Home... as was The Man.  He talked about it all the way Home saying how much more he liked it than any Home we'd considered thus far, including Pueblo Boheme'!  Huge Surprise since he LOVED Pueblo Boheme' and I didn't think he'd ever get over not being able to Buy it?  Guess he has... he Likes this one much better!   I do too... I like this one even more than The City Property or The Urban Farmhouse one!

I even liked the Indigo Blue Double Entrance Doors, I wouldn't have thought to paint my Entrance Doors Indigo.   Slight Neg, the Stairs to come in, since any Stairs for The Man are a Challenge.  But, the Home has Wheelchair Ramps everywhere so he can more easily access the Home in several places using those instead.  Also moving Furniture in or out we can use the Ramps instead.

This Image shows how the Home is built into the Hillside of the Lot by about 2-3 Feet around Three sides of it.   The entire Acreage goes Higher, starting low at Street Level and rising considerably towards the back of the Acreage.   The entire Custom Home Community here is on a High Hill overlooking the Valley, so most Lots are like that.   A Positive of that, beyond The View to North, South, East and West... is good drainage and runoff during Storms, during Monsoon Season that is important.  We're a Desert and don't get much annual Rainfall, but when it Rains it pours and some Areas thus are prone to Flooding.

Some of the Mature Trees on the Property are Olive, Mesquite, Palo Verde, Acacia.    Some of the Bushes are Creosote and Desert Sage.  There are some Palms and some Cacti.  There are a lot of Natural Desert Wildflowers starting to come up like Brittlebush, Mexican Gold Poppy, Desert Marigold, Desert Globemallow, Desert Sunflower and Wooly Daisy.   Right now it's Winter and a dormant stage for a lot of Natural Desert Plants that won't make their lush appearance until Spring.  I plan to add to the Landscaping and make it a Desert Botanical Zen Garden and add some Fine coarse Gravel.  It already has a massive stretch of Cement Pathways meandering thru it and a structure to put a Water Feature like a large Fountain in.

Here in the Subterranean Courtyard I want to put Asian Sculptures and a raised Herb and Veggie Garden with Pathways.  Since it's right off the Kitchen so that would be handy, utilitarian and Beautiful.

This is at Ground Level so you can see the Subterranean level of the Home and the Courtyard Areas... along with the Wrap Around Balcony of the House, which is also the Roof of the Lower Level... and is AT Ground Level.  Thus, I don't have Vertigo or Fear being on that Balcony at all... I guess subconsciously I know it's mostly at Ground Level in actuality?   That Open Arcadia Doorway is the exit to the Balcony from the Master Bedroom Suite.   You can see how massive a Chimney the Home has for the Two Fireplaces.

The Walled In and Gated Pool Area takes up the back portion of the Acreage and is inaccessible except thru Locked Gates and a Stairway from the Upstairs Balcony leading down into it.   The Wall around it is very High and I'm not Tall enough to look over it... our Agent barely could and he's well over 6 foot Tall... so it's very Private too.    Quail like to hang out here and there were large Families of them, they sat along the back Wall observing us like an Audience!  *LOL*   The Man liked that the Property attracts lots of Native Wildlife.

Most of the Native Trees around the Pool area are quite Young Mesquite, Acacia and Palo Verde... so there is very little debris falling from any of them into the Pool.  I will hire someone to Maintain the Pool if we decide to Buy this Property after we have it Inspected.

For those of you Wondering, NO... we got NO Creepy Vibe off the place at all.  I took tons of pixs and no Orbs... I didn't Feel anything that eluded to a Haunting from it's sordid History.  In fact, it had a very Pleasant Welcoming Energy to it and a Good Vibe that was only Positive.  None of us felt Creeped out, including our Agent... and we'd all kind of expected we MIGHT, given what we knew had happened there almost 40 Years ago.  I guess the decedents have found Peace in the Afterlife, I'm Happy if they have Transitioned Well, it was not a Nice way to Go, no matter what their Lifestyle was.

Suffice to say this was a Good Experience and not a Bad or Foreboding One... I think this Property which has been given a Fresh New Life may be ready to Welcome a Loving Family to Cherish it now... perhaps we'll be the ones... we'll have to wait and see...  I want to Thank all of our Friends and Family, both in The Land Of Blog and in our Real Life, who weighed in with their Objective opinions, which are always Helpful.  Buying and Selling Property is so Subjective that we Welcome input that can be Objective and Candid... Pro or Con... so your input was greatly Appreciated, Thank You... no matter what your Take was!  One Blog Friend made me Laugh heartily when she said it reminded her of an Abandoned Truck Stop... Yeah, I can see it... and since I like Abandoned and places considered Ruins best, perhaps that was the Attraction, I dunno?  *LOL*


Blessings, Love, Light and Hope from the Arizona Desert... where we're seeking where a Forever Home MIGHT Be?

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I hope this offer is accepted and this house becomes your forever home. I can't believe how big it is and yet you consider it a downsize from your current place. You guys out west build them big.

    1. LOL, Yes, we do! *Smiles* I am Hopeful as well, searching for a place you'd want to live Forever is daunting!

  2. I dunno about this one. I had a physical reaction just looking at the photos. I felt scared. Don't be mad but it sort of makes me think of a mausoleum, a tomb. But who knows. With your energy and some sage burning who knows.

    1. LOL, I shall burn some Sage, I always do at every Home. I'd not be mad, everyone has a reaction to every place, you have to connect with Vibes and know what is or isn't for you, I'm a strong Believer that every place, every person, has Energy that either attracts or repels us.

  3. I would guess because I am a North-East native I can't warm up to all that inside stonework - it looks so cold (and slippery!) but, as you say, much better in a desert climate. I do like the outdoor space and the courtyard and the balcony. I hope this one works out for you, truly I do.

    1. Thank You Grace... Yes, this wouldn't be for Colder Climates at all, the Stonework and Marble is Cool to the Touch and helps with not making a Desert Home so Hot. Our highest Utility Bills here are during our fierce Hot Months, whereas I would suppose it's the opposite in Cold Climates.

  4. The house is beautiful but I would worry about those slippery floors. If that is the home you want, I hope it works out.

    1. I Hope so too. We've lived with Tile and Stone for many Years, very common floor coverings in Desert Homes, and unless you have spills, it's oddly not slippery when dry. I also have numerous Persian Rugs I use in most Rooms to add Color and be places the Kids could sit on the Floors comfortably. I just Hate fitted Carpeting so normally haven't wanted Homes with any, or too much, of it.

  5. That is really a beautiful house! Lots of space, but not cavernous (at least from the pictures you share). The wrap-around balcony, the wood-burning fireplaces...all beautiful! I would want to live there - LOL! Hope you are able to get this, especially since it makes everyone happy too. That's the most important thing.

    1. Yes, it is and Thank You Cynthia. No, it isn't cavernous and stupidly big like this House, which is cavernous and a lot of upkeep. Grandiose Homes are visually impressive, but living in them isn't a cozy experience and it's a lot of expense and work, so as I'm aging, I want something more manageable yet large enough for our possessions accumulated over a lifetime {within reason, winks}.

  6. I'm sure you've avoided a house with unusually strict Homeowners Rules.

    1. LOL, YES YES YES Marlynne, NO HOA is my No. One Criteria in fact now! This Home has none and has no neighbor on the Lot to the South of it, since no Home has been built on that Acreage in the 40 Years this Community of Luxury Homes has existed. There is one Neighbor to the North of it but since all Homes are on more than an Acre, it's not super close. There are only 23 Homes in this established Community and only 24 Lots ranging from just over an Acre to several Acres per parcel.

  7. Truck Stop Boheme! Well once again, what pleases your family and yourself is what is important. And I have enjoyed seeing some better views of the features you like.
    I live in a converted log barn built in 1862, less than 700 square ft. The bathroom is the size of a phone booth. So I can appreciate unusual spaces. I can't imagine living anywhere else.
    Still, I urge you to remember that in less than 6 weeks, the real estate market will be a brand new game. People wait until after the holidays. You will have to wait until then anyway? Why not wait a wee bit longer and see which way the cat jumps?
    There could be something you would love and have good resale value. Ya never know what is down the road.
    Also, what is the surface material on the deck upstairs? Unclear from the photos.
    But if you are determined, I saw get some vintage neon for the front that says "The Truck Stops Here" , get a vintage gas pump for the front pillars. I wish you nothing but well.

  8. LMAO Penelope you crack me up, Truck Stop Boheme' with Vintage Gas Pumps near the front pillars would be a Hoot! Your Converted Log Dream Barn Historic Home sounds Fabulous... I Love the Quirkiest of Homes and many that absolutely nobody else would Love I'm sure... I've been Eccentric like that all my Life. I wouldn't mind living in a true Ruin... and would be Content. I have had the pleasure of living in some unique places in my Lifetime, it was always the best experience and memorable in good ways. Sadly Villa Boheme' is a Wonderful Home in a lousy Community that is too Uptight and Pretentious for us so I've been miserable here in spite of the Home being Magnificent. If I could have picked it up and moved it somewhere else, on Acreage like this Home, I probably would have kept it and just hired people to help with Maintenance. *LOL* We won't be finalizing anything until after we Sell this anyway so it's likely to be 2020 before we're completely moved anywhere I suspect. Real Estate right now is very erratic... up... down... sideways... at least in these parts.


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