Friday, November 15, 2019

The Urban Farmhouse

Okay, so Plan C... we're calling THIS One "The Urban Farmhouse", because... well... it is... tastefully done Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic on the Remodel, even tho' the Home is a Circa 1980 Brick Ranch!  A Vintage Era Mini Farm on Acreage but in The City, and recently remodeled in Urban Farmhouse Style.  So it checks off both The Man and My 'Boxes' for what we'd consider a healthy compromise for a 'Forever Home'!  *LOL* 

  Hopefully this is a Property we can actually BUY?!  *LMAO*   Yeah, our Agent got a kick out of that when I mentioned it... you wouldn't Believe how many Properties slipped thru our fingers since we've wanted to Move!   I Loved the Kitchen Remodel... since poorly laid out and ugly Kitchens were a Deal Breaker for me!  You'd think I was a Culinary Jedi for how Important a Nice Kitchen is to me!  *Bwahahaha!*

As you know, the White Cabinets were preferable for me anyway and the Lighter Granite Countertops, which they've even extended up as a Backsplash.  You wouldn't know this Home was Circa 1980 by the Lovely Remodel of the Interior, it looks Fresh, New and Trendy, but not like a Bad Flip done by some HGTV Wannabe.  *LOL*

After having Darker Hardwood Floors here at Villa Boheme' in many Rooms, I am quite ready for Lighter Floors that don't show every freakin' piece of lint, debris, dust and The Man's shed Beard Hairs all over it like a Beacon!  *Bwahahahaha!*  I also liked that this Home didn't appear to have any Carpeting... 

I do not like fitted Carpets, we prefer a good quality Tile, Wood, Modern Low Maintenance Laminate or Persian Rugs on any of those Floorings.   The Age of the Home means it does have a Wood Burning Fireplace and not a phony Gas One... Whoop Whoop... the Pyro in me rejoices!  *Winks*

And the BEST Part for Moi is... Ta Da... that AHHHMAZING Enormous 2,000+ sf RV Garage!  I swear I heard Angelic Hosts Singing and the Heaven's Parting when this Bonus was part of the Package!  *Smiles*   AND... it ALSO has a Two Car Garage attached to the Main House that has been converted into Office Space, with exposed Brick Walls {the Home is Brick}, and will make a Splendid Art Studio Space!

More Heavenly Chorus!  

Here is what would be my Art Studio Space and it's Air Conditioned!   The Current Owners are utilizing it as a Home Office and it has a separate entrance, which is great if you're wanting the Privacy that offers for a Studio.

For The Man it was ALL about The Land, since it's Irrigated Acreage... with ALL of the Homes around that area being Mini Farms, so it feels Rural even tho' it's in The City.   Many Neighbors had Livestock and/or Horses.  AND having a Flagpole to fly his American and Marine Corps. Flags now without some HOA telling him he can't be Patriotic!  *Winks* 

 Yep, NO HOA... Whoop Whoop!   And the Schools, both the Middle School and the High School, are walking distance for Princess T and have very good Ratings.  Plus, her Fav place for Hot Wings, 'Little Ceasar's Pizza' is walking distance!  *LOL*  AND... this has a Lovely Diving Pool... high on her 'Check List' of Desires for a New Home!  *Smiles*

I'm thinking this Solves the Problem of having to Rent any Offsite Storage for anything... since all Boxed items after The Move can go in here... as well as any Inventory for the Antique Mall while it's waiting for rotation in to my Retail Spaces!  *Whew!*   I'd Buy this Property just for this Structure!   I mean, it kinda goes without saying... doesn't it?! *LMAO*

This area also was Hosting some massive Yard Sales... so... I can see that could be another stream of discretionary income, since this actually faces a Main Road even tho' it's got an Access Road for actual entry that runs parallel to the Main Road.   Good visibility for hawking my crap at a Tag Sale every once in a while to downsize all the more!   I can unpack at Leisure and my own Pace, not dragging anything inside the Home that would clutter it up while Transitioning in to a New Forever Home.

And Yeah, a large portion of the Back Acreage has The Party Package set up... which was Important and we didn't want to do without after Viewing Two other Properties that had it and which the Deals fell thru on... so we couldn't compromise!  *LOL*

Very Private Entrance to the Pool only from the Back Patio of the Home so nobody could Fence Jump and Trespass to go Swimming or be a Voyeur.   Which is handy... since... I'm an Old Hippie... just sayin'... *LOL*  It doesn't have an Outside Shower with a View like Pueblo Boheme'... and no Neighbors within Miles... heavy Sigh... but, this is just about as Freeing!  *Winks*

 Princess T's Pool with Diving Board and Water Slide Sold her on this Home... since it was EVERYTHING to her!  *Smiles*   I ain't gonna lie, a Pool was on my Wish List too and I liked that this Pool has a Block Wall and a Wrought Iron Gate around it for Safety and extra Privacy.

Aerial View of the entire Acreage, it's just over a Half Acre so I can put in a Veggie and Herb Garden and Zen Garden.   The Trees are very Mature and it has Aleppo Pine, Coconut Palms {you can't get Coconuts in AZ tho', they don't produce Fruit in the Desert but will grow well here}, and a few other Trees I don't know the genre of.

Being it's a Neighborhood Community of Mini Farms there are numerous Properties with Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, Livestock and Horses... all of which you can have and it's Zoned for.   There are some very high end newer Homes that have built in amongst the Vintage ones that were originally there when the Area was Developed about Forty Years ago.

It has a lot of Outside Living Area which is Covered and has Lighting and Ceiling Fans... and it has an Above Ground Spa/Jacuzzi here on the large Back Patio.  We're Outdoorsy people and so the more Outdoor Living Space the better.

The only slight Neg was all that Grass to mow, so we'd be Buying one of those Tractor Mowers for damned sure!  *LOL*  Since it's Flood Irrigation Grandfathered in tho', Irrigation is no problem and they don't have an Irrigation HOA either, which some Mini Farm Communities do and ANY HOA would be a Deal Breaker for Yours Truly.  *Smiles* 

  But we liked how the Acreage was landscaped and set up, good use of all of it and well maintained.  It also has nice Views of the Mountains to the South and West.  We'll be doing an interior Viewing Tomorrow Morning and submitting our Offer.

Tho' I do Love the Warm Sepia Tuscan palette of Villa Boheme' a lot, I am liking this Calming and Cooler feeling Pale Grey and White a lot also.  Being this is the Desert and it's scorching Hot most of the time, Cooling Colors give a Home an illusion of Coolness even when it's SO NOT Outside!  *Smiles*   And since I'm not a Fan of Blue Palette's, which is another Cool Tone, I prefer the Grey and White for Coolness of Tone on the Color Wheel.

Since the RV Garage is almost as many square feet as the Home, I don't have to put a lot of larger furnishings in the Home if I don't want to.  I'm going to try to Decorate differently and try a Less Is More Zen and Botanical Vibe to see how that feels to us inside the Home?   The RV Garage can be Decorated with my usual Aesthetic since it's Ceilings are so high that it will likely not look cluttered even if it's holding layers of Beauty?  *Winks*

The Master Bedroom we won't have to do anything to at all, like how it's painted... but the Two other Bedrooms will require an immediate paint job.  Princess T's Room has the Dove Grey, which she doesn't mind at all either, but one Wall is hideous Hot Pink and that will have to go!  *LMAO*   It was clearly a little Girl's Bedroom and Princess T couldn't get past HOT Pink on any Wall!  She's going to make it her Chalkboard Wall and paint it Black with Chalkboard Paint like she has in her Apartment Upstairs on one Wall.   

The other Guest Bedroom must have been a little Boy's Room and has Racing Stripes in Green and Yellow around the Room... and as if that wasn't bad enough, saccharin sweet Verses painted around the parameter!!!  Gak... Yeah, that's going to be converted to my Kabuki Red and Black Meditation Style Room in that House... I always have to have ONE Space on our Properties with my Fav Signature Combo!  *Winks*

Finally, the Bathrooms... the Master En Suite Bathroom has a nice Walk-In Shower and I Love the Basketweave Tile Flooring and Accents.   Since it only has One Sink I guess that The Man won't get one... I mean here, in our ridiculously large Master Bathroom, he actually thought he got a 'Side', Silly Man... it was so Cute tho'!   Bwahahahahaha!

The 2nd Bathroom will be Princess T's and for Guests, which she's not thrilled about Sharing with Guests since this Home spoiled her with having 4 Bathrooms so everyone got their own.  *Smiles*   She'll get Over it... Winks... and besides, it's the only Tub too so I'll be using that if I want a Bath!  *LOL*  I Loved the Subway Tile on the Tub's Wall... I have a Thing for White Subway Tile, I happen to really dig it and glad it's made a comeback for Decorating.   I also have a Thing for Historic Bathroom Honeycomb Tile... which is also making a comeback in Modern Decorating.   All Good Things come back around in due Time.

So, anyway, we really Hope we get this one since it's very close to our Old Historic Neighborhood... about a 10 Minute Drive... so, also very close to Work and the Antique Mall, which will be convenient.  Tons of Shopping and Restaurants that we have frequented for Years... so the Location is Idyllic for us and we already have a lot of Friends in the area.  Wish us much Luck this time around... I don't wanna hafta go on to Plan D and the rest of the freakin' Alphabet looking for Property to Buy, which is getting Old fast!  *Le Sigh*


Blessings, Love, Light and Hope from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hoping for the best! I can imagine the house hunting ups and downs are getting old real quick for you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, they certainly are getting old real quick for us all... we're so far into packing up that we feel displaced. First time of Buying and Selling simultaneously, usually we could Buy first and then wait to Sell because we've previously had paid off Properties and you can dictate your own timeline better. I don't like having to do it this way.

  2. The third time is a charm! This one, with the RV building and location, seems more suited to your family than the other two. Best of luck with your offer.

    1. I agree completely that is does seem more suited and it's in our Beloved Town that our Historic Home was in, which I never really wanted to have to move far from. I'm Hopeful that 3rd time is a Charm! *Winks* If they accept then I Pray that Villa Boheme' goes under Contract quickly too and we have a smooth transition on both Properties!

  3. Wishing you all good luck with this one!

    1. Grace I am Hopeful but Guardedly Optimistic since it has so many Offers on it that the competition is fierce.

  4. It looks PERFECT! You need to make some kind of sacrifice to the trees or the sky or something to make sure that you get it :D :D Good luck with your bid!

    1. LMAO, some kind of Sacrifice... Yeah... that's the Ticket... you crack me up and know we Well my Friend! *Winks* I sure Wish that all of a sudden, JUST when I want this Property, after 75+ Days of languishing on the Market, now everyone is putting Offers in... WTF?!? *Le Sigh* The Man laughs and says that always happens... when I Want something, suddenly EVERYONE Wants it... I must attract some kind of Energy to what I'm desiring or something? *LOL*

    2. What I meant was I Wish that ours was the only Offer and that's what I expected since the Listing was stale so I had High Hopes... 'til the VERY DAY I make our Offer, others started pouring in!


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