Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Settling In To A Christmas Vibe

I've decided it's Time to be settling in to a Christmas Vibe, I NEED it!  The Homicide Homestead Property didn't work out, Negotiations broke down and we couldn't come to an Agreement.  Turns out it was probably fortuitous in our Favor... since a fierce Storm with Flooding has hit the Valley and a Mud Slide on the Vacant Lot's Hillside beside that Property took out almost the entire South Wall surrounding the Acreage!  *Gasp... a Sign perhaps?!*  No, I didn't put any Gypsy Curses or Hexes on the place, that happened prior to me getting the News that we just were not going to be able to reach a mutual Agreement to Buy it with the Seller.  And now that will be their Problem to outlay on!  *LOL... and Whew, dodged a Bullet there!  Dark Humor Pun intended.  Winks*

I agreed to Work an extra Shift to cover for a Friend who was Sick, which made up for taking a Day Off for my own Sick Grandchild earlier in the Week.  Tis the Season for Winter Illness to make it's rounds.   This is Booth #713 at our Antique Mall, Brandon's space and I Love his Vibe and know him from other Venues.  He and I have a similar Aesthetic when it comes to Found Treasures that are very Time Worn and which we Love even if not everyone 'Gets It'.   That little Bureau of his with the Red Knobs I've been trying to resist ever since he brought it in!  *LOL*   Like I NEED any more Furnishings while trying to Sell Off a lot of ours so I don't have to move them to wherever the Hell we end up, Right?!  *LMAO*

I went ahead in a Leap of Faith Today and rented another oversized Storage Space from U-Haul since the one I already had is pretty much full now.  I've decided to just put damned near everything that can be Boxed and/or Lifted by me into Storage and Live bare bones minimal 'til we find some place to Buy and Move to!  I'll just have more Peace of Mind having everything but the large Furnishings gone from Villa Boheme' and in offsite Storage that I don't have to Pay someone else to Move... cutting Time and Moving Costs when the Time comes to relocate somewhere... anywhere... that we end up!  *LOL*  

The Young Man at U-Haul always gives me a Hood Hookup, so I returned the Favor Today.  He's been very sympathetic to my ongoing plight.   Since he gave me a Free Month's Rent AND the Military Discount on this 2nd Storage Unit, since some of the Big Kahuna Units opened up again, I gave him a huge Gift Bag of Adult Goodies!  You know, of those Liqueur Cordials and Liquor Store Holiday Candies I got Hood Hooked Up with while sourcing Liquor Store Boxes to pack with... he was JAZZED and Loved that Back Story!  *Winks*  He knows how tight my Budget has been on this Move and that I'm Sourcing whatever I can get Gratis and not have to outlay more on.

I watched Brandon, whose Masterful at Showcasing his Booth, Transform it from an Autumnal Vibe to a Winter one with a Christmas Theme.   He enjoys The Process of "Playing House" as he likes to call it, while foofing his Spaces and Merchandising Product that is just an extension of his Essence of Styling his own Home.    He really Lucked Out on the Booth he recently Rented at our Antique Mall, since it had already been perfectly layered with Old Barn Wood which complimented his Aesthetic ideally!   So... if you come to THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST ANTIQUE MALL, check out Booth #713 and it's contents, you can Thank me later!

Tomorrow will be Opening Day of THE SWEET SALVAGE "Comfort And Joy" Christmas Themed Event and I'm taking the entire Day off from Packing to attend and just relax.   With now not Moving anywhere, since I haven't Found Plan E Property yet that I'd even consider as an Option to Buy, I'm taking Time Off from the Forever Home Search to properly Enjoy some Holiday Time and settling in to a Christmas Vibe.  The whole Moving and Packing Thing all but ruined and definitely interrupted and intruded upon most of our October and Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Celebrations... so I don't want the same thing to happen to Thanksgiving or Christmas.   The entire Holiday Season cannot be wrecked with trying to find a Home to Buy and getting this one Sold.

Now that Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are long behind us, I'm Hoping that this Wreath goes on deep discount.  I know they want to consider Offers, but I really don't know what wouldn't be considered an Offensive one, so I'd rather wait til the Artisan marks it down if they can't Sell it long past it's Holiday Season?   Now that I have a super large Storage Unit to put the rest of my Boxed possessions and some Small Furniture in, after these terrible Storms have blown over I'll ramp up my Moving of everything that I can by myself into that Unit and out of Villa Boheme' entirely.   Perhaps then I won't visually always be on overload and overwhelmed by all of this or worrying about Moving Costs being too prohibitive?  My Head Space lately has been fatigued and fed up with the whole business of a Move... a Purchase... and a Sale of Villa Boheme'!

My Dear Sweet Friend Nina has been in the same Head Space and predicament, since she's orchestrating a huge Move to Texas, pretty much by herself too, since her Hubby already had to be there for his Job Transfer.   And... she has a lot of Great Stuff she's going to be Packing up and Moving with her.   So... she and I FINALLY took some Time Off from Packing and Orchestrating Moves and Sales of Homes to have our long overdue Girl's Day Out Feast at RICE PAPER Downtown.  Her first time there, so we went Wheels Off the Rails on ordering a Feast of Spring Rolls and Pho!  *Smiles*   The Owner was so attentive and Thanked us profusely for coming all the way from the Far West Valley... he knows me as a Regular and knows I'll bring Friends and Family plus good coverage on FB and the ole' Blog!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Hope from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. A murder AND in a mud slide area!!! That property is doomed. You really did dodge a bullet on that one.

  2. Replies
    1. I think you could be right, they've been undisturbed by occupancy for decades, perhaps they like it that way. *Winks*

  3. Who would have ever guested it would be so hard to buy a house. It's a good thing you're flexible on the styles that appeal to you. It really is all about location, location, location isn't it.

    I know how you feel about that little chest with the red pulls. I have two similar to that and I need to downsize one and I'm having trouble deciding. I have also been hauling books by the 100s to the library to donate but at the grocery store the same day I took a load over I found myself standing in the book section, looking for something to read.

    1. You're hilariously LIKE me, downsizing specific things we still have Passion for and can't help but be tempted by even as we purge similar objects! *LOL* I had just told a Friend, who would have ever figured it would be so hard to buy a Home!? I don't know why I just assumed each property we put an offer in we would get, our Agent too, so its been frustrating beyond belief, especially since I'm so far in here where we currently live that backing out seems equally pointless now! Every Month I'm NOT Moving is costing me Money I didn't budget for in the Move and we'll have to Requalify if we can't find something soon, which will be another headache, no problems expected, but futile repeats nonetheless. I can't even find anything I want to Buy now, and I refuse to 'Settle' since it is to be the LAST Move to a Forever Home... so I refuse to seriously compromise my Game Plan and what we really want it to be like and where.

  4. Looks like you had lots to see at the shop. Some things call out more than others. Your luncheon out looks wonderful, hope you had a good time. Glad you dodged the bullet. What's the song, YOu don't always get what you want, but if try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. I may have missed a word here and there, lol

    Sandy's Space

    1. That Song came to my Mind too Sandy, how Funny we both thought of it! *LOL* The Luncheon was good for my Friend and I, both of us are so burnt out on Moving and Packing that we had to get away from it all for a Moment. Right now I'm very conflicted on what I should be doing... every Month we do NOT Move is costing me Money I didn't anticipate in the Budget for this Ordeal! And there's that Devil on my Shoulder taunting me that I should just give up, give in and give out and NOT Move... which would be beyond discouraging to admit defeat and have all this time, work and expense be for naught!

  5. love all of your holiday vignettes!

    1. My Friend Brandon's Vignette's are Inspiring aren't they? I feel like I could just move right in to his Spaces! It was a Welcome respite to immerse myself in beauty and not be packing and obsessed about this Moving Ordeal for a Moment! Thanks for stopping by Cat!


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