Wednesday, November 6, 2019

For Profit Motivations And Other Suspicious Theories

Today I see the Diabetic Specialist... FINALLY, the one The Base took 6 Years and 3 ineffective regular Doctors later to finally refer me to!   I was having excellent results with my Eastern Medical Doctor's Herbal Tea remedy, but couldn't always afford it.  Since Insurance won't cover any Eastern Medicine or Alternative Medical Practices, no matter how effective and proven, damn them!

  I plan, after Moving expenses, to get back on my Eastern Medicine, since it got me back to Normal readings and needing few, if any, Insulin shots!  Having been up to as many as 5 shots a freakin' Day and a hand full of Pills, that Western Medicine told me I'd need for Life, well, you can see why I'm more a proponent of Eastern Medicine and it's approach to just aiding the Body to do what it was intended and designed by the Creator to do... HEAL!

I don't have to tell my Body to Heal, that's what it automatically tries to do, Western Docs just grimly told me my Pancreas was crapping out and they would 'Take Over' for it.  My Eastern Doc tells me they will attempt to aid the Pancreas to Heal itself and start working more effectively again on it's own.  I like that Ideology more and it's a no-brainer to see why and clearly my Pancreas was on board with the Natural remedy it responded to quite quickly.  I wasn't ready to Write Off my Pancreas ability to Heal and opted to give it a Chance to.

So, anyway, off to see the Western Diabetic Specialist Today and see what Mindset they have about my prognosis?   Some Western Medical Docs aren't as condescending as others about Eastern and Tribal Medicine.  I have used Eastern and Tribal Medicine almost my whole Life and when I was Working it was no problem to pay 100% out of pocket for what I had more Faith in, regardless of Insurance covering or not covering any of it.

  I think Patients should have Options for the Care of their own Bodies... but don't even get me started about Big Pharma and Western Medicine being "For Profit" motivated in treating their Patients.  Well and Healed Patients aren't Profitable... 'nuff said.  Paths to Wellness is the Goal every Patient desires tho', not being a Money Maker for whoever is Treating them and provides what they say they'll Need... especially if it's designed to be a Lifetime Need... how very convenient for whoever is creating and providing those Meds, huh?!   Keep you dependent and coming back... just like a Pusher on the Streets!

I'm not a Conspiracy Theorist per se, but some things just reek of Suspicious Theories my Brain just Questions automatically, you know?   We've become such an Addict Nation and it's not as if the Government isn't aware of that and feebly attempts to address situations, but well after the carnage has been epic and Billions have been made off the Backs of the Victims!  Once it begins to cost Society too much, then they act upon the corruption, it just pisses me off as a Citizen that it works that way.  Especially exploiting the most vulnerable... the Sick and Aged.

Okay, so stepping down off my Soapbox now... even tho' I not-so-patiently waited 6 long, out of control Diabetic Years to get this Referral, a part of me would just rather have Insurance let me see my Chinese Doc and pay for THAT instead.   It would be far Cheaper for the Insurance Company, far more effective for not just controlling and managing, but perhaps even eliminating, the Diabetes and it's horrible side-effects and irreversible damage that I've endured.  As soon as I can keep paying for Alternative Medicine out of pocket, I will... I'll do without something else to afford it in fact.  MY Body, ergo, my Decision!

My Friend Nina at Work, whose also Moving, but clear to another State, is in the throes of what I'm going thru too.  So we commiserate about the Stress of it and doing it mostly Alone.  She Gifted me some Lovely Treasures for my Cabinet Of Curiosities Dia de los Muertos Collection and I was so Touched by the Generosity of these Friendship Gifts!   I'm really going to Miss her but we plan to keep in touch.   I just Hate it when Friends move away, it's happened far too often and so few now are still in Arizona.   The Skull Bead Necklace was one I intended to Buy from her but she insisted it be a Gift instead, Bless her!

Look what happens when you pull the string of the little Cadaver in a Coffin, he pops up to the Window!   So Cute and it makes me Smile every time I do it!

This Vintage Jack O'Lantern she had noticed I'd Showcased in several Blog Posts... a Clue that I was kinda diggin' him and Attracted to it!  *Winks*

So, now he's mine too!  Ain't he Adorable?   It's so difficult to even find Vintage or Antique Halloween merchandise so she knows how much I Appreciate her Collections of it, gleaned over a Lifetime of Sourcing such things.   I don't know how she Lets Go of so much of The Good Stuff?   I'm on the Path to doing that, but it's hard to Let Go of the REALLY Good Stuff from your Collections, isn't it?

Now, Nina and I joke about the lengths we go to try to Save Money on our Moves... she knows I've been Haunting the Liquor Store Recycle Bins for Boxes to use for packing.  You'd think that a Family of Alcoholics lived here now by how many Liquor Boxes I have stacked to the rafters, but packed with my Stuff!  *LMAO*

Especially at the Holidays it's Interesting to see the unusual Liquors the Boxes represented and we're getting a kick out of that... some of the Graphics and Offerings of Holiday Booze and Beers!  *Smiles*   The Young Men at the Recycle Bins I frequent often just cart out the Boxes right to my Truck so I don't have to Dumpster Dive for them, which is Sweet.   Helping the Old Dreadhead Lady who comes for the Boxes out... *Winks*

If we ever have a Break-In during this period of Transition, someone might assume they just Scored the Motherlode of Liquor and Craft Beers... and be disappointed as Hell at what the contents really hold!  *Bwahahahaha!*   But speaking of Scoring the Motherlode... it can happen when Dumpster Diving for Recyclable Boxes behind Liquor Stores especially... because... they really want the Boxes empty and for Recycling for those specific Bins.   And sometimes they have full Boxes of what they must discard... and if I'm willing to take it away Boxed Up... well... I get The Hood Hook-Up... since most of the Liquor Stores I frequent are in Da Hood!  *Winks*

Especially at the Holidays they often give out Promo items and Samples to Customers but don't manage to get rid of them all.    So imagine my Surprise when I'm coming for mere Boxes one day and get The Hood Hook-Up of a Lifetime!   Of Three heavy full Boxes of Promo Liquor Store Candies in adorable Lucite Box Containers and a plethora of Liqueur, Beer, Wine or Champagne inspired Candies!!!  *Gasp!!!*

Now, being a Diabetic and also not eating Chocolate, this meant that I didn't intend to eat nor keep any of this.   But rather than have them need to just waste it and throw it out of the Boxes, which would have seemed Sinful given the Quality of these Candies... I accepted them to give out to Friends and Family.   So Nina and I were joking it would take The Edge off Packing to partake of such things as Single Malt Scotch Cordials, Tequila Cordials, Maple Bourbon Caramels, Sparkling Rose' Gummi Bears, Corona Gummi Bottles, Limoncello Cordials and such!  *LMAO*

There's about a 20 Variety Offering of everything from Martini Olive Almonds to Champagne Gummi Bears!    This is just what one Box contained and I relieved them of 3 full Boxes that were going to the Bins!  *Whoop Whoop!*   Yes, I will be giving out Gift Baskets until they're all gone, since I don't Need The Man overdosing on Single Malt Scotch Cordials and such... especially since neither of us drink so we're total lightweights!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Princess T looked at them with scorn, since she isn't allowed to partake, not that she even wanted to... being they are what she called the nasty Adult Candies that probably taste awful and make people act Weird!?!  *LMAO*  Why did you agree to take all this crap she said?   Well... Why NOT... you know how Gramma abhors Waste of Good Stuff, right?!?   She couldn't Argue with that, she knows how I am.  *Winks*   And YES, it does chap my hide how much wasteful practices we have here in America and what is thrown out and not just Donated!  

I'm sure at Nursing Homes and Homeless Shelters the Adults would be Appreciative of such a Treat, especially at the Holidays!   I know my Friends will be, even with the hilarious Story of how I came to have so much Candy I don't even really want and wouldn't be eating... so Help a Sista out... and accept your Gift Basket of Hood Hook-Up Goodies I may present to ya!  *Winks*   I'm thinking that I want to Save some of these Lucite Containers to protect some of my Cabinet of Curiosity Specimens when they're empty too.  So... you know what Bowls of Treats my Thanksgiving and Christmas Tables are likely to hold, right?!  *Bwahahahaha!*


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm not having any luck finding boxes behind liquor stores. I can't even find their dumpsters!

    The adult candies are funny. I wonder why they don't give them out to their customers.

    1. I think they did give them out as promos to customers but when the Holiday is over and they have excess they just toss out entire full boxes of the products, which is so wasteful and I think donations would be a better way to Bless someone {Nursing Homes, the Homeless Shelters, etc.}. When I worked Food Ministries we got a lot of donations of items {edible and hygiene} that businesses were discarding but didn't want to waste when there is always a need for such things and we had the clients who could benefit from the generosity.

  2. I agree with your assessment of Alternative medical practices vs. Western. It burns my britches that when I absolutely must go to the medical center, first thing out of the doctor's mouth is "take these pills", when she's not even taken time to determine the root cause. Instead of the pills, I research the diagnosis given, find a holistic cure. And, in the case of experiencing a torn rotator cuff, instead of the suggested operation and cortisone injection, I went to the acupuncturist. So many seniors here know no other way and are spending more on medicines than on rent and are suffering worse consequences, from what the doctors did to them, than from the original problem.

    1. I am in complete agreement with you! The Specialist was East Indian and encouraged me to keep going to my Chinese Doctor for Eastern Medical Treatment too, which was a good sign that she isn't opposed to me seeking holistic methods also. My Goal is to get OFF of all pills and injections for the Diabetes... until I got Diabetes 6 years ago I never took a pill for anything and at my age many people were amazed I wasn't dependent on medications for so long. The Diabetes coincided with a hysterectomy and the gaining of 60 lbs. from that procedure/hormone fluctuation side effect... so another Goal is to lose the weight and get back to a pre-surgical size.

  3. The adult candies would make great Christmas gifts. Buy little wicker baskets, share them out, wrap them in cellophane and that's Christmas done!

    1. I'm already doing that with Friends and Family since I won't be eating any of them but couldn't let the waste of them happen either, so being able to save full boxes of the product from being landfill bound I accepted them even tho' all I really needed was the boxes they were in. *LOL*

  4. Been wondering igf there was any news on the new house move and old house sell?

    1. Not yet... so I have no idea what progress {or not} the Seller is making in getting clear Title? I'm looking at alternate properties I might consider buying in the event this Deal falls apart? I've found one I really like but getting The Man on board with a house in the City I know he's reluctant about... I'm trying to hold out for a while for that one which we both liked. But I am concerned about waiting too long and missing other opportunities while interest rates are still low... not to mention outlay per month for offsite storage and living out of boxes for months isn't something I'd anticipated having to do.

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah, too bad I can't eat any of them but they will make nice Giftings to Friends and Family... all I really needed was the boxes they came in but I couldn't just let all those expensive treats be wasted and just landfill bound... it would have been a crime! *Winks*


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