Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Curious Nature... And You ARE Wondering, Huh?

After the Veteran's Day Parade was over and they opened Central Avenue back up to traffic along the Parade route, one of my Fav Shops opened near where we had been sitting on the Parade route, CURIOUS NATURE.   Well, of coarse I HAD to go in, being I was walking back to where we'd parked the Truck anyway... to bring it to the Restaurant to pick up The Man, The Son and Princess T.  I got busted however... since they SAW me going in and Shopping a bit and blew up my Phone to tell me I'd been spotted ducking in!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   Okay, so they weren't mad, they were just amused... and I came away with some Palo Santo Incense and a Sea Sponge, as well as some Cell Phone captured Imagery of the Shop to Share with ya.  *LOL*

Now, if we get The City House, we'll be near this Fav Shop and a multitude of everything else I Love in The City.   And oh... Yeah... I'm sure your Curious Nature now Wonders, what about The City House Dawn?  And you ARE Wondering, Huh?  *Winks*   Well, we went to the Open House on Sunday Morning that they were Hosting, so that we didn't have to try to cram too much into Veteran's Day for The Man, since he might have had Sensory Overload doing too much in a single full Day.   So we cancelled the Appointment we'd set up for a Private Viewing and told their Agent we'd drop by at the start of the Open House the Day before instead.

Since the Open House was busy I didn't take Photos, the Listing pixs were sublime enough anyway and it was everything and then some that the Imagery had portrayed.   There were some Fancy People and Young Professional Couples viewing it, filled with fussy and rather pretentious Complaints about everything... which wasn't Surprising and favorable IMO.  Since I didn't see a damned thing we didn't J'Adore about the Property and it's sublime Remodel, so perhaps that just eliminated the competition? *Winks*   I think some prospective Buyers just assume that if they're too picky and find fault in everything, they can lowball a Seller, I dunno... or mebbe they just are damned near impossible to Please... either way, I don't Care, I saw it as an advantage to us, since we fully intended to make an Offer and try to Buy the place!

In fact you would have laughed, since Princess T and The Man had already Claimed the Property as their own, which was a Good Sign for me, I already knew it was EVERYTHING I Desired!   So, there was one Couple, an Older Professional Type and his much Younger Trophy Wife, she was very fussy and full of Complaints about everything, which was another Good Sign to me.  But, I could tell the Woman was Annoying to Princess T, so Princess T's countenance did one of those Wednesday Addams Child switches!  And since our Diva Child had already Claimed the Place as her own... she was very vocal to her Grandpa and I about what she was going to do with this, that, the third, conveying it was ours... and kinda crowding out Trophy Wife Woman to assert HER Territory!  It was freakin' hilarious!   I don't think they wanted the Property anyway... everything was ALL Wrong... and I think Older Husband {The Wallet} was gonna have to dig deeper to please Younger Trophy Wife, who was clearly High Maintenance!?  *Bwahahaha!*

The Seller's Agent was very Nice and extremely informative, he'd Sold the Home to the Male Couple who live there, so he knew a lot about the Property and Area.  The Home was Decorated very tastefully and very well taken care of and Loved.   Princess T was smitten with some of their furnishings and their Agent joked that perhaps he could get them to throw 'that' in with the Purchase?  *Smiles*   I wouldn't be Surprised if the Sellers aren't Interior Decorators or know someone who is, because everything was like HGTV and it wasn't Staged, they live like that and it was all their Decor and Aesthetic.   The Home isn't a Flip, it was done to the Owners specifications and that showed.   There are a couple of legit Negs that wouldn't Appeal to the Masses due to that, but didn't bother us one iota.   If you Appeal to the Masses too much, competition is too fierce in the coveted Inner City Historic Neighborhoods... so sometimes I prefer too much Customization that is Owner or Designer Specific.

It's like when you Customize a Collectible Vehicle, especially a Vintage one... you can throw a lot of Money into it, but the more Customized it is, the less likely you are to get a return on that Investment or Appeal to as many Buyers.  Anyway, I was diggin' their Customized non-masses-appealing touches... since that weeded out a lot of potential competition.   Which is just how I like it when I'm Negotiating on something I want and Hope to Own!  *Winks*   So, Yeah, our Agent has talked extensively with their Agent all Day and Tomorrow we're signing our Paperwork... to Hopefully Own The City House.   I'm not Sure yet whether I will NAME it "The City House", that's something I haven't come up with yet... an appropriate Name for this Property.  I've considered Urban Boheme' as a possibility... let me know if you have any Ideas with the Word Boheme' attached to it?   That might be Fun!  *Winks*

We drove The Son past The City House so he'd know just where the Location was and how near it is to EVERYTHING I Love about the Inner City and all of the Historic Neighborhoods I prefer!    This Property is in a smaller Historic Neighborhood of Phoenix and there are only about 300 Homes built between 1949 and 1952 in that Historically designated area.   It tends to be a more obscure and lesser known Historic area and so it wasn't even on my radar to consider actually... one of those hidden gem Neighborhoods tucked away on large lots that are almost 10,000 square foot or even larger.  So, the Lot is actually larger than this big Lot that our ridiculously Large Luxury Home sits upon... which is Sweet!   Plus, it's a Corner Home and in those Eras they built Corner Homes facing the rounded Corners, so it gives the sense of having no actual Neighbors.   The angling of the Home on the Lot also gives huge front and back Yard space for Outdoor Living in front AND back!

Since many of the Historic Neighborhoods also had Alleyways or Irrigation Ways and Canals behind and between the Homes, the North side of this Home has an Irrigation Way between it and the Property behind/beside it, so no Common Walls there.   The Big Canal that flows thru the Inner City is very nearby too.   And the Walk Score is off the hook fantastic to SO MANY THINGS!   Plus close to the Light Rail... and routes of City Buses... and Monthly passes for Seniors is Cheap... so I wouldn't even have to drive if I didn't want to spend Money on Gas for the Truck or fight City Traffic... shit out here you can't even get Uber to show up!  

So... that's the Update and it's looking Good and Promising that we might Buy The City House and I couldn't be Happier!   I had been hesitant to get too Attached to it until I felt it was an actual Possibility and we were and could be Serious Contenders for it?   It's looking as tho' the Sellers are Interested in our Offer... so... Fingers and all Body Parts Crossed... I can give you Good News for a change???!?!?????????????????????   I sure Hope so... having Dreams and Hopes dashed all to Hell was getting rather Old on this Adventure of trying to Buy and Sell Property... you know?   I'm still packing like a Maniac and I'm slowly but surely filling up this plethora of empty Boxes.  I'm taking as much to Storage as I can still cram in there... and housing the rest in obscure parts of Villa Boheme' where prospective Buyers don't have to see them or ruin how this Shows when we Re-List it, which I Hope will be SOON.

We will now be the ONLY Home with this desirable Floor Plan by the Luxury Home Builder in this Area, since the only other One that was up for Sale has Sold and he got more than we had initially Listed for.   So that does a Good thing for the Comps for sure... and gets any competition eliminated for whoever wants THIS Floor Plan, which there were never many built anyway, so demand is higher than supply.   And I hear that Interest Rates went down some... so that was Good News too... this Crazy Economy and Crazier Administration always has me On Edge about how things could turn on a dime and go entirely sideways in a not so favorable way!?

Honestly, if things hit the Skids for the Economy and the Nation because we've had such Poor Leadership... I'll Feel much more comfortable already situated in my Forever Home where I want to finish out our Lives anyway.   Then I'll sit out front in my Adirondack Chair with my Friends Contentedly sipping Wine and contemplating how The Shit Show goes it?   Regardless of which side of the Political Fence they lean on, or are straddling... since I prefer to get along and play well with others, whether we agree or agree to disagree.  Because this Non-Partisan Moderate really thinks any Extreme is only bound to Fuck things up beyond all recognition more... so if that is what the Majority supports... what can I say but... it wasn't ever a Good Idea to have Extreme Thinking on the Left or the Right!  

And things are already FUBAR to an extreme and I'm weary of it, it's been a constant Sideshow that is embarrassing and alarming!  So, only causing more divisive Chaos isn't Helpful, probably not even Stable or Sane... Moderation in ALL things and Unity of Purpose just being more sensible, practical, stable and likely to play out favorably IMO!  If we intend to remain The UNITED States of America and be a Democracy intact???!!!!?!?  Nuff said...


Blessings, Love, Light, Faith and Hope Eternal from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, it does have a nice ring to it and adequately describes The City House.

  2. Fingers crossed for you that it all works out.

    1. Thank You, our Agent is coming over this Morning with all the paperwork to proceed... so, I'm Hopeful we've found The One and can purchase it.

  3. May all the stars align and make your life shine!

    1. Thank You Grace, a shiny Life sounds idyllic doesn't it? *Winks*

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed... we should know by the end of this week, perhaps even by tomorrow.


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