Sunday, October 20, 2019

More HOA Drama And Drama In General

Three Blog Posts in a Day should tell ya something about how I'm trying to de-stress and come back to Center!  *LOL*  We'd just had the Front Yard professionally done for the Listing and Viewings, yet still received an HOA Violation Letter with some petty grievances about what more they wanted done!  Honestly, it has just made more resolve, even with the prohibitively impossible cost of Moving, of getting out of here one way or another!  My Neighbor calls them The Yard Nazis... and you never can do anything good enough for whatever bored uptight Housewives or Retired Executives that no longer have Power they can wield over people, that might be on the Inspection Committee or Board!   HOA are the Devil and I just Hate them with every ounce of my Being!

Then, as if re-doing professionally maintained Yard wasn't nearly enough to top off the Afternoon, we got a request for an Evening Viewing!  I could have declined, but at this point, I am amenable to Showing it to any swinging dick that wants to View it and Hopefully buy it!  *LMAO*  The Man got pissy because we'd already been out this Afternoon to accommodate another Viewing earlier.  Even tho' I took them out for an inexpensive Meal and to drop more Boxes off at the Storage Unit, so it wasn't as if we had nothing to do or no place to go for the 2:00 p.m. Viewing.  But this one is a 7:00 p.m. Viewing and he doesn't wanna hang out at Wal-Mart, which is the nearest place to hang out after Dark on a Sunday Night and is in a neighboring City... so a commute.

I know he's missing his Routine and his Shows... perhaps Football, who knows at this point, since he's agitated a lot with the requirements of Moving.  I'm kind of in my own Bubble of trying to work this Shit out to get this place Sold, to worry if he's missing his 5th Rerun of NCIS or something that will send him over the edge?!  *LOL*   Princess T skated off to the Park and said perhaps we should just take him to "Sonic" and get him on a Sugar Blaze so he's not so Cranky?! *LOL* It's further, but she has a Point... if he gets a Milk Shake perhaps it will Calm him down some and there won't be Trouble in Paradise while we wait for the Viewing Appt. to leave so we can come back Home and Relax?

No, it's not on his Dietary Restrictions, but he's cheating on all that anyway and getting him to chart his Numbers and take his Meds is still a Full Time Job enough!   Think trying to force Meds down the throat of a very small Child that is fighting you all the way about it... even tho' it's critical they take it... it's like THAT!  Only he's bigger and more stubborn than your average Two Year Old!  I'm not sure what is MORE tiresome and Stressful, trying to Sell a House and afford a Move... or Full Time unpaid Caregiving and Dealing with his Man Drama?  *Le Sigh*

  Anywhoo... so I'll take this Show on the Road at about 6:40 and then call it a Night when we get back and watch my Finale' of "Halloween Wars" on TV when we can get back after the Viewing is a Wrap.   October pretty much got kicked in the Head this Year with deciding it was time to Sell and try to Buy that Forever Dream Home.  I'm hoping it wasn't a Holiday wrecked in Vain?  I'm hopeful things don't fall apart since we're so far into this whole Process now that we'd be living out of Boxes if that happens.  *LOL*   Shit, everything is in Boxes by now, damned near... so might as well complete what I began!  Not knowing when I'll ever see it again at this rate?!?

 Not that living out of Boxes would be all that bad, less to take care of and clean.  I'd simply finish up packing everything but the Kitchen Sink and strategize a Plan B, C, D, E... well, however far down the freakin' Alphabet we hafta go to get out of here?!   My resolve now to bid farewell to Villa Boheme' is close to an Obsession, since any more HOA Drama is likely to make me Feel like going Postal?!   Especially since the Property has never looked better than it does right now and is Editorial enough to be on damned HGTV, I kid you not!

  This Community really needs to Calm Down and get over itself... this ain't no Special Zip Code.  When the Pretentious get Uppity about living here, I remind them it's an Unincorporated far West Valley locale hardly anybody has even ever heard of!   Nice impressive Homes, Yes... but it's not Scottsdale or Paradise Valley Folks, so Calm the fuck down, you're not that Special, just Boujee as Hell!   *LMAO*  Anyway, so long as I Plan my Escape I don't much Care... I've been Over this place since about Day No. Two, no Home, however Lovely, is worth all this Drama and a Headache IMO.   But every "Planned Community" Rolls like this one, I've heard the Complaints of everyone who lives in one!

I do Believe such an Environment is Desired by many tho', so to them I will leave it... it's just not for me and mine!   I think that The Man is getting Testier with the thought that if this doesn't Work Out to get the Desired Forever Home, I'm still determined to Move somewhere... perhaps that isn't as Dreamy as what we've found and want to Buy?   Yes, I'm going to do whatever it takes and see if that doesn't do the Trick and get us into Pueblo Boheme', since that is the Desire of our Hearts... but... No, you don't always get what you Want... but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you Need... as Mick and the Boys would say... 


Blessings, Love, Light and Frustration from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. My mom had that same bust of a woman in your first photo!

    I'm so glad I didn't buy a condo that I wanted back a few years ago. I backed out of making an offer because the HOA wanted to meet my dog before they'd let me fill out the paperwork to make an offer with the realtor and because they had a rule about having birds INSIDE your condo. When I read the pet rules I couldn't believe that! I don't have a bird, never want a bird but what business is of theirs INSIDE.

    1. Yes, the Rules of some of these Communities is completely out of hand and gone Mental IMO... with those who want to Control everyone and force their preferences and lifestyle upon all who live there. Renters have more Freedom than most Homeowners in an HOA Community, Honestly, it's absurd! That bust of a Woman in my 1st Photo is one I remembered fondly from my own Childhood so when I saw her in a Thrift Store, hadda have her and didn't pay very much for her due to minor condition of her paint. There is a matching Boy to her that if I ever find Him, will have to buy it so I have the Pair!

    2. We had the boy too! I actually think they are still sitting in the basement at the cottage (that my niece now owns). I'll have to look next time I'm there.

    3. They always reminded me of exotic locales like Bora Bora, which is No. 1 on my Bucket List!


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