Saturday, October 19, 2019

French Market ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part III

I'm really glad that I took a wealth of Images of the Event to see me thru several Blog Posts, since with all this Packing and Purging, the emptying out of Villa Boheme', I haven't been anywhere that I could indulge in Photography lately!  So much of what we own is packed up now, that our Home is rather barren.  It's not looking very much like the Holidays are upon us either.  Yes, it is Clean and Editorial for Selling, but for Daily Life, it's kinda Surreal to be Living with so much less around me all of a sudden.

I don't Hate it tho', which was pleasantly unexpected, I could probably Live like this.  Every Room looks enormous, devoid of objects and most of the usual Furnishings.  This House is ridiculously large anyway, empty it out and it looks even larger and makes me feel so Small in every Room.   So I am conflicted on whether that will be a Selling point or not?  Grandiose would Appeal to some, but be too imposing to others I would suspect... and if it looks pretentiously so, that could potentially be a turn-off?  I'm trying not to over-think the whole thing.

We're trying to do Daily Life while keeping everything pristine... and for a Family of Three, that can be a particular challenge and rather hilarious.  My Friend had done Magic in the Kitchen with deep cleaning the Stove, Microwave and Fridge, so she checks on it regularly when she comes back over to Help.  So now The Man, Princess T and I joke about not messing up HER Stove, Microwave or Fridge, lest we undo all the hard Work she's done making them look practically New and unused!   She didn't have to do the Oven since we never use it!  *LOL*

The Man had mused, "Do you think if we let her come over for Weekend Staycations at the New House, she'd Trade that for Cleaning and keeping our New Kitchen as spotless?!"   As much as she Loves to Clean, I wouldn't doubt it, we'll have to ask.  *Bwahahahahaha!*   I, myself, am NO Domestic Goddess... the Trade Off for The Man being, that when he Married me, I had excellent Earning Potential and made more Money than he did, so my lack of Domestic Skills was a total non-issue.   Now I have no Career and still am no Domestic Goddess... Housekeeping just ain't my Jam, what can I say?!  *LMAO*  

I am not messy and I like a Home in Order and Tidy, I just never heard anyone say on their Deathbed that they didn't do nearly enough Housework... just sayin'!  *Winks*   I have often joked when someone has asked how I keep such an enormous Home Clean and say, "Oh... I'm supposed to Clean it?!?"  *LOL*  It is a lot of Maintenance and that's one of the primary reasons I'm not that impressed with keeping a ridiculously large Home, no matter how Beautiful it is, since I cannot afford Staff.  *Smiles*   Many around here hire Staff and don't do any of their own Work in the Home or the Yard... I'm not used to that... nobody in da Hood had Staff.  *Bwahahahaa!*

I am looking forward to having 2.5 Acres of Natural Scenic Desert that I don't have to Maintain and can just let it be completely Natural.   The View of unspoiled Pristine Desert is preferable to me to this Manicured rigid Landscaping the HOA dictates.   It looks Okay, but they're way too Uptight about it for my liking and have far too many restrictions on what you can plant and how it has to look.   The Standard being pruned within an inch of the Life of each Plant or Tree, Mother Nature in submission is just Sad to me.  Many Plants and Trees just die from the butchery... or perhaps they end up lacking the Will to Live under such oppression and domination, I dunno?

If Wildlife ventures in from the surrounding Desert, because their Habitat has had such encroachment with the mass building of all these Subdivisions replacing it, they are considered the Nuisance.   At the New Home, Nature and the Home are in complete Harmony co-existing seamlessly, which The Man and I found particularly Appealing that so much Wildlife was evident and coming right up to the House.   

Granted, Miss Priss will have to spend more time indoors than she presently does so as not to become a Meal.  Tho' even here some Predatory Animals pick off a lot of Domestic Pets, so she's been very Guarded from Day One!   She was a Working Cat at the Old Homestead and has some Street Smarts, having been a Stray in the Urban Jungle before Adopting us.   Since the House is atop a Mesa, it does have some protection from the Desert below it, some of which is part of the Property's Acreage too.

Princess T's progress in the Double Car Garage has been astounding!  I have to Work Tuesday, Friday and Saturday Nights, so could only put half the Time in to packing on Work Days.  We're thinking we might spend Saturday Morning at the Storage Unit re-configuring all the Boxes to be more stabilized and make more room.  So, Hopefully, while doing all that, we'll discover her missing Halloween Costume she inadvertently packed?   She's working so hard and diligently, that I kinda wanna take the Time to find it for her, since the misunderstanding was primarily my fault.  A Kid has no concept of time lines of buying or selling Real Estate... Hell, most Adults don't!  *LOL*

And tho' she's been a Good Sport about her missing Costume, it was beyond Sad when she's been spending Time trying to improvise some Ghetto Version of a Costume that costs Nothing, by smearing Old Lip Gloss Special Effects Gore all over her Face!   She wanted my critique and tho' I didn't think it was half bad, it was such a Hot Mess for her to remove and not irritate her Skin.   It looked uncomfortable too, Lip Gloss not being meant for the entire Face!  *LOL*

So, Yeah, we're gonna try to locate that Evil Clown Costume I spent a small Fortune on at 'The Spirit Store' and which she'll likely outgrow by next Year, making it worthless.  We've been joking that if we can't find it, she'll be forced to wear it at least once a Week thruout the Year, just to get my Money's worth out of it.  She'll just have to prance around Pueblo Boheme' on a given Week Day as an Evil Clown for no apparent reason!  *LMAO*  As you can see we did keep just a few of our Halloween Props up, tho' not many.  

I Confess I got Militant about it after we purged 98.6 of all our Holiday Decor at the suggestion of our Agent, since he said Buyers can be Extreme.  We just don't Care if it offends some overly sensitive types that are too easily offended that we still have a Pumpkin out and a Whimsical Fake Little Shop Of Horrors Plant.  If they won't buy Houses, merely over Holiday Decor present, during the Holidays... that's just too Weird... mebbe House Hunt when it's not the Holidays then???   Just sayin'... the vast majority of people Celebrate Holidays and I'm not one to cater to the minority of people who protest what we Celebrate.  At their House do whatever they want, while Viewing our House they are still Guests until it's not our House.


Do ya wanna Sell the House... Yeah... but if this lingers thru Christmas am I not to put up a Christmas Tree either lest it offend someone who doesn't Celebrate that Holiday?   I'm just not doing it.   I'm not denying our Grandchild the Holidays we Celebrate in the off chance some people merely Viewing the House and not even committing to Buying it, don't like the Decor or Decorations, that's just ridiculous.   I put my Foot down and said either Sell it like it is or we'll keep it and forget about Buying the other one too and everyone loses their Commissions... how about that?!  Have the Viewers GET OVER IT!  Can you only tell this whole Moving shit show has made me testy and somewhat rebellious about being Forced into Conforming?!  *LOL*

Besides, I'm Tired and in considerable Pain every Day now... I'm Dealing with The Man not Coping very well with the disruption in his Routine and pretending to take his Meds... I'm Raising a 14 Year Old... so if it Comforts me to defiantly keep a semblance of our Normal present... in the form of a few faux Pumpkins and Prop from 'Target', fuck whoever doesn't like it!   Aren't I eloquent?!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Can you only tell I'm not having Fun anymore and don't wanna Deal with anyone's Bullshit?  *LOL* 

 Can you also tell I'm fed up to my Eyeballs with coercion to bend to the whims of any random person who has Uptight Issues... whether it be the HOA Gestapo or some strong opinionated Yuppies Viewing Homes?  *LOL*  I don't wanna Deal with other people's Hang-Ups, that's precisely Why I'm trying to Escape Subdivision Hell, where they seem to have a slew of them!  Most of them probably have Doctor Feel Good on Speed Dial... or they SHOULD... it could perhaps help them Calm Down about how other people choose to Live!?  *Winks*

Hey, if ya REALLY Dig the House... try to IMAGINE it sans the fucking Pumpkins and Prop from 'Target', Okay... can ya Manage that, make the HOUSE a Priority?!   Try... try real hard... you can do it... Yes, you can!  *Smiles*   Not buying a piece of Real Estate over whether or not the current Owner Celebrates a Holiday is just kinda Bat Shit Cray-Cray IMO, so I'm not even sure I wanna Deal with THAT Buyer anyway... already smells like Drama and a Headache!   So... anyway... got that off my Chest... I will probably Need to get more off my Chest as this whole stressful Ordeal continues. *Winks*  But for now, I Feel Good knowing that most people I know Agree that Selling a Home ain't one of their Fav things to do either.  Buying one is much more Fun!  *LOL*

Attending the Event helped take The Edge off for me and for Princess T... and for my Friend, whose Worked tirelessly too alongside us.   She Sold her Home successfully and then had more of an Ordeal finding a Retirement Home to replace it with.   So I am at least Glad that we found the Forever Home we really want to replace this Property with and spend Retirement in.  I don't think I would have had a Peace with Selling this first and then looking for the Forever Home... no telling how long that might have taken and I don't wanna move Twice, just One more time is MORE than enough!!!

I ran into an Old Friend on the way in to Work and he didn't even know we'd Moved and Sold the Historic Property, he assumed we still lived there.  So he was more than shocked we'd Sold it, since everyone knew how much we Loved it and our Community there... everyone we knew Loved the Old House... plus it was Paid for.  Then when I told him we were Moving yet again, since this just didn't Work Out satisfactorily, he wasn't actually Surprised when I told him it was an HOA Subdivision and a rather Pretentious Community that isn't at all close knit nor necessarily Neighborly.  He said his Parents ran into the same problem when they bought into a Newly built Subdivision and Sold the Home he grew up in.  So I guess it's not uncommon as a Mistake.

If you've enjoyed and had a taste of Freedom to Live Life as you choose... if you have enjoyed a close-knit Neighborly Community you become an integral part of... nothing else measures up that doesn't have any of that.   No matter how Fancy the Homes are, it just won't Feel like 'Home' and you'll know beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that it isn't for you.   It may be for someone... and that's Okay if that is what they are looking for... and many Modern people apparently are content with that Standard and prefer it actually.   I guess we're Dinosaurs in that we come from a different Era and our expectations thus are anchored in how things used to be in a Community.  We don't Need nor Want an HOA and we happen to like to get to know our Neighbors and be Invested in our Community... it's just how we Roll.  I make no apology for that Old School Lifestyle Choice.  Having a CHOICE being the Key Word!


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It doesn't matter what decor you have the realtors will tell you you need something else. I have some expensive western prints by famous artists that my realtor says needs to go...and replaced with what? Rent-a-generic stuff that I'm sure I'll hate. Probably the sunburst thing that is making its rounds in house flipping shows. I hate that big sunburst "sculpture" made of plastic under the gold paint.

    I went to a lecture given by a 'downsizing specialist" and a realtor who said, "Once you sign a listing your house becomes ours. We call the shots on what goes and stays because it's our job to get your house sold as fast as possible." They went on to say they know that's hard to hear....blab blab blab. I would not hire them to sell a dog house! I have beautiful oak cabinets in the kitchen that they would paint white because oak just isn't in. Over my dead body as long as I still pay the taxes. Oh my God I hate realtors!

    1. I agree, until I get the Check the House is mine and I call the shots or fire whoever is working for me that doesn't realize whose in charge. *LOL* When I Sold the Historic Home I had Fired 3 different Realtors who weren't worth their Salt and knew nothing about Historic Listings and how best to Sell them apparently. The Agent I have now is the one who Sold it in 48 Hours and I feel he's good, but like you said, they want the Generic and tho' I understand the logic, it has to be within Reason... I'm not a Builder with a Model Home, real people actually Live here. I think a lot of Realtors like empty properties because they don't have as much to worry about 'offending' someone's sensibilities and it offers a Blank Canvas... nor do they have to worry about theft and keeping close Eye upon whose Viewing. We had over a half Dozen Viewings Today, Blog Post to follow.


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