Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Delays And Extended Deadlines

A complication has come up for the Seller of the Property we're Buying and so until that is resolved satisfactorily we're on Hold and have pulled our Listing, so this won't Sell before we can finalize a Purchase simultaneously on Pueblo Boheme'.  We got to do an old fashioned Sit-Down with the Owners and their Agent, with our Agent, it was so nice to meet them, a Lovely Couple that really wants to Sell us the Home as soon as they can resolve the issue at hand.  It is a complex Issue but one I know can likely be resolved.

There is no timeline at this juncture, but I look at that as the Blessing Of Time, which we really Needed anyway, Truth be told.  To finish packing and saving up to afford whatever it will take to Move a whole household seamlessly.  It will give me the rest of Autumn to enjoy some Traditions and Rituals that Showing this constantly and an Urgent Packing of possessions would have derailed completely.  I can't even tell you I'm fully disappointed we can't Buy it right away, the Lord moves in Mysterious ways.

Tho' they would Love to be out of their Home and we'd Love to be out of this Home, sometimes a Delay has it's distinct advantages to make sure everything is in Order with no Surprises.   I've never been so Thankful our Listing is so New and it didn't go under Contract yet!  *Whew!*  We'd of had no place to go or move our stuff to had that happened, so it's fortuitous an immediate Sale wasn't imminent or I'd be panicking for sure!   So for now we're in a Holding Pattern and I'm seeing advantages to that, given the circumstances of both the Seller and ourselves being what they just are.

They were so apologetic, but this was unforeseen that the Legal Paperwork they had in place for an Elderly Parent with Dementia that wasn't sufficient to transfer Title of Real Estate would cause an Issue in Selling.   Dealing with two States is also a complexity, so I felt comfortable just waiting and not entering into any Agreements until we know how it all will be satisfactorily resolved.  I've worked in Real Property long enough to know things can come up that nobody expects, they were glad we were understanding and Patient.  We know that is the Home for us and it's worth waiting for. 

 We don't have to Sell this one, so we can wait to do that too.  The Home Values around here keep going up and the Sellers have agreed to keep our Purchase Price intact, saying it's the least they can do after we fully committed to buying it.  Perhaps our Ranch Acreage will Sell first, providing us more Options, you never know, given the Luxury of more Time.  I will be happy to continue packing up everything we don't need for daily living and get that completed and squared away.

  We know we WILL Move, that's not off the table, WHEN will now be more of the question, not IF.  Perhaps Princess T can even get thru the rest of the School Year and finish 8th Grade now with her present Friends?  For sure we'll likely get thru the Holidays without Moving now.  I feel a lot less pressure and panic and had a sense of Calm actually about things Slowing Down, since they had been moving at warp speed and I had trouble keeping up with the pace!  I Trust things will work out and shake out as they're meant to be.  It was a good Sit-Down even tho' the Outcome was a Delay and extended Deadlines.

We got to know more about the Home from those who know it intimately and it was like visiting with Old Friends, they were Kindred Spirit Types and we really liked them and Connected.   In Today's hectic and impersonal way of doing things, they too were happy to do some of this the Old Fashioned way, they're from our Era and Dealing with some Issues of Life I have moved thru myself and had complete Understanding of and a point of reference.  I think that helped them to have a Peace about what they have to now sort out.

I know both their Agent and ours will keep in close contact and assist in working this out on our behalves too, we're all in good capable hands.   Ensuring the Protection of the Seller and the Buyer is always paramount in any Real Estate transaction and I'd have it no other way.  A Pause is better than plowing ahead with uncertainties or no resolution.   When you look at our Political Climate you can clearly see how even at high levels, recklessness, limited knowledge and plowing ahead without adequate Counsel causes a Host of collateral damage, Legal implications, unfortunate Surprises and deep regrets.  That's not how I Roll.

So, for now the Moving Diaries are in Limbo, but packing will resume... preparing for a Move will be imminent for the hopefully not too distant Future.  I'll have the Luxury of more Time now to Sell Off what I want to unload.  To pack up what I don't want Professionals to Deal with or pay a ridiculous amount to do for us.  Have my Finger ready to pull the Trigger when the Timing is Right and the Sun, Moon and Stars align for this to be Possible and best to resume Buying and Selling.


Blessings, Love, Light and a Welcome Pause... in the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hope it all works out. The roller coaster of ups and downs with selling and buying are one of the most stressful things people go through.

    1. I agree, I'm Hopeful they can sort out their Legal complexities so they can Sell us their Home in a reasonable amount of time, it's worth waiting for. It also slowed things down to where I feel a lot more comfortable packing and not having to do it around Showing the Home... one major thing at a time is about all I want to handle!

  2. Been keeping an eye on the dramatic ups and downs of your house sale journey from my holiday house with limited internet. Truth be told you are about the only blog I follow right now from my internet pause even at home.
    So when I don't comment know I am still with you and sending my prayers and love to you all...and the young prince all the way in Washington. I am breathing a breath with you in this pause wonderful Dawn. xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Jack, sometimes our Pauses, both in Life and Online are just necessary, aren't they? I'm glad you are taking it easy yet still keeping in touch when you can. It has been some dramatic ups and downs, I'm looking at this Pause in the house purchase and Sale of this as allowing me more time to pack up without stringent deadlines, save up to afford it all, and enjoy our Holidays more completely.


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