Monday, October 21, 2019

An Artistic Break And Evil Clowns

Today after School Princess T had her Dental Appointment, it was a good visit, no cavities and a cleaning.  She'd had a meltdown earlier due to having to remove her Nose Piercing at School, her Skin Sensitivity Issues couldn't handle the Metal.  She's had problems wearing any Metals, even precious Metals, since she was about Age 3.   So no more Nose Jewelry...

 Much like her Mama, who had the same Sensitivity to Metals from about the same Age.  She was disappointed, since she Loved the CZ Nose Stud and it looked so Cute on her, but we couldn't risk infection or keloids developing.   She's been Cheered up since locating her Evil Clown Halloween Costume tho' and perfecting how she wants to look for Halloween Night.

I cannot even begin to tell you how Thankful I was we found it, since I'd paid so much for it, due to it being her last Year to go Trick-Or-Treating!  *Whew!*  I'd of made her wear that damned thing at least once every Week for a whole Year otherwise to get my Money's worth out of it!  *Winks*  On Halloween Night it will be splattered with Prop Blood and she'll be wielding the matching Sledge Hammer.   At least she's all covered up in this Costume, it's hard to find one that makes a Young Teen Girl not look Sexy!  I was Happy she settled on a Clown Costume since she's wearing Adult Woman sizes now and many of those are too provocative for a Child.

We've always had Fun with Costumes and it's not as if she might not still want to wear some in the Future, if she attends Halloween Parties for Older Teens, but the Trick-Or-Treating will probably end after this Year.  I'm glad she's getting one last Trick-Or-Treating Experience with her Friends around here, they go as a Group and she won't have that at the New House, which isn't in a Neighborhood.   She's Okay with not living in a Neighborhood, since she's not very Social anyway, but she does have her tight Inner Circle of Friends here she'll surely miss and might keep in touch with.

She's not upset in these Images, she says she is supposed to look dour and in Character for a Psychopathic Clown.  I think she has THAT LOOK Down! *LMAO*  I like her in the Black and White, it suits her... and those are definitely her preferred Color Palette for Wardrobe, she is not a Colorful Gal by any means.  They had bright Clown Costumes, she wouldn't have it and wanted a more Harlequin Style Costume.  This was the last Size 16 they had in Stock, so I'm glad I bought it way early or I probably would have lost my Mind shopping with her for a Costume she had a Vision for!  *Whew!*

Halloween now being 'Saved' with locating the packed up Costume from the Storage Unit... and being able to keep up some of our Halloween Decor, which doesn't seem to be Offending anyone Viewing so far... we're Good now for the Holidays!   We've had multiple Viewings every Day since the Listing went Live... and a few even before it did, so Interest has been higher than I expected actually.   I actually Hope the competition to Buy it will be stiff and multiple offers come in... we'll see.  

So far the vast majority of Guests Viewing have been very respectful of our Home, with a couple of minor exceptions.   Some people have no Manners or Consideration they're Guests in someone's Home and help themselves to refreshments from your Fridge and leave the empty or half drank drink containers on your Wood Furniture where spills or rings could ruin the finish... and we had a full roll of Toilet Paper taken from the Guest Bathroom, which was kinda hilariously Weird, who does that?!

 I'd decided this Morning, after picking up my prescriptions from the Base Pharmacy, to take a ride to The Desert Botanical Gardens to come back to Center and before the next Viewing at 1:00 p.m.. 

 I could still be packing, but Honestly, I Needed some Me Time, in between Viewings and trying to pack every Small in Villa Boheme' to cut Moving Costs down and form a viable Plan to get Moved within Budget constraints.  

If Packers charge $250 an Hour, which is ridiculous, it's not Brain Surgery folks it's Packing Boxes, then I will just have to do it myself instead.  I don't like charging by the Hour anyway, since they could milk it for all it's worth at that exorbitant fee per Hour!

So we've settled that I cannot afford hiring Professionals to Pack, tho' I'll get a few more estimates.  But perhaps if I can pack everything Small myself, I can get all that off site in some Storage Units and just pay for the big stuff to be Moved when the Time comes?

  I have Sold Off a LOT of the big stuff anyway, so Smalls really is the bane of my existence of what to do with in a Time crunch.   Yes, I could use Hired Help, but since I can't afford it, then I'm just going to have to suck it up and work harder to do mostly a Self Move again, pacing myself so I don't overdo it or drop dead in the Process. 

  Mebbe do a Hood Hookup with some of the Young Men I know from the Old Neighborhood, of all the Steaks they can eat and Beer they can drink after moving my stuff?! *LOL*  

 A Friend whose also going thru a big Move and a lot had a hilarious Quote on her FB Page that I can mos def relate to right now:

Yes, I'm a little on the Tense side right now, so a walk in the Desert Botanical Gardens brought me back to Center and Calmed my Spirit some, so that I'm not breaking legs of trite comment peeps.  *Winks*  I can't really say I'm Feeling Down so much as discouraged.

  Overwhelmed that everything is costing too much and I'm trying to figure out how to still make it happen with very limited resources and not nearly enough present Help?   It's probably the best Workout I've had in Years, so at least I should be getting fit and dropping some excess weight, so it's not all Bad.  *Smiles*  But I'm also having trouble eating and sleeping, which isn't good when you're an insulin dependent Diabetic.

  Oddly tho', my Numbers are better than in ages and sometimes even in Normal Range!   So working my Ass off Physically must be Key to Normal Numbers?   Yes, it's kicking my Ass to Work so hard Physically and have all this Emotional Strain, but perhaps my A1C will go down?!  *LOL*   The Gardens had a Whimsical Exhibit with an Ecological Message, all made of recycled Plastics into huge colorful Animal Shapes, so that's included in this Post for some light Hearted Visuals, but with a grave Message behind all of it.  I liked both the Serious Messages imparted and the Whimsy of the huge Plastic Animals! 

I was kinda racing thru the Gardens and the Exhibit in time to get back for Princess T's Appointment and to pick The Man up from the Green Belt at the end of our Street while a Viewing was taking place.   So I didn't get to see the entire Exhibit spread out across the Gardens nor read every Message, a good excuse to go back again and enjoy it at more Leisure next time.  But I did get some good pixs to Share here in the Land Of Blog of what I did get to Experience.  Fun Art Created from the recycled Plastics was a great way to dispose of what is polluting our Planet in a Meaningful way.

The larger groupings of the same cast Animals just made me Smile... and I desperately Needed that, I've been way too Serious since we began this Moving Project thing!  It was just Nice to Feel more like myself and my usual State of Being!   And to do the things I normally reserve for the Month of October, which is my Favorite Month of the entire Year.  Our Weather here in the Arizona Desert is always Glorious in Autumn, which it definitely was Glorious Today!

When we get into the New Pueblo Boheme' location it will be much like this on the 2.5 Acres we'll own... High Desert has a lot of Native Cacti and Scenic Views.   I can hardly wait to Create my own Personal Desert Botanical Gardens and Walking Paths just below the Mesa the House sits upon and is part of the Parcel.   We'll be Meeting with the Seller Tomorrow in an Old Fashioned Sit Down since they want to propose a way for us to get in earlier, before Villa Boheme' gets under Contract and Sold.  So we'll see how that works out?

This part of the Exhibit was my Favorite, stacks of colorful Plastic Frogs!  *LOL* At Pueblo Boheme' I'd like to have Art Installations scattered about the Property along Walking Paths and Meditation spots.  

 Developing a Forever Property with the Freedom to 'Do Us' is the thing that The Man and I are most looking forward to again!  You just can't do that here with all the Restrictions and Uptight Yard Nazis patrolling the Pretentious Hood.   The Man has seen some Bronze Javelina Sculptures in front of a Favorite Restaurant that he'd like to have something along those lines on the Property some day.

The lyrics of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" looped thru my Head as I was Viewing this part of the Exhibit!   Which is kinda how I've been Feeling lately anyway... like I've fallen down some Crazy Rabbit Hole since it's all been utter Madness lately!  *LOL*

White Rabbit

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you, don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice, when she's ten feet tall
And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call
And call Alice, when she was just small
When the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom, and your mind is moving low
Go ask Alice, I think she'll know
When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
And the white knight is talking backwards
And the red queen's off with her head
Remember what the dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Princess T's outfit and makeup is FABULOUS! Even though this is her last trick or treat, it looks like an outfit with pieces that can be repurposed … grunge style. I can't believe potential buyers are going into your fridge. You might have to pack up all the food and drinks. LOL.

    1. I agree, how rude to just help yourself to someone's food/drinks when the occupant isn't there, who does that!? We always offer Hospitality to Guests when we're present, which you never are during Viewings... but to just leave Juice and Soda containers, half drank, on our Antique Furniture was what irked me most since spills could have ruined expensive finishes and it's just ignorance not to know that. Princess T might just utilize some of the Costume for a Grunge or Punk look after Halloween, I was thinking the same thing when she choose that outfit.

  2. I love some of the large neon animals and I'm glad you explained their purpose/art in drawing attention to the plastic recycling problem.

    It always amazing me when someone opens my refrigerator. I would never do that uninvited but I had a realtor do that while looking at my house. I've had others do it too and I really don't like it at all.

    1. To look to see the interior size and condition of the Appliances being conveyed wouldn't bother me so much as someone helping themselves to the contents, which is rude. Then ignorantly leaving half drank soda/juice containers all over the house on Antique furniture where a spill or rink could ruin the finish, because it's not like the Owner isn't gonna find it! Of coarse people do that at the Antique Mall all the time too, ditch their food and drinks on merchandise or spill and ruin stuff, some people just have no Manners or Common Sense I guess? Yes, the colorful Animals made me Smile and the Messages were profound for thoughtful attention to the Plastic problem and Endangered Species problem facing our shared Planet.


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