Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Our Best And Final Offer was Accepted for Pueblo Boheme' and so now we've got to get Villa Boheme' Sold... since it's on a Contingency of Selling this one in order to preserve and roll over The Man's VA Loan.   VA Loans must be Owner Occupied and a single Loan so there is no way to Buy that one before Selling this one, not that we could afford to do that anyway with two substantial Homes.   So I'm doing a Happy Dance along with a Panic Dance as I prep this Home for our Agent being able to Show it ASAP and try to expedite finding a Buyer!  *Arghhhh!*  I've got 'til only the 11th on the Delayed "Coming Soon" Listing to have it Showcase Ready!!! F-U-C-K!!!   Light Candles for me on all your Altars will ya?  *Smiles*

I have been Selling Off big Furnishings and Persian Rugs like a Crazy Woman... so much has already gone out the Doors and I'm Proud of myself for Purging such a vast amount of the Big Stuff in one fell swoop!   I Sold a Dozen Persian Rugs in a single Day, that's a Record even for me... the Persian Rug Hoarder!  *LOL*   I also Sold a Dozen Antique Chairs to the same Industry Friend and she didn't even come to buy Chairs!  *LMAO*   Well, nobody came to buy Persian Rugs either, but they filled up their Trucks anyway to capacity with them, since I had the Driveway here looking like a Persian Rug Vendor with Persian Rugs spread out in a colorful array everywhere!  It's a Wonder I didn't get a visit from some HOA Nazi!!  *LOL*

I should have totally taken pixs of The Persian Rug Hawker Driveway Display for Blog Fodder, but Honestly, it's all I can do to squeeze in any Blog Time lately at all and I've misplaced my Old Camera, Christ I Hope I haven't packed it accidentally!?!  *Gasp!*  I've been waking up at 3:00 a.m. to start Packing and Cleaning every Day so I'm punchy, The Man claims I never actually go to Sleep at all and he could be Right?  Sometimes being Bipolar has it's Advantages, where you can stay up for Days on end literally when you're wound up tighter than a 7-Day Clock!  *LOL*  And my Body aches so much from all the lifting and pushing myself to limits physically, so it has also aggravated the Diabetic Neuropathy something fierce, so the pain levels get intense and makes Sleeping almost impossible... with the Mind not turning off and the excruciating Pain, it's easier to just stay up and get more shit done!

Getting our Offer Accepted really has boosted my Morale considerably tho', I mean, I was too far into the whole Process to back out of actually Moving somewhere... and I was really Hoping it would be there, you know?!?  Otherwise I'd have to stay put a while here with everything boxed up and almost all large furnishings Sold Off and have an almost empty Villa Boheme'!!!  *HA HA HA*  But I had Negotiated my best Deal and it was a lot less than their Ask so I really didn't know, it could have gone either way really so I wasn't absolutely sure what the outcome would be until we got the News they did Accept.  There was some back and forth of coarse, there always is and I expected that and asked for way more than I expected to get... natch... because, well, why not?!  All anyone can say is NO, right?  *Winks*

There was also that stubborn part of me that figured that if things fell apart in the Negotiations, it's not like they're not still making Homes and there wouldn't be something else to buy.   I am told there are more Buyers than Homes available... but I don't Believe it or buy into that opinion... too many Housing starts everywhere for there to be a shortage of Housing locally IMO.   Shit they're building them so rapidly around here that I often Wonder when they will quit building Residential Properties and start putting in the damn infrastructures to Support them?   But it's like that everywhere around the Valley since Greed abounds and Developers and Investors don't seem to slow down in encroaching literally everywhere!   That is precisely Why I broadened my Search to the neighboring County of Yavapai... since Maricopa County is getting ridiculously overpopulated.

We want that Smaller, Simpler Life and encroachment is the antithesis of that... I had decided, after enduring Subdivision Hell for the first time in my Life, that I didn't really want close Neighbors anymore EVER!  *LOL*   People can be Lovely and still not be easy to live alongside closely, you know... and I'm just getting too intolerant and Old to Deal with other People's Hang-Ups... I just don't Care enough to have it spill into our Lives, it's too intrusive and sets me off.   We're not the Uptight Type and so Dealing with People who might be is just a drag and an irritant I don't want to have to endure a Day in my Life... since... Tick-Tock and Peace is what I'm more Mindful of... all that!  *Winks*  I prefer to maintain my Calm and just Live a Peaceful, Slow and Simple existence without being under the intense scrutiny, control or judgment of whoever...

I want SPACE... and I don't mean just a big Ass house, since this is a ridiculously big Ass house and yet the Neighbors were all still crowding my sense of having Space around us!  *LOL*   I don't want someone assuming a fucking Leaf is on their 'side' and hacking my Trees in half, shit like that... I never had to Deal with... and I don't wanna ever Deal with again because it disturbs my Calm!   I want my Trees to grow like Nature intended and to plant whatever the Hell I want to on my own Property without having to get approval by Committee and some Elected Officials I don't know from nothing and don't align with either!  It's bad enough to endure a Bat Shit crazy President I didn't Vote into Office, without enduring Nightmarish HOA folks too who are on their own Power Trips!  

 God I had so many Customers Tonight at the Antique Mall buying MAGA Shit, I Hate to even touch it!  I find it as repulsive and offensive as the Nazi paraphernalia that the WWII Vendors hawk, which Creeps me the Fuck Out!  Granted, my Friend, who has my Back on this Move and is a Trooper, is a rabid 45'er and we banter and joke about it all the time, coz she knows how I feel about that Fool that she Adores!   But, at least we can have a sense of humor about it... and I know too many 45'ers to let it become totally divisive... I don't understand the Appeal... but... whatever... when it all goes even further to Shit, and threatens our Democracy... they will have to Own their part in it I guess.  I was really too weary to Care... and usually the MAGA bunch like to buy this shit while on a rave about their President... Gak and NOT MY President, even tho' they like to pretend we have to accept that he is... I think my expression must speak volumes... I try to just keep a flat emotionless affect.

 I don't know how folks can see things completely different, but we do, clearly and 45 is just Proof of that!    I'd say Proof Positive but I find nothing at all Positive about what's going on in the White House and Internationally that is FUBAR and may never be the same with how far gone shit has spiraled Globally now?!?  But I won't ruin my Happy Time talking Politics, which just annoys the Fuck out of me anymore about how impotent they all seem to be now, the Politicians!  Wringing their Hands and gnashing their Teeth whilst allowing a vile Lunatic to continue with the Lunacy and stoke Hatred and Division!   BTW: My Tricycle... SOLD... so Mister Bones had to lounge in a Bistro Chair in the Courtyard now!  I never could ride the damned thing and almost once fell off... which is just pathetic!  *Bwahahaha!*

Anyway, as for the State of the Global Affairs, which is dismal, there is that Old Hippie side of me that truly Believes that Love will eventually Win out over Hatred.   That Bad Karma will come back around to those who have set that Path into Motion to reap what they have sown... so I just can't get worked up about it and lower my own standards to that vile pathetic level.  I will Live Happily in new Pueblo Boheme' and Witness the Glory that God Created spread out in front of it for Miles and Miles... and remember just how Good the Earth is when left unmolested by Man!   How Peaceful it is when Nature is in Control and not oppressed, the Circle of Life just Works out and doesn't Need not a single Human Being to be in complete Harmony.  In fact, our absence is usually much appreciated by Nature, since Man has a habit of Fucking things up and trying to Control or Subdue Mother Nature and the Earth and it's Creatures, which we can't... but so many do try.   BTW: Antique French Computer Desk... SOLD ... so I'm on a fold up Vintage Card Table now!  *LOL*

I can't wait to get this place Sold and have it behind me... but in the meantime, light all your Candles for me on your Altars coz Jesus H. Christ and all the Saints... it will literally take a Village to get this shit accomplished and it's rather overwhelming and moving so fast... at warp speed... and I'm really struggling to keep pace and keep up with it all... the whirlwind of things lining up... the Sun, Moon and Stars... which is what I Hoped for!   But be Careful what you Hope for coz you might just get it!  *Winks*   Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots to DO so if I'm MIA for a while you'll understand Why!   And Tomorrow Morning The Man has his VA Labs and I'm picking The Son up from the City to Help with Packing and Lifting and my Friend is coming over to Help me Clean Kitchen and Bathrooms spotlessly... and I'm having Pick-Ups of larger Furnishings everyone bought to clear it all outta here!   Some had to go back to get bigger Flat Bed Trailers to Haul it away with!  *LOL*  The house is emptying out quickly and it just makes a stupidly big Home look even bigger!

I was panicking about getting it ready to Show by the 11th since that was Two Days from when we knew everything was now in Motion to move Forward and at Warp Speed!  *Trembling!*  I decided that expecting to pack up EVERYTHING in less than 48 interrupted Hours... since I also had to Work a Night Shift during that time, take The Man to Doctor Appointments, go to Pre-Fall Break 8th Grade Parent-Teacher Conferences, meet with Buyers of stuff I'm Selling Off... yada, yada, yada... was just an impossibility.  So my Strategy Shifted after a Dear Friend who came to buy a huge amount of what I had for Sale mentioned that even my Messes are Styled and Pretty... so, we're going with making what can't get packed before Showings PRETTY until it's packed up and Spirited away!  *LOL*  In the meantime, it all kinda looks like the above in the areas it will be hidden from main view in the Garages... 'til I Rent a temp Storage Facility.

I'm Praying I find my trusty Old Camera, it has a Memory Card filled with loads of pixs I want to preserve and it's so close to the Holidays now that I don't want to be without it!   I recall the last pixs I took with it and have retraced my steps but simply can't locate it.  I don't think I packed it... but... who the Hell knows?  I had it this Morning and then..., poufffff it's MIA and not where I would have normally put it after use.  With everything changing as we pack and make the place ready to Show, everything is altered to where I can't find a damned thing now!  Not to mention with people helping, anyone could have picked something up and moved it to any place, or I could have absent-mindedly so it's Chaotic to the Nth Degree right now!  I don't function Well in Chaos, I Need and require Order.  But, that won't happen for a while now and so... que sera sera...   I had to agonize over whether or not to pack up some Halloween Decor and so now I barely have any of my Holiday Fabric Pumpkins out now and slowly the Vignettes have to disappear prematurely, it saddens me not to enjoy them longer.

But really I just had to, if I'm going to box up my Smalls I decided to now only leave out bare minimum of anything personal or specific for the time this is being Listed.   Moving during the Holidays is a drag and yet the Weather is Ideal for a Move, I sure as Hell wouldn't have wanted to attempt this in the Spring or Summer Months!   My Life right now looks like this {above pix} and it is disruptive and yet exciting at the same time... a Fresh Start and brand New Life to embark upon somewhere New.   Change can be both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time!   As Liquor Boxes pile up packed with our Life there is less around us that looks like our Normal.  And BTW I just found the trusty Old Camera {WHEW!!!} exactly where it should be and hiding in plain sight!  WTF!?!?! 

I've used up a wealth of my Vintage Linens and Tablecloths wrapping shit, they work really well to protect things and it kills Two Birds with one Stone so to speak!   So the Linens Cabinets are empty now and I've taken to Creating pared down Vignettes to look not so spartan, kinda like the 3rd Day of a 4 Day Event or Show when damned near everything has Sold and is gone!  *LOL*   Empty Space just bugs the shit out of me so there's that... but I'm trying to see how it feels to have Less and see if the Less Is More Philosophy might rub off a bit?  I seriously doubt I could ever become a Minimalist without adding to the spartan Vignette or the barren Space devoid of anything?  It's like when I tried to Decorate our Home with the Colorless Palette once, it lasted about a Minute before Color and Black crept in to the White Space that felt very Institutional to me even tho' I Love it in other People's Homes and Businesses that Specialize in that Style and Aesthetic of absence of Color.

I'm slowly and carefully taking out the Hangars from where stuff hung on the Walls... I've got Tools laying about everywhere... and packing materials... and all manner of Liquor and Banana Boxes!  *LOL*   I've taken to trawling behind "Total Wine" in the City to scavenge for their best Boxes which work really well.  I'd rather gather too many than not have enough to finish what we've begun!  I'm Amused at some of the Seasonal Liquors I've seen on the Boxes I'm gleaning... seems Pumpkin Spice and all manner of Autumnal tasting shit is in EVERYTHING this time of the Year!   One of our Adult Grand-Daughters sent me a Cute Meme that said if you say Pumpkin Spice Latte' 3 Times a White Girl in Yoga Gear will appear and tell you how much she Loves Fall!  *LMAO*

Or mebbe that Girl, if she's more of a Lush than a Starbucks Yuppie, might be drinking the likes of what was in this Box?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   Pumpkin Patch Ale... brewed with Rogue Farms Pumpkins... I'm not fond of Beer anyway {with the exception of Corona with Lime} but Pumpkin Beer just sounds vile to me!  *LMAO*   Oh, and for a real Laugh, just read our Labels on the Boxes of what Contents lurk inside... the Moving Guys will be shitting Kittens if they read what they're Hauling and be thinking, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE and who Keeps shit like this?!?!?!?!?!?  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   I mean a whole Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale Box filled with Quail... Skull... Doll Heads and Tiaras... WTF must they be thinking if they're remotely Interested in what these Strange Folks KEEP and will pay to move?!?  *LMAO*

And my Dear Friend whose Helping me pack this shit up and is a relatively Normal Person, says she never thought she'd be Labeling shit the likes of: Anatomy Doll, Mortars and Blue Voodoo Doll!  We're also putting the Location so that I'll recall what Room of the House each Box came out of for easier identification after the Move.   BTW: She said she just couldn't bring herself to write Guest Bedroom as the Location of Voodoo and Anatomy Dolls and Mortars that grind just WHAT New Orleans French Quarter concoction Pray tell, mebbe you don't wanna know????!?!... just too Weird... so she just put Curiosity Cabinet!  *Ha ha ha ha ha!!!*

And most of my Vintage and Antique Dress Forms and Mannequins are now devoid of their Bling, Mister T Rosary Starter Kits and Accessories.   I had The Man putting Rosaries into small plastic Bags and he was making quite the Production out of it and wheezing like bagging Rosaries takes an inordinate amount of Oxygen, Strength and Energy!  *Rolling my Eyes Dramatically since he was being so very Exaggerated and Dramatic when given a Simple task!*  "I can't breathe!!!", he puffs and I'm like: "YES YOU CAN... AND I HAVE NO TIME TO TAKE YOU TO THE ER SO THEY CAN TELL YOU THAT YOU'RE JUST HAVING AN ANXIETY ATTACK AND WINDING YOURSELF UP OVER NOTHING AT ALL, SO SLOW YOUR ROLL, CALM DOWN AND STOP IT!"  Princess T stepping in to Help Grandpa bag Rosaries, since clearly it would take Two of them to complete said Task without me imploding, since I don't want to have to waste further time micro managing Rosary bagging!  *Le Sigh*   Yeah, Pray for me folks... or I'm unpacking those damned Voodoo Dolls!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter and a shred of Sanity from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm so happy for you! That desert house is amazing. I hope you were able to get the whine chimes thrown in. I hope you can get your house sold fast. Just keep purging it to blandness because it will help people visualize THEIR stuff in the house if they don't have to look past your unique style.

    I, too, am struggling to understand the MAGA clan. Trump seems to bring out their inner hate and make it acceptable.

    1. I'm trying to stage the house as bland and generic as I'm able in a brief time given to get it ready to show. It's so much work, it's never been cleaner *LOL* and I've Sold Off everything big except one piece now. What I fail to understand is the MAGA Clan that are Nice people, the Hate filled ones it just makes sense they would form an attraction to his ways... but for those who seem like decent Human Beings, I just don't get it??!??!

  2. Happy dance!! Yay for a destination! And such a cool one.
    Now to sell the old place. Not to a blog reader!
    I had to laugh at your Turkish bazaar driveway image. I wonder what the neighbours think seeing what is leaving.
    We don't have nearly enough cool stuff to intrigue with. We gave away our unicycle the other day to the secondhand store. The guy was going to try it out. Hopefully he didn't hit his head!
    Soo happy for you, and sending many packing energy vibes your way.
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thanks Jack, yes, the Turkish Bazaar did raise some Eyebrows and Curiosity. Now the Neighbors know we're moving, I've Sold Off all but one large piece so flatbed trucks have been loaded up and leaving daily and that of coarse indicated something was up! *Winks* I can't even ride the Tricycle I Sold never mind a Unicycle! *LOL*

  3. Congratulations and I hope everything goes well and fast on selling your home.

    1. Me too, it's rather terrifying readying it for Showings tho', Thank God I have my BFF helping me and she loves Cleaning and Staging! *Whew!* She's keeping my morale up too since she just did her big Life Change Move in February and had lived with us for about 6 months while seeking her Retirement Home purchase. Having someone who has a point of reference about how hard it all is I find comforting.

  4. Congratulations! I hope all goes exactly as you wish it to...

    1. Thank You Grace, trying to remain Positive so the Vibes will attract all that is Wished for! *Winks*

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Colette, we're working so hard to get it all ready for Showings.

  6. Congrats. Keeping my fingers crossed and lighting a candle for an easy sell.

    1. Thank You... I am hopeful that it Sells quickly and to someone who really does appreciate what a nice Home it is Architecturally. I'm trying to remove all my stuff, as much as is possible in short order, so that the House is Showcased by it's Design alone.

  7. Dawn, I am so happy for you! Keep up the good work. I love your new place in the desert. Sharon


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