Monday, September 23, 2019

Wicked Faire ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Part I

I wait all Year for The Halloween Events... The SWEET SALVAGE "Wicked Faire" Halloween Themed Event being one of my all time Favorites of Autumnal Celebrations!  I'll be sure to try to arrive earlier than usual for a good parking spot and place in line.  I didn't win an early VIP entry... bummer... haven't been Online enough to even enter actually, so you can't Win if you don't Play!  *LOL*  It's been a hectic Week and so I'm looking forward to enjoying a Favorite Themed Event for the upcoming Holiday Season I revel in completely!

My Mom passed away in October, just before Halloween, and so each Anniversary of that sad Day now tempers my revelry of what was once an entirely favored Month of the Year.   I haven't even brought myself to finish up the Dia de los Muertos Altar at Home yet, I began, but had to halt my Process, this having been an already emotionally intense September!   I suspect by October I'll pull myself together, get it together and hold it down better?  Now that I know we're not Moving, I can relax more and go back to a familiar routine.

There is Comfort in Routines, in Traditions and Rituals, which is why I suppose I enjoy them so much?   Disruptions of it all can throw me off, I spent almost all day Wednesday sleeping off my exhaustion of a Routine interrupted by the mere prospect of buying a Home, Selling this one and Moving!   As you now know it all fell thru, with the Home being far too ambitious and delusional a downsize to 1500 square feet, from 4350!  *LMAO*  That should have been a no-brainer, the fact it wasn't tells you how delusional I can become in my ambitious desire to go smaller and find a desirable Forever Home!

Ah well, when I Dreams, I Dreams Big, what can I say?!  We now laugh about the whole experience, now that I'm done weeping over it!   The one Bedroom at the 1940's Adobe Historic Home that Princess T had picked out, should we be Crazy enough to move there, had a Door to the Outside in it.  The Man had said he wasn't too Crazy about a Teenager having an Exterior Door to her Bedroom. 

 Our Wednesday Addams Grandchild had deadpanned, without missing a beat, "Well Grandpa, I'd NEED it, in order to be able to get out of Bed in the Morning!"   Her Wicked sense of Humor is hysterical, the dimensions of her Full Size Bed would have taken up the entire Room... so she wasn't exactly exaggerating that she might have had to open said Door and step Outside to roll out of Bed each Morning?!  *Bwahahaha!*

Well, she had reminded us that at The Old House she didn't even have a Bedroom.   Since the one assigned to her, she was convinced was Haunted and so she set up her Bed in the Library Room, nearer to our Bedroom and her Brother's Bedroom!   Okay, so it WAS Haunted, that back portion of the Historic Main House had a lot of Paranormal Activity and nobody but ME would ever venture to try to Sleep in that Room! 

  I did a few times just to prove to everyone, Family and Guests alike who'd had 'Experiences' in it, that nothing bad would happen to them.  But typically, people remain afraid of what they don't understand and what just Creeps them out, even if it's benign.   We eventually just converted the Room into an Arts & Crafts Room, giving up that anyone else would ever Sleep there!   And everyone who had Slept there had their Stories to tell about their Paranormal 'Experiences' at our Old House, many of which still circulate to this day. *Ha ha ha*

Yes, I could regale you with numerous Real Life 'Experiences' of the Paranormal for some great Halloween Stories that numerous Friends, Guests, Workmen and Relatives had at The Old Historic Homestead.  Dozens of people, and they all couldn't have been wrong, so I think it had a legitimate Haunt, and definitely a Local Reputation of being Haunted.  But nothing malevolent and for 15 Years we happily co-existed with Spirit and Shared Space with them there.  I still miss that place and will Love it always, I'd Happily move back if the current Owner ever put it back on the market, which isn't likely.

And I'm currently contemplating what size a Forever Home would HAVE to be for us now?   I don't mind staying put for several Years if we just have to, Villa Boheme' being a Luxurious Home that showcases all of our possessions magnificently.   I think once I've paid it down to under $299,000 there wouldn't be much point in moving at all and paying more for less Home either?  So there is a lot to contemplate, with possessions, Home size, Downsize Goals, Lifestyle considerations, Location, Empty Nest when that finally happens for us!?!

Princess T will be 14 in a few scant days {in Real Time, not pre-schedule into the Future Blog Post Time... ha ha ha} and that means in only Four Years she will be Grown!   Sometimes, when raising The G-Kid Force, it seemed like it would take Forever to get them Grown and Raised... that we might not make it and survive 'til then?!  

 Now there is the distinct possibility that we just might?!?  *LOL*   You don't think about your Mortality so much when Raising your own Children and just assume you'll live long enough to get it done.  But Grandparents who are Raising Grandchildren, or even Great-Grandchildren, do get a heightened sense of their own Mortality to get the Job Done in time, before our Expiration Date!

Princess T especially, being the Youngest and also the most Macabre Child of all, would sternly tell us we weren't ALLOWED to Die until she wasn't a Kid anymore!   We'd assured her we'd lined up Family and Friends willing to take her in and finish the Job should God Forbid something happen to us, but she was still adamant we were not ALLOWED to Die until after she was 18!  *Smiles*   

The Man's Catastrophic Accident, when she was only 7, and ON the Young Prince's 13th Birthday, put that to the Test!  He should have Died, all the Docs and Specialists, even the Priest who called me, expected him not to survive!   I recall her going to his Bedside, while he lay in a Comatose State with both sides of his Brain badly injured in ICU, and sternly reminding him that he was NOT ALLOWED to Die yet... and so he didn't!

He still likes to Joke that he HAD no CHOICE but to Get Better, because she simply wouldn't ALLOW him to Die or NOT Get Better!   True that!  *Smiles*  She was relentless with Grandpa's Rehabilitation and was Instrumental in Teaching him to do so many things again that the Accident had taken away from him and that Medical Professionals weren't sure he'd regain any of ever.  His prognosis had been quite grim, that he might remain vegetative and unresponsive.

But we worked relentlessly on Talking, Walking, Eating, Reading, Writing, Potty Training {which they both worked on together since she was in Pull-Ups to Age 9 due to her own Medical Special Needs}, Supervised Cooking, Memory Care Training and Reminders/Daily Prompts, taking his Meds, working on being Social and overcoming his Anxiety and Panic Attacks!  *Whew!*   Yep, that Kid got Involved with it ALL!  She is rather like a Mother Hen with both of us, so sometimes you Wonder whose Raising Who?!  *LMAO*

Her Birthday is this Weekend... we're going to be Ordering her a Special Skateboard for her Birthday and some Tubular Multi-Colored LED Lights for her Room Online, since we can't find either anywhere else.  And they are out of Stock so often even Online, so I'm Hopeful we can snag what she wants? We're going to go to The Movies to see "Ad Astra" too, she'll be Celebrating her Birthday with just Grandpa and I.  

That is her choice, since she is not one who likes Parties, she barely likes People or Social Situations of any kind, so she'd rather keep it intimate and have the $$$ spent on her exclusively.  In the Past we did try Birthday Parties for her and The Young Prince, neither of them liked it.  They mos def were The Grumpy Cat kinda Children!  {See Meme Above} *LOL*

Anyway, I'm actually beginning this Post before I've even attended the Event and taken my Pathological amount of Photos of it.   Princess T will walk to School so I can make it all the way Downtown to get there on time, before the Doors open and no more good Parking is available.   Rush Hour can make the commute from here sketchy on how long it might take and I'm determined to arrive early.

 There is a great Game incentive FB talked of if you arrive to get in line before 9:30 a.m., so I'm shooting for that lofty Goal of making the long commute in time for that deadline?   We'll see how heavy Rush Hour traffic is and how effectively I roll out of Bed even earlier than usual to try to accomplish that Goal?!  *LOL*  As you can clearly see, I not only made said Deadline and was one of the first in line, but I Won one of the generous $25.00 Gift Certificates for the Halloween Trivia Game... Thanks to "Silence Of The Lambs"... and Kim!  *Winks and excited Happy Dance!*

This is Why I Daydream about moving back into the City actually, everything I ever want to do is in the City and commuting from here is an Epic Road Trip every time!   I think about when I'm over 70 how much Epic Road Trips I'll still have left in me, you know?  *LOL*   That's why catching the Light Rail for Two Bucks for an All Day Pass was sounding mighty Sweet to Princess T and I! 

 Damn, that Location was Ideal... I was so bummed it was too Small a House... Dammit!    Yeah, I'm 'Over It' now, when something clearly won't Work Out you have to Move On quickly and regroup.  I am just looking forward to NOT Moving during the Holidays actually and enjoying them here!  And besides, at Villa Boheme' I don't HAVE to get rid of anything really, it all fits!  *Bwahahahaha!*  

Do you ever Feel totally conflicted like that my Friends?  *Winks*   Halloween does Rock in this Area, even if not much else does, they do Celebrate the whole Trick-Or-Treating Jam very Old School Style and I like that.   There are a lot of Children around here and most Families participate in Halloween and handing out Candy to the Trick-Or-Treaters and not having a myriad of excuses not to, which is nice.  

 Each Year Princess T contemplates on whether or not she's too Old yet to participate... and so far each Year she's decided she can squeeze one more Year out of dressing in Costume and going Door to Door.  *Smiles*  I'm Glad, you know what, we're the kind of Family that hand Treats out to the accompanying Adults, Teenagers and even Pets that show up, Why Not?!

The Gift of Hospitality, even if you only do it one damned Day of the Year with an inexpensive mini-sized piece of Candy handed out, shouldn't be a Big Deal!  I remember my Dear Old Mom lamenting that the one thing she missed so much was the Kiddos coming to her Door Trick-Or-Treating, when she had to go into a Nursing Home, because Mom had the very Essence of The Gift Of Hospitality! 

She gave out great Treats at Halloween... often before Halloween and certainly after Halloween to every Child in her Apartment Complex!  Mom Loved Children and Young Adults and the Children and Young Adults absolutely Adored her, she never understood Old People who despised Young People, I don't either.  I'm a Big Kid at Halloween and everyone knows it!  *Smiles*

Even if the Enchantment, Awe and Wonder of Childhood and your Youth have long passed, try to rekindle some of it this Holiday Season and try to remember what it Felt like my Friends?!   You might be pleasantly Surprised at how Wonderful it Feels... I never want to lose it, EVER!   I want to be that person that continues to Age disgracefully! 

  Wearing whatever Fun Fashions I want to, Skipping, reveling in everything that has Imagination, Enchantment, Whimsy and Wonder associated with it!   Growing Old might be mandatory but Growing Up is completely optional and I think often completely overrated.  So long as you are Responsible where you Need to be, Professional and Reliable in your Business Dealings, Mature in your important Adult Choices... you can still opt to have Fun in a less Grown Up way if you simply want to and it harms no-one!

I haven't mentioned much about The Young Prince lately because he's busy doing Life in Washington State and so we don't hear from him often, but he's doing Okay and he is Happy.  And this is a new pix of him with a new Hair Color, which suits him and I really like it.   Once your Kids and Grandkids are Adults and are off doing Life and their Thing, it can be a Wonderful thing if they're making good choices and enjoying Life independently, which is how it should be.

   I know that right now he's enjoying his new Life as an Adult and that makes me so Happy for him.  Sure we Miss him terribly, you always miss them when they're not present or close enough to spend time with.  I've not had a completely Empty Nest in Two Generations of Raising Kiddos tho', so no Syndrome Symptoms yet!  *Ha ha ha*   I suspect The Young Prince will still Celebrate Halloween even tho' he's not a real "Holiday Person", mostly because he likes to wear Costumes.

Of coarse The Great-Grandbaby gets more Beautiful every Day!  I'm Glad that our Grand-Daughter is as much of a Pathological Picture Taker as I am, she won't regret having taken so many Wonderful Images of this one growing up!  And sometimes I forget that the Crew back East fully intends to make a Road Trip out to Arizona to visit and stay with us next Spring, and there's a lot of them!   

So, I probably shouldn't even consider Selling the Big House yet, because unlike a seriously downsized Retirement Forever Home, Villa Boheme' CAN accommodate a lot of Guests and Entertaining of Family and Friends comfortably, so still serves Purpose!  That Historic Home we looked at that wouldn't Work would have had to put everyone Outside to Entertain at all!  Reality Check... especially with a lot of Family!  *LOL*

And now we've chatted about all kinds of random stuff, you're probably Wondering, what did you buy?!   Well, I had only Intended to buy some more mini Fabric Pumpkins that my Friends Ron and Cindy's Talented SIL Creates... and I did... but... my Friend Shelly had these Two Kilim Pillows that took my breath away... hadda have 'em... Dammit!   Not that I NEED another Pillow in this Lifetime, but, whatever... it's a handy way for 10 more things to now have to be Purged for bringing them In!  *LOL*

Even tho' all the Tiny Fabric and Bling Pumpkins are damned Cute that I actually came for... Scoring these Two Fabulous Kilims and using my $25 Gift Certificate to bump the Purchasing Power up for this Event, made my Day!   Oh, and to top it off, after I left the Event, I went to my Fav Vietnamese Restaurant for Lunch and the Owner was there.  Her Adult Kids now run the Business, so I don't see her as often, since she stays Home with the Seven Beautiful Grandchildren her Kids have Blessed her with.  She comped me my entire Meal as a Surprise... and her Oldest Son insisted, My Mom's got this... when I went up to pay!  Awww, it really touches my Heart!

And it's not the first time... I've been going there for Years, since her Kids and mine were very little.  They are Buddhists but for Christmas they gave me a Christmas Present of a generous selection of their delicious Home-made French Macaroons!   Small Business Support is important to the Small Business Owners, they are the Backbone of America and truly appreciate their Customers, who often become good Friends... you don't get that at any Big Box Store or Amazon!  So remember to Shop Small this Holiday Season!!!

The Foods made with Love and with Family Recipes at the Family Owned Restaurants.  The Hand-Made with Love Art, Clothing, Jewelry and Crafts by Independent Artisans.   And all the Indie Shops that select their Merchandise with Care and give their Customers Service and a Smile, which is absent in many Mega Stores and Franchises.

And here's my Pumpkin Haul from the Event, Six Tiny Pumpkins and a Small Pumpkin Tower Trio!   I've made larger versions myself, but I must tell you that the Detailed Handwork it takes to Create such Small Masterpieces is beyond me!  They were Selling quickly so I'm Glad that I got mine right away while the selection was fantastic!

The pricing was so reasonable that I bought more than I had anticipated getting and Cindy told me her SIL won't be making anymore, this is the last Year.  She starts in March to have them ready by September, it really is a Labor of Love to Create so many for just a single Event!   This Seasons that I chose were all Created from Sweater Material with Seam Binding, Crocheted Doily and Old Bling Accessories or Pearls... they all have Real Pumpkin Stems.

There were mid-sized ones too and giant ones... even minuscule ones the size of a Thimble!   I had this Vignette in Mind with what I wanted to buy for Today and was really pleased with how they filled my Jadeite Cake Stand as a Centerpiece in our Dining Room.

And Yes, Dear Friends... I was a Pathological Picture Taker as usual so I will have several more Posts of the Event to come with more Eye Candy for you to overdose on!  *Winks*   This Event is always my ALL TIME FAVORITE one being it's the Halloween Theme which is my Jam!  *Smiles*   So be sure to come back for MORE...


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love your selection of pumpkins. I have not seen pearls and glitter on pumpkins before. When you said that the house was 1500 sq ft, I thought that was too small for most people. I think that I would want to have 2200 - 2400 sq ft minimum. 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. Just Thinking...:). Sharon

    1. I agree Sharon, I think that about 2400-2500 would be the smallest we could downsize to from 4350 and maintain the possessions we Love and don't want to part with. I've lived very small in the Past, but now own too much to go Tiny again.

  2. I love your tiny pumpkins and the Pumpkin Tower and you know I don't like much that's related to Halloween decor. As I was reading this post, I was trying to understand why I'm not into the Halloween and how you became so passionate about it. For one, after I outgrew going trick-or-treating I didn't have any kids of my own to nurture the whole of it, and two grew up in an area where we were as likely to get religious tracts as Halloween candy when we went door-to-door. Third, my husband worked nights and I was always alone on Halloween and the big kids who come to the door in costumes who tower over me scare the crap out of me.

    I live in a 1600 sq. feet house and am downsizing to 1000 sq feet. I cannot imagine living in something as large as 4350. I think out West you guys have the room to spread out and you have grown accustom to living large. Only the super rich have houses as big as yours around here. You will find your forever home someday.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree that whatever Culture we grew up in and around is very likely to have an influence in how we Celebrate and what we Celebrate with Passion, or no interest at all. Friends I have who didn't have Children do have a very different Lifestyle and especially around the Holidays, Adult Celebrations can be vastly different than how you accommodate Children during Special Occasions and that makes perfect sense too. In our Historic Home we didn't get many Trick-Or-Treaters because A: The House was legit Haunted and it scared most people! *LOL* B: So many of our Neighbors were immigrants and didn't have in their Home Countries Halloween as we know it and Celebrate it in America. But once Kids found out what it was about, even if their Parents didn't understand, they knew they could show up with their Big Sister's Make-Up on and a Pillowcase to hold Treats and get Candy from our Home, which always warmed my Heart to see them embracing a Celebration which they might not have had any exposure to.

    2. PS: Yep, out West we do indeed like vast Spaces! *Winks* When my Uncle from North Wales used to come to visit he was astounded at how much Space one could own reasonably priced and without having to be filthy Rich. We're so spoiled and I am aware of that privilege! I Love Arizona because of the Climate and the wide open Spaces still left.

  3. I love these posts of Sweet Salvage, and of course your ongoing discussions of life..
    I so want to echo...your words!

    I never want to lose it, EVER! I want to be that person that continues to Age DISGRACEFULLY!

    LOL...for sure, I am doing that myself! LOVE your pumpkin' cool. We are passing on Halloween this year since my surgery is a week before---and he would have to put Halloween away, or it would be up to Christmas! So, just Fall here, which can stay up to Thanksgiving!

    1. I do Hope your Surgery goes well and the recuperation afterwards for a speedy Healing! It sucks to have something interrupt the Holidays that throws it all off. One Year my Mom was dying right around Halloween and actually passed just before it... Thankfully I'm one to Decorate for that Holiday way early so it was already up! Another Year my Dad was dying right at Thanksgiving, which made even Celebrating that Holiday Tricky since we ate out for it near the Hospice so as to be very close by, he passed right after Thanksgiving... and that made Celebrating Christmas very difficult that year... nobody felt the least bit Celebratory. The Man actually had his Catastrophic Accident ON The Young Prince's 13th Birthday... ugh! It's never a good time to have Health crisis or someone die, but around Holidays or Special Occasions it makes it particularly rough doesn't it?


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