Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wicked Faire ~ Sweet Salvage ~ Finale'

My Pathological Picture Taking of the Event having come to a close this will be the Finale' Post of the "Wicked Faire" Event.   Yes, I Wish I could have gone back, but with Work and Princess T's Birthday consuming Friday and the entire Weekend, I just couldn't make it happen.   In fact on Work Nights I barely do anything during the Day but sit around in my Jammies and price some Inventory to take in with me!  *LOL* 

Yeah, alas, it has come to that, as my Energy levels are depleted enough that if I tried to squeeze in Activities BEFORE Working my Night Shift, I'd probably not get thru the Shift!  *Le Sigh*  Most Weekend Days are Lazy Days for us anyway lately and sometimes anymore I'd rather just do nothing.   Nothing suiting me right now and feeling rather Sublime in the doing of it!   I think if I ever get around to Real Retirement I could do a lot of Nothing!  *Smiles*

When our Agent and his Wife came over Yesterday they were both impressed with how much I do take care of tho' and said their Kids would absolutely LOVE our Home!  *Smiles*   Yeah, Kids usually do Appreciate my Weird and Wonderful Aesthetic, Kids seem to 'Get It' when you just have Fun with Decorating and Styling Spaces.  Adults generally have a greater Appreciation for the Quality of the Antiquities we own, if that's their Jam too and they recognize the Value and how hard it is to Source Quality items that are the Real Deal.

Or more importantly, how long it takes to amass The Good Stuff, since you don't instantly Decorate an entire Home with The Good Stuff like you could just picking out mass produced Modern Decor to Style with.  Decorating with Real Deal Antiquities and Collectibles of Quality really takes a Lifetime.  So you either have to possess immense Patience or Live for The Thrill Of The Hunt so that you don't mind how many Years it takes!   I'm not long on Patience but I do LIVE for The Thrill Of The Hunt!

And tho' it might be hard to Believe, given how much we've amassed now in our Golden Years, for many Years I didn't possess much and had empty Rooms at times.  Because I was willing not to compromise or settle and just buy anything to Style our Home with.  So I guess in a way it was a sort of Patience to do without while waiting to find the perfect pieces?  You wouldn't Believe how long I didn't own a Dining Table 'til I found the one I wanted!  And then I spent several more Years upgrading said Dining Sets and Selling Off the previous ones!

I am one to prefer nothing at all in my Rooms rather than Decorate and Style them in haste with just anything easily had!   Or something hideous and cheap... I don't mind cheap, so much as hideous!  And of coarse hideous is entirely subjective!  *LOL*  I've lived with great Hand-Me-Down Furnishings given to us over the Years that were very Nice and Friends gave me when they Upgraded.   I've also given Nice pieces to Friends and Family when I Upgraded, reciprocity being a Divine Law, we participate in it often.

This Halloween Quilt was really Cute, I Loved the Graphics on it!   I have been Selling Off a lot of my Quilt and Afghan Collections though, I just don't Display them like we used to... or rotate them for use as often.   I have kept my Victorian Crazy Quilts tho', those are Keepers and Honestly I don't know that they'd Sell for what they're worth, so I'd rather not part with them.  Some things aren't for Sale but they could be Bought if the Offer was right, if you know what I mean?  *Winks*

I was discussing World Finance with another Retired Bank Exec Friend and we are in complete Agreement with what we foresee happening as our Paper Currency continues to decline in Value.   He's currently heavily Investing in Silver and Gold for that reason, which is Wise and a much more stable Investment than many.   I'm an incurable Optimist by Nature, but what I see happening on the Worldwide Stage is concerning from an Economic Collapse eventual outcome.

History proves it will repeat itself badly if we don't pay close enough attention to what was the eventual downfall of other Great Nations and Civilizations of the Past.   When whatever was used as Currency became Worthless, Economic Collapse eventually is the outcome.   The U.S. Dollar's purchasing Power has been in rapid decline for some time now, we haven't been on the Gold Standard since August 15, 1971... a day before my Birthday that fateful Year... ah, one of Nixon's Legacies!

Since we're already almost at 2020, this Graph is Two Decades behind, and one would think it couldn't have dipped much lower than almost being practically Worthless in 2000, but it sadly has.   There have been numerous Historic Civilization Collapses and they don't tend to be murdered so much as they take their own lives, their self-destruction usually being assisted.   The Roman Empire always comes to Mind immediately for me since their demise is rather reflective of our own current ills.  Let us Hope we don't mirror their eventual tragic Outcome?

I am not being Macabre just because of Halloween being on the Horizon, lately a lot of Deep discussions I've been having with Family and Friends center around such important Issues as we're facing in Modern Times.  Seems everyone is fatigued and my own Take on that is that so much Negative Energy is abounding Worldwide, that constant bombardment of it is depleting people.  Negativity does that, it is Toxic and it is draining... I strive to infuse as much Positive Energy into my World as I possibly can and to tap into it as often as I can!

Whatever has Positive Energy, try to Magnify THAT and be a part of that, so that you become part of a Solution rather than part of a Problem.   I saw a Wonderful example of that last Night when they profiled a 16 Year Old Swedish Girl, Greta Thunburg, who has ignited a Worldwide Protest against Climate Change and to hold ALL Governments accountable for doing what they should to combat it rather than ignore it or make it worse!   One Child being the Face of Climate Change Advocacy!  So much Positive impact because of her absolute Passion to be a part of the Solution to a Worldwide Problem that threatens Mankind and their Future!

I am always Inspired by Single Individuals who don't discount what impact they can make individually and then hopefully, as a collective, once they Inspire other people sufficiently to Act!  The Young People of Today have so much Damage Control to run behind Past Generations who have compromised the Future for them!  It should have been all of our Responsibility to Preserve the Future for them several Generations out, by being Good Stewards of NOW during our Generations Stewardship of the Planet!

As an Old Hippie I have often had to get used to the typical mocking and Labels bestowed upon Environmentally Conscious Individuals.   It never bothered me really to stand my ground about Environmental Consciousness though and I'm so Thankful I was Raised by Parents who were way ahead of their Time about such things.   Especially my Dad who had a Deep connection to Mother Earth and Reverential Respect for Nature.   His Footprint upon the Planet was always a carefully calculated one Mindful of his Impact.

I think the Footprint left upon the Planet of some People has been particularly harsh, thoughtless, short-sighted, greedy and uncaring.  Society as a whole will suffer greatly from that as Time marches on, we already are and that is becoming painfully evident.  It's unfortunate for Future Generations to suffer for what Past Generations have done Carelessly and Greedily for their own sake, without thought for any of them.   To Ignore a problem and pretend it doesn't exist is foolishness and grossly irresponsible.

But I don't like to focus upon Doom and Gloom, I'd prefer to think that there are still enough responsible, caring, benevolent people in the World to turn things around for the better as a collective.   I want to Believe that our Grandchildren and Future Generations beyond them will have a lot to look forward to that is Positive and changed in the best of ways.   I really want that for them, a better World than we have in present day.

Princess T is turning 14, in Real Time {not pre-scheduled Blog Post Time... Smiles} her Birthday is Tomorrow {Sunday}.   Right now she's very conflicted about what she wants to do to Celebrate it.   She prefers her Birthday to be very low key with just immediate Family even knowing about it.   But I know she'll want something Special so that the Day is all about her... as it should be on one's Birthday!  *Smiles*

She spent the Evening while I was at Work Braiding her Hair into Cornrow Type Sectioned Braids and she looks Cute as she can be.  Eagerly wanting to show them off when I got Home, but then being Coy about being Photographed!  *LOL*  She said she'd like to get her Hair professionally Cornrowed again, she had looked so Adorable when she was Younger with her Hair like that.  {Below Image}   But it takes HOURS when your Hair is long and so it's spendy, since it wrecks the Stylists Hands spending that many Hours Braiding.  It takes damned near almost as long as getting Dreadlocks.

Here she is sassy as she can be with her Cornrows in 2012 and she just Loved them... she made me get them too, so we got them together... I didn't look as Cute.  *Bwahahahahaha!*  Lemme just say that Dreadlocks are wayyyy easier to wear than Cornrows.   Cornrows were so tight that it gave me an instant Facelift as well as a Headache the first few Days... and I had to wear a Scarf over them to Sleep so I didn't get The Fuzzies!   We could only keep them in about 2-3 Weeks, and for how long it took to get Braided Up, wasn't worth it to me.  But she'd like to do it again at a Salon so I might oblige the Special request... she's long overdue for some Salon Time pampering.

I may Surprise her Tomorrow by taking her to get a Mani and Pedi even if we don't find a Salon that knows how to Cornrow her Hair?   It's difficult to find Salons that know how to do Cornrows or Dreadlocks on this side of Town.   I was only able to find one Loctician to get my Dreadlocks done that had any experience with Dreading Type 1 Hair... she's now relocated to the other side of the Valley since then.  The Man still wants Dreadlocks and so I've got to find out which Salon Ginger is working at now?  Lucky for me I don't bother with professional Maintenance of my Dreads, don't Need it, so don't want it.

I had some Japanese Pickers at the Antique Mall Today that I was assisting and the Younger Girl, who spoke English well, told me that she Loved my Dreadlocks and that her Sister in Japan has them.  The Older Lady couldn't speak English, but told the Younger Girl to tell me that she Liked my Hair too.  I wouldn't have thought Dreadlocks were big in Japan, but then again, when it comes to Style the Japanese tend to be very edgy and bold, liking to have Fun with Style and Decor, so why not?   I Love the Dolly Kei Fashion of Japan, which is Inspired by a mixture of antique and vintage Dolls, Victorian Era, Gypsies, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Goth, Romance and very Old Eastern European Clothing Styles.

I've Sold quite a lot of Inventory to the Japanese Pickers from "Grimoire Almadel" of Tokyo.   I have followed their Online sites for Years and just J'Adore their Style, so imagine how excited I was to meet them in person and Sell to them at our Antique Mall!  I'm flattered they liked enough of my Inventory to always buy something when they come to America on Picks, usually Quarterly.  Their Aesthetic and mine are very similar and so I really dig their Stores and if I ever get to Tokyo... well, would have to stop by... see both Images Below which are Grimoire Style:

Via: Grimoire Almadel

As you can clearly see... that could be my House and not their Shop, right?!  *LOL*   And the really Weird thing is, I've Decorated like that long before I knew about them and discovered their Shop Online... so it was so Cool to find a Shop that Shared a similar Aesthetic and Decorating Style!   Mebbe in Japan I wouldn't be considered such an Eccentric Weirdo in how I like to Decorate my surroundings???!?!?!  *Winks*

I don't Care what anybody says, it's always refreshing to find others of your 'Tribe' that enjoy similar things and who 'Get' one another.   Especially if you aren't very Mainstream and so discovering others of similar Aesthetic and Style or Lifestyle is not so easy.   I think in the Online Community you might just be able to find Kindred Spirits easier because Cyberspace is so vast and everyone is out there connecting with Like Minded Souls.

So for me, Investing in Decor that is Weird and Wonderful, Odd and Quirky isn't just for Halloween... it's for every day!   We Live this... we Live like this... this is our preferred way of Life every day!   Definitely it is not for everyone and that's Okay, I don't Care how you Feel about it when you enter our Home... so long as you FEEL SOMETHING.   I think the worst possible thing when you experience a place... a piece of Art... is to FEEL NOTHING at all.

Whether that Feeling is Fascination or Repulsion, Joy or Inspiration... matters not so much to me as that you just FEEL any kind of Emotion to the Experience of your Exposure to it.   I think that there are lots of things we can add to our Homes to evoke a Feeling, to be Sensory... and to me that is Successful Decorating and Style.

Anyway, I know that what I FELT at this Event was worth getting up Early for, standing in Line, and added some Nice things to our own Home for the Holidays.  I've gotten Compliments on my Fabric Pumpkins already from Guests, which are in a Centerpiece Display on our Dining Room Table right now.  And my Kilim Persian Rug oversized Pillows are very comfy Floor Pillows Upstairs in Princess T's Old Room, which is still in a State of Transformation.

Mebbe I can talk Princess T into going Tomorrow, which will be the very last Day of the Event?  But, being it's her Birthday, if she doesn't want to I'll respect that and we'll just do whatever she wants to do on her Special Day.  Lately she hasn't been inclined to want to join me at Events like she used to when Younger, they kinda outgrow doing that kinda thing with Gramma by their Teens.

But, she might be Fascinated to know what The Halloween Event will be like, so you never know?   She hasn't seen any of these Images I took on Opening Day... and Four Days in, it would look like a completely different Event anyway since they constantly add new Inventory and Vignettes.   If she really hasn't mulled over what she'd like to do she might even be Game for anything and everything so long as I somehow make it all about her?!?  *Winks*

I've been Scheming of how best to make it as Enjoyable and Special as possible for her while also being tolerable for myself?   Hey, don't Judge, I'm LONG PAST Fourteen my Friends... just sayin'!    And... she's got a LONG WAYS TO GO 'til she's in her Sixties... just sayin'!  *LMAO*   Healthy compromises have been a Mainstay in Raising Grandchildren... the Art of Negotiating what each of us can endure and yet also enjoy is something they... and we... have perfected over the Years!  *Smiles*

Since I worked an Event Day at our Antique Mall on Saturday Night, I don't know how long on Stamina and how Pain Free I'll be by Sunday Morning, we'll just have to see?   I didn't close out the Pay Period with stellar Sales this time, which Sucks, last Pay Period really Spoiled me and I was Hoping for some of the same Magic!  *Le Sigh*   Ah well... ya win some and ya lose some... Sales were soft but adequate enough to make some profit.

For some reason this Year the Halloween Sales are sagging and only slowly going out the Doors... by this time last Year I'd Sold Out of everything Halloween I had to offer!   Mebbe people are buying later for the Holidays tho', you just never know?   I've probably Sold more Christmas Inventory already than I have Halloween Inventory, which is Odd because typically Halloween Sells Out quickest in previous Years.   Mostly because Vintage Halloween is scarcer to Source... Vintage Christmas Inventory abounds.

This Year I only found ONE Vintage Paper Mache' Jack O'Lantern up for Sale and I already have one like it in my Collection so I didn't buy it.   It's missing it's Paper Eye and Mouth Cut-Outs, so it's only slightly been Tempting me to consider it anyway during a Sale Day.   We'll wait and see if it's still around come October's Sales?   Sure, I can Source them at Online Auctions, but mostly and generally the price point Online has been very High, more than I'd pay even at the Opening Bid Prices... and then there would be Postage.   So for now... no more Vintage Halloween in my sights to procure... but that could be subject to Change without Notice!?  *Winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Don't you think vintage and collectibles in general are not selling like they used to. For one, the baby boomers are downsizing and there is a glut on the market driving prices down and two, more and more young people are going for the minimalists way of life.

    Greta is amazing but it's sad that we adults have put children in a position where they have to worry about the future of the planet and much worse have to lead the charge for change.

    1. I agree we've put Children in a difficult position to save the Planet they will inherit. I also aged about the retail market having major shifts.

    2. Agree ... Spellchecker put Aged how funny!😁


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