Monday, September 16, 2019

Motivational Self-Talk

Due to literally Weeks of Apathy, I've been having to begin some Motivational Self-Talk in order to get my Ass in gear and DO something around here!   I was Kind to myself, in that I decided that whatever it was I intended to tackle, I only had to stick with it for a minimum of 30 Minutes... longer if I could manage to?  Deferred housekeeping leaving all kinds of small piles of minutia literally strewn everywhere, being the bane of my existence and bothering me most, I decided to pick a Room at a time to tidy up and get things in Order again.   I decided the best Start would be a Room I could make an enormous amount of progress in to feel very Accomplished and thus increasingly Motivated!   I immediately knew which Room that should be!

Princess T's Old Bedroom, Closet, Hallway, Bathroom Spaces... which, Yes, that's more than A Room, but mostly emptied ones now of contents.  So, what remained that shouldn't even be in there was effortless to gather up into Two very large containers to be Goodwill bound this Morning.  Another Box was items to Sell and I immediately Priced those to take in on Friday Night when I return to Work.   And a large garbage bag just went into contained Trash, which would be picked up that very Afternoon.   I then solicited the much Taller than me Princess to be my Minion for hanging what I couldn't reach high enough to!  It's handy when your Grandkids finally exceed you in Height, Strength and Stamina because this here Old Rose is fading fast!  *LOL*   Besides, anytime I suddenly get Motivated, she's practically Stalking me to see what I'm up to, which makes delegation of Work quite handy since she's there anyway doing nothing!?  *Smiles*

Besides, her seeing me tottering around up on top of a Vintage Ethan Allen Coffee Table trying to hang a 1950's Respiration Canvas Medical Map was more than she could bear without an Intervention!   *LOL*   Don't worry, that Old Maple Coffee Table, which I've owned since the 1970's, is large and sturdy enough for Three Men and a Boy to stand on and very low to the ground, so I was in no real danger of falling to my Death or breaking a Hip.   But she immediately jumped up there to take over and get 'er done, being able to reach higher than I could have and thus getting the Map a better height up the Wall, so Placement was Ideal.   I J'Adore Old Maps and especially Canvas ones that were Designed for Commercial use... I'd bought this one for a Halloween Prop, Loving the Subject matter and Graphics, but decided I liked it so much I wanted to hang it permanently in there instead.  It's a large Map, about Four Foot in length, and with our super high Ceilings, it is a great Scale for a Wall Hanging. 

Things can look very Lost in this Home if the Scale isn't right and I must say I've enjoyed being able to buy over-sized Vintage and Antique Treasures for it.   The Historic Home had very low Ceilings and Small Rooms, tho' many of them, so the Scale for Decorating was totally opposite to this Home, with it's Cathedral Ceilings and Cavernous Rooms.   Thus, I have been Selling Off a lot of Beloved items that just don't Go here as well as they did at the Historic Homestead... each Home having it's distinctions of Character, Architecture and Vibe.   My Style has thus Evolved over the past Four Years I've lived here and I'm embracing it fully, it's nice to have some Change in the Environment that is yet another layer of your Personality and Preferences.   This particular small section is going to be a Creation Station for such things as small Art projects, Henna application and Zen Coloring while sitting on Middle Eastern Kilim and East Indian Pillows around the Old Coffee Table.  

Tackling an Area I could do in a single Day, in fact, within a single Hour, was a Motivational Jump Start.   I know once I branch out to larger Spaces that will require more Work, I'll give myself more Days to do them and section them off into smaller areas within each larger Space.   The Hour spent this Day went by so fast that it only seemed like the minimal 30 Minutes I had initially intended to devote to it.   I wasn't all that worn out, which is a good thing too... and Photographed a few other Areas to round out this Blog Post, even tho' those particular Rooms aren't yet tackled in The Project at hand.   I also fit in a Brunch with The Man, since he was Feeling rather Neglected I think once I was Upstairs and had disappeared longer than usual.   He really cannot do Stairs anymore, so the Upstairs isn't somewhere he ventures very often and all the Space up there has thus been the Domain of The G-Kid Force and I since we've moved here.

I know that once I get every Room in Order... then Cull the Double Car Garage this Autumn... the next Order of Business will be the complete Organization of Art Supplies in the Studio Loft.   I've gotten some of that done in there... and in the Meditation Room, where a lot of my Rubber Stamping Supplies are now neatly Organized and Labeled.   But I want it seriously Organized, so that the Business of Creating anything is less chaotic looking for Supplies I know I have but can't always find right away.   Locating things breaks the rhythm and flow... since it interrupts the Creative Process too much for me.   Any Work Space I've ever had, even in my Corporate Lives, was always in Order so I could Work efficiently and with minimal distraction or interruption.   A Creative Mind might be Messy, and mine is, but a Chaotic Work Space or Environment I just cannot handle, it throws me off.   Now, my Idea of Organization tho' might appear to look like Organized Chaos to most people... which is Fine since they don't have to Operate in my Realm.  *Winks*

And I'm building upon things that were already begun and yet not finished... since as I've been doing the Great Edit and Purging, Culling possessions... when I find Keepers I've been trying to religiously put them away where they belong.  With Smalls that has meant Organizing them as I Go in the various Antique Typeset Cabinets, Old Gym Locker Baskets, Cigar Boxes, Vintage Industrial Cabinets, Apothecary Cabinets, Antique Sewing Cabinet Drawers, etcetera, that I utilize for Storage and better Organization of such things.   I have found a wealth of Smalls I forgot I even had, since during The Big Move apparently I stashed shit in anything and everything handy to just move it all over here!  So, it's been rather like a Treasure Hunt to re-discover objects I intend to Keep and were long forgotten during the hectic Year of moving over here and then the past Four Years of settling in!

I do not know how people do it when they Move and then within a couple of Months they've got everything unpacked and in Order!?   Perhaps they have much less minutia/clutter to Deal with, I dunno?   Mebbe everyone in the Family is 100% All In to where it's a Team Effort and not an Army Of One?  My Process always tends to be a much more protracted one... how about you?   Sometimes I do Wonder if I will ever get everything DONE and say, Okay, now I'm FINISHED and there is no more to DO!?  I'm holding out Hope that won't be the case and in the not too distant Future I can Create a Post where I will announce the Victory over having accomplished IT ALL!?!  Finito... Villa Boheme' is now completely in Order, everything that should be Culled is GONE and I can rest on my Laurels, unless and until I decide we should Move again... *Le Sigh*... Okay, so the Reality is, you may never actually Live to see that Post, me either... I just don't know?!  But I suppose Miracles do still happen and anything is possible even if it doesn't seem remotely probable!?! *Bwahahahahaha!*  

For now at least SOME things are in Order, getting in Order, various stages of Order and Disorder... the Usual.  *Winks*   At least this Day I felt my Progress was pretty decent and it left me Feeling quite Motivated to continue with The Plan of Attack for the rest of Villa Boheme' and all it's Spaces!   I had halted the Seasonal Decor thing in fact to devote more Time to doing this, since I do still have some Lead Time left to do The Dia de los Muertos Altar and some Exterior Halloween Decor.   I'm keeping Interior Decor simplistic this Holiday Season, on Purpose, so as NOT to overwhelm myself with putting it up nor taking it down.  Just Enough to be evident and enjoyable, but not at all stressing me out to do it.  When you still are raising Kids you do the Holiday Decorating thing more I suppose, I don't know if I still will do as much once the last Child is Raised and Grown?   I do so like Decorating for Holidays that I know I won't cease and desist, but I doubt I'll be as Fanatical either and won't have to consider the Desires of Children at the Holiday Seasons.

I have always thoroughly Enjoyed making the Holiday Seasons at our Home Magical and Enchanting for the Children tho', it's not been something I didn't get into just because I was an Adult now.   I've gone into Homes with Children where you wouldn't even know it was a Holiday Season, I guess it's Personal for every Family how much... or how little... they do to Celebrate or acknowledge anything.   I know more than a fair share of people who don't Do Halloween at all... it is the one Holiday that has people divided on Celebration of it.   Christmas is different in that I know people who aren't even Christians or the least bit Spiritual who Celebrate it, well, the Commercial aspect of it anyway.  And they take as much Joy in it as those of Faith who Celebrate it for the Reason for the Season.   It used to Delight me how many people of various Faiths, as well as Agnostics and Atheists, who would still Donate generously during the Holiday Season when I was a Bell Ringer for The Salvation Army.

Even tho' you would sometimes get the occasional person who got offended if you wished them a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday Season, while clearly it being evident you are representing a Faith Based Organization... they were the exception to the Rule.  I could tell you some Funny Stories tho' about some real Characters I met while ringing the Bells!  *LOL*   Okay, if you insist, here's just ONE of my favorite ones!  *Winks, this Woman was a real piece of Work!*  I was ringing the Bell outside of a Hobby Lobby... it was super busy and I had many people coming up generously Donating all at once, so I didn't have a whole lot of time for the Luxury to devote to acknowledging any one Donor exclusively nor profusely.   A Young Yuppie Mom in the stereotypical Yuppie Uniform of Yoga Gear, Visor and Blonde Pony Tail bobbing furiously came up with her Two Adorable Young Sons, probably Aged about Eight and Twelve, Sweet Kiddos... Not-So-Sweet Mom... she was Spoiling for a Moment.

She gave each of them a single Penny to put into my Kettle, which was Fine and the Kids always Love putting Money into the Kettle... but then, as other Donors are trying to put their Money into the Kettle she begins to make a Big Production out of her 'Donation'!  *Uh Oh... I sensed and Smelled the potential  for intentional Drama and a Headache... and she didn't disappoint!*   She starts blocking the way for other people to Donate, squaring off by the Kettle to make it difficult for anyone else to come up, and begins to say loudly, so as to draw as much attention as possible, to the clear abject horror and embarrassment of her Boys... that now we're going to ask this Lady where and how our Donation is going to be used specifically?!?  Yeah, the WHOLE TWO CENTS WORTH!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Well, I guess she now felt this Entitled her to put her Two Cents Worth in... pun intended... and I was more than ready for a Touche' Moment, since now people were milling, waiting... and she had what she thought would be HER captive Audience to put The Salvation Army Representative to task!?

By now, the Major had just pulled up in our Van to switch out Kettles and I could see she was Witnessing the Situation this Woman was attempting to Create.   I Winked and without missing a beat said, "Ma'am, I am SO glad that you and your Family are so Interested in our Mission Statement to Help the Underprivileged, Marginalized and Under-served Members in our Communities!  We are always looking for Wonderful people such as yourself willing to Volunteer their Time and Talents within the Ministry... and let me get you some literature that will inform you ALL about what we do, where and how Donations are distributed, Major... could you get this Lady hooked up... Thank You... Thank You Ma'am so much, you will just Love doing this for your Community!"   People began clapping and this Woman could have shit Kittens coz now she's put on the spot in front of her Kids and HER Audience she's attracted... but not in the way she clearly anticipated... she shot off hastily saying Nevermind, she HAD to Go... and was dragging them Kids to the Car as fast as she could... she never even made it into Hobby Lobby where she had intended to Shop!  *LMAO*  Major gave me a High Five for handling a potential problem person so well.  *Winks*

My Hope was that those precious Kiddos put her to task asking why didn't she Volunteer to do something Good for the Community and Help people, especially during the Holidays/Holy Days?   I knew she wasn't the least bit Interested in what the Charitable Organization would be doing for anyone, even if I'd of had the Time and inclination to tell her SPECIFICALLY.   Usually Critical people aren't the Doers anyway, they may spend and waste time being Critical of those Doing and making a difference, but they themselves rarely engage in or invest themselves in worthy Causes because they'd then be required to have Skin in the Game.   Anyone can be a Critic, it's easy and costs you NOTHING... Opinions are a Dime a Dozen and often worthless if it's just talk without corresponding Action... instigating Negativity and being overly Critical of other people isn't Positive nor Productive.   I Wish she had considered being a Volunteer for a Day to ANY worthy cause tho', perhaps it would Change her in the best possible ways and be more of a Role Model to those Two Boys she was raising... watching Mom DO something Positive and Productive rather than making a pretentious Negative Spectacle of herself?

But it takes all kinds to make a World... and all we can Hope to do Individually is be Lights in any Darkness, try to be Kind, to Do the Right Thing by people and have as much Compassion for the less fortunate so that it Moves us to be Helpful when we can, in whatever ways we can.   Life can be hard... if we knew everyone's Back Story we might realize that each of us is bearing something that is a challenge to us.   And by less fortunate I don't just mean monetarily, there are many forms of Poverty... a Favorite Quote:

We think sometimes that Poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless.  The Poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the Greatest Poverty! We must start in our own Homes to remedy this kind of Poverty! ~ Mother Teresa

I Hope in each of your Homes that Love abounds, that everyone Feels it and knows they are not only Wanted, but Celebrated and unconditionally Accepted!  May each of us be Motivated to make the World a better place for us having been in it!   Perhaps not in spectacular or extraordinary ways necessarily, since that is not everyone's impact, but in ordinary ways that make us extraordinarily Purposeful in what our impact CAN be while we're here.   Whether or not you Celebrate Holidays or Holy Days it doesn't matter to me, that's Personal Choice dictated by what matters to you.   May the very Best of things matter to you my Friends and may you find great Purpose in the Doing of those things that you have Passion for!   Our World is in desperate Need right now of Positive People doing Good, being Kind, extending Love, making a Difference and an Impact that is Meaningful in their Sphere of Influence!   I'm SURE one of those People IS YOU!!!


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have been in a funk..last May! I made myself do some projects, just like you. I find that sometimes I need to do that. My home isn't small, but has a woeful lack of closets and storage places. I decided to take on some projects to rid myself of the excess stuff since May. The goal is to get my studio craft room (a small bedroom) into a reasonably organized and useful space. Sometimes, the space and stuff upset me, and I go somewhere else where I can see progress. I have donated many boxes and bags to charity. The realization is that there is no point to putting this stuff into tubs, and stacking it somewhere is not the answer. The truth is that I must part with things that I cannot find a place for. It is a personal journey. When I need inspiration to part with things...I watch a rerun of Hoarders on TV.

    1. OMG Sharon I do the same thing!!! *LOL* Watching those reruns of Hoarders certainly makes us low level Hoarders, even of Beautiful stuff, starkly aware of what could happen if keeping too much gets out of control! *Smiles* And the Funk, so many are in it lately that I just wonder if the State of the World being so Negative and Chaotic at the moment has something to do with it too? Every time you turn on any News Channel it isn't at all Positive and usually is some exceedingly upsetting situation we're being bombarded with! The stuff is slowly but surely going out here, in one form or another {donations, garbage bins, selling off at the Antique Mall}.

  2. I have the opposite problem, I keep very little, sometimes I wish I had kept more things but I also hate clutter and dusting:)

    Your granddaughter has the most beautiful hair, well she's beautiful. And that woman at the Sally Anne kettle, I can't believe anybody would just put two cents in. Wow. You dealt with her very well.

    1. I must be the appointed Curator of all the Heirlooms since nobody else in the Family keeps very much either. *LOL* We are thinking seriously of downsizing considerably eventually so a lot will have to GO and some serious decision making is in my future! Princess T's hair grows so fast, she's lobbed it off numerous times, if she never had, it would likely be dragging along behind her?! *Smiles* That pretentious Woman at the Kettle just struck me as a person of privilege who takes issue with helping the less fortunate of Society and scorns them? I think shge was trying to make some obscure point to her Kids and the 'Audience' she was attracting by making such a production and spectacle of her Two Penny Donation??? She wasn't expecting my response at all so it heaped some heavy conviction upon a fake individual in front of everyone present and I do hope the questions her children posed to her later gave her pause for reflection?

  3. Kudos to you for tackling anything with a plan. I'm spinning my wheels, and when the outdoors beckons we charge out when It isn't pouring or hotter than Hades. Fall is blinking at us up here---but still very unpredictable. Hopefully I can get some things in order before the knee surgery...I'll be here watching and make you stick to your plan...Ha, ha, ha....not really! Grins and hugs from Chicagoland.


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