Saturday, September 21, 2019

Evoking Memories And Purging Like A Maniac

The Purge... it's become Epic now that I think there is a distinct possibility of a Move!   As I wade thru possessions like a Maniac now, I run across so many Forgotten things that evoke so many Memories to come rushing back!  Isn't it funny how stuff we have stored away and virtually forgotten can have a lot of meaning despite long absences, they still trigger emotionally so much when they resurface?

Photographs especially trigger so many Memories for me, I came across this Trio of Images of a much Younger Princess T and her favorite Feline, Yul.  Yul was an enormous Siamese Male who showed up one day and decided to Adopt us, especially her, since he Claimed her as His Human!!!  They were inseparable and that Cat let that Child do anything and everything with him!  They were quite the pair and she preferred playing with Yul to playing with other Kids.  Most Stray Dogs in the Hood were fearful of Yul, he once took on a Stray Pit Bull and handed the Dog his Ass to Guard and keep the Kids Safe... Siamese Cats are Legendary Protectors... and yet he was gentle as a Lamb with The Princess!

We decided upon Yul's Name since he was quite the King of our Roost and all of his Domain.  Our other Cats on the Acreage Respected him and he was mos def the Alpha Male, Ruling mostly by Presence tho', most Cats just knew to not take him on.  Yul Brynner being one of my all time Fav Actors and Iconic in 'The King And I' as The King of Siam... well, the Cat's Name payed Homage to Siamese Cats and their lineage with Royalty, being Temple Cats of the King of Siam.   He only lived with us perhaps a Year or Two, much shorter than most of our Felines, but he made such a huge Impression that made him so Memorable and an endearing personality and Family Member!  I Wish I could tell you that Yul's Story had a Happily Ever After Ending, but it sadly did not.

Coming to us as a robust looking Stray belied that he had health concerns we weren't aware of until he began rapidly declining.  Our Vet informed us he suffered from Feline Lukemia and it was quite advanced.  Being a contagious Feline disease, and having several other Working Cats on our Acreage, we couldn't risk Yul's illness to spread to them all and had to have him put down.  I spent several Hundred Dollars attempting to save him, but he never had lived inside and the Vet assured me that his Ending would be unpleasant and imminent... with suffering.  I cried as I held him and made the difficult decision to let him go out with more dignity and less pain.  The most painful part was telling Princess T he wouldn't be coming Home.

As I keep uncovering layers of our Past and deciding what to part with and what to Keep for a potential Move, I'm trying to decide apart from Emotion.  That is not easy for a Sentimental Soul who gets Attached to Objects lemme tell ya!  But I simply must, otherwise I'd hang on to way too much and about HALF would have to go in order to fit into half as much House.  I found some Rooms to be easiest to Purge, The Kitchen for example!   Who gets Attached to Kitchen Objects anyway?  *LMAO*  No, Seriously, even tho' I have a wealth of Vintage and Cool Kitchen Objects, I have no profound Kitchen Memories I can't Let Go of I guess!?  *Winks* 

Princess T had told me on Sunday Afternoon, Why don't we go to the Antique Mall?  Well, I had a bunch of Purged Objects to go into Inventory but with the big Sale still going on... and having missed my Friday Night and Saturday Night Shifts due to the Truck problems, I was leery lest they ask me to Work?!   You'll have me with you so they won't she insists, so off we go... and I hadn't barely gotten in the Door when they asked me to Work a Mid-Afternoon Shift immediately if I could?!   Princess T knew it was a risk, so she said Okay, she'd be Cool with hanging out for Four Hours there... and she was a Trooper! 

 Of coarse there was the bribe that I'd take her for Korean BBQ afterwards at "The Pho King Eggroll", her Fav Old Hood Vietnamese Haunt.  And it's Name still Amuses us even all these Years later! *Winks*  On Purpose I always say The Fucking Eggroll and she laughs hysterically, as if hearing it for the first time... something about Gramma's Swearing is hilarious to Young People!  Tho' they don't want you to break out in Dance to their Music, that would Embarrass them... go figure... I can be a Funny Potty Mouth Gramma with no Shame, but good God don't Dance Gramma, I'd be Mortified in front of God and Everybody!  *LMAO*  So, Hell Yeah, I bust a Move to Mortify her, are you kidding!?  *Winks*

I mean, Seriously, she's got Jason Derulo on singing "Talk Dirty" and I'm supposed to NOT bust a Move and get Jazzy on it, to Mortify her, how could I Resist, Right!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   I counter when she tells me to STOP! while Laughing hysterically at my Moves and saying it's inappropriate at my Age... with, but you're only 13 and you're Jammin' to a song about Talking Dirty to him, so Why can't Gramma?!  *LMAO*   We then both laugh hysterically... becoz, at the Restaurant, just before, a Boy she used to like at her Old School just happened to be sitting in the Booth directly behind us with his Family and she was slinking down in her Booth Seat hoping he wouldn't recognize her from Four Years ago?!

That's Nathan she says... blushing... and so for the rest of the Meal I'm silently Mouthing his Name with Sly grins to make her crack up... and she makes me swear I won't LOOK AT him and draw attention!?  *Winks*  He was a Cutie... and I'm SURE he would have recognized her since she looks exactly the same only Older... so everybody always recognizes her.  She is pretty unforgettable that Kid... and Boys do notice her now more than EVER!  *Smiles*   He left without incident so she was relieved he hadn't looked our way, but I did have to keep Teasing her about him for the Ride Home... while we Jammed to "Talk Dirty".  *Bwahahahahaha!*  She's been scheming about what Halloween Costume she wants for this Year's Trick-Or-Treating?

We would have got to "The Spirit Store" to look at possibilities for this Year's Halloween Costume for her, but they closed early on Sunday and I hadn't gotten off Work in time.  I think Grandpa is having Minor Strokes contemplating what Costume she might look Too Sexy in this Year and keeps asking me what she's gonna be?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Last Year she obliged him by not being a She Devil like the Year before... when both her Older Brother and Grandpa lost their shit about how Mature and Sexy a 12 Year Old could still look in an ensemble that had Sleeves down to her Wrists, High Neckline and went all the way to her Ankles!?   Had she been covered up any more she'd of looked like an Amish Schoolgirl, so I don't know what they wanted me to 'forbid' about her choice of outfit?!  *LMAO*   So she was a Llama in a Onesie that covered EVERYTHING,  literally, to appease them both!  *Ha ha ha*

"I'm NOT wearing a Onesie again this Halloween Gramma, it was too Hot... in a way they preferred, but it was ridiculous, really!"  And NOT 'Hot' as in how she looked the Year before... ha ha ha ha ha... but in sweltering sweating bullets kinda Hot, when Halloween Night was still like over Eighty Degrees and she's in this thick Blanket Like Llama Onesie with clothing underneath of it!  *Bwahahahaha!*   Well, you were Hot both Years Darlin', just in different ways... and we both laughed hysterically!   The Beauty of the Onesie tho' was that it served double duty all Winter as Pajamas that were mightly Warm on Colder Nights thruout the Winter!   She's always been one to prefer the Pretty Girl Ensembles for Costumes that she feels attractive in.  We've been everything from Genies to Geisha thru the Years now!

 And I Get It more now than ever, she'll be 14 by Halloween and she wants to look Attractive in whatever outfit she wears since they go as a group with Mixed Company.  And besides, this Child has had it Going On since she was like Two {above}... so there's no way to Tone her Down too much or effectively!  *LOL*  She was Born with Sass and Theatrical Behavior... kinda like her Mama... and Yeah, well, I guess her Gramma too... and certainly Nanna {my Mom}!  *Winks*  My Mom always regaled us with the Stories of how I liked to draw Attention from a very Young Age and be the very Center of it!   And The G-Kid Force's Mama is the same... it's just how the Women in our Family are Hard Wired I guess?!   And Nanna always said it was better to be Looked Over than Overlooked, she mos def was not your Invisible Senior Citizen, my Mom... nor her Mom {MY Nanna}! 

And I'll end Today's Post with an even further back Blast From The Past and Flashback to when Princess T's Mama, at about Age Three or Four, was a Ballerina Princess for Halloween.   Since, like her Daughter, she always had to be a Head Turner from a very Young Age too!  *Smiles*   And as I wade thru layers of our Past these kinds of Finds make me Smile and Remember fondly so many of the Good Times... of the Growing Up and how very fast it happens to our Children and Grandchildren.   So... to savor each and every Moment of it and Make Memories as often as you're able to.   Tho' I may be Purging like a Maniac, many things will be Keepers... and most of them will have more Sentimental Value than actual Value to anyone but us... and those are indeed the Priceless things in Life, aren't they?


Let's Keep Making Beautiful Memories... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. My mom used to have Siamese cats. They are definitely one person cats. She would have two in her arms rocking them but no one else could even touch them.

    I wish I had a booth in a mall to sell my downsizing purges!

    1. You know, I'm Wishing I had a few more Booths at the Mall for the Epic Downsize that will surely be in progress should this all line up and work out! But, I will have to settle for selling directly to Designers and Picker Friends in the Industry straight from the house and have them haul it off after purchase, which is easier on me anyway even tho' the margins will be smaller. Yes, Siamese are notoriously One Person Cats, but Yul was actually mellow with all Family Members and any Children that came to play with her, he had the greatest personality, so it grieves me still that he didn't have a much longer life ahead of him.

  2. I'm not very sentimental, but there are definitely things I have kept as mementos which have value only to me. If it were up to my husband, however, we'd be drowning in clutter. He is terribly sentimental.

    Love the name Yul and the story behind it. I was always a huge Yul Brynner fan. I don't think I ever heard of any pet with that name, ever. Great name!

    1. It's the reverse for us with The Man being like you and not sentimental nor materialistic about keeping anything, he'd be happy with what could fit in a single knapsack! Well, that and his Media Chair and Big Screen TV... his only Furnishings that are coveted! *LOL* Princess T is not sentimental either so she can Purge a lot of her belongings, so I'm the one with Issues. *Winks*

  3. We are purging too! We are preparing to move into our new two bedroom (eek) apartment being built right now. Finishing beginning of next year. So I am trying to slowly work on moving things out. We have found all sorts of things lurking in the back of cupboards! I will think of you while doing mine. Purge sisters!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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