Thursday, August 15, 2019

Hamsters & Fish & Reptiles, Oh My!

Since the Air Conditioning debacle I have been unable to get the remaining Aquarium's water to clear up and not be cloudy!   All the Mollies that survived seem perfectly fine and content... and I've changed out the water twice now to no avail... it's just curious it happened after the temperature fiasco!   I'm trying not to let it bother me since it doesn't seem to be bothering the Fish, but it's hard, I want clear water like before and to figure out what's causing it?!  On a positive note, the Aquarium's living Plants grew at an exponential rate after enduring the warmer water during the debacle, it seemed to stimulate growth!  I even bought special solution to clear cloudy water... didn't work.

Now on to a TMI Topic, I suspect that The Hamster Brothers might not actually be Brothers after all?   Midnight has a pair on him that make it so that it can't be denied he's all Boy... but Hammy has none at all... could he be a she instead I now Wonder?  If so I'm glad I separated them prior to Puberty since they are allegedly Siblings and we want no Baby Hamsters!  But the Pet Shop we bought them from takes great Pride in saying they don't sell any Female Rodents and only carry all Males, so I dunno?   I Googled it of coarse, resplendent with Diagrams and actual Hamster genitalia to show Owners how to Sex their Hamsters, I'm just still not absolutely certain about Hammy.  Some don't have outwardly visible ones, some do, that was very Odd.  Not that it matters, the name being Gender non-specific for both of them... but I have been referring to them as The Hamster Brothers. 

I know I'm not supposed to have Favorites, but I must say that Hammy has bonded to me even tho' Midnight is the one who has always been most Chill, Docile and Friendly to everyone.   Hammy is just more of a Character and he/she is also very Photogenic and seems to enjoy being in front of the Lens now.  Tho' this day I'd woke Hammy up for a Photo Op and he/she was like REALLY!?   Midnight was like a Deer caught in the Headlights motionless after the first flash!  *Smiles*   I confess that I probably play with the Hamsters more than Princess T does now and am certainly the most attentive to their needs... even tho' they're hers... but with Parenting, you always know that's the eventual outcome when Kids get Pets!  Pets just live too long for Kids to stay engaged and enthusiastic about them.  She was talking about Chinchillas Today on the way to School and I said Forget About It in my best Wiseguy impersonation!  Miss Priss, The Fish and The Hamster 'Brothers' are IT while you're still living here.  If you want a Chinchilla when you're grown and have your own place, get one then.  *LOL*

You'll just LOVE her response... "But, you'll NEVER come to visit me and then I won't have anyone to HELP me look after it!"    God, I Hope she doesn't Feel that way about having Kids too?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   And Why, I Wonder, does she feel certain I'll NEVER come to visit her when she's got her own place?  Does she suspect that after the last Kid finally moves out of the house {her}, that Grandpa and I will abscond and leave no forwarding address so none of them could ever find us again unless they hired a PI?!??!!  *Winks*  Well, it could happen I suppose... Smiles.  As for all the Fish and Crab, tho' not All In anymore since inheriting them from her Brother, she's still about Half In when it comes to putting them to Bed {lights off} and feeding them. 

 When I'd talked to The Young Prince the other day and asked how Alduin, The Bearded Dragon, is doing now he's relocated to Washington State, he told me he sleeps a lot now.  Could be the Cooler Weather since he's a Reptile, he didn't sleep a lot here, but he did set his own Bedtime like clockwork in the Evening, even if I forgot to turn his Lights Off at the appropriate time.  I miss him, I didn't think I could miss a Two Foot Reptile that initially I was loathe to have in my Home, but I do.  He had such Personality and bonding to his Humans, almost like a Dog... who knew?  I still feel badly that poor Ivara didn't hang on until she could get to a more Chameleon Friendly Climate than the Desert, which trashed her poor Exotic Rain Forrest Lungs.  But she now sits as a preserved Wet Specimen, with her Footprints and Sympathy Card from her Vet, in one of our Cabinets of Curiosities here... since The Young Prince realized he couldn't handle looking at her like that after all.

I'm not upset that I spent all of that money to have her preserved at his request tho', she is now immortalized forever and did make an emotional impact upon our Family during her brief Life.   I never Imagined I'd ever have Reptiles as Pets in the Home... guess you have to live with Sons or Grandsons to have that experience... it seems to be a Boy Thing.   Princess T was Game for handling all of them adeptly tho' and even Dealing with the Crickets, I do not miss that... having to buy Live Bugs to feed to Pets!   Most people pay to get rid of Bugs in their Home, there I was paying a Premium, up to 16 cents a Cricket or Dubia Roach, to bring them into our Home!   Yes, Reptile Ownership is not an inexpensive Hobby and if your Kid doesn't have a Job, you'll be Bankrolling it all when anyone buys them one or talks you into buying them one!  Of coarse I'm such a Sucka that I spoil all our Living Critters rotten voluntarily... they're all as spoiled as any Child would be around here!  *LOL*

"This is why they Like you best", Princess T always complains, "They know you can't help yourself and will spoil them and buy them all kinds of Special Treats, Presents and stuff!"   Oh, kinda like YOU?  She Smiles... Yeah... guess she's just a tad bit Jealous ya think?  *Winks*   I admit it, I do... when I'm perusing the Aquatic and Hamster Isles in the Pet Shops, you'd think I was buying for Grandchildren instead of Grandpets... or would they be considered my Great-Grandpets, being they belong to my Grandchild?!   *Smiles*   I'm looking at flavors and shit like I'd be eating it myself, pondering, that sounds or looks tasty... but then again, I do the same thing with Miss Priss' Cat Food and flavors!   Does that make me totally Mental, or do all Pet Owners do this?  Well, at least I'm not buying them Clothing or Costumes... I draw the line there!  When I see Dogs all dressed up, the poor things always look like Misery personified, like enduring the humiliation and indignity of it all is just too much!?  *LOL*

I am pretty certain now I might get some Pet Owners with massive Pet Wardrobes insisting their Pets LOVE the Clothing and Costumes they put on them.   Okay, just consider my above comment a personal Observation of every Pet I've ever seen in Clothing or Costumes in Arizona.  Where it is almost as Hot as the surface of the Sun, so layering Clothing on top of a Natural Fur Coat is probably not the most comfortable thing for your Fur Babies?  The little Shoes and Boots tho', on searing Hot Asphalt, is probably a decent idea if the Animal gets used to it enough to wear them and save burning their Paw Pads.   Believe it or not, Bearded Dragons did have Fantasy Wardrobe... I made The Young Prince Promise he wouldn't buy freakin' Butterfly Wings, Dragon Wings, Comicon or Fairie Wear for poor Alduin to wear?!?!?!?!?  *LOL*  I must say, the Beardies wearing those props actually didn't seem bothered one iota tho', they certainly didn't express the crestfallen countenance of a Dog forced to wear a Costume!  So... mebbe this Halloween, just for shits and giggles... he could get ole Alduin Tricked Out as a Treat?!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter... Dawn... The Bohemian

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