Friday, August 23, 2019

Don't Laugh, It's Terrifying!!!

One of my Fears is that if I live around here long enough, the prolonged exposure might make me insidiously turn into one of The Stepford Wives!?!??  Don't Laugh, it's Terrifying!!!  The premise of that iconic 1975 Horror Movie was the stuff of Nightmares to someone like me!   The area seems perfect... mebbe a little TOO perfect!?!!!   There's something not quite Right with the suburb's Women!   And I quote from the Movie's trailer:  They're vapid, unfathomably devoted to housework and completely subservient to their Husbands! *Argh!*

What if I suddenly develop the urge to start wearing Yoga or Jogging Gear 24-7, dye my Hair Blonde and start wearing it in a high swinging Ponytail with a Sun Visor?!!!   What if I trade my big ole Work Truck in for a Beamer and get all pretentious and uptight about every petty thing I've set a ridiculous Standard for everyone being compliant to?!?!!  What if I run for a seat on the Board of the HOA?!!!!!!!!!!!!   Naw, we won't go THAT far, no Transformation, however hideous, could go THAT far in altering my State of Being!  *Bwahahahaha!*

With Halloween coming up I've been thinking about what is MOST Terrifying to my Macabre Sensibilities... and THAT would be it... a Fear like none other!  Along with The Man suddenly appearing Metrosexual... wanting to wear Suits and a Power Tie, spend a significant amount of time and money going shopping and have more interest in Fashion and grooming than me, shake hands limply and announce he's voting for 45 in the 2020 Election!  *Shudder!*  Okay, so that last part couldn't go THAT far either, no Transformation of The Man, however hideous, could go THAT far in altering his State of Being to where he'd support and get on board that shitshow!  *LMAO*

I was continuing The Purge of Seasonal Decor and got to a Department 56 original Snow Village Haunted Victorian House with accessories that I'd sourced on The Cheap while Goodwill Hunting last Season.   I knew the Line to be highly Collectible, but I hadn't looked up Value and fairly fainted to see that the now Retired Haunted Victorian House alone was selling for $125-$399 Online since it's apparently Rare!   Holy shit, I decided Spiriting something that Rare and Fragile to the Showroom to get potentially manhandled would be a mistake, so I've decided to just Keep it all and set it up for our Hallway Entryway Display this Year.  

It's not that I'm a Department 56 Fanatic or Collector of Miniature Holiday Villages, but the attention to detail is impressive and I'd never pay Retail or Invest in what these things go for, so why not Keep it a few Seasons to Display?  I've been Jonesin' already to begin my Halloween Decorating at Villa Boheme', especially to put out my favorite quartet of Tole Painted Pumpkins.  I've had them so long they're like cherished Old Friends that visit every Holiday Season.  They are among the few Seasonal pieces that I could never, ever, part with.

Nobody does Tole Painting anymore and I don't know Why?  I happened to Love Tole Painted Whimsical Faces on my Decorations and should have taken a Class many Years ago when it was all the rage.   My quartet I bought at 'Michael's' Craft Store after Halloween, when they were finally willing to Sell their Display pieces they'd had on Display only to promote said Class and weren't for Sale beforehand.   I forget the Artist's Name who was Teaching the Class, but she was a well known Tole Painter of the time {late 1970's-early 1980's Era}.  I actually paid a fair amount for them even way back then... but never regret Investing in them since the Love of them has been abiding.

In well over 30 Years of owning them I only ever had to touch up the Green one, which used to have a 3-D Pickle looking Witches Nose.  Our Kids were little way back then and one of them thought it to be a real Dill Gherkin Pickle and tried to eat it!   So I had to dispose of it so as not to be a Child Safety Hazard... and Paint on a Nose instead!   So, that was my feeble single attempt at putting my Hand towards trying to Tole Paint anything!  *LOL*   I can draw and am Artistic in numerous other ways, but Painting was never my forte.

The Man knew I had intended to Price said Original Department 56 Snow Village pieces and take them in to the Antique Mall to Sell.   So, when he saw them set up in the Hallway this Morning instead, I explained Why they were going nowhere.   He wholeheartedly agreed, that putting a Fragile Rare Haunted Mansion from a now Retired Original Collection, that could be worth almost Four Hundred Bucks to some Collectors, into my Spaces without a Security Guard standing Sentry, would be foolishness!   It would definitely get jacked up and then you'd be heartbroken that you put it at risk to be damaged... manhandled by some Shoppers or even stolen... so he felt I was doing the right thing. 

Since locked Cases cost almost Ninety Bucks a Month at our Mall... and I'm not into Online Sales or trying to Ship expensive Fragile items either, for obvious reasons... it was just the best Call I could make for now.   It's not that I wouldn't like to Sell higher end items, I would... I just know what often happens when you try to and it's not usually Good.   Loss prevention always being a serious issue in Today's Society, where people justify doing the Five Finger Discount or don't do the Right thing even if and when they damage or destroy Merchandise, it's not worth the risks to me and just pisses me off if I get ripped off or valuable Merchandise gets damaged and not paid for.

So, out of necessity I now have a Haunted Village Display for this Season.  You know what's super Sad tho'?  I recall, while Sourcing said Village last Season, that careless Customers had broken several other pieces of it!  Many had been other Rare Houses of the Original Haunted Snow Village Collection that could have fetched a handsome profit, had the Goodwill appreciated the Value of what had been Donated to them and protected it and handled it better themselves!  The Loss being twofold... in that Rare valuable pieces got utterly destroyed, that some benevolent Benefactor kindly Donated to a Good Cause... and the financial Loss of a Charity being too ignorant to recognize the Value and properly profit from it for their Mission Statement.

I have a Love-Hate relationship with The Goodwill Charity for that very reason, I see how much of the Merchandise, however valuable, is manhandled carelessly even by it's own Employees.   I never Donate anything Valuable to them for that reason... or anything that is Fragile... just sayin'... I'd rather give it to someone more appreciative of what they're being a recipient of.   If you've ever thrown your Pearl before Swine you get the gist of what I mean, it's pointless to place Value in the Hands of anyone who doesn't recognize nor appreciate what it is and how to receive it or benefit from it.  It is a pet peeve of mine when someone doesn't take proper Care of or take Care around what has Value... they simply don't deserve to own it or to be left unsupervised around it or Stewards of it!

Anywhoo... most of these pieces Light Up so I just might put new Batteries in the little Energy Packs attached to some of it.   And I try not to think of the carnage I'd Witnessed last Season when I Sourced it... and how much of it was Lost to Carelessness and just lack of Appreciation of what it was and how much it was worth!   Had all pieces been undamaged, I would have bought it all since by the time I was getting to it, they were Selling it by the Pound, Believe it or not... only about $1.19 a Lb!   I've done the Math of what each piece Retailed for, in my Research Online... and it's close to a Grand worth of Decor I literally Rescued before it all got destroyed and rendered worthless!  Now, I'd never pay that since it's not My Thing... but still... I do Appreciate the Collectible Value being significant.

And it IS MY THING to Rescue, Salvage and Preserve objects that otherwise could be Lost forever... since I'm an avid Preservationist.    This doesn't necessarily have Historic significance to it, but clearly it has Collectible Value to those who Collect this kinda thing.  Not all pieces escaped minor damage, tho' the vast majority were intact, the Guy carving the Jack O'Lanterns is missing his left Hand.   One of the Black Cat's was missing it's Tail.   A tiny Pumpkin was missing it's Stem... and one of the Resin Haunted Trees had some minor Limb damage at the tips of a couple Branches.   Nothing that some Sharpies of similar colors couldn't easily disguise, with the exception of the Amputee Pumpkin Carver Dude.

Because of how The Haunted Tree House was Designed, it was almost impossible to even tell that some Limb Tips were missing.  The slightly Whiter ends {rather than Light Bark-less Tan} was the only giveaway to slight damage on two Tips... I easily remedied that with a Black Sharpie dotted on each broken end Branch Tip.   The very front and Center Jack O'Lantern is the Pumpkin without a Stem, an Orange Sharpie remedied that to where you really can't even tell without a Magnifying Glass!

The Black Cat who Lost it's Tail from being manhandled we'll just call a Manx and Black Sharpie his Hindie!  *Winks*   Actually I'd found it's broken Tail but it was so small that the Cashier had apparently not bagged it and I couldn't locate it when I got Home to re-attach it with some E-6000.  *Le Sigh*   It looks just Fine as a Manx Cat, so no worries.  *Winks*   Amazing really that any of the Smalls from this Collection didn't get more jacked up, since they were in a Bin that was up to my Waist and packed with lots of heavier items that could have and should have crushed and destroyed them all!   But don't even get me started on The Goodwill doing this at their Clearance Center with Fragile items and Smalls!

Donating being a Benevolent thing to do, but sometimes the Recipient, having had NO Investment and Skin in the Game of what they are Freely being just given, don't take proper Care with it and can get to where it's taken for granted!  This is Why I rarely just Freely Gave things to our Children when they were growing up.  I preferred them to have some Investment in it to where their Appreciation was greater and more appropriate than just being handed everything at no 'Cost' to them whatsoever.   And if they couldn't take Care of something and thus weren't ready to Receive it properly, they either had it taken away or would not receive any more of whatever it was, until they could and had developed a better sense of Responsibility.

A lot of times with the very best of Intentions we do things for people and they're just not in a position within themselves to Receive it or be appropriately Responsible nor Appreciative of what has been Invested in them.   A Pastor once said something so Profound and True that I never forgot it:

You can get the Person out of The Mess, but if you don't get The Mess out of the Person, they just fall right back into it. 

I don't like to have to Deal with chronically Messy People who are such a Hot Mess on the Inside, that no matter how much you try to Help them and with the most Noble of Intentions, it's absolutely futile until The Mess can somehow be gotten out of them!?!   It's an Inside Job and not something any of us is therefore capable of with Outside Help.   Outside Help usually being temporal and superficial, compared to whatever Inside Mess is raging within them that will manifest in all kinds of unhealthy ways of Living and reacting to those trying to be Helpful.   Change is possible tho' for anyone, if you want something bad enough, you'll find a way.

For whatever might ail you my Friends... may you Find a way.   And I know I began this Post with Gallow's Humor about what is probably an unfounded Fear and absolutely Terrifying on a level perhaps only I can fully Understand as legitimate to myself.  *Winks*   But in these turbulent Times we're presently living in, don't you think that a lot of what ails the World and Society is mostly Fear based?  Fear being Manipulated by unscrupulous Types that Play folks based on what they most Fear... often Fear unfounded or based on sheer misunderstanding or ignorance?  Let us therefore dispel Fear and not allow it to have a foothold or stronghold any Devil can use against us or against each other.

There is a lot of Talk, alas, with very little Action, lately... about what could be more Unifying to our Nation... to Heal a lot of the Hurt that has been exacted, to dispel some of the Fears people have towards and regarding other Human Beings?   I would say that it could be as Simple a first Step as Treating EVERYONE as you would like to be and Hope to be Treated yourself.   Each and every one of us doing our part with that very basic Action!  With the same Dignity, Respect and Humanity that you yourself are Deserving of as a Human Being and should demand as a basic Right to every Human Being... a Human Right, not to be Violated and with no excuses used to!

Because if we don't Guard against what the Devil can Exploit... and use his Devil's Disciples to reek havoc upon Humanity with... Chaos will surely reign! And that would indeed be Terrifying and perhaps even Apocalyptic once it spirals too far out of Control and into the abyss of pure Insanity!  To where getting a Grip and running enough Damage Control, would be impossible anymore!!!???!!!!!


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Maybe a little red paint aka blood on the pumpkin carver's stump would suggest he got a little careless. Hey, I read here often enough to have your macabre sensibilities rub off on me. LOL

    We rented a booth in mall where they had a locked showcase where you could rent just one shelf, along with five others who did the same. The mall actually made a little more than renting the case out to one person and it gave booth owners a place to put something costly for not too much money.

    1. That is a good idea, only you'd have to be comfortable with whoever else is renting and has access to the Case and your merchandise. I have enough Friends at the Mall that I completely Trust so it would work for me... so long as everyone pays their portion regularly I don't think it would become problematic. Might be something I could suggest to Management at their next Vendor Meeting, thanks for the suggestion. And I also like the red paint on the stump, I think I'm going to do that actually!~ LOL

  2. Enjoy your village. It's crazy what people donate---and crazier with the way they (thrift stores) dump and stack it on shelves. You can always list it online after you take great photos, I'm sure Princess T would love to wrap it up very carefully so it is ready for shipping! And, it will go to a real collector!

    1. Princess T liked the Vignette of it and I think for now it's a Keeper... I just don't know about Online Sales and shipping fragile items, seems like it could be risk of Drama and a Headache?


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