Saturday, August 24, 2019

Domestic Goddesses... And Other Things I'm NOT

So, I think Villa Boheme' is suitably dusty for a Haunted House look for Halloween, I might even have a few legit Spiderwebs for the correct ambiance of benign neglect.  *LOL*  I freely confess that I just wasn't Born to be a Domestic Goddess and would rather leave Housekeeping to those that were.  My Mom was Born to be a Domestic Goddess, good Lord that Woman made Housekeeping and Laundry into a Fine Art and she was the Queen of Clean!   It skipped a Generation and apparently I didn't get the Clean Gene inherited from her.   And I'm Okay with that... as an Old Hippie, it's just not My Thing... I rather Suck at it actually!

When you have a lot of crap it's almost an impossibility anyway to keep it all pristine while also living in a Desert where dust reigns!   So things being dusty doesn't bother me anymore and what I don't want to gather dust I put under or behind Glass.  Besides, don't things just look more Important and Interesting under Glass in a nice Cloche?   Or in gorgeous Antique Barrister Cabinets that you've converted into your Cabinets of Curiosities?  I J'Adore Antique and Vintage Barrister Cabinets, I'd have them all over the house if I could afford the best ones, to Showcase all my crap in and keep dust free!

And as you can see I also J'Adore Vintage and Antique Mannequins and Antique Dress Forms.   Often the Old Mannequins totally Creep people out, but I don't find them the least bit disturbing and they Model things so Well.  None of mine have their Wigs anymore and I prefer it actually when they remain Bald... tho' some still sport their Eyelashes.   It's very Interesting to see the progression of how Mannequins look and are Stylized or Transform for each Era they were made in and for... Old Dress Forms too.  Beauty constantly Evolves as to what is considered most Desirable.

We are now fast approaching that Season that is my Element tho' and I revel in the preparation for it!   Just about everything I own and Cherish is Weird and Wonderful, an Oddity or Macabre Style!   Yes, I have a lot of Botanical Style too... but my Creepy shit dominates the Home all year long and for Halloween, it is Idyllic even tho' it's not just a Prop for Yours Truly, it's a way of Life!

 People don't always know that... and whenever we have unexpected First Time Guests, especially during Autumnal Holidays, they think we have spent a considerable amount of time and money Creating the Perfect Haunted House!   They don't realize we live like this pretty much all of the time and have Addams Family Sensibilities year round!  *LMAO*

Young People especially really dig it, I think for Older Children and Young Adults, their Curious Nature just gravitates to such things instinctively and inquisitively.   For the very Young Children and Older People, not so much unless they are of my Tribe of Peeps!  *LOL*   I have been known to rub off on people tho' if they have exposure to me very long... and even some of my Glittery Pastel Gal Friends have suddenly felt the urge to buy an Eyeball Necklace, Pimped out Taxidermy or Creepy Doll Heads!  *LOL*  Come on over to The Dark Side for a while... you might like it here more than you realize... *Winks*

Now, I have to confess that I too came over into the Lightness for a Minute, during a period when Shabby Chic and Rachel Ashwell's Adorable Aesthetic was all the rage and I was exposed to it long enough for it to rub off some.   I still have a few chippy shabby pieces and hints of White here or there that were too Beloved to banish with the rest of it. 

 But I just couldn't LIVE like that, I could admire it in someone else's World... but Jewel Tone Color... Black... and Sepia... were just too dominant in my World to eliminate for long.   At Villa Boheme', being a Santa Barbara Tuscan Architectural Style, the Sepia and Warm Tuscan Earth Tones go very well and I am at Peace with that Palette here... it's Calming and Suitable.

Black being my Favorite Non-Color and Sepia being my Favorite Neutral, I could Live with absence of most other Colors only if those dominate my Landscape.   Otherwise I'd have Jewel Tones everywhere and saturate my World with Color.  The Colorless Palette Gals do it so well that the French Nordic Look does Appeal to me, but I'd find it difficult to Live with full time. 

  I'm just not that 'into' White to have it dominate where I spend the most Time.  I always reserve at least one Room in any Home I've owned for my Blood Red and Black combo tho'.   My Mom also always had one Room in her Home that had Blood Red and Black, usually her Boudoir, it was always so Sexy, Elegant and Alluring a Combo I thought.

Now I do like Green... especially a Room filled with Living Plants or Old Botanical Prints... coupled with Black and Neutrals, that would be my next best combination for a Room's predominant Palette.   I used to have so many Living Plants in my Home that you'd almost need a Machete to walk thru it!   Now, not so much, mostly due to upkeep and needing low maintenance everything... tho' I do have a Collection of Air Plants that seem to be thriving on semi-neglect.  *Smiles*   I really dig Air Plants, just how they look, not just because they're so damned easy to keep Alive!

Keeping things Alive... that has to be a consideration if you bring any Living thing into the Home... be it Plant or Animal.   I had always wanted to have a Canary in the Home, but The Man said all that Singing would drive him Crazy.  And Peacocks outside of the Home, if we had Acreage again, but again, that Haunting Cry would have driven The Man, Bat shit Crazy!  

 Left to my own devices I could probably be Content in a Ruin and with Animals and Birds roaming inside or outside of it freely and the distinction between Inside and Outside completely blurred.  One of the Coolest Homes I saw in Print had Vines from the Outside growing in thru gaps in the Windows and cascading thruout the Designer's Interior Rooms!

Think Biosphere or Conservatory Style Living... even an Interior Pond, Fountains or Stream if you could keep the Humidity in check.   Clearly I'm NOT a Traditional type person when it comes to Lifestyle Preferences.  If you gave me one of the most Unusual Homes on the Planet I'd probably consider it pure Bliss to own one.  

 The Quirkier the better actually, nothing Appeals to me like a House that is VERY different from anything else I've ever seen or experienced yet.   For my Forever Home I'd actually prefer a House that might be a tough Sell to anyone else, but would be considered Idyllic to us because it's so Strange and Unique!

If it's a Forever Home you don't have to consider Resale Value and Appealing to the Masses when it's time to Sell it.   This Home is Gorgeous and has Mass Appeal, so for Investment purposes and to make Money on later on when we Sell, it was more of a prudent choice than I'd of made for a Forever Home.

  Besides, remember, I was wooing the Adoption Committee to be suitably impressed with whatever I bought to replace Historic Bohemian Valhalla.  So that I could get The G-Kid Force finally Adopted and be done with all that Hoop jumping shit regarding The System and it's New Kinship Placement Laws and their 'Standard' of Living qualifying me as Adoption worthy.

Believe me, in the Three excruciating long Years I was battling for the Right to Adopt my Grandchildren, that I'd already raised since Birth for 15 and 10 Years respectively {but whatever...}... I had to reign in how I'd normally Live and pack up a lot of my shit that might Freak out an Adoption Caseworker!  *Bwahahaha!*   Think if an Adoption Committee had considered Morticia and The Addams Household able to Qualify as Adoptive Parents... and visited them at Home unannounced... then you'll get the Picture of my 'Challenge'.  *Winks*  

Throw in that The Man had TBI and thus couldn't Qualify to Adopt, due to the extent of his Disability, but his was the only Income supporting everyone... oh... and both Kiddos being Special Needs with high ratings for their extent of Disabilities!  Yeah, it had to get really Creative in Adoption Court lemme tell ya to push it all thru and finalize!  *Le Sigh*  

 But all that is Mercifully behind us now and one Kiddo now Grown Up and moved out on his own... so The Man and I are musing now about what we'll do and where we'd like to Live once Princess T is Grown Up and moved out too?   So we Daydream a lot about what Forever might Look like and where it might be?

He's not Good at Living in the City since Urban Issues concern him and he needs Peace and Quiet... and I'm not Good at Living Rural or in a Subdivision Hell, because being bored out of my Mind and forced into Compliance concern me... so we're trying to figure out a Healthy compromise.   One we both can Live Happily Ever After with and be a Win-Win for us both to enjoy Contentment!

 We're kinda thinking that buying 1-3 Acres with a smaller Home on it with a large Storage building behind it, close to a Major Freeway so I can Escape into Urban Bliss when I Need to, might just Work?   Sure, I'd prefer a Historic Home... but once you're outside of the Oldest parts of the City, few ever don't get razed and Developed by being replaced by higher density Housing Subdivisions.

The Old Farmers and Ranchers never just Sell off their Acreage to greedy Developers and Investors and ensure the Preservation of the Old House.   And even if they try to somewhat Appeal to the Preservationists among us, the cost of the Land becomes too prohibitive and desirable for us to compete with the Developers and Investors who pay Cash and intend to raze any Historic structure on the Property.  And it grieves me like you wouldn't believe, so many have already been Lost and I would have given my Eye Teeth to buy and Save!

 Right now there is a 100 Year Old Mansion sitting on a huge Estate up for Sale for $1,800,000 in the middle of the City that is at high risk for demolition since the Owner would prefer to do that and have petitioned for it even!  LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION... nuff said... nobody is gonna be able to spend that much just to Buy it from them, Restore and Preserve that piece of important Arizona History.   

But a Developer will very likely Pony Up and raze it and probably either build Luxury Condos, Commercial Property or a Twenty-Five Million Dollar ridiculous Modern Manse for some Billionaire... who will probably use it as a Vacation Home to live in occasionally!  It happens... I just Wish it wouldn't... but whatcha gonna do to prevent it really?

And Billionaires could give two shits about History and Preservation, a Community not just being a Commodity, or about Environmental Protection either!   All Billionaires care about is making even more Money, as if having Billions of it already isn't nearly ENOUGH!   Because once you're filthy Rich, apparently you think you can just Buy anything and no restrictions apply to you anymore!?   So... that's another thing I'm Not Good at... tolerating that kind of person or their Cronies!  Of coarse, they probably aren't tolerant of and don't think too much of Our Kind either!?  *LOL*

I don't know that I could Solve all of the pressing problems of the World, but I do think that I could co-exist Peacefully around most people so long as they stay in their own Lane.  *Winks*   So The Man and I were discussing this Important fact Today as we drove around looking at Homes on Acreage not too far from the City Limits to where I'd Feel as isolated. 

  Homes where you had Neighbors, but they were at a suitable enough distance from each other not to be a pain in your Ass and would leave you the Hell alone to Live your own Lifestyle and they theirs... nor have an HOA governing the Community!  We're Grown, we can Govern our own damned Selves! *Smiles*

See, I'm quite Capable of making sound decisions for myself and how I choose to Live!   It might not be how YOU choose to Live and that's Okay, you don't have to Live MY Life, I can do that all by myself and allow you and yours the same Courtesy! *Winks*   See... it's easy NOT to interfere with someone else's Life, you just have to stay in your own Lane and not run interference or collide by overstepping personal boundaries... Simple!   Funny how some peeps just cannot seem to manage that tho'... I don't understand Why?  Live and let Live without being intrusive and judgmental shouldn't be SO FREAKIN' HARD!

Can you only tell I'm already Gearing Up for the Big Kahuna of the HOA to come back end of Month and 're-assess' whether or not I've taken her up on her alleged 'Suggestions' that she erroneously made on a 'Violation' Letter, even tho' no Violation had actually happened?!?   I really don't wanna have to do The Dance with her again, it's annoying and testing my Patience and working my last Nerve. 


Her lack of relevance isn't my Problem and I don't want her to try to MAKE it my Problem because she Feels irrelevant outside of her little Job she was Voted in to on the HOA Board.   Woman needs to get a Life, get Laid, get SOMETHING so she Calms the Fuck Down and leaves people alone!  *LOL*   So... Pray for me... especially at Month's End when she's stalking my Property again looking for perceived infractions or shit she can strongly 'suggest' we do lest she keep bothering us incessantly!

Otherwise, she might become my next Obsession and intense Fixation... to Take Down... if she wants to Play me Hard and cause me to lose my shit when I've just had about enough?   Because tho' you can take the Girl outta the Hood... ya can't take the Hood outta the Girl!   And I don't really Care anymore to Play Nice after Five Years of this nonsensical, pretentious, uptight shit... so we'll see how that rolls... until we can blow this joint and move on to Greener more Serene Pastures that don't smell like Drama and a Headache???????????????   *Winks*


Blessings, Love, Light and Maniacal Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I hate it when great old mansions get torn down!

    Too bad we aren't neighbors. I have a old dolls that would be happy at your house. LOL

    1. Me too, it grieves me that they don't leave the Old Treasures alone and just build new Homes on vacant lots instead, preserving the Past while developing raw land {that are just dirt lots... I don't mean Scenic Land or Farm Land}. And yeah, Old Dolls are frequently Adopted here if they're Creepy enough... I don't like all Dolls, I'm actually not a Doll Person per se... I prefer the sum of their parts if they are Antique and Macabre looking. *smiles*

  2. HOA's and subdivisions ARE Hell. It's true. They leave no room for individuality, creativity, and the human spirit.

    1. Oh Colette how I am in Agreement with that Statement! I've actually not found a person yet that LIKES HOA so I don't know why they develop all new subdivisions with them mandatory? It's curious, since most Homeowners seem to be opposed to them if they've had any experience with them... it's always negative... ALWAYS... so I don't even Believe it has protected property values to have them when mass exodus of residents is caused by inappropriately managed HOA?

  3. Here's to your maniacal laughter, I heartily agree!

  4. If it was me dealing with that woman, I would be afraid I might tell her to fuck off. At the very least I would be thinking it and it would be writ across my face. I don't have a poker face. I do however have a fuck off face.

    1. You are hilarious! Now I simply must perfect my 'fuck off' Face! It might be helpful? *winks*


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