Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Barrio Queen... A Trifecta Celebration

So we finally managed to get together to Celebrate the DIL's Birthday, my Birthday and The Son's new Career beginning on Monday.  We chose 'Barrio Queen' Restaurant in Old Town Gilbert, which we'd heard of but it was our first time there and I must say we were all suitably impressed with the quality of the Food, Price, Ambiance and exceptional Service!

The portions are enormous, which is unusual when it's Gourmet Quality Food!  Needless to say we all had plenty of delicious leftovers to bring Home with us for another Meal later on!   We arrived during Happy Hour... so some of us got 'Happy'... *Winks*

And the Price, for four of us, with Appetizers, Cocktails, Dessert and regular Drinks plus the Entrees was so reasonable and came with a Military Discount, so we'll definitely be back!  Princess T joined us, The Man opted out since... Football... even tho' it's only the Pre-Season Games, you couldn't have dragged him away from his big screen TV with a team of Wild Horses!  *LOL*

Yes, those are Salsa stains on my White Tank Top... 'The Girls' always seem to need nourishment too... and at this Season of Life I eat with the coordination of a Toddler!  *LOL* The Menu is extensive and includes Vegetarian and Vegan options, we were all spoiled for choice!   I finally chose the Vegetarian Chile Relleno and it was very good.

This was The Son's choice, which had Green Chile Pork and Chorizo... and we also chose some A La Cart Tacos to try some of the variety of them the Menu offered, which was vast!

My only Group Shot turned out to be out of focus, and No, not becoz I was drunk... I couldn't tell 'til I downloaded it to my PC from FB... so excuse the poor quality of photography!  A good time was had by all...

And for Dessert it was Flan... since... I HAVE to try every Flan at every Mexican Restaurant I have ever eaten at!  *Winks*   Theirs gets a hearty Thumbs Up!  It was a good choice to try this place for the first time, it gets a very high recommendation from our Clan!


Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wonderful looking food and family. And the cat looks like she/he loves the camera.

    1. Thank You... and yes, Miss Priss is now comfortable in front of the lens, she used to be terrified of cameras, now she's rather a hambone.

  2. So happy to read some upbeat posts from you. Hopefully things are still holding even though this isn't real time.
    And Happy Birthday with many more around the corner!
    So happy also to read about your friend offering to help with school visits. I remember the strain.
    xo Jazzy Jack PS Looking good birthday girl!

    1. Yes Jack it was nice to finally have some upbeat Blog fodder! And it was a very nice Birthday.

  3. Wow, that food looks excellent...what a fun place!


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