Monday, June 24, 2019

Vigilance And Black Widows

So you'll be happy to hear that Today I'm not whining and it won't be a tough read written at 3:00 a.m..  I've intentionally not been dwelling upon everything that is a concern and usually keeps me up at night and I slept in past 1:00 p.m. so I feel completely rested.  I'd put a Crock Pot Dinner to simmer last night after my shift, so this Afternoon I woke to the delightful aroma of it being done and ready to eat.  All is right with my World for now and I'm realizing I have to just focus more to live in each Moment fully, to keep lingering concerns at bay.   It's hard when you would prefer to live proactively rather than reactively, to do that tho', so it's my Process to maintain Calm and dispel worries.

The Grace to accept what I cannot change for now, or perhaps ever, is slow to come.  You can't be proactive about what you can't change or control, it's like raging against the Wind and trying to change or control it's course.  Today I began what routines I can manage and what I have the energy to do, no more, no less.   So at 2:07 I was already spent, barely an hour into chores, that will just have to be enough for now.   Princess T had a BFF Sleepover here at the house last night, a Friend who will soon be moving away and she'll sorely miss.  Having her own little Apartment Upstairs now, when she has Friends over, we never see much of them.  So it's good for her Socially and no trouble for us at all to have extra Kids in the house.

She has nice Friends anyway, well behaved and low key, we like these Kids and they're a good influence.  Now what influence our Wednesday Addams Child might have on them might be another Story. *LOL*  Having Two blossoming 13 Year Old Girls in the house tho' meant that when I rolled up from my Shift last Night, a gaggle of Teen Boys was outside our house showing off for the Girls on their Skateboards at 10:00 p.m.!   The Man was sitting out there on a Garden Chair, Supervising and looking like a Marine Sentry on Duty, it was comical.   Remind me again when they start being interested in Boys and Dating he asked when we got inside?  They already ARE and NOT YET was my response.  But don't worry, you appeared suitably deranged enough to make an impact Honey.  My presence had a more Calming influence on the Boys Skateboard acrobatics, now they were all Hello Ma'am and Gentlemanly suck-up demeanor and a lot less full tilt budding testosterone on wheels.  *LMAO*

To be entirely Fair to The Man, she is looking like this nowadays when she's going out of the house... and she IS her Mother's Child... so I completely understand his heightened vigilance!  *LMAO*   The Fish Net Stockings were a nice touch to her Spicy Goth Pirate Gal ensemble this Afternoon don'tcha think, he had no comment.  This ain't our first Rodeo with budding Female hormones and discovering their Super Power over the Male Species.  She and her BFF had asked me if I could drive them over to their other Friend's house nearby since it's so Hot.  They were both looking Hot... so I naturally assumed this was a Boy's house, they now think I'm Psychic.  *Winks* 

Hey, they wouldn't be both dressed up like a Dog's Dinner if they were merely visiting another Girl's house!  And this one has been Working it to be the Center of Attention since Birth!   Mark's Parent's house was impressive and now I know where he lives... Word Up Mark!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Apparently he's an Only Child and will be taking her and some Friends to the Movies Tomorrow... at least it's a Group Date and they're seeing 'Toy Story 4', which is Age appropriate.  She claims she doesn't hang with the Wild Crowd, her Friends are the Nerds, that's comforting!  Tho' it does imply there IS a Wild Crowd and Kids can always switch Camps, so I don't want to get too complacent about interrogating asking questions!  *LOL*

Her whole ensemble was gleaned whilst Goodwill Hunting on The Cheap and it would have been something myself or either of our Grown Daughters would have worn at about that Age.  So I don't give her grief about it, the Apples don't fall far from the Trees and our Style Sensibilities are too similar to pass Judgment upon.  *Winks*  That's what I'm afraid of, The Man expressed, look how you corrupted me!   *LMAO*  I forgot, True that... you used to be Wholesome... never mind, it's the Boy's Parents that ought to be afraid... very afraid!   Mark doesn't stand a chance!  *Winks*   Luckily Mark's Parents weren't out front to Meet and Greet and ask which one was mine!?  *Smiles*  There's Three more younger ones just like her down in Mexico, being raised by Poor Saint Maria whose about 90 now, she's gonna have her Hands full, God have Mercy on her Dear Soul!  We Pray she becomes an Immortal, it would surely be the Death of me to have Three more like this one to finish raising!

She is so much like her Mama tho' that I realize we could have Five Years or more of heightened vigilance, since Girls past Age 13 become way more complex than Boys past that Age, so it gets harder to raise them IMO, I've raised Two Generations of both.  It is good that she stays in the house a lot, is a Good Kid and isn't very Social, in fact, she often says that she doesn't Like people, that could be our Saving Grace?! *LOL*  I'm suspecting she might Like Mark tho', so the whole ride there I took ample opportunity to rub that in, that makes her practically Mental about swearing he's just a Friend!   Could be, she might just be tormenting the shit out of Poor Mark, like a Spider toying with a Fly, you never know?  Her Mama has a Black Widow Spider Tattoo on the back of her Neck, it was appropriate.  The Man was laughing Today about how much Stress Mark's Family must now be under... now that The Girls have arrived at their house!?  He'll gladly pass the Torch to them to stand Vigil! 

This is part of the reason Why it is probably better we live in a Nicer Neighborhood tho', and with less places for her to go, so she stays at Home or Hangs Out with me a lot when we do go out.  Most of the Kids around here live very sheltered lives and many of the Families are very strict, so I do have more of a Peace that it's an environment not as risky, tho' I could be totally wrong and completely delusional?   If I am, please hold your Peace, my ignorance about that for now is Bliss okay!!!  I'm spending every Penny we have to be able to maintain this Lifestyle now, so I wanna feel it's somewhat worth the sacrifice for her sake, if for nobody else's!   I don't find it necessary to heighten anxiety more than it already is!  Remember, this was going to be my Chill Post where I'm not whining and it won't be a tough read for you!  *Winks*

Especially when one day, while visiting the Old Neighborhood, she happened to mention, as we drove by her Old School's Sport's Field, that the Boys were way Cuter in The Old Neighborhood!   The conversation loosely went something like this:  Ya mean the Hot Hispanic Boys I queried knowingly?  Well, I wasn't gonna mention Race she smirked, but Yeah, there aren't a whole lotta people like me in the New Neighborhood Gramma.  We both laughed, True that... she does stand out in a crowd around here at the New School, whereas at her Old School she blended in being it was The Barrio!   

That can be rough for her sometimes and I know that, especially in these turbulent times when Racism and bias has sadly been on the rise and people aren't Celebrating differences and seeing the Value in all peoples.  When we have Leaders openly vilifying certain groups it's just more difficult and divisive, it stirs up Hatred and brings out any ugliness in the populace.  She's a Proud Latina and chooses her own Friends by the content of their Character, as it should be.   When you have a Racially blended Family you won't be accepted everywhere, but my Hope for the Future, especially for the sake of our Loved Ones, is one day Mankind can get past such irrelevant trifles and be more Harmonious, Loving and Kind as a Species?

Where we won't hear of the atrocities against people, of Children being taken from Families and Warehoused in inhumane conditions on our own American soil!  And worse, most turn a blind Eye or not Care because it's not them!  We would have outrage if Animals were treated that inhumanely, without sufficient food and medical attention or Care, yet Hispanic Children are suffering that fate at our borders as we speak and it makes my Heart Sick that something isn't being done immediately about it!  Those could be my Grandchildren, since I have Grandchildren who were Born abroad and who if they attempted to come into the Country could be vetted in ways that are not appropriate nor necessarily Humane even tho' they are Human Beings.  Sorry, tho' I Promised you a read that wouldn't be tough, recent coverage of this has me stirred up and we should be putting pressure on to give Voice to those without one!  Whose suffering is profound and prolonged... and hidden away... so nobody sees.

I don't even Care what Side of the very Broken Immigration Issue you stand on... if you can Justify the inhumane Treatment of another Human Being, especially a defenseless Child stripped from the Protection of their Family, then Shame on you!   What if it were YOUR Child, YOUR Grandchild... would it be as justifiable then to you I Wonder?   Just consider that for a Moment, if it were one of your OWN Loved Ones suffering that Fate... and as Society unravels further, who knows when it COULD BE YOU who is next?  We all COULD BE moving Targets, you never know... and that is Why it is vitally important not to Care Less just because it ISN'T YOU... YET!  Every atrocity committed against Mankind often had the catalyst of a populace not Advocating for whoever was victimized, because it wasn't them!  Let History not repeat itself in the worst possible ways against Humanity my Friends, each Life is too Precious and matters!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi, Dawn. As a grandmother of a mixed child/Filipino/and spitz white, i know what you mean. Some suburbs in Chicagoland are so multi-cultural, blonde hair and blue eyes--simply means Northern European. I finished a post not long ago on WE THE PEOPLE, a through the back door of our current political climate.
    Hugs to all, glad you are taking a deep breath today!

    1. I'll have to read that Post Sandi and I'm in total Agreement. Princess T is part Latina and the bold looks that a Hispanic Woman can pull off is something she naturally is drawn to. My Mom was Bohemian and she could pull off looks that many people of other Cultures might not have felt as comfortable wearing, nor Rock like she Rocked it! We The People are diverse and the current political climate isn't taking that fact into account. One of my Native American Cousins put it eloquently in a Post... against the backdrop of an Indian Chief it had: So, you say you're against Immigration? Splendid, when are you leaving!? Nuff said.


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