Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Crazy Stuff People Buy

We had the big 25% Off Sale out of the Locked Cases at our Antique Mall and it was Mad busy and well received.  I don't have any Locked Cases anymore, but I Lucked Out and Sold my massive Vintage Industrial Scale, even tho' it wasn't part of the Sale, it took Four large Men to load it for the Buyer.  I'd be Interested to know how Creatively she'll re-purpose it for a Home?!  As we watched what was some of the most Popular purchases, a Co-Worker Friend was marveling at some of the Crazy Stuff people buy.  He Wonders what they do with it, where do they put it in their Homes or Landscaping?!   I told him I really couldn't be one to weigh in judgmentally on the buying of Crazy Stuff, given my predispositions to the Weird and Wonderful, we both laughed heartily at that.  He's even Sold me some very Strange things he's Sourced and knew just who would appreciate it!  *Winks*  But I knew what he meant, I sometimes think the same thing when I see certain stuff going out the doors and Wonder WTF?!  I suppose it's all subjective really, what constitutes Crazy Stuff, right?!  *LOL*

Those who Collect can be a very Strange Breed indeed!  Doesn't matter WHAT they Collect actually, whatever trips their trigger, they will mos def be Passionate about in the Buying of it, I can tell you that!   We have 'Regulars' that come in who clearly are consummate Collectors of what they really dig and they can't get enough of whatever it is.  I don't even know what their Saturation Point would be in the buying of it, if they even have one?  There's one older Guy who really digs Hot Wheels Cars, he will scrutinize them as intently as if he's buying a real Vehicle!  I've probably taken less time to study a real Vehicle when I'm buying it, than he does to buy a $3-$8 Hot Wheels Vehicle in it's original packaging!  He's bought so many, just while I've provided Customer Service to him, that I can't even Imagine how many he might have at Home on Display?!  I do envision entire Rooms filled with them... and I don't know how many the Manufacturer of Hot Wheels ever made, but I can bet he has the vast majority!  I'd say we have more Mature Adults that Collect certain Toys and Children's Items than we have Children who do!

Certain Genre are really Big to Collectors of them, Disney for example, a myriad of people will Collect anything involving Disney, especially the Pins!  We actually have a Disney Pin Trading Group that meets once a Month at the Antique Mall and they have a large and loyal following of Devotees and really enjoy themselves and getting together with Like Minded Collectors.  I'm really impressed that people remember which Pins they already have once they've accumulated a massive Collection of them, my recollection wouldn't be that good!   Sports Memorabilia, Automotive and Militaria are also Huge with Collectors of those Genre.   I have to confess that some of the Militaria Collectibles from WWII really Creep me out when it comes to the Nazi Stuff, but people who dig it Collect it fanatically!   I suppose much of what I Collect that are Oddities do Creep people out too, different things Creep different people out, that is for sure.   I just can't personally handle the Nazi shit... bad mojo IMO due to the atrocities committed by the Nazis.  It's interesting who buys it tho', and Gets Off on it... you'd be Surprised... and that's even Creepier to me!

My Co-Worker Friend and I laughed about how much of the brightly colored Mexican Metal Yard Art goes out the doors shaped like gaudy Animals and such... and yet we've NEVER seen any in anyone's Yards EVER!   Where does it go we mused?!  Are they Decorating the inside of their Homes with these large Crayola Multi Colored Tin Goats, Chickens, Frogs, Cows, Dogs, Pigs and Flowers, we just don't know?!??!?!  *LOL*   Mebbe everyone keeps it in their Back Yards where ya can't see 'em... because I couldn't see a petty uptight HOA on the face of the Planet that would allow those things to be Displayed out front!?!  *LMAO*  They are hideously Whimsical, I'll attest to that... and they Sell Out quickly, so clearly a lot of peeps dig 'em and are investing in them!  And they are not Cheap, even tho' they look Cheap... people are paying upwards of $60+ each for those things and in some cases well over $100 bucks apiece!

For the uninitiated in Tacky Mexican Metal Yard Art, this would be what we're discussing, in case it's not a hot commodity in your area!?  *Bwahahahaha!*  Now I'm an Artsy Type and I like some really Weird and Crazy shit when it comes to Art, but I've never felt the Need to buy one of these 'Sculptures', tho' I suppose they could 'grow' on ya due to the pure Kitschy Whimsy?  But a lot of people do and they must be going somewhere to be Displayed?!?  We just don't know Where, since Honestly, for as many as have been Sold, one would think you'd see them SOMEWHERE!  But my Friend and I concurred that Nope, we haven't... not a One has been seen Gracing the Yards of any Neighborhood we've ever driven thru or past to date!  Not even in any Neighborhoods I drove past or thru IN Mexico where they're made!  They all must be hiding out back or inside the Homes, we aren't Sure?  *LMAO, sorry, but the Visual of a Home filled with these is something I can't Imagine nor Visualize with a straight face!"   Okay, so mebbe I SHOULD want that one Big Ridiculous Rooster on the far Left, to curb any possibility of falling into a State of Depression?!  *LOL*

No Doc, I don't Need any Meds to control Depression... I have me this Crazy Rooster Art sitting in my Living Room that does the Trick!   Mebbe peeps are self-medicating using gaudy Mexican Yard Art to buoy their Spirits, who knows?  Mebbe my Friend and I should Understand the massive Appeal... but we just don't.  Even more Curious as to Why anyone would come to an Antique Mall to buy one?   But that would be a whole other Post... so we won't even go there!  *Winks*  I just know that if you're the Vendor that's Selling Crazy Stuff people buy like that, well, you're making Bank... so more Power to ya, high five... who knew that the Sale of Crazy shit would be such a Money Maker?!?   And I just can't be a Hater... if you can make Mad Money Selling the Crazy Stuff people buy, Why wouldn't you, that part makes perfect sense to me from a Business perspective!?!   Hey, I once had a savvy old timer whose a Popular Vendor tell me that if people wanna buy Rubber Dog Turds, he's stocking up and cornering that Market with absolutely no Shame in his Game!

And Hey, I've had my own version of The Rubber Dog Turd in Inventory that people can't get enough of and has paid the Rent, so I am not going to judge!  No use having really Cool shit that doesn't Sell, unless you just wanna Decorate your own Home with it or go out of Business holding out for whoever might one day appreciate it if you're trying to Sell it?!   I've seen Vendors who had the Coolest of merchandise go under.  I've seen Vendors of the High End merchandise struggle, because they're not reaching that Impulse Shopper that constitutes about 95% of whose walking thru those Doors!   Those who only Sell the High End merchandise and really Cool Stuff have a LOT Invested in it, so a lot of their Money is tied up while it's not Selling!   I cannot afford my Money not to be Working FOR me, I just don't have enough of it to be tied up too long in something that is not earning me a return on the Investment into it.  I have to go for the Quick Turn and making my Money on the Buy.   Buy low, Sell high... and as Quickly as possible!

I also tend to shy away from the Large items that take up a lot of my Retail Space too, which is Why I was so Jazzed that the Uber Cool, yet Massive, Vintage Industrial Scale finally Turned!   Yes, it Displayed things Nicely and was Attractive as a Display piece until it finally Sold, but pieces like that, no matter how Cool or Trendy, can be a tough Sell and take up too much valuable Real Estate!   So can anything Expensive... since people just don't have the discretionary Money anymore to be overly indulgent in their everyday purchases.  And even if you have that Customer that is Jonesin' badly for it, lets face it, if it takes them Six Months to Save Up to be able to finally Buy it, did you really want it sitting around half a Year in Inventory?   Could you AFFORD to?   Since this is just my Happy Little Hobby, I can't... so I just don't.   You will not find Crazy Expensive and Stupid Large pieces in my Retail Spaces... I simply can't afford it... that's out of my League in the Industry.   Someone whose making a Living doing this, has the correct Client List or Demographic to hawk it to, or has Deep Pockets, I'll let them be the ones to Sell you THAT thing.

I concentrate more on Smalls than I used to when I first began Eight Years ago, because that has become my Bread and Butter.   I didn't initially intend to concentrate on Smalls... or even on Vintage and Collectible Toys... but they Sell so Well I couldn't resist hawking some.   Then when SOME would Sell Out quickly, well, replacement just made sense, so now I keep stocked up on what Sells Well so that I can get a regular Check and not go under.   It's Sad to see the Good Vendors who go under... when they had the Stuff that SHOULD be the Right Stuff... had their finger on the Pulse of what is Trending and how to Merchandise it Beautifully... but just couldn't reach that Demographic regularly enough to sustain them!   I think that is Why many who no longer Sell at Antique Malls or Shows, are now Selling mostly Online instead... you can reach the World that way!   I've thought about Online Selling, I know I could make Bank doing it, but I don't have the Time to Devote to doing it properly.

I've even known Bloggers who did this Professionally and monetized it to where they were making Bank off their Blogs!   I've never made a Penny off of this Space and it was never my intention to.   But, hey, those that made Mad Money off their Blogs, that was impressive to me, I ain't gonna lie!   When I heard some of the numbers, especially of those that specialized with Biz Blogs or Free Graphics Blogs, I was gobsmacked!   I mean Holy shit, had I been able to get on that Bandwagon, Who wouldn't!?!?!?!?!   I think Blogging has eclipsed tho', the paradigm shift always comes with everything that rises in Popularity and then... the eventual decline.   It's rare that any Thing enjoys that sustained Pinnacle, they really would have to keep reinventing themselves constantly to keep relevant.   And that's a lot of Work... and probably Expense... because to make Money you have to spend Money.   Reinvesting in the Business is what any successful one just has to be able to do.

I do think that because I've seen the Crazy Stuff people Buy, that anything COULD be the next Big Thing.   Almost anything COULD Trend and suddenly be in Style, Fashionable, Popular, enjoy a Cult Following for a while!   Some Stuff enjoys an almost Iconic Ride that seems to never end.  When it comes to Collecting, think anything Coca-Cola related... Marilyn Monroe... Elvis... Star Wars... Super Heroes... Stuff like that!    Some things have been Collected seemingly from Era to Era unabated... Comic Books... Sports Cards... Coins and Currency... Stamps... Cars.   And then there are what I call the Sub-Genre Crazy Stuff that is loosely associated with a Hot Collectible Genre like Sports for example... think Bobble Head Dolls!   I think those things are Crazy, but people Collect them fanatically!   I can only Imagine someone's house full of freakin' Bobble Head Sports Dolls all lined up!  *Bwahahahaha!*   And I'm not talkin' some Kid, which would almost make more sense to me, since it would Appeal to Juvenile sensibilities I'd think... I'm talking Grown Ass Adults Mad about such things!   I've seen hulking Macho looking Grown Dudes go nuts about Bobble Head Dolls, who knew?!?

I mean, as the Queen of Collecting the Weird and Wonderful, Oddities and the Strangest shit on the Planet, I didn't think anyone could buy or Display Crazier Stuff than me... but I stand corrected my Friends!  *LOL*   And Seasonal Collectors, they can go to the far side of Madness!  Where it's Christmas every Day at their house, because the whole damned house is filled with Christmas Collectibles 365 and 24-7!   I mean I dig a lot of Holidays, Halloween particularly is practically an Obsession of mine to Decorate for and Collect... yet, it's Displayed Seasonally.  I don't know that I could Live any One Holiday every day of the Year and 24-7 for the rest of our Lives!  And some people will dig a particular Thing, mebbe it's Owls let's say... and they will have Owls EVERYWHERE!   I never quite know How or Why they may have chosen a particular specific Thing to dig so much... but once they do, it can get completely out of hand!   And you always know when they Die off, coz that whole damned Collection of ONE THING will end up in some Charity Shop and DOMINATE the Shelves, clearly being someone's Obsession whose now departed!

I recently went to some Charity Shops and saw the 'Estate' Obsession of a few people who likely Died Off and their Collections got Donated by Kin.   One had Dachshund Dog Obsession... one had a Frog Obsession... another had an Elephant Obsession... the last had an Angel Obsession.   When you see shelf after shelf of ONE THING in many forms, you know it likely came from the same Donor, because what would be the Odds otherwise, right?  *LMAO*   I was particularly impressed with the variety of shit the Dachshund Dog person had amassed, one would think that would have taken more Time to accumulate such a massive Collection of?   I also Imagine that whoever it was, probably also owned The Real Thing, right?   It is unlikely the others Obsessed owned Real Frogs, Elephants or Angels, just sayin'!  *LOL*   And Yes, I have myself gotten Fixated at times on certain Imagery or Genre... right now I'm all Hamsa'd Out... since I just J'Adore the Hamsa Palm Shaped Amulet on almost anything.

So, Yes, I have a lot of recurrent shit myself that I just dig and have a lot of Stuff representing it.   So I do get the Fixation Thing... tho' at some point you really do have to reel yourself in somewhat and not have it get so out of hand that your entire Home is saturated with a current Obsession.   Right now I'm Working towards Selling Off overages of similar items for that very reason.  Some things I have more of than any Sane person Needs of whatever it is.  You can Hoard a certain Thing that you really, really, really Like or have fallen in total Love with.  The Love Affair might last a long time, mebbe even Forever, or it could be fleeting.  I've fallen Out Of Love with some things I once was Gaga over and now could Care less about anymore.  I'm Over it... it happens.  Sometimes I even Forget something I used to have a lot of... until perhaps someone comes over who knew me way back when and says, whatever happened to all your __________?    Because I no longer have ANY and apparently I used to have a lot of whatever it was they recalled me having!

I think we've all been thru our Phases... I do recall having a Sunflower Phase, where I had a lot of shit with Sunflower motif, I think it was the early 1980's. Which was a Culturally Deprived Era for Fashion and Style, and a lot of hideous shit was Popular, so perhaps Sunflowers were the Coolest shit available then, I dunno?  Still Love REAL Sunflowers, but don't own a damned thing anymore with Sunflower motif now, nor would I Want to... so Over it!   Some Colors have come and gone as temporary Obsessions... I once went thru a Retro Pink Phase in Kitchen Decor becoz I had a Retro Kitchen.  And I don't even LIKE PINK, so that was Weird for me... but it Sold really Well when I Purged it all.  Apparently numerous peeps totally dig 1950's Retro Pink Kitchen shit!  *LOL*  At least I didn't go thru a Roosters in my Kitchen Phase or have those hideous tacky Wallpaper Borders nor did I Sponge Paint anything... Heaven Forbid and Thanks be to God!  *Bwahahahahaha!*   And I could really do a whole Post on hideously Painted Furniture that people buy like Mad, but I won't... *Smiles*  Suffice to say the Crazy Stuff people Buy knows no limits my Friends... but it is Amusing... and I guess we're all a bit Crazy in our own Peculiar way!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. This was a fun post, and I read every word. Working in a huge mall (4 buildings) I really did get to see the crazy crap people buy--and some invest in. My mom was one of those people who bought weird and unusual---stuff. If she didn't know what it was ---she had to buy it, then research and find out what it was. That worked SOME of the time. I was fortunate that she sold much of what she had stashed in the 1850 farm house that was our summer cottage to a dealer, but I still have tons to deal with. She tried to corner the market of presidential plates---LOL..buying LOTS of them, sometimes 5-10 duplicates. I finally took them to Goodwill---but next time I visited there wasn't a single one there...LOL. Myself---I'm a soft touch for unusual, and anything made of clay---though my collecting days are now limited to doll stuff---which doesn't take up as much space!

    1. Yes Sandi, space becomes a consideration no matter how large a Home you have! And I do Hope to do a sufficient enough Purge of my possessions that my heirs will not have a huge ordeal disposing of it all when we pass. I know there is value in a lot of it but to Sell takes time, in order to do it properly and maximize profits. Many Seniors I know did an Estate Sale before they die so as to have it done professionally and earn something in their latter years.

  2. I went to an antique mall a couple of weeks ago because I had an hour to kill. I enjoyed it but it also made me cry. I saw a lot of stuff that reminded me of my mum. I also bought a yellow pyrex mixing bowl, just like she used to have. I smile when I use it.

    1. Lily, the Nostalgic aspects and rich Memories of Objects is often the greatest Appeal to Buyers. I realize some of these grown individuals buying Vintage Toys are perhaps buying back their Childhood, mebbe things they couldn't afford when growing up, but now can indulge. I'm glad you bought that Mixing Bowl to bring a Smile to your face and also remember your Mum every time you use it!


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