Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Going Junquing... Or Going Thru Withdrawal

I have a Co-Worker Friend who just got back from a Trip back East and indulged in some serious Junquing while he was there.  He said he didn't intend to... or did he... since he brought a Trailer along so I'm highly suspicious!?  *Winks*  But then again, if I was Traveling the Country, I probably would too, so I teased him in good humor.  The Thrill Of The Hunt while on the Road would just be too strong a pull.  It would be too Tempting to resist the Urge to take advantage of what might be available in other parts of the Country that is scarce here.

Now, me personally, I haven't been on a proper Junquing expedition in a Dog's Age.  I'm going thru self imposed Withdrawal actually.  I've been too busy trying to Purge what I've already amassed, so it would have seemed like self sabotage to bring a huge Pick of Objects in on purpose!  Not that The Thrill Of The Hunt holds any less Appeal to me than it ever did, I just cannot justify INTENTIONALLY looking for more stuff to buy.  I will buy the random Object without intention when I stumble across something too good to pass up, but the 5 to 1 Rule goes into full effect.  Yes, if that Object comes IN then Five must go OUT immediately!

If I were to go on a large Pick, then the Math would be outrageous to contemplate just how much would have to then Exit Stage Left in order to hold myself to that solemn Vow!  A Trailer of newly Found Treasures coming IN, would mean a literal House Full of Past Found Treasures would have to then GO OUT!  My Friend had been trying to empty his Garages of his Inventory, I suspect he'll have to start over again now?  *Smiles*  He has some Cool Mantiques and a Man Cave Showroom at our Mall that is very popular, so he'll likely Sell it all eventually and make some Bank off the Road Trip haul.

I can't lie, I do Envy anyone who gets to go Junquing across the Country or Internationally.  They bring back killer merchandise that can't be had in and around the City locally.  But perhaps it's just as well that's not an Option for me or I could get into serious trouble overspending and bringing too much back with me.  You just don't find the places around here where Old Timers have been able to hoard up massive Collections of Cool Salvage on Acreages and in Barns.  Few have Acreages or Barns around here, so their Storage Space for whatever they amass is always severely limited.  It is probably good that I'm severely limited and I should be more limited to curb and contain my Natural Urges to Hunt and Gather!  The Human Magpie in me is strong indeed!

Even contemplating if I were to buy a smaller Home in the Future, kinda throws me into Panic Mode about just how much I'd have to unload in order to do it!  And I don't nearly have the stash of stuff that many incurable Collectors have!  I thought I did, but by comparison and comparing notes about it with them, I'm an Amateur!   Some have surveyed my stash to give an opinion and said I don't have anything to worry about, I don't have that much.  And I'm like SERIOUSLY... Wow, then I might not be as bad off as I had Imagined myself to be!?  *Whew, that's a Relief!*  Of coarse, as in anything, that's entirely subjective of what constitutes Too Much, and whose assessing, right?  

I THINK and fully Believe that I have Too Much and that is the Point... and yet I sit here Blogging Today instead.  Since I just don't want to spend the time tackling it right now and the subsequent Emotional toll it sometimes takes.  Some days I can be in the Mood, some days I just can't bring myself to Deal with it head on.  I had finally gotten my "Stuff To Go Banana Boxes" and filled, down to just Two, so I want to savor that for just a moment.  Before I build another tower of Banana Boxes filled with what else is being Culled.  When I get it down to just a couple Boxes filled, I can Imagine I'm almost Done.  Which is a complete delusion of coarse, but it is Helpful to diminish the feeling of being overwhelmed or it being endless.

Even if I get Villa Boheme' down to what looks Ideal showcased in here, it is a stupid big House.  Alternatives I've been perusing for the Future are half the size of this Property, so there would be that Issue.   Should I get to where I'm 'down' to what would or could fit nicely in a Downsized Forever Home, Villa Boheme' would have half it's Rooms empty!   And you all know how I am about Empty Space!  *Winks*  Right now Princess T's previous Spaces Upstairs are Empty except for some things she has left strewn during moving out of them and is contemplating whether to Keep or have me Donate.  It's KILLING me to see all that Empty Space and not want to Decorate and Style it immediately!

I'm quivering with excitement about Styling it in a way I've Admired in the Magazines and looks nothing like the rest of the House!  Think a Visual similar to this.  But I've Vowed to WAIT... at least a while after it's completely emptied out of every single thing... before delving into that Fantasy!   Another solemn Vow is to glean the rest of the House with whatever I ALREADY HAVE to try to accomplish the Vision and without going Shopping.  Do you wanna know how much restraint that takes my Friends?!   I'll already wander the aisles of Shops that have JUST what would look Awesome for that Vision and indulge myself on the Canvas of my Imagination!  There are some things I know I do not have handy and would Need to purchase to pull it off... but just not yet... WAIT!

I'm thinking upon a Spa Like Retreat in there with a Color Palette not yet explored by me... mostly White and Green with some Black accents.  I am keeping the Walls White *Gasp!*... yep, Imagine THAT if you will!   Me, embracing a Colorless Palette Wall of all things!  What has duly Inspired me you might be asking?   Look above, at a Home I'd Love to be able to buy on the spot right now, if it were in my Price Point, which it isn't by a long shot.  Since it is in the part of the City I've been Jonesin' to Live since the 1970's and near everything I'd want to live near too!   And since whoever did the remodel of this Historic Era Brick Home totally ROCKED it in every way, to where I fell in Lust with every Room of it and every Change they made!   The Simplicity of it is Appealing to me in my Old Age you see... me a Maximalist, is being drawn to Minimalism more!  *Gasp!*

I highly doubt I'd ever get Down to this few Possessions again actually. Realistically it wouldn't be possible for me to part with too much I Love and have Lovingly accumulated over a Lifetime.  Yet, the Fantasy of it is intriguing to me now... the WHAT IF about it doesn't disturb me in the least.  If I did manage to Purge damned near everything, I doubt I'd be all that troubled by having so much Less.  The Man wouldn't care one iota, he is probably the least Materialistic Human on the Planet!  If he just had his Media Chair and Big Screen TV in there, he'd be utterly Content.   My Work load would diminish considerably... and perhaps that is part of the Appeal to me, since to whom much is given, much is required.

Exposed Old Brick Walls are something I'd Trade Off for in a Heartbeat.  You cannot get that in a New Build.   If I could find a Tiny Historic Home that had a lot of exposed Old Brick Walls revealed, I'd HAVE to find a way to Cull enough to be able to move into it!   That is high on my Wish List for the Forever Home right now... a Kitchen like the one pictured above... Wood Floors... Subway and Honeycomb Tiles in White/Black... and some Rooms with exposed Old Brick Walls.   Yes, I would gladly trade Luxury Living just for those Checkbox Items in a much Smaller Historic Home, so that is the long range Plan and Goal I suppose I'm striving towards.  Just not at the inflated Price Point the Inner City is commanding, so it could just be a Pipe Dream and I know this.  But it doesn't stop me Dreaming... and I Need the Luxury of Time, since I'm still so conflicted!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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