Friday, June 14, 2019

Blogging in Advance

You may have noticed that my Blog Posts haven't been matching up to the actual Day that it is?  That's because I've been Blogging in Advance and can set a Future Date and Post it in Real Time anyway.  It breaks the entries up on the Old Blog and yet they're really being dumped all at once, as if over the span of different Days.  I've just Felt like Blogging, tho' I've not Felt like doing much else in all honesty.  Much else has had to be forced out of me.  *LOL*  Even tho' there is a lot of much else to do, I've avoided it if at all possible.

Sitting here Blogging is relaxing and I don't have to be thinking of the much else that isn't getting done.  There's just SO MUCH of it, that much else stuff, so it often overwhelms me in the thought of tackling it.  The mere considering of it,  can cause great anxiety... never mind the actual doing of it!   Yes, I could break it up into small increments of disposing of the much else, which is how any of it actually gets done.  I can do almost anything for about an Hour, no matter how much I might dread beginning.   And once I become immersed, I can actually slog on for way longer than an Hour and get a lot accomplished once I'm duly motivated and engaged.

Here's me this Morning, being totally unmotivated since I didn't even roll out of Bed until past Noon!  Yes, past Noon, I'd worked last Night and lately my Shift has taken the wind completely out of my sails apparently.   It's just a Four Hour Shift so that's rather humiliating... and we weren't even busy... even more humiliating, that I feel so spent anyway!  How does anyone take Stunning Selfies BTW?  I always look positively Demented in mine!   They use Filters, Gramma, Princess T explains matter of factly... as if everyone on the Planet knows this already. Okay, so take one and Filter me I says.  No Gramma, it doesn't Work like that... you have to have an App and it makes you look way better than you are, she further explains!  She says this as she laughs hysterically at my unfiltered Demented looking cropped Selfie, taken with an Old Camera and not a Phone.   Nobody does that Gramma, now she's laughing so hard she can hardly talk, I'm Glad I was so Amusing... well, at least you can't see my Double Chins!  I looked way Cuter in the Illusion of the Bathroom Mirror lemme tell ya, Why is that?!  *LMAO*

So now that I've given you all a good Laugh with my Dreadful Selfie, done all Wrong according to Princess T, what else shall we just talk about?   I'm Bored... I don't want to particularly get all sweaty doing Work... and I don't want to drive all the way into the City yet, tho' I have some more Herbal Medicine from my Eastern Medical Doc to pick up for The Man and I.   Do ya wanna join me, I ask Princess T, whose been the epitome of Boredom herself, she declines, apparently I'm more Boring than Boredom, I dunno?  *Winks*  My numbers have been coming down since taking my Herbal Chinese Tea-like Medicine daily. I'm almost to normal range most of the time and in less than Two Weeks of Eastern Medical Treatment taking Fasting Readings.  That's a Promising Sign, I Love the Aroma of it when it's heated up to drink as a Tea.

The Man still complains of the bitterness of his, but he drinks it obediently in spite of the Dramatics each time.  He's been particularly cranky and antisocial lately and is triggered into intense Moodiness easily, so a little bit of him has been going a long way.   Luckily when he's feeling out of sorts like this and is unlovely towards everyone, he'd rather isolate and be left alone to sort it out while solitary.   He cannot argue or fight in a room by himself, so it works.  *Winks*  Princess T is now Mature enough not to Personalize it like she used to when Younger and it would trigger her into Hysterics!  Now she finds it rather Amusing and can be Devilish when he gets this way for no apparent reason.  Do NOT Wind his Ass up for your Amusement I Warn her sternly! 

 She's Picking on me... is his usual Childish lamentation, when he initiates the Drama with unlovely behavior nobody wants to Deal with or be the recipient of... and she escalates with Wednesday Addams intentional torment so he'll just storm off and Be Gone!  Oy Vey!   He's Brain Damaged and Old, she's Bipolar and 13, so Reasoning with anybody would be a complete waste of time and an exercise in futility!   Well, be Nice... and then you won't trigger her to be Demonic... can be my only Helpful suggestion to him to de-escalate matters between them.  He'll make Nice eventually and she Loves him to Death, so all will instantly be Forgiven and Harmony will be Restored in Paradise!  Yay.   I say that without much enthusiasm because this will still play out several times a day on average.  They each don't Mood Regulate very Well.

If his unreasonable Moodiness is directed at me, I'm more likely to just give him a Look.  He knows that tho' I might appear Calm on the surface, I could still light someone on Fire calmly and then go have a Sandwich... so he usually settles down sufficiently not to set me off!  *LOL*  A Look doesn't take much Energy and it doesn't even have to be Negative Energy of Engaging with the Madness... or Escalating it.  That's crucial when Dealing with and Caregiving of those with Brain Damage and Serious Mental Illness, maintaining your Calm and your Composure gives you the upper Hand.  Having a rather Emotionless flat affect towards the Insanity is rather Chilling to them I suppose?  *Winks*  Listen, whatever Works to preserve a measure of Harmony in the Home, so it's not so much like living in a freakin' Asylum, I Work it Baby!

This Morning I got a Lovely Breakfast in Bed... you guessed it, he was chomping at the bit to get to that Media Chair and Big Screen TV in our Bedroom and it was past Noon and I wasn't up yet!  *LOL*  I heard Princess T barking out Orders like a Drill Sargent in the Kitchen as she Supervised the prep of it and ensured he didn't burn the house down.  So I was awake before it came in on a Tray, with all that din going on in the Kitchen it would have woke the Dead, plus, languishing in Bed all Day not being an Option, I reluctantly rolled my unmotivated Ass out when Breakfast came in.  I enjoy the Pampering, I ain't gonna lie... he used to do Sweet things like that all the time before his TBI and it's reminiscent of his Old Self... even if now it has an Ulterior Motive.  *LOL*

Both he and Princess T would apparently rather stay sequestered in Villa Boheme' this day than go out anywhere and that's Okay.  Taking this Show on the Road can be trying sometimes, though Family Time is important and so we do it as regularly as we can manage it.  Now that she's a Teenager and he's got greater Mobility, it's not as rough as it used to be... or when there was Four of us.  I'm quite certain The Young Prince doesn't Miss the Family Time... LMAO... tho' I think he commended my Dedication to doing it despite the potential for Drama and a Headache!  *Smiles*  Have you ever seen those Families that are out and about in Public and having the most Wonderful Family Time together without incident?  It wasn't us!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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