Saturday, June 15, 2019

Advanced Blogging Continued...

The Man peered over my Shoulder as I'm Blogging... it's not like he can creep up on me, since his distinctive lame shuffle down the Hallway is a dead giveaway he's coming... but it's still Creepy being stared at silently!  His Eyeballs boring into my Psyche, even before I turn around to look at him standing there, like some Serial Killer!  "What!?", I said with a distinctly annoyed tone to my voice!  Since usually he or Princess T are hanging around in here only because they Want something and feel the Need to interrupt me from my Peace and Relaxation to get it for them!  "Oh, Nothing...", he says... "just looking at what you're doing...", Okay, now we're in really Creepy territory, if he's wandered in here from his NCIS Marathon of reruns to Stalk me while I Blog!  Since he could give two shits about any Blog or even what I'm doing!  "Well, STOP IT, it's Creeping me out and it's distracting me, I'm just trying to Blog!"   He shuffled off.  I felt a tinge of Guilt, only because sometimes they're just Wanting my Attention and nothing else.  Princess T is more covert and stealthy, I Need to put a Bell on that Kid!  *LOL*

But they've both been annoying as Hell Today, neither wanted to drive into the City with me to pick up our Eastern Medicine prescriptions, but each then kept blowing up my Phone incessantly while I was gone!  It was the ole Where are you... When will you be Home... did you already Eat yet, because we're Hungry too... can you stop and pick me up this, that and the third?!??!!   I was losing my ever lovin' Mind each time the Phone rang and it was either him... or her!  I had stopped by 'Cuff' for a late Lunch/Dinner while I was in Historic Downtown Glendale, we Love that place.  So once he knew I'd been there to eat, he asked if I'd picked him up their Deviled Eggs?!  AS IF when it's over 105 Degrees my Friends you'd be driving around with freakin' Deviled Eggs in the Car, right!?!  Now, in hindsight that's Funny as Hell... but since he's dead Serious... not so much during the Call am I humored, especially since it was probably about the 4th call from him actually for one trivial thing after another!

Yes, he has Memory Care Issues and totally NO concept of Time anymore, so it's as if he's calling me for the first time, even if it's numerous times and I've only been gone about an Hour so far!  And told him exactly where I was going and what I was doing before I even left to prepare him in advance!  It would have been less annoying perhaps to just insist he come along and take the Show on the Road?!   Then he could have had his damned Deviled Eggs at 'Cuff' and wouldn't be sulking about missing out on that now!  She calls independent of him, since she has her own phone and her own agenda, even tho' she declined the Invitation to come along too!  *Le Sigh*   She's like my freakin' Warden while I'm gone... or a P.O. I gotta check in with if I get to escape Villa Boheme' and not be under House Arrest!   "And whadda YOU Want?", I ask her when she ever so casually just calls and makes small talk initially, as if we're just gonna chat!

"Well, since you ASK... Where are you and how close are you to somewhere that has a Drive-Up Window, so you can get me something to eat... there's NO Food in the house and I'm hungry, I haven't eaten all Day!", she wails quite dramatically!  It's about 5:00 p.m. now so that's a gross exaggeration... and so's you know, there is tons of Food in the house, I just went Grocery Shopping, but all of a sudden she's become an even Crazier pickier eater and claims to not like this or that... or that she doesn't eat it anymore!  There are probably now only Three Foods on the Planet that she still apparently likes or will consume and NONE of them are anywhere near where I'm currently at of coarse!   I explain this, and tell her Where I'm at and What the Options are THERE... which is the ONLY place I'm going BTW, so Deal with it!!!   Long pregnant pause on the other end of the Phone while she Emotionally Winds herself up to the prospect of contemplating Starvation now.  Here she goes...

Insert Bipolar Mood Switch {hers} and I calmly hang up on her... Three different times!  Because it takes that long for her to compute that we're just not going THERE!  It always Worked with her SMI Mother... and it Works like a Charm with her too, I refuse to engage once they're on the Crazy Train and Ozzy is yelling, "All Aboard! Ha ha ha ha... aye aye aye..."   By the time I get Home with no Take-Out, she's Quiet and subdued, as if nothing ever happened.  Clearly they both were quite capable of fending for themselves and eating what was pre-prepared and left for them to eat before I departed.  There were several delish Options BTW here at Home... Three Cheese Ravioli or a Meat Sauce Spaghetti from 'Olive Garden' and his Crab Salad or Salmon wrapped Crab Cake from 'Safeway'... all of which they chose during the last Family Outing and hadn't touched yet!  If I have to throw any of that away I warned, I could become Homicidal and there's plenty of places to hide the Bodies now since we're so close to the pristine Desert!


Just being able to eat my own Meal at 'Cuff', while it was still Hot, and with no interruptions, was sublime!   I don't mind dining alone... I know a lot of people have issues with dining alone and won't... clearly they've never been a full time Caregiver or they could fully appreciate it I think!?   I do eat out a lot, because then I can actually eat and even finish a Meal in Peace!   Having been Raising Children forever... Two Generations worth... I'm entitled to eat and even finish a Meal in Peace every once in a while I figure... while it's still Hot even!  He's trying to shuffle in here again and I might have to stop and Murder him, Okay?  But I'll be back, I Promise... can any of you Help me hide or dispose of a Body?  *Winks*  It's Okay, he just had to tell me a 'Cute Story' about what she just did... and then he left.  He'd cooked his Salmon and Crab Cake so the Kitchen smelled like Fish and she came into the room and scolded Miss Priss for having fishy breath apparently!  *LMAO*  Okay so that WAS Funny and worth telling, before he Forgot!  He gets to Live another Day.  *Smiles*

When I look back at how Little and Super Cute she was as a Small Child, and what MORE of a Handful she WAS back then... and much more Sickly and Fragile too... I have to remind myself that even as a Pre-Demonic Teen, it's still way easier now than back then!   Back then she was literally GLUED to me like a Conjoined Twin ALL of the time... she had Gramma Radar that seemed to go off if I even THOUGHT about leaving a Room we were in together!   Her Separation Anxiety was so intense, she slept at the foot of our Bed for YEARS on a little Mattress, like a freakin' Dog, otherwise we'd of had her IN Bed with us!  Not to mention back then, and since Birth actually, she'd been on Breathing Treatments Five times a Day and saw a Pediatric Pulmonologist regularly.  She had to eat and drink SPECIALTY everything back then, now only a portion of what she eats or drinks has to be Specialty for her considerable digestive Issues.   She was always a tough little Trooper and rarely complained even while Suffering intensely.

These are the things that Sustain me, when I think about how far they've all come over the Years.   No, we still have a long ways to go for sure with each and every one of them.  But there have been Miraculous improvements with each Member of the Family that has significant Disabilities or Chronic Illness that has no Cures.  With the exception of The Man and Princess T, the rest all live Independently now and that's a Big Deal actually.   At the present time nobody is Institutionalized nor Hospitalized and that's also a Big Deal and cause for Celebration.   I dug thru the Photo Archives to give you all a gander at how stinkin' Cute she was back then.  She's Grown and is Blossoming into a Beautiful Young Woman now.   She always Loved wearing Hats as a Kid, she was mos def a Hat Person and looked Adorable in Hats.  I don't know Why but she suddenly quit being a Hat Person, tho' she does still dig her Funky Headbands with Ears and Pom-Poms.

This is a Funky Custom Made Mad Tea Party Hat that a Dear and uber Talented Blog Friend, Tricia Fountaine, Designed for her and Surprised us with in the Mail as a Friendship Gift many Years ago... resplendent with China Teacups and Nosegays!   Tricia is a Creative Genius and takes you to a Magical and Enchanting World! We were Mad Tea Party Enthusiasts and Tricia's Studios does the most Sublime Ethereal Party Designed Themes and Events Planned that you could possibly Imagine!  Below take a gander and then go to her Pinterest Page HERE or the Link Below to see even more Sublime Creations by Tricia!  She used to Blog and sadly does not anymore, her Blog was Awesome and it's one of those I miss terribly being able to follow regularly.   We've sadly lost so many Great Bloggers from Blogging's Heyday, which has eclipsed now!   I suppose most have moved on to Instagram and whatever is Trending at the moment and has left me in the dust... since I'm Tech Challenged and can't keep up.  So Blogging is enough for me to keep on top of for now.  I will likely be among the last of the Blogging Dinosaurs one day!

Ah Well, Social Communities Online come and go so rapidly now that I simply can't keep up the Pace.   The Older Grandkids try to keep me apprised of what's New and Exciting Online and everyone is using now... but I happen to Like what I already Know and am Familiar with... a product of Aging I suppose?  I still mostly just Blog as an Online Social Community and Personal Journal Journey... use Facebook to keep in touch with Family and Close Friends... and visit Pinterest for Inspiration Visually.  I have never Tweeted a Tweet nor read them, so Thank God I've been spared all of 45's incessant Tweeting Insanity... or anybody else's for that matter!  *LMAO*  And Instagram, tho' I've looked in on it with a few of my Favs, I'm just not that 'Into' it and you can't Save any of your Fav Images there anyway into Inspiration Folders to keep and enjoy.  I'm still of the Dinosaurs that actually prints out our Photos that I Love most of Friends and Family!

Even tho' my Phone takes incredible Photos, I still use an Old worn out Kodak that has the color worn off, it's been used and Loved so much!   I did upgrade a few times over the Years, but it drove me nearly to Madness having to fix Resolution to interface with Blogger, so I ditched the better quality Cameras as soon as they began to go on the fritz... and went back to my trusty ancient Kodak!   Blogger never upgraded to accept high Resolution Imagery, I suppose because use of their site is rapidly declining so why bother?   I am very Thankful to Blogger tho', Blogger introduced me to a World previously unknown to me and allowed The Young Prince to set up for Free, this humble Blog that I've really Enjoyed Creating for many Years now... almost a Decade!  Wow... he was 9 when he set up my Blog and he'll be turning 19 this August!

And in about another Month, another Grand-Child and her Husband will be having their first Baby... another Great-Grand, just WOW!  The Countdown has us all so excited and anxious to meet her!   It's supposed to be a Her... but then again, so was the Royal Baby supposed to be a Her... and it was a Him... so you never really know for certain 'til they make their Appearance!?   Though the Technology has now certainly come a long way to predicting things and giving you Previews that are Amazing... like... 



Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have a new phone and took a bunch of blog photos with it. I hated the way they turned out! A camera most definitely works better.

    1. Phones take incredible images and they've perfected them to where I almost feel like a Pro Photographer using it... however, there is just something Special about a regular Camera, I agree, works better for me too!

  2. I really feel for you. Sometimes it just seems like they are so crazy making that I cannot see my way out. I just want to run away. Today, hubby and I were cleaning up a folding table, no big deal right? Well, a disagreement started...he said that I don't think like a man...and I replied that no, I am a woman. Didn't go over well. Hell, it never does. Good Luck Dawn!

    1. Sharon, certainly the Male and Female Mind think differently! *LOL* You had me Smiling in that something as simple as cleaning up a folding table can become a Big Deal! *LMAO* In hindsight it's funny, in the Moment, not so much, right? *Winks*


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