Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Save Pipehenge!

Save Pipehenge!  This stands a few Blocks from Villa Boheme', on what used to be part of Pristine Desert Acreage of a Working Cattle Ranch.  But now bought out by the Greedy Developers cramming seas of Subdivision Hell Residential Properties on every square inch they can buy out or force out!  It's all razed except for this, standing on the peripheral... and even more Cookie Cutter Subdivision Hell Housing is already going up!  At least someone kept their sense of Humor about it, you almost just have to really!  It made me at least Smile Today when I had to drive by what usually makes me nauseous, upset and angry.  Though I recognize we're part of the Problem, being we bought into Subdivision Hell to move here, so it's almost a sense of self-loathing as well.  I should be part of The Resistance... part of the Solution, not part of the Problem! 

As a Woman in America right now, and a Political Moderate not prone to extremes going on, there are a lot of bigger Issues playing out that are as deeply disturbing to me... it would be exhausting to attempt to be The Resistance to everything though!   With any Luck perhaps Saner Heads will prevail against the Insanity, but their impact is languishing and hesitant to take a Stand against the Nut Jobs and Extremists, and I'm not altogether certain as to Why?!?   Why as a Nation we've become so impotent as a Collective?  I have to Believe that there's more Sane people in America than the Craziest ones wrecking our Democracy with reckless abandon and enforcing their extreme standards upon the masses?!?!!  Freedom came at such a high Price to preserve, for so many, that we shouldn't just give it up so easily now!

I'd like to think we Value that hard earned Freedom enough to properly Honor those who died and made various other sacrifices to provide it to us!  I don't want to just hand over my Freedom to some Extremist voluntarily... or even involuntarily, while they try to enforce their Insanity upon those of us who see it for what it is... Controlling, Degrading and Oppressing other Human Beings!  It doesn't matter what self-righteous Labels they slap onto their Agendas to put Lipstick on the Pig and try to justify their Causes.... because... well... 

I think the atmosphere, Energy and Spirit of Negativity is so intense lately and on so many important levels, that it's very difficult, even for the Incurable Optimist, which is what I USED to call myself, to Feel as Optimistic as I'd like to!   I want to still try to harness as much Positive Energy and a Spirit of Optimism and pure Love, which will Create a Healthier atmosphere for my Family and I, as I possibly can.  I'm finding that to take all the Energy I have... and then some... to maintain any semblance of that lately though.   The toxicity of the Negative Energy and divisiveness permeating our Society since that Crazy Election, has just really been a constant drain upon the Soul... one that also pollutes so much that has been exposed to it, that you cannot simply avoid it.  It's way too messy to just sidestep.

It appears that promoting Greed and the Philosophy of Hedonism has now been backed up by our Leadership as the Highest Good and proper aim of Human Life to pursue intrinsic goods and maximize net pleasure at all costs!   Not for everyone of coarse, but for the elite few and PERHAPS anyone still on their bandwagon Base.  Though I  Seriously Doubt that, they're just fodder easily Manipulated to Believe they will be trickle down profiting from the Insanity.  The rest of the Country is thought to be The Enemy it seems... anyone not of them isn't being properly represented in this Administration, that's for sure.  

Certainly no Unity going on, no Unified Vision for The Good Of All... no Representation for ALL Americans!  I wasn't quite Sure when I became The Enemy, since it was never my Intention to be an American viewed by our Country's Leadership to be thought of in that Light, after ANY Election!  Don't remember ever Feeling that way after ANY other Election EVER... even if the Leader wasn't one I Voted for nor necessarily approved of.   When speaking to most Young People of my Older Grandchildren's Generation, the Pessimism about our form of Government even surviving all of this is making them Feel like the Future is quite Questionable for them.   I Feel like that too, but am at a Season of Life where at least, how many Years would I have to endure the consequences, compared to how many Years they would have to, you know!?  But THEY are the reason we should Resist, for their Sakes!  So they have a Future worth inheriting!

I want the very Best and Brightest Future for ALL Future Generations to inherit, not just me and mine!  I'd Like to be able to comfort them some by saying everything is going to be Okay... but I'm no bare faced Liar, so I can't even Promise that because I really don't know whether it will... or not?   Not for THEM anyway... it may be for some, the elite few... those being given Favor and obscene breaks at the expense of many.   Those that will Cash Out so big, that even if everything goes to Hell in a handbasket here in America, they've made enough to live comfortably anywhere else in the World that might still have a modicum of a desirable and valued way of Life left.  Sure, I'd Hate for that to play out that way... but it could... if the destructive direction isn't altered in a big way and a Stand taken to preserve our democracy.  Which isn't perfect even under ideal conditions, but it sure beats the alternatives lemme tell ya!

It's an Old Saying but I don't want our Goose to be Cooked!   That Old Saying implies that you're in big trouble or caused yourselves big trouble, in case you have never heard it or don't know what it means.  The "7th Generation Principle" taught by Native Americans says that in EVERY DECISION, be it governmental, corporate or personal, we must consider how it will affect our descendants Seven Generations into the Future.   Wouldn't it be Nice if our Modern Governments had that much Wisdom and applied that Principle before making any decision?   I remain Guardedly Optimistic at this point, that we may still have some Wise Leaders left... who will Challenge those lacking in Wisdom, Compassion, Conscience or the Desire to Represent us ALL and Serve the American People as a Collective.  Those who would form Meaningful Relationships with our Allies around the World, rather than pander to our potential Enemies... and have the discernment to recognize each for Who they really are.


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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