Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Going On The Fritz... The Upstairs Sauna Saga

I came Home from my Night Shift with my Grand-Daughter coming Downstairs sweating bullets saying it was too hot Upstairs!  Uh oh, sure enough, seems the Air Conditioner that serves the entire Upstairs has gone on the fritz AGAIN the first day we get a triple digit temp!   Dammit!   For a newer Home I swear this one has had more shit go on the fritz than I ever had in a Century old Home, where you'd be more likely to expect it to!  And it being past 10:00 p.m. before I get Home, too late to call it in for Repairs!

Well, we have a Home Warranty, that we spend a fortune on every Month, so Hopefully it will cover this?  Otherwise, what's the Point!?  The problem with Insurances and Warranties is what they don't or won't cover when shit goes wrong!?  I've probably had more battles concerning Insurance Coverage and Warranty Coverage than with anything else in Life!  I'm not looking forward to the early Morning call to get someone out here ASAP and see what's gone Wrong this time and what it might cost that isn't covered?!

We get the Units Serviced twice a Year, seems we just had someone out here, but you know how it is, when something decides to just quit working it often goes out with no forewarnings!   And typically at the most inopportune times, like when you don't have money saved up and just laying around waiting for a crisis!   So, I'm now contemplating what I can put Alduin and his Crickets in that would contain them Downstairs since it's already too Hot up there?  His Habitat is too heavy for me to schlep Downstairs alone.  And the Hamster Brothers will need Downstairs relocation as well now!

I just have to Hope it won't get too Hot for the Tropical Fish up there since I have no backup Plan for their transference Downstairs!  So it's 1:00 a.m. and I'm transferring Alduin to a Rubbermaid Tote big enough to contain him and put a mesh lid over the top of and his Heat Lamps on top of that.  He's cuddled up with his Head in the corner of a Towel and seems as Happy as a Clam at High Tide, so he did the transition effortlessly.  Good thing, by end of Month he's Traveling to Washington State so this is kinda prep for him having new spontaneous experiences!  *LOL*

I have a smaller Travel Hamster Habitat that I put Midnight in temporarily Downstairs, it has a built-in Wheel so he should be Happy enough if he can still run his Ass off all Night long?!  *LOL*   The 10 Gallon Cricket Aquarium is dormant now that we don't need an apocalyptic amount of Live food for a Chameleon.  So I transferred Hammy into that, it has a mesh lid and enough room for his paraphernalia and could be easily schlepped Downstairs without me breaking my Neck!  *Whew!*

I woke the sweaty mess up, that was now Princess T, and had her stagger Downstairs to finish sleeping in one of the Recliners in the Livingroom.  It was holding at 85 degrees up there, but couldn't be Cooled off even with Ceiling Fans spinning like mad, Windows and French Doors to the Juliet Balcony of Death open and some Coolness rising from Downstairs!  I think it's actually Cooler outside than it is up there right now and once the Sun is up and it heats up, it's going to get much hotter for anything to really have to be up there.  But I have no alternatives for the Tropical Fish, which bothers me, but what to do except mebbe add some Cooler water to their Tanks?

You know how crisis blindsiding you and problem solving on the Fly to avert disaster can make even a weary person now feel wide awake?!?   So now it's closer to 2:00 a.m. and the adrenaline Rush has put the kabosh on any Hope of falling asleep effortlessly now!  But I do have all Critters adequately Housed and occupying the Guest Bedroom now in comfort and sufficient Coolness.  I'm just glad this didn't happen when the Young Prince and his Guests had arrived from Washington since there is a capacity limit to one Guest Bedroom!  *LOL*

I don't think his Roommates would ever want to visit Arizona again if they had to suffer the Upstairs Temps presently making it an Upstairs Sauna!  *LOL*  Since The Hamster Brothers sleep all Day they shouldn't be too upset about much smaller Habitats if it takes even all Day to get things repaired.  That's IF I can even get someone out the same Day who can repair whatever is Wrong right away?!   Last time we had an Air Conditioning problem here it took a Week for them to be able to show up due to backlogs!

Yes, this isn't the first Air Conditioning Problem, it seems every damned Year here at Villa Boheme' we've had one... or more... Emergency Service Calls to fix it!   At the Historic Home we had annual preventative maintenance Servicing, but it never went on the fritz in over 15 Years!  Of coarse, neither did any Major Appliance there, even tho' some of them were 1940's Era!   Whereas here, with the super expensive and Fancy Stainless Steel top-o-the-line Appliances, we practically know the Repair Men on a first name basis!   Ah, the Luxury of it all!

Before said Air Conditioning Drama I had been Happily sorting thru Old Photos of The Family since I've been trying to Organize the Sentimental Stuff better.  Just look at the Carefree Innocence of Youth staring back at me from my High School Graduation Photo, I barely remember who that Girl was now!  *Le Sigh*  But, blasts from the Past are reminiscent of more Carefree Days and do bring back fond Memories of Yesteryear.

Mother's Day just isn't the same anymore once you've Lost your Mom and every Mother's Day has been Emotional for me even after several Years.   I'm not even sure that Grief ever really goes away, and the Missing never does, you just manage to go on and over Time you realize that will just be your new Normal now.  In fact, as the Losses keep adding up of those you Care about who now are departed, it's the toughest part of Aging in my opinion... outliving people.  Mom had warned me that it would be, by the time she passed, in her 80's, she'd outlived all but a scant few of her Generation of Friends and Family.  She had told me she didn't want to be the Last One left!

And I've been Thinking critically lately about what I want, or might be able, to Maintain in another Decade, if I'm Granted another one?   I have a Friend at Work and he's a Decade older than I am and we discussed Aging to past 70+ and what limitations that creates.  Even if you manage to stay pretty healthy and vital for that Age, it's definitely a tipping point of what you want or even can Maintain from then until whenever.   He's trying to downsize considerably too, he started later than I did and said it's wise I got a Decade's jump start on The Process.  He feels quite overwhelmed by his Process, like mebbe he waited too late to begin it?

I mean you Like still having nice things and all, but Maintaining possessions and a Home requires more of you as you Age, than you may have still in you to put forth.   Juggling a Family, Caregiving and Maintenance of everything is just a lot... even doing some Work outside of the Home is taking more out of me now.  So I know that this Purge has to really ramp up considerably within the next Decade, to get where I Need to be for us then being in our 70's.

It hasn't been Helpful that Sales are up and down... so random about what will Sell and when Sales will suddenly flatline and go Soft, that you simply cannot predict with any accuracy how you'll do?   They can start out Strong and then go Stagnant within a Pay Period... or vice-versa.   The Economy, in my humble opinion, is still very volatile with a lot of loose canon behavior going on in our Leadership, so regular folks remain quite guarded with their finances.

And depending upon your Demographic and the Circles you run in, I'm finding that most folks I happen to know, are not feeling like they're better off now than they have been.  A great many are struggling and working harder, yet feel less secure with their present or their future.   Whatever trickle down effect was Promised was a hoax, it always is, but some still buy into the Fantasy and Theory of it, I guess they want desperately to Believe it.  

 I never expected any trickle down to benefit us or be good for any average citizen.  We've had about 12 Years of Trickle Down Economics and the Wealth of the Super Rich does NOT trickle down to improve the Economy.  Favor of the wealthy and privileged has just made them Richer, while being framed as being good for the average citizen.   I do have Friends who still support the Theory, even while it's never worked for them personally... they hold onto the Myth that eventually they'll prosper from the Practice.   Well, if you haven't in 12 Years already, I doubt prosperity is coming by that vehicle for you... just sayin'!

Just piping along and averting disaster when crisis hits, as best we can, when you're just regular citizens, is about how it's going to be for now and for most of us.  Especially Seniors on fixed incomes or those unable to Work or find Employment with great income and good benefits.  That's not Pessimism so much as it is just most folk's Reality.  And I personally Hate to see so many good people who've Worked hard still be struggling.

 When it comes to Finances and Economics I simply refuse to Live in Fantasyland, it's just not Wise to.   I will Work my Hustle as best I can, just because for the average citizen that's your best bet.   Keep it moving and adapt, improvise and do what you have to on the Fly, unless your measure of Success has not yet been compromised by Hard Knocks Life.  The heat is on and turned up... at least Upstairs here at Villa Boheme'!  *Le Sigh*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You are GORGEOUS as high school graduate!!
    Sending cool thoughts right now to your Casa.

    1. Well, the 12 Year Old Air Conditioning Rep will be here any minute, they seem younger every time they send one out! *LOL* They squeezed us in right away given I told them Bedrooms are upstairs and I have Kids and Pets practically perishing up there so there won't be much Sleep until it's fixed! Thank You for the Sweet Words, yeah, this Rose faded fast so I don't look quite like that anymore! *bWAHAHAHAHA* Cool thoughts received, Thank You!

  2. I get what you mean about the over 70 Doc just kabashed the meds I had for my knee, since I'm now a senior citizen. Ripped ligaments are definitely painful---and moving in your sleep/awake--condition was impossible. Glad you and all the critters are going to be okay--nothing is worse than trying to move everyone. Your grad photo is gorgeous---lol, if only it

  3. Triple digit temperatures already! Oh my!

    I have been decluttering for years. The problem is the new stuff that keeps coming in. I try to only buy “needed” things but after a little while, I realize they weren’t really essential like I tried to convince myself.


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