Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Gas... Food... Lodgings... Child Technicians

Well the 12 Year Old Air Conditioning Tech had to add more expensive freon that leaked out since last Season, when another 12 Year Old Air Conditioning Tech added a bunch of expensive freon, but never found nor took care of the obvious leak!  These Techs get Younger all the time, or mebbe I'm just getting Older, who knows... but seems to me Companies send Children out to do a Man's Job... becoz how Experienced can you be when you don't look like you even shave yet?!  Yes, hyperbole, but this Kid was probably closer to my Grand-Daughter's Age than our Youngest Adult Child's Age, just sayin'!  So half of it had leaked out again... HALF being another $150 worth my Friends!  Tack on the Sixty-Nine Dollar Service Call with the Home Warranty Co-Pay and this got spendy AGAIN, for FOUR Years in a freakin' row!

  So this time I demanded the leak be found and taken care of properly, since we don't want to be pouring Money into a pre-existing problem that nobody has properly dealt with each Year we've been in this damned Fancy house!   Nice Kid, very Polite when Dealing with a fed up Grandma Type, but they'll have to come back and schedule a full on repair appointment now since this was... Surprise... beyond his level of expertise!  Mebbe next Appointment they'll send a 16 Year Old Air Conditioning Tech with vast experience?  *Winks*  On their dime this time, I'm not paying for another Service Call and I expect the Home Warranty to cover more than they haven't so far!  But at least they came out quickly this Morning to relieve us of not having Cool Air Upstairs!  *Whew!*

Suffice to say limping this Unit along has worked my last nerve already and I've clearly conveyed that!  But we now have Cold Air Upstairs and slowly the temps are coming down into the lower 80's and when it gets to the 70's, where it should be, I'll put all the Animals back in their usual Habitats.  Since the Jury Rigged temp housing is pretty jenky and Alduin is damned near as large as his Rubbermaid Tote!  With Antique Coffee Tins holding up his Heat Lamps so I don't fry him accidentally while he's basking!   Clearly Rubbermaid does not make Reptile Habitats so this was being made up on the Fly as we went along at damned near 3:00 a.m. this Morning!  You can only Imagine what Shape I was in after Working a Shift and blindsided by Crisis 'til 3:00 a.m.!

  I took the opportunity, once it Cooled off enough, to clean said usual Habitats thoroughly, why not, Vacancy makes that easier while the Critters are on Vacay in the Guest Bedroom mini Habitats!  *LOL*   Alduin likes the view thru his clear Rubbermaid digs, since he can watch Hammy in his, here, and seems fascinated by him.  Probably looks like an Interesting Lunch to Alduin, tho' I don't know if Bearded Dragons of two feet long eat Hamsters yet?!  *Smiles*  Hammy seems Clueless and just as Interested in observing his new Neighbor thru the safety of his Aquarium Glass, so every time I go in there they are staring at one another intently!  *Smiles*  But now Hammy has lost Interest and took a Nap to where he's less visible, so Alduin got bored too and isn't staring at him anymore!

Midnight has been the least Cheerful about his temp arrangements, so he's been angrily tossing Hamster bedding out of his Holiday Cage in defiance and twice tore the Roof off his Tiki Hut!  *LOL*  All that Rebellion clearly wore him out, so now he's spent and retired to a Nest he created in the far corner of what to him clearly is NOT Hamster Heaven!  *LMAO*  Yeah, I know, it ain't Bora Bora buddy, but I'm doing the best I can for ya on the Fly, Okay?  *Winks*  He should feel fortunate, some Hamster Owners make their Fur Babies live permanently in these too small Habitats the Pet Shops hawk and shouldn't, which is why most lose their Minds and become Psychotic!  If you look up Online professional Rodent Ratings, all these Habitat types get very low Scores!

While cleaning out Alduin's Habitat I saw where all the Luckiest Crickets have been hanging out so as not to get eaten.  So apparently he didn't manage to gorge on them all at once, which is a relief since now I don't have to buy any more before the Young Prince comes to get him.   I put about half in his temp Vacay digs and the rest are hanging out in the now empty Habitat Upstairs which is going thru it's renovation Process.   Note to all persons who have never yet owned a Reptile, Beardies are the most personable Reptile you could possibly own, but they sure do stank!  Well, they don't, but their messy unclean Habitats sure do!  *LOL*  Alduin likes his Baths so he's a very dapper Beardie who is quite pampered.

I'm air drying his Habitat Carpeting as we speak, since it's over 100 degrees Today so it shouldn't take too long to dry out after washing it.  He really likes his Towel tho', so it's been a nice Change for him to cuddle up in it, they rather like being rolled up in Toweling like a Beardie Burrito so long as you keep it loose. 

 He's now grown so big and long that when he's on my Chest, his Head is near my Neck and his Tail ends at my Hips!   And I think he's got a lot of growing and filling out to do, so he is docile as a Lamb but pretty Intimidating already!  He still Eyeballs my Dreads in a way I'm not entirely comfortable with, since if they move and resemble a Worm or Snake to him, we could have a 'Dreadful' Situation?  *LOL*

I went to the Pet Store to get more Hamster Bedding to finish up the renovations of The Hamster Brother's Habitats Upstairs.   The Tropical Fish were none the worse for wear for their absence of Air Conditioning, they didn't even notice. 

 Everyone is now back where they belong in refreshed Quarters, which has inspired Princess T to go on a Cleaning frenzy in her own Room!  Whoo Hoo!  Midnight was still angry about his temp lodgings so was not in the Mood for a Photo Op clearly!  Hammy obliged and tho' initially the most temperamental of the two, he's become more Chill now about people! *LOL* Not sure yet when the Air Conditioning Team Two will show up to finish the job and ensure no more leaks?  They had said less than 48 Hours and since it's working Fine to Cool Upstairs I'm Okay with that, tho' $219 Lighter!

With the Sweet Salvage Event Opening Day being Tomorrow, that bites having to shell out so much for unexpected house repairs.  My Girl's Day out Tomorrow shall be on a shoestring budget for sure.  My sentiments are shown in the positioning of my Palmistry Hand's elevated Finger.  *Winks*  It's been rather an exhausting 48 Hours lemme tell ya, I'll NEED my Me Day!!!  I talked to our Oldest Daughter and she got me to laughing about it all, she's hilarious.  Once your Adult Children reach Middle Age they finally 'Get' you on a level not previously attained.  I knew my Mom and I drew closer once I reached Middle Age, we became really good Friends and Confidants.  

Princess T's last day of School will be Tuesday and the two Days next Week will both be half Days.  So the School Year is winding down and we'll see how many of her Classes she managed to actually Pass?  It wasn't looking so good when they did the IEP recently, she was Failing damned near everything then.  Our Oldest Daughter said their Youngest is doing Online Schooling now and will probably finish out High School that way, the Public School Systems sucking like they do.  Our Oldest Daughter was an excellent Student, super Smart and Graduated with Honors.  But she concurs that if your Student has any challenges, Public School doesn't wanna assume responsibility to bother with it and help the Child Succeed.

At least I don't feel like the Lone Ranger with my frustration trying to Deal with the Public School System and a Student challenged with The System as it stands.  I'm hearing so many Parents testifying to similar circumstances we've found ourselves in, while trying to get The G-Kid Force an adequate Education!  I had thought mebbe my Age made me too out of touch... or that their Special Needs made it more difficult academically perhaps... but it seems even Modern Parents have very similar lamentations, not just Grandparents trying to raise their Grandkids and get them thru School successfully!  It's not just the Special Needs Child falling thru the cracks!

Both Daughters Hope to be able to come for a visit relatively soon, it's been far too many Years that either of them have been able to come to Arizona to be together in person with any of us.  The Daughter in Mexico said that when she comes the first time, now she's got her Passport, she'll come solo without the three Younger Kids in tow yet.  Probably Wise not to drag three Kids you didn't Raise along with you on an epic Road Trip without Help and when you have SMI anyway.  When I told the Older Daughter she said she wouldn't wanna have to drag the three Kids she DID Raise along with her on an epic Road Trip, we laughed hysterically about that!   Middle Aged and Senior Mom Humor is very similar and equally twisted!  *LMAO*

If we could get all of the Grown Kids together for a visit that would be excellent and long overdue!   If we could throw in a few Older or Grown Grandkids eventually that would be epic as well, most of the Cousins only know each other from Online due to distance factors.   I think they all realize if we don't do it now... or soon... then When?  Tomorrow is Promised to no-one and none of us is getting any Younger!  Besides, if we can get this whole Crew together all at once to kick it, then it will be one Helluva kick Ass long overdue Partay!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It seems appliances are breaking down everywhere. My in-laws had to replace their heater and dishwasher, which said goodbye at the same time. But I’m sure they didn’t have nearly as much fun cleaning, in the meantime, as you did. Dead Midnight and everyone else is back where they belong. 😁

    1. Yes Magaly, I don't think they build Appliances like they used to, this now being mostly a disposable Society we live in and poorer quality of everything built since they don't intend for it to last. Midnight is Happy again, I think he just wanted to convey how miffed he was about the transitional period! *Smiles*

  2. Whew!! So glad you're getting cooler air and hope they can find the leak. I'm dreading summer at our home. we called air conditioner repair twice last year and cost a fortune and similar to yours, never found a problem. Ugh!
    How great to have all your kiddos together soon. I know that will be good for your soul.

    1. Agreed that Summers tend to be when everything goes on the fritz in the Desert and honestly I would not want to be in the Trades in this Climate during that Season! That's probably why all the Techs are 12, grown Men have better sense? Mebbe... I dunno... Men and better sense in the same sentence is rather like saying I'm from the Government and I'm here to Help you... huh? *LMAO* Yes, it will be good for my Soul to have all of our Grown and now Middle Aged Kids together, they're all at ages now {30's and 40's} where they are a lot less Drama and a Headache! *Ha ha ha*

  3. My goodness, I had no idea Alduin had become so large, being lizard ignorant. My he is interesting though. Glad you have survived...and I so hope you can have all your kids together...seems sad, the only time anyone gets together is a funeral----here. I wasn't blessed with brothers/sisters, but I do keep in contact with my cousins via the internet...thank goodness. Hope you all have a GREAT time together...looking forward to Sweet Salvage ...always enjoy your forays! Thanks, Sandi

    1. Yes Alduin is one Big Boy and still growing! I'm glad I won't have to handle him at Maturity as he'll be living out the rest of his Life in Washington with The Grandson. Who is the Reptile Whisperer, and will do a much better job of raising Alduin! I doubt everyone will come together at once and that is Okay... it can get complicated... so perhaps staggered visits may be best? *Smiles* Sweet Salvage was, as usual, Uplifting and Inspirational... and with budget constraints, I had to behave, which is Okay and preferable too. *Winks* I did a couple of Posts about it but so far not a lot of views... lately The Land Of Blog has been quieter, less Visitors dropping in than usual... mebbe they're all over at Instagram? *Ha ha ha* I'm so far behind the Times... ah well...


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