Monday, April 15, 2019

Sweet Salvage ~ Backroads And Blooms ~ Part III

I was Childless on Sunday since Princess T had gone to a Slumber Party Saturday Night and a Pool Party on Sunday, so I went back to The Sweet.  Yes, I had an Agenda, I had decided that if Bun-Bun hadn't Sold yet, she'd be mine and it was meant to be.  *Smiles, see how I justify that?!  Winks*

I was Surprised that this Amazing piece hadn't Sold yet, surely someone has a big enough Home to Showcase it?!  It had been part of the Office Space of the Designer.  I don't know how she could part with such a Unique and jawdropping Statement piece, it had to be difficult, I've never seen anything like it.

A lot of the Cubbies had Sold, these are always handy for Storage or Displaying other Collections.   Vintage Industrial Cubbies are my Favs, so Utilitarian and yet Cool looking.

This one was a Favorite since it was also part of a Desk so serves double function and yet looks Cool.   And you're probably now Wondering, since I haven't even mentioned her, WELL, was Bun-Bun still there?

Yep she was, waiting on me, it was just meant to be and just in time for Easter!  *Winks*  Her placement wasn't where I originally intended, since heavy furniture was in the way so I couldn't reach the height I needed to, so the logistics were all wrong.  With The Young Prince gone no heavy furniture is going anywhere or being moved, since I'd Need more Muscle to assist me in that endeavor!  So, she's in the Formal Dining Room instead of the Library.

Which is Fine since she joins the other Bun-Bun in there that I got from Cyndie several Shows ago.  Both Gals are Modeling some of my Antique European Rosary Collection and of coarse their other Bunny Bling.  I Need some Whimsy Today since I'm DEEP in trying to catch up on the backup of Laundry!

And when I say DEEP I mean DEEP my Friends, since I have procrastinated on doing all of The Young Prince's dirty Laundry he left behind... and our own got way backlogged too.  So, it's just another Manic Monday and I'm looking like this Today, as I slog away at Laundress Duty in my Jammies with my Dreads tied up in various Ligas to try to keep them off my Neck and Back, since it gets too hot otherwise and they're now too thick for just one Liga to contain them. The Man thought my Dread Antennae looked hilarious and Dared me to Photograph myself, so I did... he knows I'm always up for a Dare!

I'm not the only one very Chill Today and Laid Back, Miss Priss is as well, she was totally Zoned Out as I took these pixs to Share, she didn't budge!  We think that one of the Neighbors must have planted some Catnip coz she's been acting lately, when she goes outside and comes back in, like she's on Kitty Crack!  *LOL*   She's not a Young Cat so the fact she's doing Somersaults and Circus Acrobatics... Weirding herself out by looking at her reflection in the Windows then Freaking Out by said reflection... chasing Shadows and Glassy Eyed... is just a Clue she's High on SOMETHING!  *LMAO*

And then she begs to go outside again for another Hit... and after a few Trips... well, she's pretty much laid out like THIS for Hours, almost comatose!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*   I swear, we Need a little bit of whatever it is that Miss Priss is On!  *Winks*   So, that's how our Manic Monday is going Today and so it's a great time, in between Laundry Loads to give you yet another installment of the 'Backroads And Blooms' Imagery!

The Event was a Wrap by Sunday Afternoon, but I was there close to Closing and it was still very busy.  They restock Inventory and Create New Vignettes thruout the four Day Event, so you can still find some Fresh great Treasures any Day you attend.  That is also why I try to always go back at least one more time if my schedule permits.   This Month I was fortunate to be able to go three out of the four Days.

The Antique Reliquary Necklaces are some of my Favorites in the Boutique Area, but this Line of Vintage Baby Rattle Necklaces are Sweet too.  And speaking of Sweet and Babies, the Grand-Daughter Shared some of the new Baby ultrasounds of the Great-Grand-Daughter who will be born this Summer.  They're three dimensional now and so much more clarity than back in the day when our Kids and even our Grandkids were in the womb!

I'm running so far behind in everything nowadays that I owe Three Grown Grand-Daughters their Birthday Money and the Baby Shower Money for the new Great-Grand-Daughter already!!!  Yikes!   When the Family gets really large that happens and we can barely keep up with all the Birthdays, new Births, and Weddings going on in the Family with Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren!

So catching up with the backlog of Laundry is just the beginning of playing catch up my Friends!   I'm trying not to fall too far behind the Eight Ball and it's a little exhausting when I finally gird up to catch up!  *LOL*   I'd just gotten all the leaves raked up in the front Yard to appease the uptight HOA or any complaining Neighbors and we had a big windstorm and now it looks like it did before I even did it!  *Le Sigh*  I Love my huge Desert Willow Trees but they sure are messy!   But the Shade they throw off is a huge Blessing in the Desert and rather Priceless.

The Man has his Dreaded VA Follow-Up Appointment Tomorrow and we know it will likely not be the best of News.   He's very stubborn and negligent in taking the best Care of himself and you can't Exercise and eat FOR someone!  So even as the most diligent Caregiver, I choose my battles with him on what I'll enter into combat to insist that he do.   When someone is Grown, regardless of Disability, they still have Free Will if they're deemed competent enough to make some of their own decisions and choose options.

When Quality of Life is already seriously impaired due to extent of Disability, level of Suffering and Chronic Illness, then they often just dig their Heels in on what they just Want to do and still have a measure of Control over.   I have to Respect that and be Gracious about what he just doesn't Want to do anymore, even if it would be beneficial to him to do it.  It also means when he sees his Doctors they are not going to be happy that he's not doing everything he could be to stabilize his condition or try to improve Health and Quality of Life.

But let us be Fair, there are a vast majority of people who are Well and have no barriers or Disabling factors to overcome that still don't want to put in the Work to Exercise regularly, or eat Healthy and consistently improve Diet, lose weight and exhibit discipline that would be beneficial to them!   So when someone has a lot of physical, emotional and mental challenges, it sometimes makes it all the harder to develop those Habits that would improve overall function and hopefully some level of Wellness they can attain. 

Since The Man suffers from constant Chronic Pain, but doesn't want to become addicted to Pain Management Meds again, it hurts him considerably to Exercise, so we take it easy even when I can get him on board to do some.  And as for Diet and eating Healthy, I try to offer him much of what I'm eating that is Healthy and more beneficial, but sometimes he is resistant to Health Foods.  So we have to reach a compromise on that too sometimes so that he'll eat at all!  Traumatic Brain Injury can make it so he loses track of Time and what he last did, even eating, so his Routine is important.

Straying from his Routine, even in Beneficial ways, can throw him off considerably, so it takes a lot of prep time to alter his Routines and Schedule as he knows it.   So, I don't expect a stellar Follow-Up Appointment Tomorrow Morning at the VA and we also have some concerns to address as well.  He's had some deterioration in his Health and his function that is concerning because we aren't sure Why and what the cause might be?

That always makes it so that he's not really Wanting to go and risk getting even more Bad News.  At some point you just don't Want to hear any more Negative News about your Health and what they Can't do for you now!   Or... what they want to do and put you thru, but which might not make any real significant difference so that you want to Endure all that either!!!   Suffice to say neither of us is looking forward to this Doc Appointment.

We still have to get in to see my Eastern Medical Doctors with the Generous Gift Certificates that my Friend gave to us, as a Thank You for letting her stay here with us for a prolonged visit while she looked for a New Home.  We ARE looking forward to those visits, we have a lot of Confidence in Eastern Medical Practices and they are never as invasive as Western Medical Practices.  They gently Help the Body to do what it was Designed by The Creator to do, Heal itself.

I've got to get Princess T in for her Dental Follow-Up too, we've just had so many Appointments stacking up that squeezing yet another one in on the Calendar is logistically challenging!   But, Today getting caught up on my Laundry is making me feel somewhat accomplished, I'm washing the last load now and then have about 6 more loads to dry!   I Love my Fast Wash Cycle, but alas, don't have a Fast Dry Cycle to keep caught up on drying it all!  *Le Sigh*  Dont'cha just Love the smell of Clean freshly done Laundry though?!?

Now, back to the Show..  The Twilight Zone Vignette of Old TV with 1960's Mannequin Child Heads Sold.   I thought it was Creepy Cool and had a Trendy Vintage Mid-Century Modern Look to it.  Mid-Century Mod is still very Popular, especially when International Buyers come into Town, they're hauling Shipping Crates full of it Overseas to Decorate their Homes and Businesses with.

I'd Love to see the Home or Business this all went out the Doors to!   I'm Glad that someone also had the Vision to Repurpose the Vintage TV Cabinet into something to Showcase a Vignette.  Those Old TV Cabinets are often Futuristic Looking Cool!   When you think of the Era they came from, the Lines were very Forward Thinking and Futuristic for their Time.

How many of you Intentionally Decorate your Homes or Businesses with something Interesting and considered Outside Of The Box?   How many of you won't be Tamed and stay Wild with Decorating with what YOU Love, regardless of popular opinions or what might be Trending that you just don't happen to Gel with?   There are a lot of Trends that I just don't Like... and some I do Like, mebbe even Love, but just wouldn't be for me.

When it comes to Style and Decorating or Aesthetic, to thine own Self be True is the best advice I could give anyone really.   If it's for you, then you'll Connect to it and really Feel it.   The Man and I have always been very Eclectic and Eccentric about what we happen to Connect to, me especially.  We're totally Okay with that and with surrounding ourselves with what we personally Love and happen to Dig.  Even in the Face of Critics who would presume to Critique your Aesthetic and Taste, you should do it anyway!!!

When peeps are following their own Hearts it just Lights them up when they're talking about what they're doing with their Homes or Businesses.  I Love to stand in Line at these Events and hear everyone's Stories about what they're doing to pursue Living their Dreams and Decorating their Homes or Businesses.  What to Hope to find if they have a set Agenda... or what by Serendipity they don't even know they Want or Need UNTIL they lay Eyes upon it randomly!  I'm usually of the latter Camp of having Objects FIND ME!  *Smiles*

And don't worry, since I went thrice to the Event, I have more Inspiration of Imagery left to Share my Friends!  So be sure to come back and join us yet again for Part Four and beyond... and we'll also chat about all kinds of random Topics along the way!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Lovely chat Dawn. Wishing you all the best or not the worst at your Drs appointment while I am at mine. We can think of each other! Gorgeous imagery as usual, and so happy you found Bun Bun!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Well, his Appt. went better than expected. Tho' not Good news it wasn't the Worst news either and he seemed to be okay with that. They also weren't mad busy so we didn't have to wait a very long time and the Doctor could spend more time with him in consultation.

  2. I always love your jaunts to this place----hope all goes well, or as well as you can deal with. And, Bun-Bun is adorable...but she whispered, she really wants a new tiara.

    1. A new Tiara does she want now? *LOL* I've always got several knocking around this place so her Wish could come True. *Winks* His Appt. did go well enough we could Deal with it, so that was a relief and he got to spend a considerable amount of time consulting with his Doctor since for once the VA wasn't mad busy!

  3. The bun bun coming out of the frame is precious!! I want a bun bun!!!!
    That rattan chair with the big halo over it is incredible. I love everything.
    Yes, i decorate outside the box- i have a headless mannequin in my living room and i switch out the dresses quarterly. LOL
    Prayers for a good appointment and no bad news.


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