Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sweet Salvage ~ Backroads And Blooms ~ Part II

So we're back for the 2nd Installment of the 'Backroads And Blooms' Event at The Sweet.  I just Loved this Vignette with the Vintage Glove Forms.  I have some in White at Home, but I've never seen them in these Colors... I would have liked to have gotten at least the Light Green one, had Budget permit.

Oh, and that Gorgeous Lamp too, which the Amazing Antique Bordello Style Shade is SO ME dont'cha think?!  *Winks*   And that Fabulous Urn with the Demon Faces on it, OMG!  You see, there were so many things during this Event that I would have liked to have Scored, if Money and Space were no object!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

I would like to say I Need a 2nd Home, you know, just to stash more of my possessions and Decorate another Home!  *LMAO*  Actually, I was talking to my Friend Minnie about her recent purchase of a Vacation Getaway Cabin up North.  So, since I couldn't spend any more of my Money, we got together to spend some of hers for Decorating the New Cabin!  I am a Great Enabler that way you know!  *Winks*

It is actually just as much Fun to assist in Helping a Friend to Decorate their Spaces and spend their Money, I ain't gonna lie!  *LOL*  I could easily be a Professional Shopper, I'm Seasoned at it, just ask The Man!  *Smiles*  Hey, you can't take it with you, so you might as well spend some of it on the trappings you Desire here on Earth, since it's not going with you to Heaven my Friends!

Besides, if you have a Good Eye... and I KNOW YOU ALL DO, Right... most of what you Invest in will gain in Value and be better than Money in the Bank nowadays.  Since accrued Interest right now from Banks pretty much sucks at the paltry rates they're offering on piling your Money up with them and calling it an Investment.  Most are well below 2% yields right now and I can find all kinds of ways to grow profits from Investing my $$$ better than that!

I only keep Savings right now for Emergencies, not for Investing via Financial Institutions.   As a Retired Bank Executive I do Wish the Interest Rates for Investing were as high as they used to be when I was in the Business.   I kept my Stocks, which still keep reaping me Dividends as they always have all these years, but pretty much everything else I liquidated when yields began to suck.

Real Estate is still a pretty good Investment if you know what you're doing... and don't watch so much HGTV that you Imagine yourself to be some expert Home Flipper just because you saw some Episodes and think you can do that!  *LMAO*   OMG some of the molestation of Historic Homes that inept or amateur Flippers are doing around the City is nothing short of terrifying, it should be a Crime and outlawed!

It's like when Painting Furniture became Trendy and so every DYI'er began buying Chalk Paint, Milk Paint and shit, Distressing in all the wrong places where Natural Wear would never occur, thinking they could do that too!   Some of the results were hideous and looked like they gave their Paintbrush to a Toddler and the Distressing was so fake that it was a joke!  Leave it to the Experts who know what they're doing so you're not molesting lovely Old pieces of Furniture!  Or better yet, leave the Original Patina that only Time CAN impart properly!

That is one thing I give The Designers at The Sweet major props for, when they do a Makeover, a Re-upholstery, an Upcyle, or Re-purpose, they do it Professionally and very WELL!   If it is done RIGHT then it can be a thing of real Beauty and improve each piece under the Skilled Hands of someone who really knows what they're doing.

The Sea Glass Ball Necklace in the Dark Green on the Far Left is one of them I bought at the Show.

In fact, here's my four Necklaces I Scored.

And here's my Friend Roman showing off some of the hilarious Antique Apothecary with Labels that sometimes have the most outrageous claims and quack Medicine of their day!   The one he's holding we particularly found Amusing!

A Close-Up... Yeah, it's Bed Bug Poison!!!!!!  *Smiles*  I Love to get the most Interesting ones for my Cabinets of Curiosities.

And the Remedies they touted for Infants... OMG... nowadays CPS would have a Field Day if a Parent gave their Infants, Toddlers or Children such sketchy shit for ailments!   The one on the Left with the Baby's Image Graphics, Grove's Iron Tonic Syrup, Claimed it Healed everything from Fits Of Depression to Diarrhea and everything inbetween, I kid you not!!!!!   A real Snake Oil Remedy that one! *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

Tho' of coarse I was Thrilled there was so much Antique Rx Apothecary and Cabinet Of Curiosities merchandise available at this Show, since that's My Thing, I also Loved the Soothing inventory they had of Botanical Style, which I also Decorate with a lot at Home.

There were still Crowned Ducklings available just in time for Easter.  The Man Loved these too and didn't realize I'd already bought some at last Month's Event!  *LOL*   I told him, Honey, they've been sitting on the Easter Altar for a whole Month already!  *Smiles*

Of coarse I should talk... I thought Easter was going to be THIS Sunday... and my Friend Stephanie, who I'm going to buy some Wonderful Fresh Pastel Eggs from, reminded me that it's NEXT Sunday, so I still have a whole Week left!  *LMAO*   I'm getting so mixed up lately when anything is!  I got The Man ready for a VA Doc Appointment this last Wednesday only to find out it's not until this coming Wednesday!  Oooops, all dressed up, nowhere to go!  *Bwahahaha!*

Okay, so I HAVE to insert now what Stephanie's Fresh Pastel Eggs are gonna look like, her Sister has Chickens and we're ordering these in time for Easter!  Only Three Bucks a Dozen, which is a great Deal!

I so Wanted to buy my Friend Cyndie's Black Duckling, so rare to find this Color in Taxidermy Ducklings.

And tho' I still have more Architectural Salvage Old Doors than any Sane Woman should still have, even after having Sold Off a slew of them... I did totally Dig my Friend Shelly's Door with 102 PRIVATE on the Window and that Gorgeous Patina on the Painted Wood!!!   You know how it is, once an Architectural Salvage Hoarder, ALWAYS an Architectural Salvage Hoarder!  *Winks*

I'm still scheming of a way to afford going back for Bun-Bun and the Black Duckling... Sales have increased considerably during our Antique Mall's big Sale this Weekend... so, I might be able to justify it... not Sure yet?!?  One more Day left before this Event is a Wrap... so still have all of Sunday to consider it!

With my 5-to-1 or More Rule firmly in place, anytime I bring something in, five or MORE objects have to be Sold Off to keep me accountable.   One would think I could avoid Critical Mass with those Rules in place, but I still have much Editing and Purging to go, since I've been a Successful Accumulator for quite some time now.  *Winks*

But it's what we Human Magpie's just DO, you know... I've come to Terms with that Fact.  I'd have to try to alter my whole State of Being to be different and I'm not altogether Sure I would Want to be!?!??!?!?!   Those of us inclined to Incurable Collecting just have a knack for it, call it a Gifting of sorts, since we can stash some pretty Awesome Stuff and squirrel it away!  *Ha ha ha*

So a show of Hands, how many of you who Follow and Support the Ole' Blog are similarly Afflicted and would call yourselves Avid Junquers?  How many of you, if we were to Buddy Up, would definitely contribute to each other's Delinquencies and be Awesome Enablers?  *Winks*

How many of you Love and even LIVE to Create and to Decorate!?!  If you do then you realize it's as Natural for you as drawing your next Breath!   I couldn't even Imagine NOT Creating or NOT Decorating and making my World more Beautiful, you know?

And guess what, I did FINALLY get around to planting some Herbs and Veggies in Pots that are in the Front Courtyard, where it's shadier and they are already thriving!   I have Chocolate Mint, Sweet Basil, Oregano, Mint, Butter Lettuce and two kinds of Tomato... a Husky Cherry Red and an Unknown that some Bird pooted into a space in my Garden so it's a Mystery Tomato Plant deposited by a Call of 'Nature'!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

Actually we get a lot of Wild Birds that frequent the Back Garden because Miss Priss has her Water Bowl and Kibbles back there and she Shares it with the Native Wildlife freely.  In fact, she won't kill anything but the Pigeons, all the Native Bird Species she's made Friends with and lets them partake of her Kibbles and Water... Strange huh?   The Sky Rats that my Neighbors have to pay a fortune to control, Miss Priss either scares them off our Property or takes them Out if they get too emboldened to stay.   Now, I don't have anything against Pigeons honestly, so long as they stay in the Park, but they do become Nuisance Birds in Residential areas and spread disease so I'm Glad she controls them for Free for us.  She is a Semi-Retired Working Cat STILL!  *Winks*

Otherwise they do like to roost in the crevices of these Homes or under the Solar Panels and they make one helluva racket and mess up there so I'm Thankful that Miss Priss has made them feel too Scared to hang around our Rooftop.   We live so far outside of the City that I'm actually amazed that a flock of Pigeons ended up this far out and near the Desert... usually the Predatory Birds of Prey that are indigenous take them out quickly.

Anyway, the Pigeon Population is being Culled by Miss Priss, another dead one in the Garden this Morning.   But enough of that... this was one of my Favorite Vignettes at the Event, Loved everything about it and the Color Palette.

It has more White than we have in our Home, but I did like the Black and the Sepia or Mustard Hues of this combo... and the Prints which were kinda Batik Tribal... which I like the Simplicity and Look of.

But I especially Loved these Ornate Antique Sconces set against Salvaged Wood and Antique Framed with bare Edison Bulbs!  *Swoonfest of epic proportions!*

And this Metal Vintage Industrial Cabinet where that Patina is EVERYTHING!   If I had room for more Furniture {which I don't} this would be a piece I'd Invest in for sure!

I would show you a Panoramic of it but it was in a tight spot and I was backed up against something else to even get this angle, so it's the best I could manage.  *Smiles*  I practically do some Tantric Yoga Poses to get some of these shots lemme tell ya!  *Winks*

And here's a Funny Story about this piece and my attempts to Photograph it for ya!  I don't like to make Fun of other Customers, but sometimes they just MAKE you make Fun of them, I swear!  *Winks*  I was attempting to just Photograph this piece and there was an Older Lady standing Guard over it, like she was almost splayed across it like she was guarding a Newborn Infant from Predators... so I knew she probably wanted to buy it or was seriously thinking about it anyway.   I asked her if I could just take a pix of it before she bought it... she wouldn't budge and glared at me!

I wasn't Sure if she didn't Trust and Believe me or what... she just countered with she was going to show it to her Daughter who probably wanted to buy it.  So, Okay, fiercely Territorial People who might react rabidly during an Event I avoid like the plague so I walked away, content NOT to Photograph it if that might upset her coz I'm a Drama Free Mama by Choice.  Well, I walks by sometime much later and it's still there UNSOLD and they hadn't even bought it after all... so then I Photographed it... TWICE!  *Winks, Yeah, I'm a Rebel like that!  Bwahahahahaa!*   I mean, it is a freakin' big, heavy Industrial piece, so it wasn't AS IF I was going to snatch it away from her and run off with it, right?!?  So it was Silly not to Graciously let me just Photograph it in the first place!

But some people do get Weird about Stuff, mebbe they've had some Negative Bad Experiences in their Past, I dunno?  I try not to Judge, but it sure struck me as Hilarious and so I had to make Fun of the Incident because it tickled me actually and I Smiled and shook my Head as I just walked away.   Especially since they didn't even buy it after all, so clearly weren't THAT Serious about it, so I Smiled again when I saw it wasn't even Sold and they'd just walked off and abandoned purchasing it at all after staunchly Guarding it with her very Life.  *LMAO*

Now, that's definitely an exception to the Rule here, most Shoppers are very Polite and Nice, I've made so many Friends at this Event and you see Regulars all of the time and always chat.   Most will be your Tribe of peeps, many make Monthly Pilgrimages, and totally 'Get' one another, so there is that commonality and camaraderie that forms Bonds... even with total Strangers.

We'll chat while in Line waiting for the Doors to open and then chat some more when we run into each other while Shopping inside and compare what we've Scored already.   Most have Shared a Vision they might have for whatever it is they're seeking to manifest that Vision in their Homes or Businesses.

And sometimes, tho' seldom, a piece you couldn't get during one Event, might just linger long enough for you to procure it at the next one!?!   But she or he who hesitates is usually Lost, so just sayin', if you absolutely cannot Live without something, better get it when you first lay Eyes upon it... a LOT goes out those Doors and you won't get a 2nd Chance!

You better have some Powerful Mojo you put all over it otherwise my Friends!  *Winks*   Yeah, I've DONE THAT... I really have... my MINE Mojo is pretty Powerful I must say!  *Winks*

I have Admired the Fabric on these Bistro Chairs for two Events now and tho' I haven't put my Mojo on them, since I have absolutely nowhere to put Bistro Chairs and it's not AS IF I don't already own too many of them anyway... I do gravitate towards this Set!   I'm Hopeful they Sold so I'm NOT unduly Tempted at the next Event?!?


The same with Great Old Typeset Cabinets, of which I already own some Fabulous ones, but I just have this penchant for the damned things... and so I fall in Lust with just about every one I ever see!  *LOL*

AND Old European Commercial Sized Demijohns... if they have Graphics like this, even tho' I already Own several... a definite forbidden Love Affair goes on!  I was having such a forbidden Love Affair with this particular one that had some Great Graphics and was HUGE!

Well, be sure to come back for Installment No. 3 of the Series since I still have a lot of Eye Candy left to Share!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Phew! I'm so glad I don't live closer. I would be broke for sure! Ha ha!
    Gorgeous posts Dawn. Needed some beauty today. xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Glad to oblige Jack, hope all is Well? Yes, it does do some damage to the wallet if you aren't restrained! *winks*

  2. I love love that industrial table but even more in love with the candelabra on top of your cute bistro chairs! I saw many things I would love to have. What a great show!
    My show got rained out on Saturday and I was so disappointed.


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