Friday, March 15, 2019

Rekindling An Old Love Affair

Sometimes you forget how much you Missed an Old Love until you get it back and rekindle an Old Love Affair!  I'm talking of coarse about my trusty Old Pink Kodak Camera!  What did you THINK I was talking about my Friends and Passers By taking a Blog gander?!?  *LMAO*  Okay, so the Post Hook drew you in, thinking perhaps that it would be something salacious and scandalous in the Post topic and we wouldn't merely be talking about Old Camera Love.  Sorry, but hey, whatever, now you're here you might as well stick around and look at some pretty pictures, right?  Taken with the Old Girl, and I'm talking about the Camera! *Smiles* 

Well, Okay then, here's THE Old Girl taken with the Old Girl, tho' I totally suck at Selfies.  I don't know how everyone Masters the Art of The Selfie and always looks so Stunning in their Selfies?!   I'm not even certain being Younger and Thinner would help with how inept I am at The Selfie.  I could Photoshop the shit out of this and it wouldn't give the same Illusion my Mirror did this Morning, when I thought I looked pretty good after wrangling my Dreads up into a weaved pile and slapping a Turban Wrap around them!  *LMAO*   I'm getting better at The Wrap and of weaving the Dreads successfully and quickly tho', I like wearing this Style, it's comfortable and exactly My Style.  I scrutinized and Obsessed over Dread Wrap Imagery Online until I figured I had it Down pat!

The hilarity being, that if you think taking a Selfie is hard, try taking one of the back of your Head effectively my Friends, to Share how your Dread Wrap turned out!   *LOL*   In half the frames my Head wasn't even barely IN the frame, so it just looked like Drunk Blogging Imagery of cockeyed and strange angled views of the Room around me!  *Smiles*  Take my Word for it, I was sober and it looks way better than this in the Mirror, well, so did the Face On... Okay, so mebbe in my Mind's Eye it all looked more Fabulous than it was?!  *Bwahaha!*   Tho' I'm totally smitten with my trusty Old Camera's ability to make my Photography look Good and always turn out effortlessly... Selfies are clearly still a Work in Progress!

My Dreads are Maturing quickly and nicely now, they're growing quicker, thicker and stick like Velcro when you're Styling them.  So contrary to online dialogues about complexity of working with one's Dreads, since some Dreadheads seem to have problems with theirs, I haven't had that unfortunate experience at all.  My old Hair was always such a pain in the Ass and high maintenance, that I find this Style so much more liberating and conducive to my Lifestyle and preferred way of wearing various Hairstyles I like.   I'm only limited by my Imagination now on ways to wear my Hair and it's so much Healthier and stronger than before.  My only regret, I didn't do this beaucoup Years ago my Friends!  I'm a Dreadhead for Life now!  The most random unexpected Compliments I get daily now, oddly from Young People and Men in particular... who knew how many Dudes totally dig Dreads or have a Dread Fetish and walk up and tell you how much they Love your Hair?!   For a Senior... and when the Guy is Young and clearly Sincere with the Compliment, that's damn Flattering Talk my Friends! *Winks*

Okay, back to Old Camera Love talk... loading onto Blogger now, a breeze, so I'll be back to Blogging way more frequently now that it's not going to be such a labor intensive Process and headache every time.  And no more oversharing on Facebook just to fix resolution to transfer over to The Land Of Blog, so Color me deliriously Happy!  *Whew!*  I just J'Adore my trusty Old Pink Kodak Camera, having it back is like the Old Love Affair it always was Photographing with it and Blogging with it's Imagery!   When a Camera is too complicated... well, any gadget actually, I become frustrated beyond Words and lose Interest, I just don't want to Deal with it!  This is Why I keep my Old Phones until they're ready for induction into the Smithsonian, by the time I figure something out as User Friendly for me, it's obsolete and ready to go on the fritz from overuse and advanced age! *Le Sigh*

How and Why the trusty Old Kodak, when it had gone on the fritz and quit working Years ago, suddenly sprang back to Life... like Lazarus rising from the Dead, is kinda a Mini Miracle, much Needed.  I hadn't had the resources to Invest in another expensive decent quality Camera.  Buying a Cheap Digital had been a complete waste of twenty-eight bucks... and the expensive Digital had quit giving decent results at all, everything was blurry and out of focus, so it was rendered useless.  I had begun to have Pathological Picture Taker's Camera Panic with not having a usable Camera or money to replace one... it was dire straights!  *LOL*  No seriously, I would have gone thru Photographer's Withdrawal AND Blog Withdrawal simultaneously and it wouldn't have been Pretty!   I was Freaking Out about it actually, which is Why I just picked up Old Pink Trusty and gave it a whirl... just by Chance... would it, could it, be Revived and Resurrected?!?

I figured, well, it couldn't Hurt to try... l had nothing to lose and everything to gain if it did suddenly work again after all this time of being broken and dormant!?   I didn't even think about putting new Batteries in it, so the real Miracle was that Years Old AA Batteries hadn't leaked and destroyed it and still actually had juice left in them to power up!  I've since exchanged them, to be on the safe side, but damn... a Miracle within a Miracle!  I just LOVE when that happens, don't you?!   And I'd forgotten how easy Photography was with this Camera, compared to the expensive version with higher resolution, but a whole lot of headache for that minuscule enhancement that Blogger couldn't even handle!  My Brother, the Professional Hollywood Photographer, had tried to explain resolution, pixels and all that jargon to me, to no avail, it's way over my Tech Challenged Head, my Eyes glaze over.   This is Why I can't do this for a Living no matter how Obsessed I am with Amateur Photography and Blogging!  *Bwahahahaha!*

But I enjoy them both immensely, even tho' Blogging seems to be dying out from it's heyday and sadly most Blog Visitors aren't as interactive and Social as they used to be.  I really miss the Blog Days of interaction where you could easily make Blog Friends because Visitors didn't remain as Anonymous and you could have mutual exchange via Comments and getting to know one another.  For someone who can't get out and Socialize as much due to Caregiving, that often was a Lifeline to the Real World as most of you know it!   Caregiving and having Loved Ones with considerable Disabilities can become very Isolating Socially, you can be more housebound than you'd prefer to be, which can get Lonely.   So your Online activities can replace time out and about, that you just can't always manage the Luxury of.   I've been Blessed with many Visitors daily to the Old Blog, but Silence can be like going to the Mailbox and seeing it always empty.

In my Caregiving Bubble I light up when I've Got Mail, breaking the imposed Social Isolation!  Remember when you used to look forward to receiving a Letter from a Friend or Relative in the Mail back in da day when people actually still did that?  I Loved receiving correspondence, my Friends and Relatives, we would exchange epic Written Letters with one another, sometimes with Pictures.  It was a Delight, something to eagerly look forward to receiving, like a Gift unexpectedly arriving and being opened and thoroughly enjoyed!   Sure, Facebook now keeps everyone in touch and so I totally J'Adore the plethora of Imagery we all now can so easily Share with one another and being able to Instant Messenger everyone in Real Time.  But I also thoroughly looked forward to coming Online to my Blog and receiving Comments, it's like receiving an Old School Letter in the Mail.  I appreciate those who make the exchange and have a dialogue so that I don't feel as though my Blog has become a monologue, which would be boring.

If I ever thought this was becoming a bore I'd probably cease and desist, nothing is worse than Boring!  *LOL*   I really do enjoy hearing from any of you who take the time to engage in a Post's Topic and say Hey!   Most Blog interaction for me in all the Years I've been a Blogger have been Positive and enriching, I've made so many Real Friends here in The Land of Blog.  Several I have had the Delight of actually meeting up with in Person too!   I think Blogging can be very Personal because you are Sharing a part of yourself here, this thing called Life, our Passions and Experiences!   We've enjoyed the Fluff of Life together and the Sharing of Mutually enjoyable Topics.  We've also Shared some of the tough stuff, the Issues of Life if you will... and that is the deepest connection because it is so very intimate and often kept so very Private in Real Life.  The vulnerability being what it can be, Blogs have often given utterance and a Voice to things not usually expressed openly in General Public or Society at large. 

There is an Acceptance in the Blogging World that often isn't as readily given in Real Life, at least not as openly and unconditionally as I've seen in The Land Of Blog.   There are Bloggers who've exposed more of who they are, what they're going through and what they Love online than perhaps even their closest Friends and Loved Ones might ever know, no matter how long relationship has been in place!   The acceptance of the Disabled Community seems Kinder online, than the virtual invisibility that can happen getting Lost in Society brings to many who are different and challenged physically, emotionally or mentally.  It's just more inclusive here, along with various other differences that aren't always as embraced in Society at Large.  You can be different here... it's generally a safer environment to express differences and make them more relatable, because we get to know one another beyond the difference.  Perhaps it is also due to being able to connect to more Kindred Spirits in vast Cyberspace than one ever could in Real Life?  That might have everything to do with it too?

Who knew there were so many of My Tribe out there?  *LOL*  Also, who knew that people not even of My Tribe out there could and would also Connect in the most Meaningful of ways that would be a mutual Delight?  Perhaps in Real Life we wouldn't have a means to even become interactive and inclusive of one another or ever get to 'know' one another so unconditionally?   We might have the chance encounter randomly somewhere in Life but never have the ability to Get Together like you can so easily accomplish Online with anyone at almost any time!   Internationally I have a Wonderful Following of Supporters of my Blog in so many Countries that it's Mind Blowing.  The Young Prince, when he was a mere nine years old, showed me how to track where Visitors were coming from and statistically see so much more to improve the Quality of my Blogging experience!  So he set up the Translation feature so that those who came for a Visit could Translate the content into their Language.  I in turn got to Visit the International Blog Community and do the same.  It was like Traveling again!

The Nomad in me Misses Traveling so much!  I get restless when I have to Stay Put, I really do.  I do think that Free Spirited Souls just have Wanderlust inherent in their DNA.   We like The Adventure of experiencing different things, the exposure to more than what and who we just are, to be a part of something bigger and greatly more expansive than ourselves.   I am enriched every time I meet someone different, experience Variety and Cultural exchanges beyond the scope of whatever I already have thus far.   I'll try any new Cuisine at least once, numerous times if I like it!  *Winks*   I've been experimenting with giving the Critters different experiences of Tastes too, so long as it's compatible to what they are allowed to have, which I look up first to ensure it's safe for their Species.   They too get so excited when something new is introduced, they become euphoric about it!   This is Hammy experiencing Micro Greens for the first time.  Alduin the Bearded Dragon Loved them too!  I Wish I could have captured the Image of Hammy sprawled out laying flat on his back afterwards, with what I swear was a contented Smile on his little Face!   And Alduin with a Micro Greens Mustache on both side of his Comical Looking Face, where some Radish Sprouts had stuck to his Mouth Scales! *LOL*

I tried a new, very Hot Thai Veggie and Vegan Chicken Soup for the first time Today called Tom Yum and it was Divine!  I'd had a sinus headache before eating it and it opened up the sinus and gave instant Natural relief better than any over the counter medicine one could buy!  It is characterized by it's distinct Hot and Sour flavors.  With fragrant Spices and Herbs generously used in the Broth.  It had ingredients such as Kaffir Lime Leaves, Mushrooms, Lemongrass, Galangal, Fish Sauce, Lime Juice and crushed Red Chili Peppers.  It is devoid of Noodles, since I'm cutting out a lot of Carbs that was a deciding factor for me.... Egg or Rice Noodles are something I'm limiting in my Pho' as much as I am Pastas in my other Cuisines.   I'm not going with a Carb-less Dietary restriction and eliminating them completely, but I need and eat a lot less now.  That's huge since before Diabetes I was quite a Carbaholic and Carnivore!  *Winks*

When Health concerns or Aging make you have to reconsider entire Lifestyle you really do have to embrace the Changes necessary, even the more challenging ones.   Sometimes it seems a Lifetime ago, even tho' it's been just over a Decade really, that I was Naturally slender up thru my Fifties and never had to consider Diet at all or my eating habits.   Over fifty years of eating a certain kind of way and then having to embrace significant dietary Change has been a constant struggle, one that I haven't yet had complete Victory over to see desired results and sustained weight loss.  Losing a part of myself during a hysterectomy caused metabolic and hormonal Change that apparently screwed up my Natural balance of maintaining healthy slim weight without effort.  Diabetes soon followed and has been quite the scourge with a faltering Pancreas that no longer works well at all.  

I'm on a Path, a Journey, to try to Heal that in any way possible and plausible.  A Holistic Journey is preferred over the Western Medical one that isn't working out so well at all really to promote Healing.  Just a dependency upon too much invasive and painful Treatments that I feel has become too much and not at all effective.   Four injections daily and a handful of pills is not my preferred way of Healing oneself and it hasn't been ministering a Healing Touch that is evident to me at all actually, so I have come to just resent it.   I'll be visiting my Chinese Eastern Medical Doctors again soon for a Consultation, compliments of my Friend who lived with us while waiting for her New Home, as her parting Thank You Gift to The Man and I for giving her a place to stay long term while in Transition.

If you have ever found yourself in a place of Transition it can be a very uncomfortable and awkward Space to Hold.   There can be many kinds of Transitions as Life just moves along, some more difficult than others.  The period of Transition can be varied as well... those that stretch out over Time can be daunting and make us ill at ease of being betwixt and between.   I feel at a point of Transition right now, on some different levels and phases of Life, just as it plays out in the ebb and flow of things.   It can be likened to coming to one of those Crossroads on a Path and deciding upon which one to choose and not knowing for certain which will take you anywhere in particular and with what outcome.  You know you can't take both Paths, so choose you must, Wisely and in line with what feels like the Right thing to do at that juncture.

Sometimes Life can make you feel like an Alchemist of sorts.  Aiming to purify, mature and perfect certain objects, certain things, in your Life.   Listening to our Hearts, especially learning to read the Omens that are very often strewn along our Life's Paths... and the following of our Dreams and Hopes to where ever that takes us?   One would think as you become a Senior that you would have Arrived, but very often the Path of Life in our latter Years can have twists and turns that definitely alter Destinations.  Becoming a very different Journey, not one Planned out meticulously, yet not necessarily one that can't be thoroughly still enjoyed and improvised upon.   The serendipity of it all can take you to some very Interesting places in fact, places you might have never gone otherwise... had your carefully laid out Plans come to fruition and not had the detours or closed doors that sent you elsewhere, sometimes involuntarily. So here's to Safe Journeys and Unknown Destinations my Friends!

I was going to end this Post up there on that last Paragraph, since Yesterday Blogger was not working well at all and the glitches of losing parts of the Post were maddening.   But Today it's all working fine again and I want to Write, too lazy to begin another Post, so we'll just continue this one in it's Random Musings!  *Winks*  Facebook apparently had glitches too Internationally, I often Wonder whose hacking and Trolling to cause such inconveniences and Drama in cyberspace and Why, what their misguided Agenda might be?  There are so many misguided Souls nowadays and controversies, confrontational attitudes and antagonistic strong points of views abounding.  Though I fully Believe in being part of the Resistance and standing up for what is decent and humane to all Living Transient Beings on this Earth, I prefer Peaceful coexistence whenever it is possible and can be worked out.  It seems to be getting harder again as Tolerance wanes within Society once again and some find Hatred to be a preferable state of their Being over Love.

Having spent more than half of my Corporate Lives in a Career that dealt with people who crossed the boundaries of being Law abiding, at Peace and Orderly in how they behaved within Society, I am painfully aware of what can happen.  The very worst of Humanity and how it can go so very wrong when boundaries are crossed and Criminal activities and behavior are chosen.   There is almost always collateral damage done, there are very few Victimless Crimes and lives not touched by whatever transpired.   Everyone ultimately pays a Price for it one way or another... Society must always pay a Price for those within it that have chosen a Path with Negative consequences.  It radiates outward like ripples in a Pond hit with the violent repercussion of a Stone breaking the Calmness of the surface.   A Positive Path would also Change things, but in ways that Society would benefit.  Why is it so hard then for Positivity to prevail I Wonder as a conscious choice?  A fascinating random piece of Trivia I found Interesting online was that according to the OED, Positivity predates Negativity in English by 167 Years!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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