Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Blog Break Prematurely Suspended

I changed my Mind about the Blog Break, this being my Happy Place and Happy being in short supply right now, it just didn't make sense to unplug from here while mired in an Emotional Funk.   Besides, Writing and Photography being so enjoyable to me, I'm concentrating more on what could pull me out of my Funk successfully and be productive.  I'm doing the daily grind and all, but I am also seeking to find ways to enjoy this glorious weather before the intense Desert heat sets in. 

With Easter on the Horizon I have wanted to experiment this Easter with Creating some Henna Inspired Decorations for Easter Eggs.  The faux kind of Egg, I've got some plain White and Chalkboard Black faux Eggs to practice on.  I think trying to tap into some Creativity might Uplift my Mood?  Which has been quite Dark and Dramatic lately, I ain't gonna lie, I've been Moodier than a Wet Hen or a Tween going thru intense Angst!  It's not very Becoming to a Mature Woman and I know I haven't been Good Company in Weeks now due to it.

The Young Prince called to say he wasn't coming for a Spring Visit after all and to pick up his Reptiles, they decided they couldn't keep them Warm enough for a three day drive back.   That makes sense, you can't plug their Heat Lamps in without electricity and honestly their Habitats are huge, so there wouldn't be room for Humans in the vehicle once you piled all their paraphernalia in there!  So I may be Reptile Keeping for a longer while as he figures out the economical logistics of shipping them and replacing all their expensive and extensive Habitat in Washington.  He's missing them terribly, probably more than he's missing us!?  *LOL*

So I'm looking at Alduin and Ivara last Night and saying, well Dude and Dudette, looks like you're stuck with me for a while, so lets see if we can make this Work?   If they understood what I was conveying, they might end up Depressed too, but Ivara didn't turn Black, so her Mood seems to still be Good and Stable for now!  So she's clearly doing better than me at Coping! *Winks*   Alduin, he's Chill enough to roll with whatever, he's a very adaptable Creature it seems, so my temporary Adoption of him doesn't seem to phase him, which is probably a Good thing.  Neither of them seems Aware I am Clueless about Reptile Care really, except the Crash Course my Grandson gave us before he left.

Cats are Easier and fiercely aloof and Independent, which is why I've always been a Cat Person.  Owning a Dog to me is much like having another Child, and I've kinda maxed out on Child Rearing, so no Dogs allowed at Villa Boheme'!  "Why can't we have a Dog?", Princess T once inquired... because I have You was my response... and it would be twice as much Work Caring for another Needy Creature!   She laughed, but I think she Got It... she'll wait for Dog Ownership when she Grows Up, moves out and will have to Care for whatever she brings into her own Home that is Alive!   Co-Parenting her Hamsters is enough for me right now... and all the Aquatic Creatures she inherited from her Big Brother!

I transferred half the Mollie Brigade into the newly cleaned Aquarium, one Adult Male and a large Nursery of Fry.  The rest of the Adults and a few Fry remain in the larger Tank.   For now the cleaned Tank is Mystery Snail Free, we'll see how long that lasts?  They crop up almost as if by Magic, in spite of the Pet Shop swearing Blue Mystery Snails are Rarer and don't breed prolifically, ours do!  Most of them are now segregated into Snail Fishbowls, but the big Tank does have some that The Young Prince dropped in there when he was overwhelmed by the sheer number of Baby Mystery Snails.  We have one Adult Blue Mystery Snail that hasn't croaked, but a slew of Juveniles.  I had hoped their Mortality rate would be high, is that Wrong of me?  *LOL*

The Hamster Brothers aren't segregated yet since they're still getting along and playing well with one another.  I've warned them the moment they begin to act up and fight among themselves, one gets banished to the smaller Habitat.  It's a good sized Habitat, just smaller than the ginormous one I Scored at a Thrift Shop when I got a 60 Gallon Aquarium for under Twelve bucks!  I had to be proactive about setting up two appropriate Hamster Habitats, since everything online insinuated they are not social Creatures when they reach Adulthood, regardless of Gender.  For now the Boys interact together very well and cuddle a lot so I don't have the Heart to separate them until it's evident it's necessary.  I guess it's a lot like when the time comes that your Kiddos require separate Rooms?!  *LOL*

Speaking of Rooms, Princess T is still Lusting after her Brother's Apartment, and yet, she doesn't want to Vacate her Upstairs Spaces... she wants it ALL!   That is not going to happen, given her Habits and predisposition to Room Chaos.  But I do let her go in there and use the Apartment without moving anything of hers into there and that's working out pretty good thus far.   Mostly because it motivated her to finish painting his Chalkboard Wall and Clean all the Apartment and that Worked for me!  *Winks*   Why she found it necessary to Clean his whole Apartment and not her own Spaces is one of the Great Mysteries we'll never fathom.  But at least his Apartment is in Order and hers is quazi in Order, I can Live with that.

Right now Living with everything else is the major Challenge, so Living with any mess the Grand-Daughter makes Upstairs in her personal Spaces, doesn't really bother me.   I know I should Care more about Maintaining everything, but getting out of Bed each Morning is harder when I'm in a Funk, so if I manage that... and not a whole lot else, I'm Good.    I saw a Drone flying overhead across everyone's back Yards the other day... and I swear to God if I find out it belongs to the HOA and they're violating Privacy that blatantly, and I suspect Illegally, I'm shooting the Mo'Fo down!  Our back Yard is Fine, I just resent intrusion into Privacy that is so flagrant and so Orson Welles Big Brother Is Watching You like.   Control, Suppression and Oppression in Subdivision Hell is already too much and dangerously out of Control IMO.

I Wonder if I threw an Easter Egg at it I could knock it out of the Sky?  *Winks*  I'd actually like it to inadvertently crash into my Back Yard and then Sue them for the Dangers of flying Drone Aircraft over my Grandchild and Pet's Private Outdoor Play Space.   I'd utilize the Settlement of coarse to buy another Property and get Moved Out so as to put this place up for Sale and be Done with it... and them.  *Smiles*   I just don't like the idea of images being taken without permission by Drones from unknown anonymous Pilots of the Drones.  It's intrusive and violates your Privacy and perhaps even your Family's Safety, depending upon what they're gathering and why?   It's just Creepy and I know Princess T said it bothered her that when she and her Friends are in their Bathing Suits she doesn't want to risk some Perv Photographing and Peeping at them by Drone... she has a Point.

Speaking of Grand-Daughters, one of Princess T's Younger Sisters recently lobbed all her luxurious Hair off into a short Bob.  It's Cute, but I don't know how to Feel about it, since the Child had really Beautiful and very long luxuriously thick Hair before.  Not to mention this makes her look Older and more Mature and she's only Twelve... so there's THAT!   I don't want my 12 Year Old Grandchild looking more like 16, since she's already a statuesque size and an Early Bloomer!   Ah well, they're all Growing Up quickly and you can't prevent that... so I gave it a Thumbs Up when she Shared her New Look, after all, whaddya gonna do?


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your grand daughter is darling!! Have a great weekend my friend- deep breaths. :)

    1. Yes, been taking those Deep Breaths my Friend... thankfully the Funk is finally lifting, whew!


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