Friday, February 8, 2019

Valentine's Day Dance

I just dropped Princess T and part of her Posse' of BFF's off at the much anticipated Valentine's Day Dance, one of the other Moms was taking the rest, since I didn't have enough room in my Truck.  *Whew!*  The Girls looked stunning and had spent an inordinate amount of time getting ready and doing each other's Make-Up and Hair at our house, so they were already running 40 minutes late.  This meant a hurried and harried Photo Op for me and wouldn't you know my camera went on the damned fritz just as I was capturing the Kodak Moment!  *Gasp... yeah, picture pathological picture taking me almost in a tail spin panic and checking settings over and over!*  So everything is slightly out of focus and even my lone Phone Camera shot wasn't that exceptional... dammit!   Dont'cha just hate when that happens during an important Moment you want to capture and preserve thru the Eye of your lens?!   *Le Sigh*

Nothing I can do about it now but Hope that all the Girls take Selfies and such with their Phones at the Dance so I get some better quality imagery?  *Winks, what are the odds that they don't, Right?!  LOL*  It chokes me up a bit when I see Princess T all glammed up, since she looks so much like her Mama did at that same Age!   My how Time just flies like that and now even the majority of our Grandkids are mostly all Grown Up already!  In fact, Facebook always wants to tag Princess T's images as her Mom... and my Mom's images as me too, which is kinda hilarious!   I think Princess T was glad she didn't rashly lob all of her luxurious Hair off last Month, as she was wanton to do every time it becomes very long and a lot of bother and work.   I'd told her to put it under consideration and we'd revisit the idea again if she still felt that way much later, of coarse she doesn't.  Every other time she's cut it all off in a snit she's regret it and then we're dealing with that... so I don't want her doing it in an emotional heat of the moment!  Besides, I like longer Hair on Younger Girls, they can go with the Trendier cuts and Extreme Hairstyles as they Mature.

She knows that I put my Dreads on consideration for about a full Year before I firmly decided to get them... and with no regrets because it was not just a spontaneous whim.   If you still want the same things later, after more careful consideration, you probably really do want it and will have more of a Peace about it.   So why the hurry?   Besides, I'm trying to keep her looking more like a Child than a Woman until she's further along in her Teens... tho' I'm not sure we're succeeding at that anymore?!  *Le Sigh*  I liked that all of the Girls had chosen different Styles and Colors of Dresses... to suit their individual personalities and personal aesthetics and sense of Style.  Princess T had been concerned everyone would be wearing Red Dresses for the Valentine's Day Dance... and Red really is her Color and what we ended up with.   So she was relieved to see everyone choosing a nice variety of Beautiful Dresses in a Rainbow of Lovely Colors!  The Striped Dress actually had a slit up the front off center to reveal matching Shorts, so Cute!   The tiny Friend in the Royal Blue Dress is actually an identical Twin, and her Twin has a totally different sense of Style and even totally different Social Group.  They're uniquely very individual even tho' I personally can't tell them apart except by Style and who they're Friends with!  *LOL*

The Dance was having a fantastic turnout and there were quite a few of us who arrived fashionably late, so they didn't feel self conscious about it.  They each brought a Can of Food for the Food Bank Drive... mostly from our Pantry, since you know how Kids are, one Girl had forgotten her Can at Home and was mortified she left it behind accidentally... no problems, we can remedy that!  I didn't have to stick around to chaperone, there were plenty of those on hand... and I'm quite Over the Grade School-Jr. High Dance Thing at this Season of Life!  *Winks*   I'll be picking the Posse' up when it's over and the Girls will be having a Slumber Party over here... whether there will just be the two Friends or the whole Crew I'm not exactly sure?  I just know there will be a whole lot of Young Estrogen in da House Tonight and so The Man and The Young Prince said they'll be locking their Doors and hiding out for the duration!   *Bwahahaha!*

   The smell of cheap perfume up there is making me light-headed, The Young Prince feigned a faint as he headed thru the cloud of it lingering on the Staircase!  Hey, I bought your Sister the Good Stuff I countered and we both laughed.  He told me that Yeah, he knows I don't buy her the Gawwwwd Awful Cheap Perfumes, but there is a toxic blend of ALL their perfumes hanging in the air up there and it's quite pungent and rather vile smelling now, since they virtually marinated themselves in all of it!  *LMAO*   Of coarse he was only slightly exaggerating... as the fumes cascaded down to the lower level living spaces my Eyes began to water!   It's not so much the smell but the burning of my Eyes I joked!!!  *Bwahahaha!*


Well, never get so Old that you Forget what it was like to be Young my Friends... these Seasons are all so Precious... Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. They're so young and beautiful! I forget being that young.

    1. Dear Lily, I just bet that Young Girl inside of you still exists if you coax her out! Winks


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