Saturday, February 23, 2019

Bun-Bun, Placement, Critical Mass & Saturation Point Down My Rabbit Hole

Placement, when you get anything Killer, is Key.  And yet, even in this stupidly huge Home, I've reached Saturation Point, Critical Mass on where things can go!  This is always the dilemma of the Incurable Collector, the Human Magpies among us ... ALWAYS... those of you of this Tribe say AMEN!   We joke about it among ourselves, those of us similarly afflicted and Kindred Spirits, Addicts of The Thrill Of The Hunt.  It's only not Funny when you realize that Culling, Purging, Editing and Curating said Treasures becomes necessary and is going to be a Forever Project, it will never End.   Sometimes it's easy, once you're Over something you've Hoarded up and are quite ready to Let Go of... other times, you really gotta face your Reality that even the Good Stuff has to Go and make way for... well, Better Good Stuff!  *Winks*   What to Cherish Forever, what will be a Love Affair ended, falling out of Love and banished from your Kingdom, even if the break-up isn't easy nor unemotional... decisions, decisions, decisions!

Bun-Bun came in quite recently and I've been looking for the likes of her for a long time, so she's mos def a Keeper Treasure and so her Placement was important.  I wanted not to hide her away in some obscure portion of our Home where I'd never get to Enjoy the Whimsical visual of her or Share her openly with others.   Her with the wee Bracelet Bling and Tiara, falling down our Rabbit Hole.   I wandered around Villa Boheme' for the past 3 days seeking the perfect Placement for her, every best space was taken, so she had to replace something.   Walls are always a short supply in any Home I've ever owned, I've never understood how people can live in Homes with barren Walls, mine are all Arted Up!  *LOL*   Barren Walls to me look stark, Institutional in an Asylum kinda way... a way that even my outrageous Style and Addams Family sensibilities doesn't look as much like an Asylum, compared to the Blank Wall, especially Blank White Walls!  *Shudder!*

I'd rather set off Paint Bombs in our Home than have to stare at a Blank Wall, especially a Blank White Wall!   A Friend of mine is contemplating the Paint Bomb Method, we talked of it last Night in fact.  He knows who he is and he is serious about such an Art Project, that he hasn't thought of and done since his College Days majoring in Art many, many Moons ago.  When the Artful Mind is Turned Up, it thinks upon such things and I think that is way Cool, so long as he doesn't blow something up and end up on the News at Ten in a Bad way!?  *Winks*  I want to see the end result of his Paint Bomb explosion effect on his Walls if he goes thru with this Vision.   I happen to like my Tuscan Hued Walls at Villa Boheme' very much, it is a Sepia Shade I Connected to instantly, even tho' the Owner before us had chosen it.   It is soothing and in stark contrast to Hues I might have chosen in Jewel Tones and Black, but it grew on me in a Positive way that has Calmed the Spirit and Soothed the Soul.

Transforming our Living Spaces to suit ourselves, Art being how we Decorate Space, makes each House a Home for it's inhabitants.  It becomes our Private Sanctuaries where only the Invited are allowed in... seeing the Heart and the Core of who we really are, at our very Center of Being.   Don't ever Style your Home to suit the Tastes and Sensibilities of outsiders who don't even live there!   Make your Rabbit Hole your own Vision of Wonderland, what it means to you and yours exclusively, without inhibitions or thought about what anyone thinks or feels about it.  Though Art should evoke Emotion, ANY Emotion will do for it to be Effective actually... if you FEEL anything when you walk thru our Doors, then we've done our job of Decorating Artfully.   And Art is always Subjective... ALWAYS... remember that too!

May your Space and your Time ALWAYS be Decorated Richly and in line with your own Unique Style, Sensibilities and Vibe my Friends!   You in fact, after all, were a Unique and Beloved Creation by the Greatest Creator of all!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Too much fun here for one post....really loving Bun-bun...grins!

    1. She is a piece I've been waiting for a long time, I'm calling her an Anniversary Gift since our's is coming up next Month.


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