Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Conflict Of Inspiration

When I see what visually Inspires me in the form of a Forever Home Look, I can clearly see the break from my Reality, of having a lot of stuff that would Need to be shed to arrive there!   I Love looking at Historic Real Estate Listings around the Valley, in areas I'd want to permanently Retire in around the Downtown Historic District.  Many have had complete makeovers in recent years, some by renown Designers, like this one by HGTV's Landon Mondragon, which I fell in instant Lust with!   The house, not Landon, tho' he's mighty Cute too!  *Winks*  This Kitchen would be my Idyllic Zen Kitchen and I just Love everything about it.  Including, and most especially, the Cabinet Colors being out of the norm of everything you usually see all of the time in the way of Kitchen Cabinetry.

Yes, this is an Idyllic Look for me when it comes to Kitchens and is much more My Style of what I'd want a Custom Kitchen to be like, it checks off all the boxes for me!   Sure, it is much smaller than Villa Boheme's Kitchen, but I'm thinking of when I no longer have so many people in our Home and would like something smaller, easier and more the Idyllic Vision of Retirement Living.  You know, when it's just The Man and I knocking around the house savoring True Retirement Bliss!    Not having to buy so much Food for a Family and dining out a lot more anyway at our Fav Restaurants without a Family in tow.   So the Kitchen would be more inclined to have me buying European Style, Fresh stuff every day, when we live close enough to Conveniences and my Fav Health Food Grocers!  *Winks*   Believe it or not Culling Kitchen items is something I excel at, so I can purge a Kitchen of contents to fit into a much smaller space effortlessly!  I have zero attachments to Kitchen objects, especially of the utilitarian genre.

Since this Home, in one of my Fav Historic Districts, started out as a 1948 Brick Cottage, the exposure of some of the Old Brick Walls is Sublime to me!  I J'Adore exposed Old Brick or Old Stone, can't get enough of it.   I would have preferred the Home to have the Original Hardwood Floors that I knew most of these had, but I do like the Polished Concrete and upgraded Tile Work they've done thruout during the remodeling.  Some of these Old Homes can't have everything restored and sometimes it's just necessary to add some Modern Elegance to them to replace what cannot be saved of the Historic Charm.  A nice tasteful blend of both is Idyllic for the Modern Buyer who Loves Historic Homes. I think Landon did a superb job of that in this property even tho' clearly most had to be replaced.  It doesn't make me shudder like a regular Flip of a Historic Home usually does, when the Investors ruin all that was Historic and Charming in a very BAD way!  If you've got to replace almost everything out of necessity, at least know what you're doing in the way of Design I say!

If we were in a position at this time to make a switch, a Listing like this would be one I'd throw my hat in the ring for actually.   Even tho' an 1860 sf Historic Area Home in the City would cost more than Luxurious Villa Boheme', out here in the boonies of Rural Subdivision Hell, the benefits outweigh the downfalls.  Out here I was able to Score this Luxury Home for $85 a sf, which was a steal... the City Listings I prefer are more in the range of $241 a sf, which the Retired Executive Banker in me cringes at, but that's what the Market bears right now anyway.   Would I Pony Up if it was just The Man and I to consider, absolutely! Since the Luxury Home Market is on the upswing and this area is developing like crazy, so Selling it would net considerable profit margins to justify a switch.  I can only Hope that by the time we get the last Grandchild raised, the margins will be even healthier and more profitable to Cash Out on this place to someone who desires Living Large and wanting a McManse?  *LOL*

Now, because Villa Boheme' has the most Amazing Master Suite Spa Bathroom, one of my Wish List check-offs for a Downsize, would be a comparable Zen Retreat, since I've been absolutely Spoiled here now.  *Winks*   This property's Master Suite Spa Bathroom checks off that box completely... I J'Adore this Look and how functional, yet accessible for The Man, it would be.  With his mobility issues it's important to have accessibility that can accommodate some of the Medical supplies he might need now... and certainly perhaps in the future, if mobility becomes more impaired over time?   As you're aging you do have to consider such things anyway, we're already in our Sixties and won't be able to realistically Sell and Buy something else until Princess T is raised.  Which is still five years off, when The Man will then be in his Seventies, and I won't be far behind him in entering yet another Decade of the aging process.

Right now considering School Systems and Safety Issues for a Young Girl Child are paramount and of the highest priority on our List.  So she'd have to at least be 18 and Graduated, if not out of the Home, for us to consider moving back into the City.   Once both Grands are 18 or Older, both then finished with Public School, I can feel comfortable with them living anywhere with us, if they choose to remain at Home and would be coming along to a new Forever Home.  Princess T already jokes that she has no intentions of living at Home Forever. {whew} But The Young Prince is a typical Boy Child and would literally not leave the Nest if the Nest is working out just fine for us all to co-exist there harmoniously, which we do.   He has also been the one most concerned with whether or not I might eventually Need a Caregiver, as well as Grandpa?  With Grandpa it is evident he'll always Need one and right now I'm capable of filling that position.  So it is Sweet that The Young Prince considers that if we both were to require Caregiving, he's likely to be the one to Volunteer... awwww, touches my Heart!

Not to mention that Genius Boy does consider things that the average Kiddo his Age just usually doesn't possess the Emotional Maturity to think about, like Economics, Public Transportation, best Career Opportunities and the best places to have a great Lifestyle in the Valley and Invest in.  He and I are on the same page when it comes to Lifestyle preferences and Good Investments, we discuss it often and he wants me to Mentor him, especially on Finances and Investing, he Trusts my Judgment, experience and expertise in those areas.  He's also a City Boy mos def, and a lot of the LGBTQ Community live in the Historic Districts Downtown, so that's a deciding factor for him, being around his Community.  He liked the Guest Bathroom in this Home, it does look like they managed to Salvage the original Tub.   We really liked that choice of Tile for the Floor and Wall.

And of coarse my Conflict Of Inspiration is that though I'd Love to Buy a Property such as this 'As Is' and fully furnished, since I Love how they've Decorated and appointed the whole damned place, so would ask if I could just move in as it stands and was Staged... that would mean... not much could come with us!  *LOL*   And of coarse right now we have a LOT... and departing without almost any of it probably is never going to be a viable Option?  Without detaching from so much it might put me in a precarious Mental State trying to do it without inducing extreme Separation Anxiety from my Beloved Stuff!  *LOL* The most Beloved Stuff would be tough... the rest, mebbe not so much, since I could probably, with enough incentive, manage to part with a lot more than you'd probably realize I could and would.  *Winks*  So The Young Prince and I have discussed this too... if we don't stay here and make this our Forever Home, how much could I, would I... SHED and Sell Off to make it happen?!?!??!

The Man wouldn't weigh in nearly so much since he'd get rid of it all, so long as I kept his Beloved Big Screen TV, newest Media Chair and buy him a New Forever Home large enough to put that and a small Fridge, in our Boudoir!  *Bwahahahahahaha!   He'd be Golden, he'd not even realize we'd Moved once his Set-Up was in place elsewhere and Business as Usual was in place for him, parked in his Chair in front of his TV and watching his Shows!  *Winks*  He's a Man of Simple Wants and Needs actually... it's Me that NEEDS ever so much MORE and has to pump the brakes on how much MORE is sustainable?  *Le Sigh*    And when capacity is Just Enough... or... just Too Much?  I'm not quite at the Less Is More Philosophy yet, but give it another five years and I just might be, who knows?  *Winks*

Would this be a big enough Boudoir for his stuff... yeah, I think it would be... his Big Screen could replace that piece of Art and his Media Chair could be the 3rd piece of Seating... Check and Check those Boxes on the List of Needs!  *Winks*   The exterior of the Home is meh... it's not really a stunner in the area like many of the Homes possessing more Historic Exterior Charm, but that's OK.  I can Work with that and would prefer a blank canvas to Work with in the way of Landscaping and Jazzing up the Home's exterior surfaces to put our Stamp upon it.  The fact no HOA means we can DO US and that's the MOST important thing since I'm sick to death of being told how to Live and how everything must Look... Gak, what happened to Personal Freedom and expression of the Individual?!   So many I know abhor HOA's that I have no idea why ALL New Build Areas and Developers now require them?   People mostly and generally despise them after they've had to live with them even once in their Lifetime!  I know for me... never again, the Oppression just bothers me... and the fact you have to EVEN PAY to be so Oppressed, that's just messed up!

No, don't even bother wasting breath trying to School and Educate me on WHY the HOA protects property values and was thus allegedly necessary because most people are allegedly too messy or stupid to know how to Care for what they own!  Because every major Historic District in the City doesn't have them and they look far Superior to any Subdivision Hell Cookie Cutter Neighborhood I've ever seen!   Yes, Villa Boheme' is smack dab in a Gorgeous Neighborhood visually... this one also happens to rival it and with NO HOA necessary for the past 100 years or so, since most of the Historic Homes of that Historic Designated area are 1920-1940's Era.   Demographic is everything... Pride of Ownership is mostly going to rely upon price point to determine which area stays Nicer, coz if someone plonks down a very healthy sum of money to Invest in their Home, they're gonna take Care of it, Trust me!   When things are expensive, they're usually taken Care of by the Owner more than if it was cheap.

Exceptions to that Rule exist of coarse, but not so often.  Something gotten on the Cheap can be well taken Care of if the Individual just has Pride of Ownership within them.   Either you have that... or you do not... your HOA may only in part be able to force the less Prideful or Lazy into submission with threats and fines etcetera... but my experience is that they also harass even those who are great Neighbors and THAT is what I take Issue with most of all about them.  They can become mini Dictatorships depending upon whose Elected and abuses the Authority given to them.  Just like any Elected Official... there is that inherent Risk Factor of who can handle Power appropriately and who cannot... need I say more!?  Just look at the State of the Nation right now... Power often corrupts and absolute Power absolutely corrupts.   Give a pretentious asshole some Power and Authority, you'll have problems and collateral damage.

Not Sorry I injected that in my Happy Post... because this ridiculously long Govt. Shutdown holding so many Federal Workers Hostage to get a Wall, is beyond the scope of my tolerance for absolute corrupted wielding of Power!   If a Terrorist did such a thing we'd all be outraged, the holding of Hostages and the harm done to them!.  We're talking 800,000 Families, that's a lot of people being negatively impacted and having zero income for an extended period... and we know several of those Families!  Not to mention Contract Workers and any Small Businesses and their Employees that depend upon Federal Worker Clientele... so we're really talking Millions of Hostages really.   Some estimate as many as perhaps 16 Million, Wow, don't know of any Terrorist Organization that has done that much harm holding Hostages to get what they wanted!  It's just unconscionable to me the scope of this and in our own Country... and that it's being tolerated at all!  And to listen to Politicians on TV being so Clueless when Interviewed, about how this REALLY affects Regular People, living paycheck to paycheck, and unable to get Loans to sustain them and not risk losing everything during this... is proof of how out of touch most Politicians actually are with The People!  I Pray they do the Right thing quickly, because this is so Wrong!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good design just hits all the buttons, no matter what your style. We are surrounded with OLD stuff and cool stuff, (not as cool as yours) but, I could move into these delicious---practical spaces in a heartbeat. I always said if my house burned down and I could start over---it would be practical contemporary--with a bit of funk thrown in...Cool house!

    1. OMG I have had a similar musing Sandi, that if I had to start completely over, I'd go with something very much like this practical Zen contemporary look and that rather surprises me actually, that I find it so appealing. Our Alter Egos must be waiting in the wings for homes such as these perhaps? Winks


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