Friday, January 18, 2019

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres Event ~ Part I

It was time once again for the Monthly pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE for their 'Green Acres' Themed Event.  It had a decidedly Spring and Garden Style Vibe, which really got me in the Mood for Spring.  I liked all the vibrant Green, Indigo and Terra Cotta hues... and coupled with the Black, White and Grey Neutrals.

There were many Stunning Antique Furnishings that had been Beautifully reupholstered with Fresh Linens and Simple Tribal Pattern Materials that breathed new Life into them for Today's Decorating Trend preferences.  Purists might argue that it ruins authenticity of such pieces, but frankly, I'm totally Down for it, since few people want to Style their Homes like Great Grandma did!  *Smiles*   And yet those Furnishings of Yesteryear have such Amazing Lines and Craftsmanship not evident in Modern Furniture.  Just look at the Details on this Amazing Victorian Sofa.

And though it might have begun it's Life in a heavy, fussy cut Velvet Printed Fabric or gaudy Jewel Tone of it's Era... it looked Lovely with it's new Fresh Simple Linen upholstery and Simple Tribal Pattern Pillow accents.  This Sold quickly, but I can guarantee, if it had it's original Fabric, it wouldn't have been as Appealing to the Modern Day Buyer looking to Decorate their Homes for our Era.  Giving a New Life to a Grand Old piece is heartwarming to me, these Furnishings will continue to stand the test of time with updates like this.

Greenery, whether Real or Faux, is very Appealing to me in Decorating.  Back in da day, when I had more time to devote to Caring for Living Plants around our Home, I had a virtual Hippie Jungle going on.  *Smiles*  Nowadays keeping an Air Plant Alive is challenging enough with my hectic schedule and Caring for all the people in the house at my Season of Life.  I can keep people Alive easier than I can keep plants Alive nowadays it seems!  *LMAO*   Somehow, as a semi retired Senior, I imagined I'd have more Free Time and Me Time!  So I have less Living Plants than I probably would if I could devote more time to Caring for them properly and keeping them Alive.

I really liked this Vignette with the old coverless Books and streams of Faux Greenery hanging from a Galvanized Farm Feeder, off a Salvaged Mantle.  I've been gathering up my very old Books to take into my Spaces at the Antique Mall, since I've quit using them as much in Vignettes when Decorating.  I'm only Keeping my Favs that have the most Amazing Covers, but I do Like this coverless look just for shelf sitter Styling purposes.  Antique Books Sell well, some people Collect Old Books.  Anything published prior to 1930 I always pick up if I can get it on the Cheap, to Keep or to Sell.

I'm glad that Black Furniture is Trending again because I happen to prefer Black as a Neutral... rather than everything being Browns and Whites.   The Grey is still very Trendy too and I think a good Grey piece can be quite Timeless.  I'm not opposed to painting Wood Furniture to give a piece with good Bones new Life with a fresh coat of paint and especially if the Wood isn't in the greatest of condition anymore.   Yes, you can refinish and restore a good Wood piece of Furniture... or... you could just paint it!  *Winks*  The exception to me would be if an old piece has Sublime Patina, don't paint over THAT!  *Gasp!*  Only Time can impart that range of Beauty and History to a piece!  

A lot of nice Modern pieces can be mingled with your Vintage and Antique Decorating items.  I have a blend of each in our Home, you want Living to be practical as well as pretty.  So it just makes sense that not everything old is necessarily utilitarian anymore or designed for Modern Living in Mind.  You can decide what Balance of New versus Old you want to Live daily around.  Not everything Old is great or better anymore than everything New is great or better... but there is a lot of great Old and New to be found to make Life better at being balanced.

I think it would be a mistake to eradicate everything from the Past and be so Hell bent on having everything New and allegedly Improved.  Shoddy Craftsmanship unfortunately is the downside to mass production and certain skills being Lost to Time and not passed along to the Modern Day work force.  Also, some things just can't be Had in Modern Times.  I was looking at a 1600's Real Estate Listing back East and the Planks in those original Hardwood Floors were massive widths that you just couldn't Find anymore, they simply can't be Had.  So few original Homes from that Era exist that we often don't even realize what used to be available and just isn't anymore, the Memory is erased when no more Exist.

I think that is why I'm fascinated with Deconstruction of Old Furnishings, to see what lay beneath and compare it to how New Furnishings are made.   In many Antique pieces the layers of Craftsmanship and Quality Materials is evident and is definitely absent in Modern pieces.  Of coarse we have improved some of the fills that make creature comforts more pampering... think Memory Foams and other Scientific improvements on stuffings of utilitarian objects.   And let us not forget Technological Advances that keep being enhanced Daily nowadays!  We no longer have to rely upon your Great Grandma's Labor Intensive Appliances, or lack thereof.

If I had to try to find the Time and develop the Experience to Cook from scratch every day, and grow or can everything we eat, forage, or raise and butcher all proteins, I think my Family might actually Starve?!?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!*  But, back in da day my Parents remember such times as that, when it was Common Practice and sometimes the only Options for most Families.   So just a few Generations out everything has changed to where a lot is way more convenient and accessible to many.

I'm glad we have so many conveniences now because honestly, I don't often still have sufficient Time for everything I have to get done in a Day.  I'd be so screwed if everything took longer to do, I'd have to become an immortal to ensure it all got done!  *Winks*   And, my Ambition seems to be tapering off now that I'm past 60.  Mom warned me that it would and Mom was a person who could work circles around even the Youngest of people, but she slowed down considerably after her 60's she said, because her Ambition waned with each Decade after that.

By her 80's she confessed that she would let some things slide and not have it really bother her anymore, simply because she just didn't have it in her by then to do it all.   Sometimes I don't have it in me now to do it all, so I can already relate to that Season I've clearly entered into as well.   I think that is when Simplicity of Living begins to look enticing, having less to have to do.   Less to have to take Care of and maintain a standard of.  I used to be an avid Gardener and used to Love having larger properties where I could have extensive Gardens to Work in... now I don't want or need that anymore, it's a lot of extra Work.

I saw a recent News segment about the Public Rose Gardens being in Crisis due to Aging... I initially thought they meant the Roses were getting Old and dying off.   But what they really meant was that the Volunteers are getting Old and either dying off or not able to do the physical Labor to maintain the Public Rose Gardens across the City.  Less Younger Generations are Volunteering for such things or joining the Rose Societies and wanting to perpetuate the Gardens for the Public to Enjoy.  People want the Gardens for Enjoyment, but few want to put in the Acts of Service necessary to maintain them nowadays so the Volunteer Force is Aging Out.   Off Topic now but dont'cha just J'Adore this tiny Antique Ostrich Pin Cushion upcycled into a OOAK Necklace?!?

Back on Topic I know some might say that Volunteering as a Senior is just easier due to Retirement giving loads of Free Time so that's why most Volunteers are Older.  That could be True, however, I Volunteered for Decades as a Young Adult and even my School Aged Children and Grandchildren also Volunteered on the Weekends or after School.  I held down very demanding Careers and worked long hours in my Corporate lives and still found Time for Volunteer Work also.  So I don't buy that a Working person can't donate SOME time if they feel led to.  I just don't know many feel led to anymore IMO and it's showing up in the lack of Volunteer Services provided now.

So many won't do something they won't get paid to do.  It's like Tithing at Churches, most Church Officials will admit that perhaps less than 20% of all regular Church goers at any given Congregation actually financially Support the Church and it's outreach Ministries by Tithing or Volunteering in Acts of Service. {Note: For some Faiths perhaps it is higher, but I would suspect Voluntarily it's not 100% or even remotely close.}  It's a commentary of Society overall, where it's typically the same people who can be counted upon to Support what is freely given to all.   

Many who show up to Enjoy for Free that which is provided just don't often think upon what it takes to Maintain it all for their benefit... as if by Magic it just is self-sufficient.  Sad but True... since nothing is really Free, somebody Paid in some form for the benefit of it.  Freedom itself is never Free, somebody Paid the Price for the rest of us to have it.   But there are many members of Society who perhaps have never Volunteered a day in their lives and would decline if asked to do so, if not monetarily compensated or getting something in exchange and out of it for themselves?  I always think about the Work it takes to DO anything, even putting on an Event or Show... it's all very Labor intensive and therefore I Appreciate that effort given.  I know it doesn't take 4 days of Labor to put on a 4 day Event!  *Winks*

I have to Smile when someone unaware will mention how Great it must be to be a Participant of a Show or Event and just Work that brief amount of Time to have mega Success at the venture.  *LMAO*  If only... these things take so much Time and Labor to make a Success, the behind the Scenes of anything worthwhile is always far more than the casual observer can usually fathom!  Sourcing items for a Themed Event would be exhausting enough, making it Visually an Experience that brings people back time and time again, takes Skill and a lot of behind the Scenes effort by a whole Team working in unison and with Shared Vision.  

When a Vision comes together it's always really worth it though isn't it?  No matter how much Work and Planning was involved, when it can be pulled off superbly, well, that's the accomplishment of Hopes and Dreams.   For those of us just attending and making our purchases, it's something we look forward to Experiencing.   You can't go into a Mega Corporation or Big Box Store and get an Experience that is comparable... and that's why I prefer Small Businesses.  That is why I Support all Small Business that I really enjoy in my Sphere of Influence.  I like to Share my Experience so that hopefully you can have one of your own, either Virtually or in person one day when you come to the area.

I think it's very important via Social Media to keep Sharing our Experiences at the places we've grown to Love in our Communities so that it promotes them and brings in Business to sustain them for the long haul.  Tho' I do Shop at the Chains too, I think most of us do, the Choice to also Shop Small and Support our Small Business Community is vital.  To keep that diversity and what it provides that the Chains just can't... or won't... ever!   When Dining or Shopping I'd say our Family Shops and Eats at the Small Businesses the majority of the time by Choice and on Purpose.  We Love the Experience and Feel the Love at those places that you just don't get at Chains.

While at this Month's Event I thought upon the Theme 'Green Acres' and how it also related to the Old TV Iconic Show with Oliver Wendell Douglas {Actor Eddie Albert} and his Fabulous Socialite Wife Lisa {Actress Eva Gabor}.   I often feel that The Man and I have similar polarized ideas of what the Idyllic Life looks like, he's more Eddie and I'm more Eva!  *Winks*   I like the City Life and he likes the Country Life, but the one unifying factor would be that I'd live in a dilapidated Home so long as I could have my lavish Decor inside of it and still be over-the-top in my sensibilities while there!   He'd live in the City so long as he has some Peace and Serenity infused in his personal Sanctuary of Home. *LOL*

Lately we've been thinking upon what the Future might look like once all Grandkids we're raising are grown up and perhaps move on to their own places?  What do we want and need it to look like and what Lifestyle do we want to grow old together around?   And if all Grandkids are finally out of School, we probably won't even wait until they move out.   We'll not have to worry about School Systems or demographic of where we're moving to so much to accommodate them primarily anymore.  When you can just Go for Yourself it's way different than when you have to accommodate an entire Family and decide what is best for them too.

I spent a lot of Quality Time in the City Yesterday for my Girl's Day Out, I always thoroughly Enjoy it because I'm in the City again.  A place where my Soul just connects in an entirely different way of Being that I happen to prefer.   Had my phone quit blowing up with calls from my Friend, who ended up stranded due to vehicle repairs... and requests for Hot Wings by Princess T, it might have been an entirely self-indulgent Me Day.  *Le Sigh*  I would have turned my cell phone off and not answered calls at all, as is my usual habit on my Girl's Day Out so I can properly Enjoy it uninterrupted. But The Man has been quite Sick so I didn't want to risk that I'd miss a potential Emergency Call from Home.

He'd been quite sick the day before and even fell out of bed because he'd pushed his Safety Guard Rail away from his side of the Bed... don't ask... so I didn't get much sleep the Night before.  Something about getting woken harshly out of a sound Sleep by someone wailing Help Me I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up, is only Funny Ha-Ha in a Commercial!  *Winks* In Real Life it's so NOT Funny and gets your adrenaline to where you could have a Heart Attack being startled awake so rudely during deep slumber.  And I couldn't get back to sleep due to the adrenaline surge, even after I hoisted him off the floor and back into bed, after I'd ascertained he wasn't hurt by the fall.  He's a big Man, so thank God for the adrenaline surge making me superhuman strong tho' so I didn't have to rudely wake everyone else up to Help me!  *LOL*  He immediately fell back asleep of coarse but I couldn't and it was about 3:00 a.m.!  *Le Sigh*

We had to have the Come To Jesus discussion again about not trying to obstinately remove his Safety Medical Appliances around the Home that keep him from doing such things as falling out of Bed and accidentally hurting himself!   Sometimes he doesn't think he Needs such things anymore and stubbornly refuses to utilize them or tries to remove them when I'm not paying close enough attention... and until he then gets hurt or has an accident due to still obviously Needing them!  Such are the things us Caregivers usually Deal with if our Loved One can try to make their own decisions and are ambulatory enough to change their environment to suit their Moods and their Pride!  *Arghhhh!!!*

Pride goeth before a Fall couldn't have been more accurate than this incident... bwahahahahahaha.  But he'd been feeling Sickly and was angry and cranky about it, so looking at that piece of Safety Metal that keeps him from falling out of Bed had begun to aggravate him and he'd pushed it away from the Bed and I didn't notice in time.   Sometimes I'm distracted enough by the rest of Life not to notice when he stubbornly does something unsafe in a Prideful Moment when he thinks he suddenly doesn't Need some of his Medical Equipment.  Then the battle ensues when we have negative consequences or if I notice in time to avoid consequences playing out... it can get rather exhaustive.

I probably NEED this little Antique Lourdes Prayer Notebook with little Pen made into a Necklace, I swear!  *Winks*  I had suspected he really didn't want me having my one day out for some Me Time, since he felt he'd be stuck here with Kids and my Friend... sometimes he'll do little things to keep me Home and cancelling Plans.   I asked him if that had been the case, but he denied it and said he wanted me not to Cancel going... which was good... coz then WHO WOULD HAVE BEEN ANGRY AND CRANKY do ya suppose?  *LOL*   Sometimes he pretends he forgets it's my Day Out for the Month, even tho' it's written on every Calendar and I Mentally prepare them all for a whole Week in advance that it's coming up on the 3rd Thursday!  *Winks*

I sternly Warn everyone, even the House Guest, not to have any preventable Emergencies on THAT DAY so as not to ruin my Plans and my Restorative Day!  *LOL*   Hey, I get one freakin' DAY so I Guard it with my very Life I tell ya!  *Smiles*  So, when the Friend decided to take her vehicle in THAT day I had my reservations about it, since you never know with Garages how backlogged they are and if same day Service is possible?!  I didn't need stranded people anywhere needing rides really while I was clear Downtown having Fun in the City on My Special Day.  Any other Day I can Roll with it... but NOT THAT DAY!  You can only Guess how aggravated I was that it didn't quite play out that way, tho' I did have a Great Day coz I refused to rush back to the Rural Burbs earlier and made everyone wait on me.  To where I felt done with My Day and sufficiently Restored to last another Month even tho' the damned phone kept ringing with ARE YOU DONE YETS from both the Friend and Grand-Daughter?!  *Insert heavy Sighing, that's akin to tolerating an ARE WE THERE YET?*

I Vented a bit at everyone, because I was aggravated and I'm no Actress when it comes to pretending NOT to be aggravated, so no Academy Awards for me!  *Winks*   So if you ever aggravate me, you won't be able to say you had No Idea you had... it will be made Clear.  *Ha ha ha*   The Man said I didn't Need to make it Clear to him with a Vent his way.  Since he had been no party to any of it and didn't even feel remotely tempted to pick up the phone and bother me on my Sacred Day Out... ha ha ha.   I told him he didn't Need to, he'd stolen my Sleep the Night before by falling out of Bed by removing his Safety Rail so part of my irritation was likely attributed to sleep deprivation?!   *Smiles*

Yeah, probably do NEED that Antique Lourdes Prayer Book Necklace to Maintain my Calm when those around me have Worked my last Nerve, huh?  *Winks*  Lately my Last Nerve has been mighty close to the surface and has been easily triggered, I think it's the overall Stress and Strain that certain Life Events have piled up at the start of the New Year and trickling over from Last Year's Crisis?!  A lot of Stress over Loved One's Health and Well Being always does it for me, you Feel very powerless to intercede when someone is seriously not Well... Anger is usually Fear in disguise.  I've been Angrier than usual lately and not able to just not let random shit bother me, if it involves other people's random shit anyway.  *LOL*

If you are inclined to be an obstinate or argumentative Soul, then it's probably not the very best Timing to engage with me in arguments or stubborn behavior coz I could come out of the bag on the turn of a freakin' Dime lately!  *Winks*  And I HAVE... Yes I have... so Pray for me.  *Ha ha ha ha haha*   My Tolerance level for shit lately is just Negative Numbers on the left side of Zero Tolerance... winks... and I don't Care to pretend otherwise.   Which is why I NEEDED my Me Day and uninterrupted in order to Restore my own Soul so that I'm being Nice on Purpose most of the time and not being pushed into Ratchet Bitch Mode by anyone else's behavior, personality or nonsense. *Smiles* 

The Prodigal Daughter and I have been having many Heart To Hearts lately via Instant Messenger Calls and she always cracks me up.  Usually in Life she's been the bane of existence with her Crazy Life and well, just being Crazy and an Addict for so many Years.  So now she's Clean for the first time in Decades, not so much Drama for Mama from her anyway!  *Whew, Thank You Jesus and all the Saints!*   And so she's said it's kinda Nice that lately she's not been THE ONE sending me over the edge anymore and causing Heartache or Worries!  *LOL, Gallows Humor!*   Not that she's Glad that it is others now... taking their 'Turn' so to speak and filling in for her, which that Statement right there was utterly hysterical!  *Bwahahahahaha*   But we can make each other laugh about the unfunny... the tragic and tragedies that can be Life... Hard Knocks Life... and I Love that about her.   She's looking Fantastic, like her Old Self again and Years have fallen away from her countenance now she's not using Dangerous Drugs for the first time in over 20 Years... at 37 and given her History, that is a Miracle too... that all is Answer to fervent Prayer for a very long time!

Love you Mamas and Besos for standing in for a Therapist and letting your Old Mama Rant a bit about Mi Vida Loca for a change... wayyyy Cheaper than Therapy!  *Winks*  And she jokes that she's had enough Experience with ALL THAT to actually fake the Therapist or Shrink Role rather superbly... Crazy Kid... Mwah!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Be still my heart:) Now I'm going back to look closer . . . can't have too much of a good thing, LOL.

    1. Yeah, that whole Event was so Editorial that it was easy to take good images of it all!

  2. Love how you ended this piece....with your daughter...sounds like she has your sense of humor...and GREEEEEEEN is my favorite color---i need to find someplace (after the snowstorm) to go and smell DIRT and Green things. Grins!

    1. Yes, I too was ready for Green and for a Spring Note to Decorating.


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