Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres Event ~ Finale'

The Event is a wrap now and this is the balance of the imagery I took at it.  Sometimes I manage to make it back for a second visit, but Sunday I had The G-Kid Force want me to take them to The Mall.   We actually had Fun at The Mall and spent over five hours there, since I'm taking a new supplement and it alleviates old age pain and enhances focus, clarity and stamina.   By God it Works, so I was glad I justified it's expense to give it a go!  *LOL*  Normally five hours at The Mall with The Force would have damn near done me in!  *Winks*

Now that The Force are getting older and are both Teens, they get along better, and so I can take them both somewhere without losing my Mind mediating!  *Smiles*  Sure, the 13 Year Old will have her Mood Swings at least once, since 13 Year Old Females, especially Bipolar ones, are volatile like that and almost anything can trigger a Diva Attack.  But her 18 Year old Brother can now roll with it without actually threatening to set her on fire for real!   Now he will just Smile at her, roll his Eyes at me, and just joke, don't make me want to set you on fire now, to make her laugh and lighten up.   Now he's not triggered by her Moods to where I gotta actually frisk him for the matches!  *Winks*

He's even done Sweet things for her, like his new Fish Tank, to separate his Male and Female Mollies since they were breeding too prolifically in one shared Tank, he chose to set up in her Spaces upstairs.  *Gasp!*  He's even told her he'll do all of the Tank Maintenance, she just has to enjoy having it there!  *Double Gasp, I couldn't Believe it either!*  Okay, so he really didn't have any stand to put it on in his Spaces and his Kitchenette Countertop is filled with critters, so her volunteering her Hallway Countertop initiated the compromise, but still... for them to cooperate amicably, is a Big Deal!  *LOL*  She even helped him set the whole shebang up harmoniously... and they didn't even come to blows when he began bossing her around loudly, like she was his Minion, and we could hear him barking orders like a Drill Sargent clear Downstairs!  *Triple Gasp!* 


The Man looked at me and asked if mebbe I shouldn't go Upstairs before she stabbed him or something, but I could hear her Calmly asking him how she should do whatever Order he'd just barked, so I let it Ride.  *LOL*  She actually seemed to be having Fun with him telling her how to set up a desirable habitat for his Male Mollies and letting her participate.   She's totally Jazzed to have this now Beautiful Tank of his in her Space and not have any of the Work entailed in Maintaining it, the Girl might sometimes be Crazy, but she's not Stupid!  *LMAO*   He's taking Care of it all Gramma and I just get to have Fish in my Space and not have to DO anything... the Agreement Works for her!  *Winks*  He actually felt benevolent seeing his Little Sister so delighted that he's Sharing his Aquatic Critters with her... which is preferable to him usually treating her like Demon spawn!  *Winks*

So yeah, we've been having a little bit of Bohemian Rhapsody around here lately, with The Force getting along so Well for a change, as they're growing up and Maturing into Young Adults.   The Sibling Rivalry has subsided considerably and even when he's out staying with Friends or at his Dad's Family's Homes, she agrees to Care for all of his critters while he's gone.  So the mutual exchange they've amicably agreed upon means all his exotic creatures are covered whether he's Home or not!  *Whew!*   She takes the responsibility he's endowed to her very seriously and she actually likes Reptiles, so isn't your usual Girly Girl whose terrified of handling and caring for them or handling the Bugs they eat... Wednesday Addams Child that she is.  *Winks*   I do check in on Ivara, Alduin and The Fishes, just to ensure they're thriving... Okay, so I sneak in there to Spoil them really, it's what Gramma's just do, right?  *LOL*

The Young Prince is spending time in the City with his Dad and Family so his Sister is in charge of all Reptiles and Fishes for the Holiday Weekend.  She really loves doing it actually, and has been keeping her personal Space like a Young Adult would too, she's really Maturing into a responsible Young Lady fast.  That's a relief to Yours Truly and really diminishes the level of Caregiving necessary for the whole crew, since The Force can help me with Grandpa a lot too in my absence now.  The Man is doing really well in his rehabilitation concerning the TBI, but lately his overall physical health has been compromised again, so we're keeping a close Eye on him.   His health has been up and down for Years now, but it still alarms us when he isn't feeling Well, since things can go sideways on the turn of a Dime!

He keeps piping along and is tough as old boots, but I still watch to ensure we don't need more Medical intervention.  He really hates going to the Hospital... and the VA Hospital in particular, but sometimes it's just necessary if things get too bad for him.   His immune system is compromised and this is the time of year that the Flu takes a lot of vulnerable people down.  When you're still raising Kids, they drag a lot of what's going around Home with them.  So even if you're mostly housebound like he is, you're still having lots of exposure to whatever is just making it's rounds out there to infect people and might be contagious.   We get him his Flu Shots but they can't protect from every virus and strain out there, and this year it seemed what was going around was a virulent form and resistant to the immunizations!

We all got it at one point in time and it was a rough version of the Flu, probably dragged Home by The Young Prince and I when we had his ER visit for that dislocated Knee?   But the rest of us recovered quickly and The Man didn't seem able to shake it.   He'd get better for a time and then relapse with similar symptoms all over again.   So he's been spending a lot of time in bed recovering and just resting or watching Football.   I've been trying to get this Blog Post out for days now myself and keep retracting the story line every time it strays from being Positive.  *LOL*   Remember how in 2019 my main Resolution was being more Positive?  Well, that's the trajectory I prefer to follow whenever I can even if the New Year has started off rather rocky for us.  Right now the house is in disarray and half of Christmas is still up, so I've been slacking in the housekeeping department and Seasonal switch!  *Le Sigh*  A Positive Attitude has not necessarily brought with it a heady dose of Ambition unfortunately!  *BTW: The Silver 1937 Trophy in the Foreground was my only Purchase at this Month's Event... such restraint, huh?*

I am still trying to help The Son on a Path to Wellness, being supportive of the changes he will have to make to arrive at that destination hopefully.  It's an intimidating Journey to go from being profoundly Sick to Well again, especially with Addictions of any kind.   Dependency upon prescription medications that are highly addictive can be one of the worst actually to have full recovery from.  Usually even a success will mean you will have to try to find more holistic alternatives to pain management, since that pain will remain after sobriety is attained.   The withdrawal period can be both brutal and potentially deadly, so there is always that weaning period of trying to stay Well enough, while ridding the body of the chemicals it now craves and has succumbed to.  Even when psychotropic meds for Mental Illness have to be weaned off from, if they've become physically too damaging to the body, the withdrawal is brutal.  Both The Son and The Young Prince had to do that in their Teens and withdrawal is agonizing, even for the Loved Ones having to Witness the Process of it! 

Years ago I had to Witness The Man's brutal withdrawal from Opiod pain management meds, which were handed out like tic-tacs by the VA to Disabled Veterans back in the day.   I haven't wanted to have to Witness The Son's withdrawal from the same damned pain management meds!   I know that allegedly the Government is cracking down on the Doctors administering these highly addictive and deadly Big Pharma Drugs, I just wish they'd ban them completely and find safer and non-addictive alternatives.  How many more people will be prescribed Rx Meds that are killing them and making Addicts out of them?!?!??!!!!   I can't be Positive about Big Pharma and the money they make off of the suffering of those in pain or who are valiantly trying to recover and stay alive from various illness and disease.  I think it has become a racket, in so many ways much like the illegal drug trade, at the general public's expense and the grief of Families negatively impacted by it.

Those with chronic Disabilities and afflictions that have no real Cure are particularly vulnerable and often put on these dreadful meds, to 'stabilize' their conditions or alleviate symptoms of what ails them.  It's just such a double edged sword, such a Catch-22, that I am not certain solutions are being explored for healthier alternatives by the Medical Community really?  I just know that it touches the lives of so many people and so many Families have endured the heartache, our Family included.  I think the disarray of my home is an outward manifestation of inner turmoil going on right now.  Mostly I've got piles of unfinished business laying around... and inwardly the same I suppose?  It can be difficult to go thru the motion of doing mundane tasks of daily life that barely matter, when you're dealing with a lot of heavy issues with Loved Ones that matter so much.

And the extended stay of a House Guest has helped me get things in order, but not really been helpful in me keeping things in order.  My motivation level for housekeeping right now is negligible, I don't really Care to devote the time nor the energy to it and have none left for what matters more.   Reserving time and energy for priorities means some things will not get done and though I hate a messy home, it will have to do for now.  *Le Sigh*   And Christmas will have to just linger for a while more too, perhaps by Valentine's Day I'll have it all taken down and packed away?  *LOL*   I did give a nod to Valentine's Day in my Retail Spaces at the Antique Mall, it was minuscule, but it is somewhat evident.  Okay, so I just found some small things with Hearts on them or in the shape of a Heart and I tried to group some Pink and Red objects!  *LMAO*  Don't expect to cruise by Showroom #114 and see an actual Vignette or Display that will transport you to Romantic Bliss or anything!  *Winks*

It's all still rather pitiful, but Sales are up for now, so Customers mustn't mind that the Showroom and Booth don't look a whole lot more put together than Villa Boheme' does right now?!  *Whew!*  Now The G-Kid Force have been the complete opposite, when there is Family Stress due to Loved Ones not being Well, they both tend to get Manic and have Cleaning Frenzies in their personal Spaces!   The Young Prince had a Manic Episode the other Night and cleaned an entire Room up in his Suite... at Four in the Morning he said!  *LOL*  Princess T, who is slender, but strong as an Ox, just like her Mama, spent all of last Night while I was at Work moving big Furniture all by herself and re-arranging her entire Room... for perhaps the 4th time this Month!  *Smiles*  

She has a full size double Bed, how she moves that big heavy thing all over her room by herself is still a mystery, the Family said they can just hear it from Downstairs, but she refuses any help and wants you to stay away.  When the Kiddos are on a Manic Bender, best to just stay out of their way and let 'em go to it if they're being productive!  Our Daughter, their Mama, even when she only weighed 93 lbs. soaking wet, could move a Fridge with ease all by herself, like the Incredible Hulk tho'!   She used to re-arrange all of her Nanna's Furnishings when on a Manic Bender, my Mom said it came in mighty handy!  *Winks* Princess T stayed up to show me her Room after I got Home from Work, it looks fantastic and completely different than before!  Now if only they both can have a combined Manic Episode and clean the rest of the house, we'll be Golden!!!  *LMAO*   Seriously, when Manic, those two have more combined Energy than a Posse of Merry Maids!

Ironic really that the only two Spaces in the Home right now that look Maintained are the Kid's Rooms... usually their Spaces look Apocalyptic!   Now it's me that has allowed the Apocalypse to descend upon the rest of the house, Mad Max Style we'll just call it... so that it'll seem Intentional, like some New Decorating Trend!  *Winks*  I'm Feeling a bit like Mad Max lately, so it's appropriate.  After all, the Citadel was a Desert Fortress too out in the middle of freakin' nowhere... see the parallels?!  *LOL*  I like to Imagine that if I had a smaller Historic Home in the City and with an active Lifestyle again, we wouldn't be Home enough to mess anything up and it would just stay Nice!?!  *Bwahaha!*  On the canvas of my Imagination there is that Idyllic World that doesn't really Exist and I refuse to let go of Living The Dream one day!  This could be Living The Dream... if right now it didn't look so Nightmarish around this place!

Sharing Lovely Imagery of a well put together Event is rather a distraction from me having to acknowledge and address the Hot Mess sitting all around me right now!   I'm going to 'Share', but not in Images, since that would be WAYYYY too Transparent and you couldn't unsee it so I couldn't do that to you... what is presently sitting all around me on the Floor, that doesn't belong there and Needs to be put away... just in THIS room!   To the Right of me:  Not one, but TWO, new lovely squat Raindrop Shaped and tall Cylindrical Vase Shaped Wood-tone Aromatherapy Oil Home Diffusers and all their Essential Oils, which are many, like a Legion of them!   A Vintage Folger Coffee Can filled with Princess T's Pencil Collection, which apparently she banished from her Room during her redecorating Project and ended up in here!  An Ouija Board design Pillow, probably left over from Halloween Decorating.  {Keep Reading we're not Done yet...} 

Two Victorian Chippy White Paint Architectural Salvage Bannister Columns that were supposed to be turned into Bottlebrush Tree Stands for Christmas... that never happened!   A Cheese Board with Cloche Dome.   A fancy large Wood Humidor filled with Gold Canyon mini Candle Samples, of which there are many, another Legion of a particular item constituting a Tiny Hoard.  Several Decor Magazines... and two Book Display Stands from my Showroom.  A pac of 550 sheet Copy Paper awaiting The Young Prince to load it into the Printer for me.  An Antique Lithograth of a Sheepherder with their Sheep in an Idyllic setting, in an ornate Frame, that I haven't decided whether to Keep or Sell, depending upon if I can find Wall space to hang it on here... or not?    And finally, a Silver Vintage Ice-Bucket embellished with Rabbit Fur and Winged Tin Ex Voto Heart that has a Fabric and Bling Leopard Print Pumpkin sitting inside of it... also left over from Halloween!  So... it's not just Christmas not entirely put away, clearly I'm several Months behind the 8-Ball in Seasonal Swaps!  *Le Sigh*  See... mostly a bunch of Pretty shit strewn all over the place with no place to BE... ie: Clutter!  And that's just what's on the Right side of me... so you get a Visual of how far gone I am!  *LOL*

I also had Scored an incredible original Cut Velvet Sage Green and Mustard Floral upholstered Antique Victorian, ornately Carved Loveseat, with enormous Down filled Cushion, whilst Goodwill Hunting and squoze it into this Room.   It's fabulous and The Force Love to sit on it and sink into it's squishy Down filled Seat Cushion that kinda billows up around you.  That said, Princess T casually observes said Room now and says quite matter of factly, "Gramma, remember at the Old House when you had a Room with too many Tables?"   I could see where this was heading... the Table Hoard had to be downsized, so The Family would quit dissing me about how many were in a single Room and doing a subtle Intervention by mentioning it... like... ALL OF THE TIME!  *LOL*  "Well, this Room has too much Seating now...", she trails off, letting the impact of that Statement sink in with it's pregnant pause.   Yeah, it is a bit MUCH and we all know I'm inclined to MUCHNESS, but hey, right now every Seat in here has an ass sitting in it, so clearly we Gather in here and NEEDED all this Seating, Right?!?  *Touche'!*

Because anytime I'm Blogging, every Human Being in the house seem to migrate into this Room like a vast Herd on the Serengeti.  The only one who doesn't migrate in is the damned Cat... and only because she's not allowed in this part of the house!   So while Princess T is making this profound observation about just how Too Much Seating is crammed into this Room now, she's spread out on the New Old Loveseat... The Young Prince is seated in the Victorian Needlepoint Chair... my Friend is seated in the Old European Grainsack upholstered Wingback Chair... and I'm in the Vintage Secretarial Chair here in front of the Computer... so ALL overseating is TAKEN and in Use!!!  

Soooo, I can JUSTIFY the Hoard of Cool Old Seating I have crammed in here, otherwise you all wouldn't have a place to sit!!!   I mean, if The Man had wandered in too, he wouldn't have had a place to sit!!!   Oh wait, he HAD wandered in actually... and was standing there like a Lost Soul... standing there holding the back of the Wingback Chair my Friend was seated in and telling me all about the Overtime the Football Game Playoffs had gone into, no less!  Like I NEED that information when I'm trying to Blog... or Four other People in the room being a distraction!  *Le Sigh*  Besides, I reminded the Kiddos that when there wasn't sufficient Seating crammed in here for everybody, they'd be dragging the Bar Stools or Kitchen Chairs in here to sit on!  Then unceremoniously leaving them here rather than putting them back into the Kitchen!  So there was Method to my Madness, even tho' now the Room is rather overwhelmed with Seating, it has Form and Function... Purpose!  SO THERE!   See how I Rationalize and Defend my dysfunction?!  *Winks* 

And besides, who wants to even get Well from finding Cool shit like this and cramming it somewhere in one's Home, really?!?  *Winks*   And that Victorian Oil Painting with Ornate Frame was found at another location and yet matches the Hues of the Loveseat PERFECTLY, like they were made for each other!  I Love the very Old Still Life Oils of Flowers and Collect them, whether Framed or Unframed.  This Room already has several and this will be added to the Gallery in here.   And right now it's sitting on the Floor to the Left of me, since I haven't hung up a lot of Art either... so many languishing Projects that my Friend and I could be getting around to... not that she lacks the Ambition to, but I sure do!  *Le Sigh*   And I really should self-motivate sometime this Week so we can knock it all out while she's still living with us and I have present Help!

I was actually Encouraged to inject some Imagery of said Loveseat and Painting into this Post by my Friend.  Whose sitting here sipping Coffee as we both languish in our PJ's after having gotten Princess T off to School!  See... the Migration has already begun into this Room!  *Smiles*   The Young Prince is still at his Dad's for a more extended stay... since having continuous House Guests since early September at our Home, both of his Friends who stayed about 2 Months apiece, and now my Friend whose stayed even longer, has left him Feeling rather like he Needed to just temporarily get away.   Hosting Guests in one's Home is rather a disruption in The Force and sometimes they don't handle it well, my trio, and actually after a Time, I don't either... our Schedule and Routine is compromised with House Guests no matter how much we Care about them!  "I'll be glad when everyone leaves and we're back to Normal...", he'd mused as we ate Breakfast at a Diner on the way to his Dad's... clearly Communal Living would not be part of these three's Future... they're NOT Old Hippies like myself!  *LOL*

But I think almost any of us Feel more relaxed when we're not Hosting Guests in the Home.   Most people I know say they're Good for about 3 Days before Hosting anyone is Done for them and they're Over it!  *LOL*   So I guess we are holding up pretty well, considering Villa Boheme' kinda became a Hostel of sorts for the temporary Homeless of those we know.  Who were in transition from one residence to another, for rather extended stays with no actual departure Date.  I just can't see someone having no place to go and being in Limbo, especially around the Holidays.  I've been Put Up by Friends and extended Family during periods of Mi Vida Loca, where Transition was happening and I was temporarily Homeless for a time back in da day, with a Pre-Schooler and Newborn Infant in tow no less!   And the Friends who took us in were Single GI's sharing a House, so they really took one for the Team having a newly Divorced Gal Friend and her two very Young Children moving in 'til I could find a permanent place to live!  So I look at this as Paying It Forward... which is banking Great Karma! *Winks*

Everyone and Anyone can end up in a situation at some point in Life where things don't transition smoothly and might even catch us unawares and unprepared.  So we all could sometimes use a little Help from our Friends.  In fact, my Dear Old Dad used to always say that nothing sorts People out quite like Trouble!   That's when you find out whose got your Back actually... and whose conspicuous by their very Absence and unwillingness to get involved!  The Ride or Die folks will be evident... so will the Fair Weather folks.  And sometimes that can be a Good thing to have that revealed, just so you know.  I would venture to guess that the percentages of Ride or Die folks is less than you might think otherwise.   Being a Fair Weather sort is easier so most folks opt for it, less skin in the game for them when it comes to their relationships and less self sacrifice or inconvenience to Self.   We have in many ways become a more Egocentric Society with an It's All About Me All Of The Time general outlook.


In our many Travels Worldwide it was an Observation of The Man and I to notice that in the less Developed Countries there was more sense of obligation and sense of duty to the Community as a Whole.  The Value of each Individual and the Relationships seemed stronger because there were strong bonds established and cultivated.  More of a Tribal Mentality going on to where folks were 'there' for one another in a sincere and heartfelt way, that was tighter knit and not so Egocentric and disengaged from or indifferent to one another.  Sharing and voluntarily helping were more commonplace, even if they had far less to Share... even if Life itself was harder and more of a struggle... and yet they found the time and resources to band together to get things done for one another in a Communal way.   I guess I connect more to the Tribal Mentality since submitting yourselves to the Group has benefits for ALL within the Group.

Communal Living does have it's ups and downs, the Group comprised has to be able to live in relative Harmony most of the time, and make compromises that you don't have to make if Selfishly motivated.   I'm seeking that Balance of a little of both I suppose... enough Me Time and enough Communal Time... that discovery of how much Togetherness is tolerable and how much Apartness is necessary!  *Winks*   Togetherness can be Wonderful of coarse when there is no Trouble in Paradise, but lets face it, us Humans are not necessarily always that Harmonious, are we?  *LOL*   When we reach a place of working one another's last nerve, it might be time for that Apartness to happen for a while to restore one's own Soul and come back to Center.   That's what The Young Prince has embarked upon and I Get It and actually Encouraged it so that he could be more at Peace returning to the Group later.   Those with Social Anxiety Issues have more trouble co-existing with and around other people.

The Man and both of The G-Kid Force like to joke that they Hate People... People in general, no one Person in particular... and I didn't realize how much of the general Population actually shares that sentiment!   OMG, I thought there would be more People Persons like myself, apparently there is NOT... most People would prefer less interaction with other People, not more!   So perhaps the direction Society is going is voluntary and necessary for those individuals who really aren't very Socially inclined?!?   Wrapping my Mind around that has been difficult, since I'd prefer to Believe that most People genuinely Like one another and the interactions with each other.   The Force tell me that NO, mostly People Hate People and Politely Tolerate most of them... they could be Right?!  *LOL*   The Young Prince likes to joke that the new PC terminology for that, since we ALWAYS Need those PC Labels nowadays so as not to Offend the sensitives and simply MUST Label everything as a Disorder nowadays, is Antisocial Personality Disorder and a LOT of peeps have a varying degree of it.  *LMAO*

I still hold out the stubborn Hope that Society will eventually come back around to being more Social towards one another and not drift further away from that than they already have?    I do think that generally people crave Gathering, since any time there is some Event or reason to Gather, people come out in force for it!   They may not interact with one another per se during it, but they will Gather at least and that's a step in the right direction.   What was the last Gathering you went to?  How many showed up for it?  Wasn't the Energy more Positive and Social?  Unless Gatherings induce anxiety or stress for you, didn't you just Enjoy the Experience?   Some Cultures make more of an intentional effort to Gather regularly and I've always liked that when I visit any Culture that does it more in daily Life.

I've been trying to gather enough Words for a storyline for this Post for days now... and it just wasn't coming together for me.  I can't tell you how many times I started over and erased my Draft, just leaving the Imagery and almost deciding upon doing a Wordless Post, just to get it out there!  *LOL*   Sometimes the direction the Writing went just wasn't very Positive and so would have been a tough read.  Sometimes the direction it was going was nowhere... drifting... and lately that's been a recurrent theme with me as I drift most days... going nowhere in particular.   My Friend, when she knew the topic of disorganization I was headed upon during this Draft of the Written part of the Post, gathered up all of the stuff to the Right of me I'd previously described, and put it away for me to locations where it should BE.  It took about 10 Minutes, that's all... and usually that's the actual effort Needed that I just couldn't even muster myself!  *LOL* 

If you didn't have to go to Work again Tonight she said, we could knock it all out... well, Thank God for Work then!  *Winks*  I would be a reluctant participant in any major Project... Hell, any minor housekeeping Project at this juncture... I barely Care!   Well... I do since the clutter bothers me when it gets deferred, but I think you know what I mean?   The Son had called me with some Positive News and that was Uplifting since most of his News has been so Negative lately that it was a heavy burden to bear.   You want your Children to do Well and to be Well... and if they're not, it's tough to see them going thru heavy stuff in Life.   I could tell he was relieved that finally some things were going Well and he could have some Hope that they would continue in that Positive trajectory he's trying desperately to be upon.

Downward spirals are just tough to get thru, aren't they?  I think we've all experienced some in Life, and if you haven't, well, just keep on living.  If you aren't in one or don't know anyone whose enduring one, consider yourself among the fortunate few.   Seems a lot of people are in a struggle of some kind lately, even if you're in a holding pattern and not a downward trajectory it can be tough to keep treading water.   We happen to know a lot of Federal Workers and they've not had a paycheck now in a mighty long time since the Govt. Shutdown.  I've tried not to be very Political about that, but the whole thing makes me super angry because of the Millions of lives it has touched in a very Negative and damaging way!   Surely there was a better way to handle this than punishing hard working people and using them as pawns in a Political standoff and the ensuing posturing going on for far too long already!

As a generally Moderate Person I cannot stand Extremes, doesn't matter what Extreme direction and Extreme thinking is going on... I just don't Like it.  Polar opposites in Extreme directions will almost never meet and be Unified.  Not having Shared Vision ultimately leads to Division... just as Simplistic as that.  Extremist Politics has just made me weary of hearing either side and all of the constant Drama and lack of Shared Vision... the blaming and the nastiness is just unlovely and isn't getting much, if anything, done.  I turn off the TV a lot now, especially the News... or what is passing for News.  I'd rather focus on Positive things that bring Hope and not Despair!  Things like Family and Friends are too important to me to fixate upon the ridiculous Political climate we have going on in America right now and the strife it's caused our population.  I don't remember it ever being this jacked up... EVER!

And so I'd rather refrain from having Opinions being regurgitated on the alleged News Channels of opposing sides... I'd rather be on FB or in The Land of Blog.  Seeing how so many of my Beautiful Grandchildren are now Blossoming into Young Adulthood.   This one was always quite the Tomboy and not at all fussy about appearing Feminine, my how that's done a 180 in just a matter of a few Months and she's Gorgeous and ultra Feminine looking now!   It's good to see her Blossoming into Womanhood, they all grow up so very fast and the transition from Childhood into Young Adulthood is like BAM, very evident!!!

One of her Older Sisters has the Gorgeous College Co-Ed Look going on, these Kids are so good at the Selfie, and know how to get their best angle!  I Need to Master that and get some tips, I take the crappiest Selfies EVER!  *LOL*  As you saw by my previous Post, I gave up on taking a Selfie and just had The Man and The Young Prince Photograph me for the Post Topic!  *Smiles*   And now, FINALLY I have managed to crank out this damned Post that just wouldn't come together and I've meant to Post days ago!   Blogging is like that sometimes, Writer's Block sometimes hits and the Words don't or won't come easily... or you dislike what you wrote when you come back to it later and it's still in Draft form.   But... better late than never... Hope you were able to Enjoy the Visuals my Friends!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I was hooked on your first photo. That blue couch makes my heart beat faster. . . love it!!!

  2. I know, the Upholstery Make-overs of all that Vintage Furniture was Sublime wasn't it?!

  3. Your paragraph on community and helping in another country, had me choked up. We live in a conservative-rightish community, so when you go to assist someone disabled, old, or a young woman with struggling/screaming children-first they look surprised and then wary. Such, a sad state of affairs when a helpful gesture is met with 'fear'. And, we are hardly in a crime area.

    It's your words and photos that lure me in everyday as I struggle with my own direction and messes. Thanks, Dawn...for putting the LIGHT out there...and keep on trucking! Sandi

    1. Awwww, Thanks Sandi and it is good that you are willing to assist those within your community who have a point of need to be met, the fear and suspicion comes from it being so rare that people get involved and have sincerity. I've found that once people realize you mean Well then the barriers come down and Trust is established. We've done Ministry work in many Needy Communities over the years thru Faith based groups and it is the establishment of Trust and Respect given to the residents being Helped that has to come first, before the Help will be received. I think Kindness extended is always the Right thing to do, it shows our Humanity towards one another.


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