Saturday, January 26, 2019

Not Much Meditation Going On... Mebbe There Should Be?

I'm beginning to think there is a Conspiracy going on... and it started the moment that I said my Word for 2019 was going to be Positivity and made a priority Resolution to Be More Positive!   Then all Holy Hell broke loose it seems and everything Negative hit in rapid succession... as if to say, just try to be More Positive NOW... I double dare ya Dawn!  *Le Sigh*   Not much Meditation is going on in the Meditation Room... and mebbe there should be?   Because in order to remain Centered, Calm and Positive, it's going to have to be drawn from deep down I tell ya!  In a Meditative State perhaps I can Let Go of the visceral reaction to Chaos and Crisis, better resist the knee jerk reaction to being Pissed Off by someone or something Negative coming against us?

You'll recall my last Post, of The Man's latest bad Senior Fall?  Well, he's going to be Okay but after a rapid 2019 succession of just a shitstorm of Negative stuff to get thru, I Wanted... no, NEEDED a break!   But I picked up the Mail before I went to Work Tonight... and there was a Letter from the HOA... which is never a Good thing lemme tell ya!   Good Lord, what NOW!?!???!  I let out a big Sigh before I even dared open it for more Bad News... what are they forbidding, restricting, being uptight about, what Neg Addendum to the Covenants and Restrictions have they now enforced or what petty Violation have they come up with NOW?!??!?   It's always something with those people and it's a good thing I Work Tuesday Nights when they hold their Meetings or I'd be tempted to light the Board of them on Fire!  *LOL*   This time it was a Violation Notice because my Friend whose been living with us, had parked on the Street!

Just so you know, on our tiny Street during just this Day there were perhaps a dozen vehicles parked on the Street and Tonight when I got Home from Work I counted nine still parked on the Street that will probably remain there overnight.  I don't Care, it doesn't bother me or my Family one iota, and I just Wonder if ALL of them got Violation Notices too... or are we being singled out I can't help but Wonder?   Our Subdivision Hell is HUGE, like about 1,700 other Families... and it's tempting, if I had the Time or the inclination to... to drive around and count how many vehicles in the entire Subdivision are parked on the Street too?  Just to see how many Violation Letters just MIGHT have been sent out like ours to ALL of them!?   

We should drive around and take pixs and take down License Plate Numbers my Friend suggested, I don't Work Tuesday Nights she says, perhaps I should show up at the Meeting and confront them with the massive Evidence?  Since it irked her that having been gone literally all Day at Work, we get a Violation for her being Home at Night for the few Hours her vehicle will be parked at all around here!   I'd had a discussion with our Nice Neighbor Friend just Yesterday about some petty Violation Letters he's received, so I doubt we're the Lone Rangers in Feeling unduly harassed.  It's no Wonder how many Homes are going up for Sale in rapid succession around here, seven on our tiny Street alone in the last Month!  I don't Plan to Retire here he had said, this is NOT going to be our Forever Home since we're just too fed up... we're Feeling much the same way and it irks me no end.  Because when I come Home to relax and be in the Sanctuary Home should be, I don't want Drama or harassment to be an Issue from outside forces!

I don't want complete Strangers presuming to tell us how to live, how to Worship {remember the several Pages of Forbidden Christmas Exterior Decorations they sent out around the Holidays?}, who can be at our Home or for how long, where they should Park when they are here or spending the Night, what I Plant as Landscape Decor {remember the new 9 Pages of now Forbidden Plants and Trees they sent out last Year?}, when to paint our Home since they claim our White Paint is fading {??? WTF, faded White!?!}... etcetera and ad nauseum!   Not to mention we pay $85 a Month for these mini Dictators to presume to tell us how to live and what they've dreamed up as alleged Violations and to take away Personal Freedom from Residents!   What has Amerikkka come to?  

Especially since all new builds have these damned HOA's now so you almost can't get away from them, they're EVERYWHERE now, like a Biblical Plague!   The Man wanted a New Home when we had to move from our Historic one, opposed to another Historic One in areas that don't have any HOA's.  Now I give him the Stink Eye about the baggage New Homes come with every time a damned HOA Letter arrives in the Mail!  *Winks*  Honey I says, I'm not so sure that I can live Forever anywhere that I'll keep receiving such Letters without going Postal some day?  *Le Sigh*  My Friend squeezed her Big SUV beside my Full Sized Big Truck in the Driveway Tonight, we can barely get out of our Vehicles!  And neither Vehicle would fit in any of the 3 Car Garages {even IF they weren't Hoarded with my Antique Mall Inventory, Tools and Seasonal Stash}, since NONE of these Homes, even the Luxury Homes, built Garages long enough to hold Full Sized Trucks, Vans or SUV sized Vehicles!   My understanding is the few that were built large enough cost $5,000 more to extend the Garages 2 Feet when the Original Owners had them built!  Who knew they didn't just build Garages to accommodate Modern Full Sized Vehicles?!?

What if The Man could still drive and you had a 2nd Vehicle or The Young Prince was driving and had one too, she says... what then?   These are Big Ass Homes on this Street, with the smallest being 4,350 sf and some going up to almost 7,000 sf so it's not like larger Families wouldn't live in them!   And most have MIL Suites suited for Multi-Generational Living she says... so just where is everyone supposed to Park pray tell?   And what about Guests, don't they think anyone ever has Guests, Visitors, Hired Help that come to do Work or Deliver shit?!   

She was rather on a rampage too about said Letter, since it was her Vehicle that Violated us and that made her just Feel bad, since she's our House Guest and she never intended for it to cause Trouble or Drama for us with the damned HOA Gestapo!   Well, they come around with a spotlight at 4:00 a.m. every Morning The Young Prince interjects!  He has Bipolar Insomnia so he's usually up at 4:00 a.m., and his MIL Suite is in the front of our Home Upstairs, so he'd been seeing the Spotlights being shined in the wee Hours of every Morning at his Windows and had Wondered what the Hell was going on so peeks outside!?!   That's when he realized it was always the HOA people driving around snooping when nobody would be up to see them!   That's just Creepy she says... I agree, I think we're unanimous in that assessment of the Creepy impropriety of it all!

 BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!!  Very Orson Welles-ish!

You should call the Police she says, and tell them some Creepy person driving slowly in a Vehicle at ungodly hours every Night is shining a Spotlight at Homes and in Windows and is Scaring us and Creeping us all out!   She's retired from a Local Police Department... she felt it is a legitimate Complaint to have the Police come to investigate a report from Concerned Citizens living in a nice Neighborhood that we don't want such things going on.   Drive around during the Daylight hours when you don't Need a Spotlight and aren't Creeping around like some Lurker in the middle of the Night... that would be more Appropriate.  What a Revelation this has been she had said, of what I never want to endure as a Homeowner Investing so much Money in what should be able to be a Forever Home!   True That, it was quite the Revelation to us too, unfortunately AFTER we bought the expensive Luxury Home!

What pains me is that I have spent so much Time and Money getting this Home just the way we want it.  It's been just over five Years now of hard Work and much Sacrifice to get it Just So, to where we're comfortable on the INSIDE of it, while coming to the place of loathing the HOA and the Community around it.  *Le Sigh*   I went immediately up to my Meditation Room after a very busy shift at Work, to not so much Meditate, but to unwind and soak in the Atmosphere of the last Room at Villa Boheme' that we've completely Decorated just the way I'd Envisioned it to Be.   I really Love how it turned out and my Friend whose staying with us, put in a lot of Time and hard Work to assist The Young Prince and I to get it finished.   It's just Too Bad she said, your Home is Idyllic on the Inside, isn't it... great Architecture and Chi, showcases your possessions Magnificently!  Yeah, I said, IF it were anywhere else... and without this damned HOA... it very well could be a Forever Home and we'd never have to go thru the hassle and expense of another Epic Move in the Future!

How Old will you Guys be again once you get Princess T raised she asked?  Don't ask I says... it's just too depressing to contemplate moving again after The Man is well over 70 and I'm right on his coattails I says!   I mean, that's more the Age you might Need to begin looking at freakin' Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Arrangements for Chrissakes and not for your Forever Home to enjoy Retirement in I says!!!   What Shape we'll be in at that juncture is anyone's Guest, but even with this last Epic Move to here it wasn't as if The Man was in good enough Shape after his catastrophic accident to be ANY Help at all!  So it's all rather intimidating I says... contemplating yet another move and Years into the Future!   I look around... Yeah, I'd have to shed a shitload more of possessions to Travel Light Enough to muster the Ambition to Move again actually and overcome the Dread of Feeling we HAVE to!  *Le Sigh*

Can you get it down to Two Suitcases she joked... and then be able to pick one up in each Hand and say, Lets hit the Road Kids?!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  No, I says, that was back in da Day when we first met, almost 40 Years ago, and we actually Traveled just that Light in our Nomad Days of Youth, when we owned practically nothing in the way of actual possessions!  *Smiles*   She knew me way back then, when we could load the Bed of my Pickup Truck with everything I owned in an Hour and be down the Road to where ever we'd Live next!  She Traveled just as Light... back in those days when we were both Single Moms and moving here, there, everywhere on our own with Kids in tow!  *LOL*  How did we do it she mused... ahhhh, we were, as the New Popular Song states, Young, Dumb and Broke!  *LMAO*

In case you're Wondering how two Senior Grammas know this Song's Lyrics, well, we both have Teen Grandsons and Teen Granddaughters!  *Winks*   And for the uninitiated, here's a bit of the Lyrics of this very annoying Song, that the Youngsters really like and think is hilarious, so they're singing it in Karaoke Style every time it comes on in the Vehicle on the Radio.  And you just have to laugh along too... the Chorus is actually the funniest part, which isn't copied here, but if you want a good Laugh, listen to it sometime... tho' I must put a disclaimer that it will loop in your Head for hours afterwards, so be forewarned... LOL:

Young Dumb & Broke
So you're still thinking of me
Just like I know you should
I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could
I'm so high at the moment
I'm so caught up in this
Yeah, we're just young, dumb and broke
But we still got love to give

So anyway, you'll be Pleased to know and Proud of me that I didn't let the HOA Violation Notice send me over the Edge, tho' it very nearly sent my Friend over, since it was her 1st one that involved her and all.  *Bwahahahahaha!*  It's hard not to personalize it when it's directed at you personally, or get Offended and indignant about being Dictated to, like a small Child without the common sense to know how to Live Life all by ourselves, so I TOTALLY Get It!  *Winks*  Wow, I had to be 57 Years Old to know what it Feels like to be told off by some complete Stranger about how I should freakin' PARK she says... and at a Home OWNED AND PAID FOR by my equally Adult, even Older Senior Friends... Just WOW!   I know, almost leaves you at a Loss for Words, huh... ALMOST Speechless?   Well, except for the profanity that is!  *Insert hysterical Laughing, Gallow's Humor Style... and relaying how difficult it had been to squeeze out of our Vehicles pressed together in the Driveway!  LOL*   Nope, didn't lose my shit this time... at least not completely, small Rant was all, then I was Over It!

Since you're the much Skinnier one I says, we'll have to make sure you always leave first, so that my fat Ass... and my equally large Spouse's, can get in and out of my Truck!!!   I have a blown out Knee, The Young Prince chimes in, so I can't do Circus style contortions again until it Heals adequately!   What about my School Backpack Princess T will chime in, since that Kid carries one the size rivaling a Tibetan Sherpa's on her back, every Morning on the way to School and Afternoon coming Home from School!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  Yeah, it will be Interesting to get in and out of our Vehicles every day now, until my Friend moves out at the end of next Month, when Hopefully Escrow Closes on her New Home!   Really makes me want to get the Matches out and Light some People on Fire... but... Ohmmmmmmmmmm and Namaste... Resisting that Urge!  *Winks*

Yeah, mos def NEED to do MUCH more Meditation in that Meditation Room, to continuously get back to Center during 2019, if the rest of the Year rolls out anything like this Month of January has thus far!?!   And January isn't even over yet, so... I should also be Lighting a bunch of Altar Candles here in the Library Room too I suppose... on my Antique Catholic Prayer Grotto Altar too!?!    I have 100 Antique Votive Prayer Candles on it, that might just light the whole house on Fire!?!  Burn Baby Burn!!!  *Winks*   Just Kidding... couldn't help myself, that's Funny, I don't Care who you are and even if Gallow's Dark Twisted Humor isn't your Style?!    Hang around awhile, it could rub off on ya?!?   Gotta Keep that sense of Humor intact you know, otherwise you would go Mental!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!*

Okay, so I know all of you who actually have known me a long time are saying... but Dawn... you already ARE... and that's why it's even Funnier actually, No?!   As the Classic Alice In Wonderland Quote would go:


And it was relaxing to go Upstairs after Work Tonight and soak in the Ambiance of a very Zen Meditation Space and indulge in some enjoyable Photography of the Room for this Post.   I haven't Photographed that Room nearly enough actually, it's a rather Editorial one, in that all the Images always turn out great for me and I don't have to Edit any out on the proverbial Cutting Room Floor!  I'm not certain if I had to find another Home I'd be able to find one with a Space such as that one to re-create the Mood and Keep most of the contents?   I said that about my Art Studio Cottage at the Historic Homestead tho', and even tho' NOTHING can compare to it really EVER, this Space gives a similar Vibe that is very Me to my Core, so I just Love it too!

Even the small Entry Hallway into it has turned out Nicely, tho' I'm still working upon it and my Art Studio Loft Space, which is rather still in a state of Turmoil and Chaos with it's contents right now!   It's all a Work in Progress, but we're getting there, one Anxiety Attack at a time!  *Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!*  That's not hyperbole, I actually have Anxiety Attacks when I tackle some things that are still rather overwhelming to me... like knowing you have to eat that whole Elephant in the Room, one bite at a time!   Until entirely consumed and Finished... and you're not Done until it's disposed of!  So... it's all rather an intimidating Process you have to move thru at whatever pace you can manage to consume an Elephant!?

Heavens to Murgatroyd, good thing really that The Meditation Room is directly to the Left of The Art Studio Loft, so that I can Exit Stage Left when Anxiety overcomes me, and come back to Center by staying in a Calming Space for a while!  Handy that is!  *Winks*

Who remembers Quick Draw McGraw Cartoons and their Characters like Snagglepuss?   Dont'cha just Love 'em... and I can catch them on the Boomerang Retro Cartoon Cable Channel and relive my Childhood all over again as I enter my 2nd Childhood!  *LOL*   Okay, quick Survey, what was your all time Favorite Cartoon as a Child?  Mine was Rocky & Bullwinkle and all it's Characters.  

I had a particular fondness for Natasha Fatale... I Wonder Why?  Humnnnn... I think I was perhaps Channeling her and Morticia Addams, even as a mere Child! bwahahahahahaha!  

I even had a Peacock Chair EXACTLY like this in my Room as a Child... and kept it for Years, I think I only got rid of it in the 90's actually, giving it to a Goth Teen who always Admired it and was Friends with our Kids!    You know, when Goth became Cool again... I just can't recall what they called or Labeled us in our Day?! *LOL*

Anyway, on the Positivity Note we've had loads of new Baby Mollie Fry that The Young Prince's Female Mollies are cranking out in droves!   We had to go out and buy another Aquarium to house the Males in and separate them!  Since there was just too much Mollie Sex going on in that Sexy Romantic Atmosphere of the first Tank that he set up, that now only houses the Females and their Fry!   *LMAO*  He was panicking a bit about how many there now are and how many a Tank can sustain?!

There is one stubborn Male that caught on to what he was trying to do and jumped out of the Net back into the Female Tank literally... and now hides every time he sees any of us coming!!!  Clearly he isn't ready to give up his Harem of Females just yet and practice Fish Abstinence!?!   *LOL*   Not to mention, after the Fry get big enough to Sex we'll be catching any other Males and moving them over to the New Males Only Tank, since a Mollie Female can remain preggy for up to 3 Months without any Males... so... it's the best we can do to prevent a population explosion of epic proportions!  *Ha ha ha*

The New Tank is taller and not as long as the original Tank so he could set it up differently.   He convinced his Sister to allow him to put it in her Space, the Hallway leading to her Room, and he'll Maintain it all.  So she helped him set it up and tho' they want one other Decorator item to balance the Scene, it's looking pretty good.  Though it's still so 'empty' of Fish, since our ratios of Females to Males was always larger of coarse, as it should be with Fish, so the Boys hide a lot coz it's kinda freaking them out to be so few I guess?!  *Winks*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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