Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Merchant Square And Taking Down Christmas

While we were on our pilgrimage to the Far East Valley we also shopped MERCHANT SQUARE, which is one of my favorite Antique Malls and directly in front of the Highland Yard Vintage Event.  If it were Far Westside and not such an epic commute from here I'd rent space there.  One of my favorite Vendors there, EMMA'S PLACE,  has several Booths in the Mall and I had the pleasure of meeting the Vendor's Daughter this visit and talking with her.

The Merchandising of their Inventory is done superbly, I only Wish I had such skill at Merchandising product, but I at least try to be Inspired enough to get better at it one day!  *Smiles*  If my Spaces could look this Inviting and Awesome I'd spend a lot more time in them and probably have much stronger sales!  *LOL*  So Note to Self for a Goal in 2019 is to become a better Merchandiser of my wares and take Notes about how it's done!

And because there is always such a great selection of items at this Mall and the Event, my Friend and I indulged in some serious Retail Therapy.  Given how the Year started out, which was rough... I felt entitled to a bit of self-indulgence.  *Winks*  Hey, just means I have to Sell more of my stuff to fund what I spent money on that day, Right, so it's all Good!   It's contributing to The Cause of the Great Edit And Purge with having that 5 to 1 Rule in effect I figure!  *LMAO*

There were a lot of spendier things I Passed on, but was Inspired by, numerous Altered Art Projects floated around in my Head as I Admired the Altered Art Created by some of the Vendors.   I'm a huge Fan of Altered Art and repurposing objects to Create Art from the sum of their parts.   My Friend liked this particular Altered Art Creation.

I was more drawn to this one, perhaps because I have an ornate similar Antique Clock Case at Home that I've been loathe to Cull and would like an excuse to justify Keeping it.  *Smiles*  So Creating an Altered Art Shadowbox to Display something Interesting in with it might be as good an excuse as any, especially if it turns out this damned Cute!  *Winks*  I mean Seriously, I'd buy something like this if it was within Budget and drag it Home, so Creating something similar makes sense to me.

Alas, this Adorable piece was not within Budget and so I just Admired it and Photographed it to Share here in The Land Of Blog, so that perhaps one of you can go Score it and give her a Good Home!?!    So, Yes, now I'm not only Sharing, which I hear is Caring from what my Grand-Daughter says, but I'm also contributing to your delinquency as well my Friends!   You can Thank me later!  *Smiles*  And Yes, I will eventually Share Imagery in this Post of what I myself Scored this day and was within Budget... so keep reading as I intentionally leave you in Suspense!  *Winks*

Going Shopping with a Friend and trying to be accountability Partners sometimes works, this day it certainly did not since we've both had a rough start to the New Year and thus both required Retail Therapy!  *Le sigh*  We joke about it now, and have no Buyer's Remorse, since we Loved what we bought.  It's just that neither of us was very effective, neither of us talked the other out of a damned thing that day, so we were useless for that Cause anyway of instilling restraint!  Actually, I think we talked each other into buying what we did!  So much for keeping each other accountable, we went down in flames contributing to each other's delinquency this day! *Ha ha ha*

I can even directly blame her for one purchase in particular that I didn't even see at all... and when we were just about to check out and leave the Mall, she asked me if I'd seen it and dragged me back to LOOK!   Of coarse it was so ME and she knew this, that I couldn't resist and made an Offer on it, which the Vendor accepted.  I hadn't wanted to buy the whole thing and you'll notice Why when I eventually Share the pixs.  So made a request to just buy the Antique section of it and leave the Modern section it had been 'married' with, giving what I felt was a fair Offer for the Antique portion.  But the Vendor graciously accepted my Offer and threw in the Modern part, which I'll give to my Grand-Daughter to use.

Sometimes for Display or Functional Purposes you do have to utilize something Modern with something Antique and pair them.   Lamps are a prime example and I'll give you a Clue that it was a Modern Lamp with a Fab Antique derelict decorating Victorian Shade reminiscent of a Bordello... and I just totally dig that kind of thing and it's just My Style.  *Smiles*   Why am I not Sharing the pixs then earlier in the Post?  Not to torment you... but because I Photographed it extensively before I even made up my Mind to actually make an Offer on it, and didn't do a Vertical Frame shot.  So it's going to be Horizontally HUGE when it hits this Post and the bottom of the Post hopefully won't have my sidebar's obstruction of the Images?

But I will now Share the two Embellished Prayer Cards that I bought, which have the most Amazing Antique Trims, Old Velvet, Antique Millinery and Antique Metallic Fringe.   The Prayer Cards themselves are copies, which I would have preferred originals.  So if I find originals of the same Card I'll swap em out with the Real Deal so there's no graphic copy distortion.  I Collect Antique Prayer Cards and Antique Fabrics, Trims and Millinery... so combining them is an excellent way to utilize several Collections actually.   And yeah I could Create some, but why bother, sometimes if someone has done a good enough job I'd rather just buy them since I have precious little time to spend Creating anything nowadays.  *Le Sigh*

I mean Seriously, even with a Friend living with us at the moment and assisting me with things, we're still often way behind the 8-Ball.   We're still taking down Christmas for example and I've presently got a naked Christmas Tree standing in my Livingroom!  Since we undecorated it and put all the Ornaments away, but the Tree... well... mebbe we can ignore it another Week?  *LOL*   It's been unseasonably wet so Weeds have been sprouting up like they've had radiation that mutates growth, so due to HOA being so uptight, I've focused on Gardening and Weed pulling all Week!   I pull them all one Day and I swear to God the very next Day others have grown back and are already lush and ready to bloom and set seed!

One very expensive Altered Art Creation that I was duly Inspired enough by that I fully intend to Create one myself, was this Vintage Bling encrusted Old Silverplate Teapot!   This is so over-the-top Gypsified that I have to now own one of my own Creation, since $429 is way too Rich for my Blood and I have a slew of Vintage Orphaned Bling and Old Silver, so... just sayin'!   When you absolutely can't afford something you Want and would never spend that much on... make it yourself if you can is my Mantra.   This would be Mad Tea Party Fabulous and we like to throw Mad Tea Parties!

It was in a locked glass Case and I didn't know how any of the Images might turn out, so I Photographed it extensively to ensure I got at least a couple of decent Images to Share of it.   Luckily all but one Image turned out just Fine and I got several angles so you can see how Beautifully it is embellished with the Old gaudy Bling.   Is this a practical thing, No, but it sure is Interesting and Mad enough I Want one now!  *LOL*   I like upcycling Old Orphaned Jewelry so I always buy lots of it when I can get it on the Cheap.  And as you can see, individual pieces that might be cheesy in their Design, look Fabulous when layered en mass for a Visual overload impact!  *Smiles*

So even if I don't like the Design or Style of a particular piece, when upcycled into Wearable Art or something like this, it's worthy of becoming a part of the whole.   Sometimes it might even become one of the Statement pieces because it does stand out in it's Unique way.   The big Old cheesy Floral Bling pieces, for example, aren't my favs when it comes to Vintage Bohemian Bling, but when added to something like this, they become a favorite focal point and stand out in a Good way!  

That big Old cheesy Pink Enamel Flower, for example, I'd think was hideous by itself and wouldn't give it a second glance.  But it's Eyecatching and draws your Attention in a Good way, when added to this over-the-top Designed piece that just packs a punch Visually by how damned much is going on!  *LOL*   This kind of Art is a classic example of when Too Much is Never Enough and can be Just Right!   I have embellished Antler Mounts that have encrusted Old Bling all over them... and Old Bling encrusted entire Steer Skullies and I just LOVE them!  I have some Antler Mount Projects that are gonna be Blinged Up once I have time to devote to them.

Now an Old Teapot I have will be competing for da Bling... since I'm for Sure gonna Create one of these now.  I will be looking for some gaudy cheesy Enamelware Floral Bling pieces too now that I see how spectacular they draw the Eye on a Creation such as this!   *LOL*  You can find inexpensive Old Jewelry almost anywhere to use in an Altered Art Project such as this and the tube of E-6000 is a good Jewelry adhesive.

I've been Organizing and Storing my Vintage Bling Collections in my Antique Typeset Cabinets so that I can better see what all I've amassed.   My Art Studio Loft is still a Work in Progress, since it got cluttered up during The Meditation Room Project, which is now completed.   So we've been slowly working on that Space and trying not to push me too hard to Purge it's Contents, since that gave me a case of extreme Anxiety and Stress that I wasn't quite expecting.   Some Spaces and their Contents can be almost Sacred, my Creation Spaces apparently are mine and thus are my trigger point for Anxiety inducing episodes if I try to rid them of Contents too quickly!

Seriously, I got upset and almost started crying and shaking while trying to Organize and Cull objects up there!   And I was in there by myself, so had I added Minions to assist me and push me to get it done, I probably would have lost my shit entirely!  *LOL*   So I limit myself to a maximum of an Hour of Work up there a Day on that Project lest I lose it during The Process!   And some Days I just have to give myself a rest and a break from doing it at all until I Feel ready to tackle it again!   And it's not even THAT bad, so it's not that I'm completely overwhelmed either by it's magnitude... it's just Emotional and I can't say exactly Why coz I don't even know Why?  It just IS!

My Friend was eager to get up there and delve into it Full On, but I told her how it had gone so badly for me even while doing it Alone, so perhaps that wouldn't be the Best Idea ever?!?!??!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   We've seen enough Episodes of 'Hoarders' to know that when someone gets Triggered in a Negative way, it never goes Well for the Helpers, no matter how well intended their Gracious attempt to put in the Work necessary to get er done and be Helpful!   Yeah, she doesn't want me Losing It and getting all aggressive, irritated or Freaking Out, that wouldn't be Good!  *LOL*

This is Why The Man won't often get Involved in the Bigger Picture Projects because he's a very analytical Type and would dispose of things efficiently that he knows I'd Freak Out about!   *Smiles*   The G-Kid Force are more like me, I guess that Affliction just runs in the bloodline or something... ha ha ha!  So they can Help me because they can see Value and Potential in the Worthless or most insignificant and ravaged objects of Life!  *Winks*   My Friend is very analytical like The Man, but in a different way.   So her Helpfulness to My Process can be hindered by how differently we happen to just Be when it comes to Junque... MY Junque.  *LOL*  She is an avid Junquer, but unlike The Man, she'd try to talk me into Keeping more and that's just not Helpful!  *Smiles*

He'd just be more inclined to have me get rid of everything, not because he's necessarily a Minimalist at all, and he also Loves Junquing and Salvaging, but because if it's causing too much Work, he'd rather eliminate it.   And perhaps that's the wiser option, but not one I'm inclined to be able to actually do effectively... apparently... smiles.   And so we tediously have to go thru MY Process at a much slower and sometimes agonizing pace, depending upon the Mood I happen to be in when I'm tackling an Edit and Purge on any given Day and can... or can't... Cull effectively!?!?!  

Loved this unframed Oil Painting, it was expensive and not within Budget, but Beautifully done so had it been affordable, I'd of bought it as a Keeper.   Art is very subjective, I Love Art but I am particular about the Art I bring in to Keep and that which I'd buy merely to resell.   I'm Artistic, but never was any good at Oil Painting, I tried my Hand at it and the results weren't encouraging.  I can Draw very well, so just assumed Painting would be as easy for me, it wasn't.

Have you ever thought something might be easy for you to Master and then it wasn't?  Well, Painting was like that for me, I sucked at it.   Though I used to Sell my Drawings when I used to sketch and do people's Portraits that I knew.  Haven't done that in Decades tho' and if you don't use it sometimes you lose it, so I'm not even certain I can draw as skillfully anymore?  The G-Kid Force are excellent Sketch Artists and The Young Prince is a Masterful Sculptor too, they're very Naturally Artistic Souls and I encourage their Art so they can develop their Style.

Princess T has always had a Good Eye for Quality Art, especially Oils, and a Dear Friend of ours who used to own Art Galleries across the Country, Mentored her because he said it was rare to see a Child that Young with such a Good Eye, who could recognize Fine Art and really Appreciate it.   He gave her some very expensive Paintings as Gifts from his Galleries and she Lovingly Displays them in her Room and made a little Gallery in her Walk-In Closet, which has Windows, so has great Natural Light.  I Love Art, but I Like what I just Like, I couldn't tell Fine Art from just a Pretty Painting I happen to dig.  So she didn't get that Eye from me apparently!  *Ha ha ha*  I bring her when I want to buy Art for resale, she can pick the Quality pieces that make Bank and could be Published Artists!

And now finally... The Shade... Ta Da... I'm pretty sure I heard Angelic Hosts singing when my Friend showed it to me!  *Winks*  Don't know how I missed it actually, usually something like that would jump out at me and the Vendor that was Selling it had a nice Booth with Quality pieces that I had noticed during my walk through.   Anyway, this is My Style of dilapidated Silk Victorian Lampshade with Metallic Trim and long Fringe {sometimes the Fringe is Metallic, but this one wasn't}.   I Loved the faded Hue of the Fabric and it's overall aesthetic in Shape and Style too, but I wasn't crazy about the Modern Metal Lamp that was painted Pastel Pink {gak}.   So I didn't want that at all really.

But since the Gracious Vendor accepted my Offer for the Shade and threw in the Lamp and insisted I take it too, I figure if Princess T wants the Lamp for her Room she can have it.  She kinda likes Pastels and Pink in particular, I on the other hand rarely use Pink when I'm Decorating, it's just not very Me... nor Pastels in general, I prefer Jewel Tones or Colorless Neutral Palettes.   I like faded objects a lot too, the more faded and Aged to perfection, the better!  So Color me Happy I got the Lampshade, I J'Adore it!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The lampshade is wonderful!!! Great purchase for sure.
    That altered art with the dollhead on the bottle screamed me name!!
    I love your style lady- i'm glad we don't live close by. haha

  2. Yep, I agree with Holli---we would be sometimes rolling in around in the dirt fighting over the same things. Grins---what a great place to shop----saw lots of things, if I couldn't afford---I would just enjoy seeing!
    Thanks for the tour1


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