Sunday, January 6, 2019

Finally... A Breakthrough!

First let me premise this by saying I'm exceedingly Tech Challenged, so probably all the problems I had were likely, in part, due to that.  I haven't been able to get into my usual aps online after lending my computer to our House Guest, including Blogger.  It would allow me to view my Blog, but not use it or sign into it, being denied 'access' to your own stuff kinda sets me off!  *Winks*  The Young Prince was trying to explain to me why that was, and that it was nobody's 'fault', but I think my Eyes glazed over with not understanding his Tech lingo whatsoever.  All I knew was I couldn't use any of it and I get upset and frustrated anytime someone changes my user friendly settings, even unintentionally, because then there is a disturbance in The Force so to speak of my usual Routine.  In Caregiving lingo that means I could not escape to my Happy Place when I needed to, because I couldn't get into my own computer settings effortlessly as he'd initially set them up for me!  Everything had changed and didn't look remotely the same, it was asking me to do shit I couldn't figure out and wasn't working!  Did I mention I was also tired after a very busy Shift, and it was late, so I was irritable about it to say the very least.  *LOL*

Gramma, I'll fix it for you in the Morning he Promised, he could see that my Friend and I were becoming argumentative with each other, two Seniors trying to figure out why Tech shit wasn't working like it usually does after having Shared my old computer.   Probably she knows slightly more about Tech shit than I, since she's considerably younger, but perhaps not, I dunno really, nor did I Care really.  I just wanted everything back to the way it was, then I could Calm down and settle into my usual relaxing Routine to come back to Center.  It was like when your Younger Sibling touches your stuff and things get jacked up and you blame them and ask what they did and they deny everything!!? *Winks*  He must have gotten up very early, or never went to bed, because he had it fixed for me by the time I woke up and got on here this Morning, whew, finally, a breakthrough!  I had been having Blog Withdrawal and that's not a pretty sight, I had gotten cranky because this is what I do to relax and unwind, plus it's been particularly stressful of late and I couldn't de-stress so I was rather in distress and it showed.   Routines have been interrupted for a few Months now already due to a succession of three House Guests and neither The Man nor The G-Kid Force like disruptions in their Routines for long either... things can get edgy.

I indulged in a little bit of Retail Therapy since I couldn't get online to Blog... smiles... our Antique Mall had these three Vintage Paper Mache and two Chalkware Easter Bunnies for 95 Cents to $7 each... Booyah!  Getting harder to Source the Old Paper Mache Seasonal items especially, since they were never meant to last or be kept, so few survived or weren't discarded in their Era.  Usually when you can find some they're expensive, these were inexpensive and adorable so I bought all of them that the Vendor had.   The Chalkware ones are Whimsical and go with my extensive Carnival Kitsch Chalkware Figurines I've been Collecting for decades.  Carnival Kitsch is so tacky that I just J'Adore it, it makes me Smile and takes me back to the simple old Gypsy Carnival Era in Europe that I remember attending as Children with my Brother.  Carnivals where all of the prizes were kitschy Chalkware or orphaned pieces of Old China and Homemade crap like Rabbit Fur glued to toilet paper rolls with Googly Eyeballs and Feet attached!  We Loved winning that crap... and I confess I still do Love it since for us it's Nostalgic of Fun Times attending small Village Carnie Events in our Youth!  *LOL*  The Chinese Buddha was four bucks while Goodwill Hunting... SCORE!

My Mom Collected and used Fine China back in those days, so she was a great Sport keeping the Orphaned lesser quality China we'd Win for her at the Gypsy Carnivals.  She never valued what she called the crap China that is highly coveted now by some Collectors... even tho' Fine China has fallen out of favor and you can hardly give it away anymore, it's a tough Sell.  Mom preferred her Good China... the Spode, Rosenthal, Wedgwood, and Limoges.   Now, some of the Carnival Glass we'd Win is as highly coveted and Collected as Fine China used to be.   Reminds me of Jadeite too, which back in da day was given Free for filling up with Gas or was packaged with Duz boxed Soap as a Freebie and now is highly Collectible.  Mom gave away all her Vintage Jadeite, I was aghast, I wanted it and she couldn't for the life of her fathom BUT WHY?!??!   *LOL*   And Vaseline Glass, especially the glowing Uranimum Glass, which during the Depression was affordable and cheaply made, now some of that Collectors really enjoy and under a Black Light it's Fun to watch it glow like your Kid's Halloween Glow Sticks.   Vintage Diner Ware now is an easy Sell too... every Era has it's Trending items and those that fall completely out of Favor.

Now that I'm plugged back in and can relax I'm much more Chill, usually just creating a random Post has a Calming effect upon me.  I Love Photography and Writing, it's what I enjoy as Hobbies as much as creating Art.  I did have trouble photographing my tiny Chalkware Bunnies, everything behind and around them was in clear focus and they were not.  Several attempts were in vain so I just went with these two frames which showcases how Cute they are good enough.  I Love that this one is still holding her tiny Velvet Millinery Flower Bouquet.  For Ninety-Five Cents each I just wish the Vendor had more than just the two.  Not that I necessarily Need to expand any Collections around here... LOL... the Great Edit and Purge goes on unabated so Culling Collections is in greater effect than expanding them.  I'm looking forward to 2019 being the Year that I finally get all Inventory and Non-Seasonal Storage out of Villa Boheme' and into my Antique Mall Spaces.  I've Donated everything that won't be Sold now and organized what is to be Sold so that it's easily accessible to exit, Stage Left, and be gone... forever banished!  

I don't do the Offsite Storage Thing, I never have and I never will.  It makes zero sense to me to spend Money Storing things I am not seeing or using... or would be Donating or Selling anyway and not Keeping.  I know so many other Vendors spending fortunes on Offsite Storage though and it can become the bane of one's existence to have that outlay every Month draining resources.   I can't imagine what would be valuable enough to me to pay Rent to Store it Month after Month or Year after Year unseen and unused?   Temporarily Renting Storage if you're Moving and in Transition might be justifiable, so long as it doesn't go on too long to where what's being Stored isn't even worth what you've shelled out to Store it.  I'd rather replace it all than pay to have it languishing in some Offsite Storage Facility making Bank off of me and my inability to quickly shed it or find a Place for it On Site where I don't have to pay extra.  When we moved from our Acreage, which had Nine Outbuildings, I shed a shitload of possessions and Architectural Salvage and Sold it all, so no Offsite Storage would be required to move here.

The Hoarded Garages here are now organized and I am still Culling the contents and carting them off to my Resale Spaces when I have sufficient room and need to replace Inventory.   This Antique Steamer Trunk hit Showroom #114 the other day after I Sold off some Antique Tables and all my Smalls ended up on the Floor!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   Those of you who have Antique Mall Spaces know how Catch 22 that is... you like Selling Off the bigger and more expensive pieces, but then, where to put the displaced Smalls?!?  *Ha ha ha*   My Friend living with us was trying to convince me to Keep said Steamer Trunk.  Where are you gonna find another one she queried, are you Sure you want to Sell this one?   That's not Helpful, YES, it takes up a lot of Space and thus I am quite ready and willing to Let Go of it and Cash Out.  I've enjoyed it for a long time now and have no more real Use or Need for it... it's not like I'm on the Road and Need an Antique Steamer Trunk like I'm some Victorian Traveler, right?  *Winks*   Besides, who says I won't Find another one... you can ALWAYS Find another one of something... and that's the Rush of The Thrill of the Hunt that I Live for!  *Bwahahahahahahaa!*   UPDATE: The Young Prince now has Baby Mollies!!!!!!!  He's super Jazzed and they have plenty of hiding spaces to hopefully not end up being Lunch for the Adults?


Blessings, Love, Light and a Happy New Year my Friends... so Glad to be Back in The Land Of Blog again... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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