Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dreadlock Update...Gramma You Look Like A Voodoo Queen

I realize I hadn't done a Dreadlock Update in a long while and I'd Promised to document the Journey.  I also realize I take dreadful Selfies {no pun intended, winks} and unfortunately this is gonna be as good as it gets!  *LOL*  As they get longer, heavier and thicker I'm finding different ways to wear them comfortably and casually.  So I've been experimenting with Wraps, since I like Wraps, Dreads are conducive to wearing them in Wraps, so I've bought a slew of Wraps.  You cannot always wear Traditional Hair accessories etcetera to control and tie up your Dreads once they're really maturing, they just don't fit anymore.  The Hair becomes too thick and heavy for them to accommodate it.   Me, with Naturally thin Hair, was not expecting that at all... never mind so soon, not quite two Years in!  I didn't expect I'd no longer be able to wear most store bought Hair bands that would no longer fit over even half of my Hair now, never mind all of it!  It was a good problem to have, being I've always had thick Hair envy!  *Smiles*   I mostly buy accessories and products now that are Dreadlock specific... mostly Online, since locally, the Dreadlock Community isn't so large as to cater to it in any way.

 The Dreads can get pretty Crazy tho', even when you try to Wrap them into submission, they like to do their own thing, now I just let them.  I'm very laid back about being a Dreadhead, just keep 'em clean and keep 'em separated is my Mantra and advice for Dreadlock Care.  Some new Dreadheads drive themselves Mad trying to force The Perfect Dreads, much to their own detriment.  Since you can do more harm than good trying to do too much... too soon... or using certain Care Methods I wouldn't do and ascribe to Dread Disasters some have had.   Many people give up in the first Year, which is unfortunate, since the longer you have them the easier the Care becomes and the better they tend to mature on their own, without your help!   Stray New Hairs tho' can become the bane of your existence if you allow them to.  Because everyone loses Hair daily and new growth is perfectly Natural, you will always have Baby Hairs growing in to replace sloughed off Hair.  The difference is, with Dreadlocks, your lost Hair is never truly Lost, it permanently becomes part of your Dreadlocks, thus adding fullness and thickness as thousands of shed Hairs aren't ever really shed.  

But as you can clearly see, I have a lot of fuzzy New Hair growth that hasn't yet found it's way into a Dreadlock around it.  I just consider New Hair as a Dread Farm, annoying until it gets with The Program and matures into a Dreadlock, but what immature thing isn't annoying, right?  *Smiles* It will either form it's own Dreadlock or loc into an existing one... in due time.
The Dreadlocked Hair are very Velcro-like so they will stay put better than regular Hair, you can tie them up with themselves quite successfully, even with Type 1 Hair Dreaded.  This makes Styling them easy peasy IMO, my Pre-Dreaded Hair was much less cooperative and unmanageable, now I never have a Bad Hair Day, ever... I really like that a lot!   With a Wrap on The Young Prince tells me, "Gramma you look like a New Orleans Voodoo Queen more and more!", we laugh. He thinks I'm probably scaring the Pretentious or Fundie Yuppie Neighbors around here, he could be right... some might be losing their shit that we still live here every time one of us goes outside in our Natural State of Being?!  *Winks*   You've got the Macabre Wednesday Addams Girl Child whose Happy Color is Black... The Transgender Older Brother... the Voodoo Queen Old Hippie Gramma... the demented Biker looking Grandpa... yeah, we don't exactly fit in around affluent Subdivision Hell.  *LMAO*   Some Neighbors even got excited when my Friend moved in, thinking she might be the New Owner... whew a Normal Person... their bubble was burst to learn otherwise.   Now they know she's just "The Marilyn" to the "Munster House People".   I'd say we're more "Addams Family" but they didn't have a "Marilyn" living with them.  *Bwahahahaha!*  

I'm extremely comfortable in my own Skin now, moreso than ever, because fully returning to basic Hippie Roots, now that my Corporate Lives are far behind me, is Liberating.  I Hated Conforming, I just wasn't ever very good at it and really had no Natural Desire to Conform actually.  If you are a Nonconformist too, you can probably relate that you just wanna do 'you'.   My Grandkids are Nonconformists, they do 'them' and I'm glad that they are distinctive and comfortable with those distinctions in a very uninhibited way.  The Man still wants to get Dreads too, we've given it almost a Year of him considering it and he's still Down for getting them without waffling.  So we probably will when I can afford to hire Ginger the Loctician who installed mine, to install them for him too professionally.  So they look right from the start and the way he wants them, with a Method I know worked very well for our kind of Hair.  He'll probably get his Beard Dreaded too, since it drives me Crazy with the shedding and ZZ Top length otherwise.  *LOL*   So perhaps in 2019 we'll get Grandpa all Dreaded Up!  *Smiles*


Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ooh thanks so much Dawn!
    I would love to see The Man dreaded, especially the beard.
    Your wraps look super cool. I especially love how the blue one brings out the colour of your eyes.
    I am finally growing my hair. I can make a tiny ponytail.
    As my hair ages it is getting finer and I may still end up with dreads. Although at the moment I am exploring contact lenses first. Who knows, this year might be my year for a whole new look!
    I am so happy for you that you finally have your thick hair. Now people have hair envy of you! Sometimes risks pay off.
    I so hear you about being the hippies in the neighbourhood. We have the house with the jungle, the cars with the cool painting, the handmade bike, the homeschooled kids etc. :-D
    That's why I love you!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Love you too Jack, we are indeed Kindred Spirits and I think you'd look stunning with Dreads and changing up your Eye color with Contact Lenses! The Young Prince cut his own Hair Today and did a fine job of doing the fade on the sides and back so that it was tight and tidy while the Mohawk part is long and luxurious. Now I know he can save me money on his Haircuts! *Winks*


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