Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019... No Magic Happened

It's been 2019 all day and at the stroke of Midnight last Night, no Magic happened.  In fact it was seriously Cold and raining like Hell outside, so to even venture out to get the buffet spread items was risky and I dreaded having to do it!  It was Madness out there with the inclement weather and unseasonable Cold for the Desert... and too many people were out there running amok!   If anyone had debauchery in Mind for last Night's Celebrations, especially if their venue was outside, they were hardier Souls than us and way more deeply committed to New Year having to be a Big Deal for them!

I try to avoid Madness in any form at this Season of Life outside the Home, with Full Time Caregiving being Madness enough on most days inside our Home!  With my Friend living with us while she sorts out where she wants to buy her Forever Home after Retirement, I at least had a drinking partner this New Years.  I don't drink... but I made an exception this New Years, circumstances and Family Crisis being what they have been to close out 2018, the Glass of Moscato and Pina Colada in a Can took a bit of the edge off. *Smiles* 


           We couldn't get toasted since The Man's TBI doesn't exactly make him the most responsible Adult to fill in for us and The Young Prince only thinks he's a responsible Adult now he's 18.   His Mental Health had rather unraveled of late anyway, the Holidays for those with SMI can be rough for a variety of reasons.  His Knee dislocating and being in pain with it as it heals hadn't exactly improved his overall Mood and depression.   Princess T has the 13 Year Old Girl Teen Angst going on, so she was in Wednesday Addams Mode for the New Year, apparently the Kiddos are at the Season of Life they assume New Year's should be a Bigger Deal.  It wasn't, it was pretty mundane... Okay... Boring!  And Miss Priss, the Cat, HATES New Years and the Fireworks going off outside!  So she was running around inside in Freak Out Mode all Night!

I just can't get into any of the New Year's Rockin' Eves on TV, whether they be in NYC, Vegas or where ever else they were broadcasting from with massive throngs standing in inclement weather in one spot for the entire day, freezing their asses off, getting soaked, yet acting unusually Festive and Excited.  I don't 'get it', the Appeal of it, and what about having to use the Bathroom?  Do you just have to wear an Adult Diaper in order to muster thru such a vigil, I dunno?  *LOL*   I just know I wouldn't do it, even to have bragging rights to say I did it, for whatever demographic might be impressed or envious of that?  *Smiles*  I made some Resolutions, one was to try to be more Positive, can you only tell?  *Winks*

No, honestly, that actually is a Resolution of mine for 2019, tho' not prone to pessimism and more prone to optimism by Nature, when a Year like 2018 has been so crappy, I was inclined not to even pretend to ignore the Negatives!  Or not refrain from talking about them either, even dwelling upon them petulantly for a time or fixating upon specific Negs that just went on and on unabated.   The Laws of Attraction being what they are, I'm a firm Believer that I should at least TRY to attract the Positive more by BEING more Positive in General, so there you go.   Not speaking about them is one thing, not writing about them another... so you might still get some Ranting and Venting here on the ole' Blog... I give myself some latitude!  Shit, I HAVE to, you all being Cheaper than Therapy and all... *Winks*

I have to Work Tonight and it's going to be Mad busy with a New Year's Day Sale going on.  They called early to ask if I wanted to Work a double Shift Today?  I respectfully declined, shit, a single Shift kicks my ass at this Season of Life now, part time Work outside the Home kicks my ass now, just these three partial Work Nights... it's humbling to admit tho'.  Full Time Caregiving kicks my ass now, raising Children at this advanced Season of Life kicks my ass now, having to ride out storms with Disabled Loved Ones kicks my ass now.  It's a wonder really that I'm not ass kicked all the time, but some days I give an illusion of holding up quite Well.   I'm running with that illusion, while not facing the reality so much... it works better at advanced Seasons of Life and so dammit I'm Working It!


Happy New Year my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. With all you do, I am glad to read that you had a friend to sit with for a little time on NYE. How you handle all the things in your life is amazing. Care giving is the hardest job there is.

    1. Thanks for the uplifting comment, it is indeed nice to have a Friend staying with us who is helping out and is like Family, we've known each other for almost 40 years so that kind of History cannot be replicated.

  2. Happy New Year!! Here's to less ass kicking for you this year. Hugs!

    1. LOL, yeah, less ass kicking would be a refreshing change for sure during 2019! Happy New Year!


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