Saturday, December 1, 2018

Naked Flying Santas And Other Signs Of Christmas

I am told by The G-Kid Force that his name is Ruben and he's from the Popular Cartoon 'Rick & Morty' debuting in the 'Anatomy Park' Episode!  I must be missing all of the best Cartoons, who knew?!  *Bwahahahaha!*  All I knew was that when I saw him at 'Spencers' I hadda have him, he just makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it!  *Smiles*   And that's never a bad thing during Stressful times of the Year lemme tell ya, I could sometimes use a few hearty laughs.   Which is why The Young Prince and I Love to watch bizarre channels Together on TV about "Evils and Cults" and laugh our Asses off inappropriately with Gallows Humor, at totally inappropriate commentary when someone says something hilarious like, "How to you Forgive someone who strikes your Husband with a Hatchet?"   WHAAAAAT, Forgiveness is actually on your List of Priorities when someone does that?!!?  *Bwahahahahaha*  We're laughing so hard we're crying and can't stop, The Man is looking at us like, but that's NOT Funny???!?!?  Okay, so now, due to his reaction we're laughing even harder every time we look at each other and think of the Question! *LOL* 

Princess T and I had gone to The Mall together to finish up buying her Christmas Pressies, since I clearly wouldn't have a Clue what's Trending in the realm of 13 Year Old Girls and might buy something completely lame?!  So while she's buying apparently coveted Brands like Vans and Champion, I'm buying Naked Santa Ornaments... this is clear Evidence of the Generation Gap!  *LMAO*  Yeah, I was highly embarrassing to her, as usual, it's my Job.  She mentioned the disclaimer at the Checkout of 'Spencers', when the Handsome Young Salesman Clerk rang us up with my Naked Santa, that her Gramma is a Weirdo!  *Winks*   He Winked at me and told her that her Gramma was Cool... I guess Twenty-something Year Olds "Get" me... or mebbe by that Age they Love Weirdo Grammas?!  Yeah, I think my Twenty-something Year Old Grandkids do Love the Weirdo in me, come to think of it!  *Smiles*

Princess T is now actually Fun to Hang Out with at The Mall, who knew 13 would be such a profound Change and morph from Kid who could be such a pain in the Ass while Shopping that you'd wanna kill yourself from Ages 2-12... to Hilarious sidekick with a Wicked Sense of Humor that's Fun to Hang Out with!?   I NEED Fun at The Mall, it's not exactly my Fav place to Hang Out, but it is for 13 Year Old Girls, so we go fairly often now Together.  I also NEED a Jalapeno Pretzel from "Wetzel" before we actually tackle said Mall, for Energy and sustaining Life Force while she drags me into every Trendy Shop, sometimes twice, and I look around to notice I'm the Oldest person in there actually Shopping!  *Smiles*  We Share a Pretzel, in that I eat the whole thing and she watches me, since apparently SHE is watching her Girlish Figure... *LOL*... and we make Fun of, while People Watching, the Sideshow passing by us in The Mall!  There are some Interesting peeps at The Mall... and at Wal-Marts... it's a hoot and so she and I have Live running Commentary on them all!

So after she empties our Bank Account at The Mall, picking out the balance of her Christmas Pressies to toss under the Tree... or wear right now... since what's the point in waiting to look Fierce at School... we finish up the Christmas Decorating at Home.  You can clearly see, by the paltry bits under The Tree, that The G-Kid Force have just about all their Pressies up in their Rooms already.  Besides, Alduin The Bearded Dragon, couldn't exactly be bagged and sit under there until the end of December, right?!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  Which reminds me that while out Shopping, we pick up Live Crickets on the way Home... since that's always on one's Christmas Shopping List, No?!?  *LOL*  You should see the strange looks I get from all the other Seniors at Petsmart at the checkout while they're holding their Dog and Cat products and I'm holding bags of Live Crickets... or Dubia Roaches if we're at Petco!  *Bwahahahaha!*   I have had a few Seniors, whose Curiosity just can't stand it, ask what I'm going to do with those... like, isn't it Obvious?!  *Winks*  They probably go Home and fumigate for the shit I'm paying Twelve to Fifteen Cents each for and bringing into our Home!  *LMAO*

The answer of: The Grandson I'm raising has Reptiles... brings looks of abject Horror to most of their faces, clearly they're NOT raising their Grandkids!?  *Winks*  Raising Grandkids is not for the Faint of Heart anyway lemme tell ya, if a Cricket in your House is going to send you over the Edge as a Senior, then you'd probably be doomed if you had Grandkids living in your House 24-7 and 365 my Friend!  *LOL*   Anyway, the Cheap White Wal-Mart Tree is finished and actually doesn't look so Cheap now, we Like how it turned out!  It was actually an Ordeal for me to kick it into High Gear this Year and get the Christmas Decorating Started... and then actually Finished!   It's not that I didn't have plenty of Time, since I did get it done before Today, which began December, so I was ahead of the curve and can gloat if you haven't even started. *Winks*  It's just that my Motivation Factor was running on Empty this Season and that's like trying to drive your vehicle without gas!

And there's always those Traditions & Rituals that The G-Kid Force wanna do, that as Seniors, we could Live Without during the Holidays, but we don't because apparently they still Need it.  Like the annual building of The Gingerbread House!   Remember how I told you I dread this Tradition every Year even tho' it's Ritualistic and Important to Princess T?   Mostly because it never goes Well and typically in Christmases Past there have been Tears and Tantrums, sometimes hers... sometimes mine... depending upon who melted down first in the actual Process of building and Decorating it?!?  *Winks*  But here is the huge difference between 13 and any Age BEFORE 13... she could do it all by herself and whip out a Fantastic looking Gingerbread Doghouse this Year in short order and without going to pieces!  *Gasp!!!*  It had been the smallest Kit I could possibly find and that fact wasn't lost on her or Why... she actually Thanked me, since perhaps it's slowly losing it's Appeal for her to build these things now too?

When she saw the Ninjabread Man Kit and that they didn't come Pre-Made and we'd have to bake the damned things, she opted just to do The Doghouse, which was pre-made for easy assemblage.   Whether or not we'll actually bake Ninjabread Men remains to be seen... they are stinkin' Cute as an Idea... but you know how Ideas and Reality don't always coincide and line up seamlessly, so the verdict is still out on that one.  *Winks*   This is her Hurry Up And Get Your Obligatory Photo Op Done Face... since two was all she'd sit for this Year!  *LOL*

All of the Hours of watching The Food Channel Network Holiday Baking Show Contests with us has clearly paid off for her though!  *Smiles*  Her wee Gingerbread Doghouse looks Fantastic and wasn't a Hot Mess, as has been previous Gingerbread House fiascos of the Past, which often led to the Tears and Tantrums that ensued!   This one was one she could be very Proud of and show off to her Friends coming to visit... of which there are always a slew... and especially during the Holidays.  Their big thing now is that most of the Kiddos have learned to Cook or Bake and so they're usually whipping up some cuisine in our Kitchen!   Which often works out real swell for Yours Truly, I cannot lie, I will exploit any budding Chefs if it means I don't gotta Cook or Bake myself and can get served a Meal I didn't hafta prepare!  *Winks*

I will usually actually have The Food Channel Network on TV as The G-Kid Force and their Friends are in our Kitchen and ask them if they can replicate this or that recipe being prepared by Culinary Masters!?  *LMAO*   This is how we found out that The Young Prince can actually make Fabulous Crepes like a Pro, who knew?!?  They not only taste Sublime, but they look just like an Iron Chef prepared them for me... and I Loves me some Crepes, so Booyah for The Food Channel Network's Training of our Grandkids and their Friends!  Perhaps I won't even have to send any of them to Culinary School now and drop a hefty Dime for Formal Training?  *Smiles*

Princess T's attention to Detail was right On Point, and she whipped this out in about 15 Minutes tops... proof that she's been paying attention to the Timed Baking Championship Competition Episodes!  I think she even threw her Hands up in the air like they do when The MC says "Hands Off" your Time's up, step away from the Table!? *LOL*  

We liked this one so much we put it in the Vignette of the Entryway Hall across from the Front Door so that it Greets everyone coming in.   I do have to get some Fresh Holiday Greenery to put in my Victorian Ceiling Tin Vases there in the back, but other than any Fresh Greens and Florals, the Christmas Decorating is now Done!  *Whoop Whoop!*

I'm not even looking this Frazzled this Year at the Holidays because I got everything Done early now!   All of the Shopping is Done, including Money sent off to every Grandchild Nationally and Internationally!  Whew... that's a big one given how many of them there are lemme tell ya!   This creepy Cool Antique Doll is actually a New Addition under The Tree, found Goodwill Hunting and for less than Two Dollars!!!  *Gasp!*   She has her little Christmas Green Velvet Holiday Dress and Shoes, with just the right amount of Aging to her Face and Body.  With a wonky Human Hair Wig that slips and slides now on her Head, her expression just makes me Smile... Holiday Frazzled Doll we'll call her!

Gone are the days like this... Distant Memories now of when The Force would grudgingly oblige to sit with Santa for the obligatory Holiday Photo Op Gramma always insisted upon when they were still Children and not all Grown Up.  Santa will be at our Antique Mall this whole Weekend for Free Photos, I will not get The Force in there when they know he's present... and I have to Work all Weekend now so mebbe I'll just have to get one taken with him instead, I dunno yet?  *Winks*

The Stockings have been hung by The Chimney with Care... not only there but damned near EVERYWHERE actually all over Villa Boheme'!  One would not Believe that I actually spent this Year Culling the Hoard of Christmas Stockings in my Collection!   The ones that haven't yet been Sold Off can still be found in Showroom #114 and Booth #317 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST Antique Mall in Goodyear.

Here's the shameless plug for our Antique Mall... and Believe me, I've Sourced some Fab Vintage Christmas there this Year my Friends, the Vendors have loaded up on Vintage Holiday Decor!  New old merchandise is being brought in daily... nothing quite like a Vintage Inspired Christmas!  The Offerings I've Sourced or Culled from my own Private Collections spans a lot of Eras and a lot of it took a Lifetime of Collecting to accumulate.  You can get it all in a mere day of Shopping, so how Convenient is THAT?!  *Winks*  You can find me there Working my Shifts on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday Nights... so stop in and say Hey!

It took some Soul Searching for me to pick up an extra Weekend Night Shift at our Antique Mall since the Weekends typically have been Family Time.   Now that The Young Prince doesn't have School it's OK for he and I to do whatever we want or need to do whenever, but for Princess T she can feel a big short changed if Gramma is working every Weekend Night.   She's still in School until late Afternoon Midweek so the Weekends were the only completely Free Days for her and I to go do some Girls Day Out stuff anytime of the day.  Thankfully she isn't too resentful of my Work Schedule since she has a full itinerary with all her Friends now, including a Sleepover at a BFF's last Night, so she hardly misses me now if her Schedule is already full and Fun packed.  *Whew!*

That is one of the delicate balances of Raising Grandkids, knowing and remembering how much Quality Time and Maintenance they really Need or Want!?   I've been consecutively raising Kiddos for two full Generations now but I do sometimes forget, due to the huge Age spans of each Kid we've raised, what they Need at certain Ages... and more importantly, what they Want!   A Need is pretty basic and obvious, but those Wants can sometimes be suppressed and unexpressed.   Well, sometimes... these ones can be pretty Vocal about what they Need and Want... and you cannot Ignore it!  *Winks*

And more importantly than that, is discerning whether or not I'll possess the Stamina and Resources to provide whatever they Need and/or Want?!?  At this Season of Life both can be in shorter supply than in our Youth when we were at the Ages we should be Raising Children and could still Work REAL Careers!  *Le Sigh*   The Man can Opt Out due to his significant Disabilities and requiring Full Time Care himself, I cannot.  Sometimes I'm 'it' for it ALL!  Yikes, if you don't think that's somewhat intimidating at times, when Stamina and Resources are in short supply, mustering both on short notice is something I've learned to do on The Fly and by the seat of my pants!

So I particularly Love my Christmas Stocking, which is Bettie Page stating, "Hell yeah I've been naughty....."   Because that is what takes the Edge off Mi Vida Loca sometimes, just being Naughty by Nature!  *Winks*   I Love that it's edged in Vintage Mink with Vintage Bling Brooch, I got it Years ago at a Cute Boutique in Glendale's Historic District called 'PINK HOUSE BOUTIQUE', they have some Amazing Merchandise and Artisans there.  I've been meaning to Create some of my own Diva Christmas Stockings like this for quite some time but never gotten around to it yet... like so many other Projects on the Canvas of my Imagination they're in a Holding Pattern of Imagination Limbo right now!

So many Ideas, so many Projects, so little Time... what can I say, I'd hafta become an Immortal to get them all out of my Head and into this Realm as Creative Outlets!   I do Love Creating tho', and I'm not doing nearly enough of it yet!  But as The Force Grows Up so quickly I'm reminded that I'll probably have plenty of time for all of that once they're Grown and living Independently from us.  They're only Young once, they're only demanding all of our Time for such a brief while really.  So it all can and will just wait on that... being Mindful of Living in The Moment of this Present Moment in Time is all I really have Time for and Care about.   The Past is just Memories and the Future is unknown and thus Why focus on it all that much, nobody is Promised Tomorrow!  But right NOW Counts and we have it within our grasp... so being Present in it is important!

I do have my Bittersweet Memories of The Past, some of it was Awesome... some of it was not so Awesome, I choose which Memories to hold onto and Cherish and which to ditch and move on from.  I'm a very Nostalgic and Sentimental Being tho', so I Confess that I hold on tightly to Past Memories that are Meaningful.  I hold onto Past Objects that are Meaningful even tighter!  I hold onto Old Lifelong Friendships tightly too, so much Shared History is Priceless.

We were very fortunate that some Lifelong Old Friends we hadn't seen in many Years, since they moved away from Arizona, were able to come back to Arizona for a visit this Holiday Season.  I've also run into Old Friends from the Past randomly in the most unusual of places around the City... Karma is Crazy like that sometimes!  When you think that the Metro Phoenix area is the 5th largest City in the Country now and how many people that represents, it's nothing short of a Miracle you'd just happen to run into someone from your distant Past and reconnect by pure Serendipity and Divine Appointment and Intervention!

My Lifelong Old Friend whose staying with us should be back soon from her Thanksgiving trip to Texas for the Thanksgiving Holidays she spent with extended Family.  We have a Big Time out and about the City Together so it will be Fun to have her for the balance of the Holidays here at Villa Boheme'.


We've got a Mint on the Pillow of the Guest Room waiting for her... literally... compliments of Olive Garden and our warped Sense of Humor!   I do expect an outstanding YELP Review of our accommodations for Guests!  *Winks*

Each day I do find something different to throw on The Christmas Tree, since mostly it's the Front and Sides that are Decorated, since the Back of it faces towards our Back Yard Windows and thus is virtually empty of Ornamentation right now!  *LOL*  I've got a lot of shit I can put on that Backside of it tho', just getting some of it prepped for becoming an Ornament and not just what it was to begin with!   I've got a slew of Old Antique Skeleton Keys that I'm putting Hand Dyed Seam Binding on to hang for instance.

Originally my Vision for The Christmas Tree's Theme was to be Architectural Salvage Ornaments and Old Photos until Princess T interceded.  She wanted to be the Head Decorator and The Stylist this Christmas and relegated me to Minion Status to Assist her.  *Winks*  She wanted mostly Enesco and Hallmark Collector Ornaments I've been Collecting since I was about her Age actually.  Yes, I think I began my Ornament Collection at Age 13, so it's kinda poignant really that at 13 she'd be as Interested and Infatuated with them as I had been at that Age!  She'll likely Inherit them all anyway, so that's good to know they'll be passed along within the Family for Christmas Future for Generations Hopefully?!

It's good to know that not everything I've Lovingly Collected will end up at some Thrift Shop or Yard Sale one day!  *LOL*  I've been Educating the Future Generations of The Family on Value of what they can hawk or keep when I'm gone... and make Bank from the resale of if they so choose.  I see so many peeps Inherit some valuable stuff and not have a Clue, thus squandering their Inheritance since they don't recognize much of it as Money in the Bank!  Money in the Bank nowadays being virtually worthless given the abysmal Return on Investing it that way since rates are ridiculous and rather insulting really!  It's good to know what will give you the most bang for your Buck in the way of profit margins and expanding your Kingdom Wisely!

It actually Grieves me as a Retired AVP of Major Financial Institutions to have to tell them that putting Money in the Bank is practically worthless nowadays.  I recall the days when Interest Rate Returns on doing that were very profitable... when Stocks and Dividends were a Wise Investment and good dependable Passive Income flow to supplement your Income!   When buying Real Estate as an Investment wasn't so risky due to unrealistic Market Bubbles, Predatory Lending and Crappy Economies!

Financial Analysts worth their Salt now are even hard pressed to give Good Advice to the Common Man.  Only the exceedingly Wealthy are getting Richer... off the backs of the Working Class or even the exploited Poor in the Work Force.  The chasm between the Haves and the Haves Not is getting broader and that does disturb me, many a Culture has collapsed and fallen when that happens.  I Pray that for ours we figure this shit out fast so as to avert disaster?

This Christmas Season I Pray that ALL will have ENOUGH and that none should be in Lack.  Though I know that the Reality is, that's just not happened yet.  In fact, I'd venture to say that for many things are tougher than they previously have been, so I feel fortunate indeed that we're doing Well enough.

I'm so Glad that both The Man and I worked our Asses off in exceedingly demanding Careers for well over a combined total of over 65 Years of Service between the two of us, before we were forced into early Retirement due to Circumstance.  So that we could now Enjoy the Fruits of that intense Labor from his distinguished long Military Career and my Successful long Corporate Lives!   That we Earned Benefits and Pensions that will sustain us, many were not so fortunate as that, even if they worked their Asses off too for a Lifetime!  We don't take any of it for Granted, it was Hard Earned and Hard Fought for and Won to have it though.  It came at a Cost Personally and even Physically for us both... much was Sacrificed to obtain it. 

Having Freedom and Options is never, ever really FREE, it all comes at some Cost.   I tell The Force all of the time that there are no truly Free Rides in this Life... it's gonna Cost you SOMETHING!  You better be willing to pay the Price, whatever it's gonna be... and not just monetarily either!  To whom much is Given much is Required... that's Biblical... so it's absolute Truth whether you are of the Faithful and a Believer or not.   If you have been Given much, much is GOING to be Required of you, period!   If you don't want a lot Required of you, have and settle for Less or a Handout from those feeling Charitable!  As the Beautiful Aromas of Christmas fill the air in our Home... and I Wish you could smell these Home-Made Candles I bought at our Antique Mall, Divine Sensory Pleasure... we're basking in what we've Earned as a Reward for a Lifetime of Hard Work and Sacrifices, attaining a Measure of Success at it.

We are painfully Aware that we are among some of the most Fortunate, of a Privilege few in the World have.   I am not apologetic for what we have Earned via our Hard Work, of our Privilege, but we also are reminded, particularly at this time of the Year, of what we should Give Back.   Of being Charitable towards those less Fortunate, always... because Givers Gain and you cannot ever Out-give God anyway.  He is Faithful to Reward those who Give Freely with the Law Of Reciprocity, He knows the Heart and the Motives for what we do and why we do it.   And if Given not out of Abundance, but Sacrificial Giving, it is the most Rewarded actually!

When we were Poor... and Yes, I've been Poor... eating every other Day Poor and being Homeless for a time... I still Gave out of my Lack, because I knew the Divine Law of Reciprocity was always in Motion... ALWAYS!   

Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

I have Tested that Promise of God and it has never come back to me Void... no matter how much I Give I have been unable to Out-Give Him!   He has shown me personally that Divine Truth to be valid and I can take that to the Bank!  In fact, I have never seen exceedingly Generous folks ever be in True Lack or for long if they are going thru a tough spell... things always Work Out for them and their Needs get Miraculously met.

When we Sacrificially and Faithfully Gave out of our Lack, we never actually Lacked anything we NEEDED... and even many Wants just showed up in the form of Angels with Flesh On distributing it to us Freely and Voluntarily!  The Testimonies are endless actually... of Needs met without us meeting them ourselves... or perhaps even being able to!

Of not only abundantly Giving, and not hinged to Circumstance of what you have or don't have, but being abundantly Given To as well... the Reciprocity of it all is Mind Blowing actually!   Whenever I've Given the Last of my something, it has never, ever left me Void.  Giving ALL of what you have is something a lot of the Poorest might do every day Sacrificially, because they probably have the best Point of Reference for how it is to be without... and thus it can expand the Heart considerably towards others in less fortunate Circumstance.  Most of the Sincerely Generous Givers I know are not among the most Rich, giving out of their Abundance, many have been among those with the Least to actually Give, but it never stopped them from having abundant Generosity or Hospitality!

I think I have worn out Miss Priss with all of my activity in Decorating our Home... she seems exhausted watching me do it!  *LOL*  She's also always a bit discombobulated for a time after The Tree and Decor goes up coz it has Changed her Environment and it takes her a while to feel settled and at Peace with that again.   Things are different and she doesn't like it much when we do that!

Tho she did Strike a Pose under The Tree once we got it up, with her Eyes Glowing like Lights... which was hilarious!  Possessed Eyed Cat lighting up the underneath of our Tree!  *LMAO*   I Wish the pix had turned out better but I was a long ways off across the Room, trying to capture the Kodak Moment with my Cellphone, since the Camera was nowhere close enough to get to in time before she bailed on me!   She doesn't like you getting too close with Photography, it still scares her a little! 

And now I'm Showing Off her Adorable Daughter, Minnie, who lives with The Son and his Family.  They Adopted one of her two Kittens, Miss Priss came to us as an extremely preggy Stray ready to deliver her litter, just before we moved!  So we had Kittens on the front Porch of The Old Historic Homestead at about the same time as we were preparing to make the Epic Move.  A Friend at Work Adopted the Black Kitten... The Son's Kiddos fell in Love with little Minnie and convinced The Son and DIL to take her Home!   *Whew!*  We promptly spayed Miss Priss, but she did have a couple of mighty Fine looking Daughters!  It's Cool to see one of Miss Priss' Daughters all Grown Up and resembling her Momma so much, but with longer and softer Hair!  We never knew who their Daddy might have been... a lot of Alley Cats in the Old Historic Neighborhood who belonged to no-one!

One of the perks of Affluent Subdivision Hell has been having more of the population be Responsible Pet Owners and somewhat more Responsible at Parenting.  You don't see stray Kids on the Streets with no Adult Supervision, especially after Dark... in Da Hood there was usually one, sometimes Young enough to still be in diapers, on almost every street corner!   And you don't see the unfortunate Strays and abandoned Pets out here.   Actually you don't see a lot of Outdoor Pets since we have a lot of Natural Predatory Animals present, being this close to Pristine Desert and the Mountain Preserve that is their Natural Habitat!

Miss Priss has gone from an exclusively Outdoor Working Cat on our Old Homestead's Inner City Acreage, to a semi-indoor Cat who doesn't always behave Indoors, but is safer, especially at Night, being in here with us!   I'm the only one she listens to about her Inside Boundaries tho' apparently, she's always in Trouble and being ratted out by The Family when I'm not present and she's misbehaved and gone where she's not allowed!  *LOL*  If she sees or even hears me coming, she's like a Blue Ass Fly streaking to get back to where she knows she's allowed and supposed to only be, it's hilarious!  Pretending like she never left her designated spots... *Smiles*

And No, she's NOT allowed everywhere in Villa Boheme' for obvious reasons!  She's Curious like all Cats and shit can get FUBAR with a Curious Cat exploring them!   We also have Reptiles that would be vulnerable to a Cat's inquisitive Nature and just what Cat's DO!   Now, I'm told once Alduin, The Bearded Dragon, is full grown he can easily hold his own and rival any Domestic Pet and will actually get along with Cats and Dogs.  That will remain to be seen if he and Miss Priss will ever Bond?   Ivara, The Chameleon, will never be not vulnerable to a Cat and thus Miss Priss is not ever allowed Upstairs in case The Young Prince forgets to close the Door to enter his MIL Suite up there.

But, her Human is up there... her Human's Spaces are up there... and sometimes Miss Priss will go in search of her Human, Princess T!  Princess T apparently took the place of her Kittens when we Adopted them out, so she's very Bonded with Princess T.   Now that Princess T is a Teenager, she's not as attentive to her Mama Cat as she used to be... so Miss Priss will impose herself upon her to get the craved affection and attention!   We're thinking this is Good Practice for Princess T to Experience what it is like to have another Living Thing constantly craving and vying for her Attention and Affection!   Could be a great Natural form of Birth Control?! *Smiles*   I used to make our Boys, The Son and Grandson, when they were Age 13 and Older, Volunteer in the Church Nursery as Good Practice for how much Work Kiddos are... and as a great Natural form of Birth Control!  *Winks*  

Shit like that is even more Important now that I'm Older and have already Raised two Generations of Children... I don't wanna be helping to Raise any Great-Grandchildren, Heaven Forbid!   I would like some Childless Years in our Home to just Do Me... and spend Quality Time with The Man sans Children... we've never had that... I came with an Instant Family when we Married!  He had no Idea what he was getting himself into clearly!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*  But he bought the Ticket so he's on for the whole Wild Hairy Ride now!  *Winks*

He likes to Joke that he thought War was a Dangerous Adventure, 'til he met me and those Kiddos I had and we got Married!  *Winks*   He also likes to Joke he'd of Served less Time for Murder... True that!  *Winks*  He's a Good Man in case I haven't already told you that like a gazillion times!  He's eagerly and not so patiently awaiting the arrival and delivery of his Christmas Pressies... the Big Curved Screen TV, Media Center Fireplace it'll sit on, and the Over-The-Top Media Chair to sit in while he's in front of it all!  *Winks*  Whenever that arrives it'll be Shared in another Post, we've been re-configuring our Boudoir to receive it, we may never get him out of there once it arrives?!  *LOL*

And I've been having various Crepes... since I Loves me some Crepes!  These Spinach, Mushroom and Cheese Crepes were Divine that I got at "Mimi's Cafe'"... must have The Young Prince make me some at Home sometime!   Right now he's not feeling Well, they drop like Flies once the Cooler Weather ensues around here!   They will each, however, venture off their sickbeds to tell me just how Sick they're feeling, for the Effect of it all... and to try to expose me to whatever dreaded drambuzzi they've picked up!?!   The Man and The Young Prince are the sick ones right now, Lord knows what they've come down with... I just Hope I don't catch it and am immune?!?

I have developed this Amazing Immunity to not catching so many things since becoming a Caregiver, it must be Divine Protection so that I can still get the Job done or something?   I'm Grateful for Divine Protection against catching everything going around, especially during Winter and the Holiday Season... where catching shit seems to be running rampant!  *Whew!*  I'm not trying to Tempt Fate or anything, but some serious shit has been going around and I've thus far managed not to succumb to any of it... Thankfully!  You cannot do Full Time Caregiving very Well, if at all, if you're on a sickbed I've found!  I put in a Word about that with God to remind Him of that Fact... AS IF that's Necessary, since I sense He already knows such things!  *LMAO*

Yeah, I suspect that my Dear God Reminder List has God ROTF and laughing His Ass off!?   GOD: This just in, yet another Reminder from Dawn that she cannot afford to get Sick... and nothing can break down now until after an Income Tax Refund next Year...  *Bwahahahahaha!*

I say this coz The Luxury Fridge that came with this freakin' Luxury Home has been making some Weird noises and we've already had the damned thing fixed on The Home Warranty about 2 times a Year already for the past 4 Years!  At $69 a pop for each Service Call, even tho' any Repairs are covered under said Home Warranty Thankfully!  *Whew!*   At The Old House my Fridge was not a Luxury Model and had lasted over 25 Years without a single repair, go figure!  Clearly Appliances and Homes, even the alleged Luxury Models, ain't what they used to be!

Now every Room and Space of New Villa Boheme' didn't get a total Holiday Christmas Make-Over, some were more subtle, or not Decorated at all... coz this is a ridiculously large Home to fully Decorate!   As you might recall, the Antique Prayer Candle Altar was my Early Christmas Pressy to Self and looks Splendid here in the Library... where I also Blog.   Stashed under that Antique Chair is a tiny Hoard of Gold Canyon Candle Samples I recently bought at a Thrift Shop and haven't put away yet.  But my tiny Hoard piles have dwindled and I'm trying to stay on top of that around the Home and keep everything Orderly and Organized!

Why do I have tiny Hoards of Candle Samples as if I'm hawking Candles you might Wonder?  Well, I'm Glad you asked... because I can.   And apparently, when someone is getting out of the Candle hawking business, they donate their Samples to Thrift Shops!   I can get every Aroma the Line carries for a pittance and since I'm a Candle Fanatic, that's like Christmas to me!  *Winks*   I Love Candles and would have one burning all of the time to scent the whole Home continuously IF The Man and Princess T didn't complain about Sensory Overload all of the time when I do!  *Le Sigh*  Okay, so they both have significant Respiratory Issues and so I do have to curb my impulse and enthusiasm to always have the Home heavily scented with delightful Aromas that could get on their Chests!

Though anyone coming to our Home always tells me it smells Divine so that makes me feel relieved that our Home smells Good and not rank.   And my Friend whose living with us temporarily says it always smells like me, which is like Nag Champa, and The Family says they're Nose Blind to that Aroma now, since I've been infused with it and thus our Environment has been infused with it for so long they can't smell it anymore!   *LOL*   There could be worse things than being called The Gal that Smells like Nag Champa, so I'm OK with that!  *Winks*

Funny True Story tho' is that every day when I go out in Public someone will approach me and tell me how Good I Smell because of the Nag Champa scent I always wear.  I can't really smell it anymore so don't notice I always smell like the Essential Oil.  Some places I frequently go to will say they knew I entered when they smell Nag Champa... they all mean that in a complimentary way since they all have told me they Love how I smell.  I think the Sense of Well Being it imparts as a Fragrance is Why it's so widely used in Temples, Altars and Ceremonies.  So, I intend that my Spirit will be infused with the Scent too so that when I pass thru the Veil and come back for visits my Family will instantly know it's me.  *Winks*

The Man is deep right now in his Acupuncture VA approved Pain Management Sessions, so he's now scented like Peppermint and Citrus Essential Oils and it's Delightful!   They should Create a Men's Cologne with that Aroma, it's attractive and fresh.   He thinks he smells like a Candy Cane that's just eaten an Orange!  *LMAO*   But hey, what's the down side to that, right??!?!?!

So anyway, it Feels Good to be Done with Decorating our Home for the Holidays now.  The only thing left to do is to put the Holy Family Nativity Blow Molds in the front Yard to make The Anal HOA folks shit Kittens!  *Winks*  As you might recall they sent out like a six page booklet of Approved and Forbidden Exterior Christmas and Holiday Decor to residents!  No joke, I'm not Kidding... at least to residents in our enclave... I've since found out not everyone in Cortessa gets these annoying and rigid standards... I don't know Why... we allegedly all have the same freakin' HOA we pay a fee to in order to get so harassed!?!   And may be instrumental in Why five Luxury Homes on our small Street have gone up for Sale just this Month... just sayin'!

Usually I only put a Nice Tasteful Wreath on the Front Door at Christmastime and call it a Day for Exterior Decor.  We've never been ones to Decorate the Exterior at Christmastime.  HOWEVER... I'm Rebel enough that when anyone PRESUMES to Forbid me Celebrating the Birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and inhibit what I can or can't do to acknowledge my Holy Holidays... well, then, IT'S ON!!!   Thus I bought a Secondhand Blow Mold Light Up Nativity that I had intended to hawk, but instead will buy strobe lights for the interior of each Player in the Scene and DARE them to say anything about my Homage to Baby Jesus, Blessed Mary, Joseph and The Wise Men in my Front Yard!?!   Freedom of expression of Religion and all that, I stand by my Rights and those Heroic Men and Women fought and often died for to Preserve and NOT have taken from any of us!    Last I knew this was still America and not Amerikkka where they can or should dictate such things to attempt to Oppress us!  *Winks*


Merry Christmas from The Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your home is so much fun, I adore it all... the curtains in the last shot are spectacular---I'm sorta over my bedroom curtain---think I may need to get creative. Hope you have a wonderful season...and have time to enjoy it all, Sandi

    1. My Friend Punkie made those curtains out of Burlap, Lace, Old Tablecloths and Old Doilies, I love them.

  2. Oh this post had so many beautiful things!! First I LOVE the baby Jesus under your tree!! He's fabulous. I also love all the many doll heads you have. I have a small collection my self but yours are wonderful. I love the little orange pixie figurine on one of your tables . The bear head with the crown- OMG!! I absolutely drool over your home.
    My grandparents raised me on and off most of my life and my bond with them is unexplainable. You're such a blessing to your kids and grandkids!

  3. First off ammmaaazing holiday home. Living in the moment is great advice that touched my heart as well as the servitude to others. Have a blessed holiday season.


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