Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Merchant Square Antique Mall Haul

Of coarse when we were in the Far East Valley at the Event we hit MERCHANT SQUARE ANTIQUE MALL since it's right there too and so it's always a two-fer of Fun for a day of Treasure Hunting.  My Antique Mall Haul included this Awesome Antique Masonic Collar.  Now being Modeled by one of my Antique Dress Form Gals at Home.  *Winks*

It is hard to Believe we're only a mere Week away from Christmas!  Wow, what happened to December, it seemed to warp by me at the speed of light?!  I had gotten everything done way early, so I felt like I could luxuriate in all things Christmasy, but it's speeding by so fast that it's rather a whirlwind of activities!

I'm having trouble keeping up and packing everything in that we wanted to do!  The Son may be Hospitalized during Christmas this Year so we may extend it just so we can do the Traditional Family time with him and his Family included.  Hard to be both worried and festive simultaneously, but we're managing.


It's been good that we have my Lifelong Friend living with us thruout the Holidays, she helps me with so much around Villa Boheme' and we have quality Girl Time together and with Princess T.  It was the trio of us that Head East for the Event and the Antique Mall, like the 3 Muskateers!  *LOL*

It is good to have an Accountability Partner in tow, so that any Retail Therapy doesn't get out of hand.   Both of us have had our share of intense stressors and Life Issues over the Holidays, so it could get dicey otherwise with Retail Therapy being a Go To Coping Mechanism!  *LOL*

All of her things are in Storage until she relocates to a New Home when she finds the right one... so I remind her what she might not want to try to cram into limited Storage.   We've been admirably purging my possessions and organizing Storage at Villa Boheme', so she reminds me not to add to any existing Hoards of items I don't Need or have room for either.  *Smiles*

So our Hauls were Small and that was good, mostly we enjoyed the visual Eye Candy of it all and the tons of Inspiration it always imparts.  To see everything Showcased and Merchandised so well makes me want to improve my Retail Spaces.   Sales are finally picking up at my Antique Mall, it had been a Soft Sales Holiday Season this Year.

For those trying to make a Living out of it I'd imagine it to be a rough Christmas, Thankfully for me it's just a Hobby.  I wouldn't want to try to make a Living eeking out an existence in Retail Sales, too unpredictable and random.  Trying to re-invent the Wheel to stimulate Trade would be too exhausting Month after Month for Yours Truly!

It would be too much Time, Work and Effort... of which I'm in short supply of any of that!  The stamina and the Free Time to devote to it Full Time is just not something I possess anymore.  Full time Caregiving and maintaining our Home is my priority at this Season of Life.

I haven't even lit up The Holy Family Blow Molds in the Front Yard yet, mebbe Tomorrow?  *LOL*  I bought all the extension cords to do it but I'm just not that motivated, they look Fine during the Day unlit and with just my Solar Lanterns lighting them up somewhat at Night.

We've never been the Outdoor Light Display People and honestly, in this Season of Goodwill towards ALL Men, I don't even desire to upset the uptight HOA Police and try to make them lose their shit about what I have in my Front Yard.  *Winks*  So many Homes are up for Sale on our tiny Street that perhaps they're getting the hint that they're just upsetting Residents too much?


I'm optimistic that perhaps some of the new people moving in, that might buy the Luxury Homes up for Sale, will be less uptight and pretentious than some that previously lived around here?   We just love our New Neighbors across the Street, good people we're already Friends with!

The people of any Community is what makes or breaks it.   This affluent Subdivision Hell area seems to be extremely transient, nobody stays long, so I don't think they've developed a sense of Community or any meaningful Attachments to place or one another?  I'm used to Older Historic Neighborhoods that people remained in, for perhaps Generations... totally different Vibe.

Here's another part of my Haul, a pair of marching Antique Ornate Doorknobs.  I have an affinity for Architectural Salvage from Historic Era Homes.  I like to Imagine what the Homes looked like that they were from?   I don't like to think so much upon why they were stripped away from said Historic Homes.  Usually because the Homes sadly don't exist anymore or were modernized to a point the Historic details were eliminated.

But I commend the Salvagers who rescued all the elements and didn't just tote them off to a Landfill to be forever Lost.   I think Antiques and the Passion for them has died out considerably.  I do Wonder if Future Generations will bother to be Preservationists of the Past or eliminate so much of it that it won't exist in the Future?

Antique Malls and Historic Districts have had to Evolve to suit the demographics of who wants to Shop or Live there.   Gentrification is still something that I have a Love-Hate relationship with, there are some Positives and Negatives to the whole Gentrification Process.   Some sadly Neglected and Derelict Areas have been revitalized and new Life breathed into them, that's Good.

But quite a few displacements have happened once an area Trends and Gentrification runs rampant.   Quite a lot of demolition comes along and annihilates a lot of the History as Investors and Developers buy out History and replace it with whatever makes them the most Money.   Designating something Historic doesn't mean it's necessarily Protected.  If the Price is high enough people can be Bought to make exceptions and allow obliteration of Historic Properties.

Whoever has the deepest Pockets usually prevails and it's sometimes unfortunate as not all new Development is an Improvement.   Greed can be short-sighted and self-serving to a degree that Society will endure the backlash and not those who made their fortunes and split.   Looking at any Community as merely a Commodity is typical for Investors and Developers.

And it is evident that affordable Housing diminishes considerably once any area suddenly becomes coveted by the Rich.   I think a lot of the Young Adults just starting out, the Working Class and the Elderly get displaced when affordable Housing becomes scarce.   This is when exploitation happens too... if all affordable Housing gets bought up by Cash Investors and Home Flippers, they can set the Price on what the Middle Class have to pay.

Low income high density Housing can be quite profitable for Investors, more bang for their buck, not necessarily the best Development for any Community though.  I've seen Neighborhoods fall and become blighted by Design, just so that it becomes easier for those with Wealth to buy it cheaply and just displace everyone conveniently.

And Why am I putting some of these ugly facts into my pretty Blog Post?   Because it Needs to be said, it Needs to be acknowledged, we Need as a Society to have more Conscience about what we're doing and Why we're doing it?   And to be a Voice when we know something to be detrimental to our Neighborhoods and our Communities.   To not allow Greed to always prevail just because Money talks loudest and wields so much Power and Influence.

Another Small Score... a Vintage Asian Lantern Christmas Lightbulb.  I Love these, they are from the Era of Christmases of my Past, my Parents used to have a string of them, I Wish I still had that!   Even if they're not functional anymore I just like the Look and Design of them to Display.  This one still had it's tiny Tassle.

Now I have Two, should I Score a 3rd, it will be Officially a Collection!  *Winks*  They're not that easy to Source and typically can be spendy, this one was not and so I was thrilled with my Small Score of it!   I've bid on some Online but apparently a lot of peeps Collect them and so I always got outbid.  They're some of those Little Things that are insignificant but just make me Happy to have! 

What are YOU Happy to have and Cherish that really isn't a Big Deal, but it kinda is to you?   I've got a lot of Small Sentimentals that mean a lot to me but really are no Big Deal to probably anyone else.   I probably have more Smalls in my Collections than the Big Impressive items, the Statement Pieces or High Dollar Collectibles that are Investment Quality.

I have and do also look for those Investment pieces, but not necessarily with the Sale of them in Mind primarily.   I never buy what I don't also Love or really dig myself.   I always try to make my Money on the Buy, so it's rare I'll overpay for anything, I'm just frugal like that.  In Rare instances I'll Pony Up tho', it's always Paid Off in the end, so was a Wise Investment with zero regret in the outlay for it.

One of the saddest Testimonies to me in the Retail Sale of Antiquities and Collectibles is to hear a Vendor lament that they paid too much and therefore won't Profit from whatever they're trying to now hawk.  They've got that end of the Rainbow Price on it that few are willing or able to pay.  It is Tempting, if you have a Good Eye and Recognize the Value of something or it's Rarity, to want to pay top dollar to procure it.  But unless you're buying it for yourself, it's just not Wise, your margins are not going to be there.

If I'm Sourcing Merchandise that I intend to Sell then I simply must have the margins built into the asking price I'm going to have to pay.   I have to either negotiate my best Deal to procure it at the right price, or walk away.   It either has to have a good price to begin with or be something I want to Keep for myself and don't mind paying more for without margins for Profit in Mind necessarily.  Though for me that's ALWAYS on my Mind.  *Ha ha ha*

There's my Antique Masonic Collar draped over a Cabinet Door, very unassuming and in one of the Spaces of a Favorite Vendor that really carries a lot of very Cool stuff, but mostly not Antiques per se.   The great Deal I got on it was very unexpected, but sometimes that's the best part of The Thrill Of The Hunt, isn't it?!?  The unexpected Found Treasures you stumble upon and are a Good Deal!

Here then is another Tip when Hunting for Found Treasures, it should be a no-brainer and go without saying, but unfortunately people don't heed it very often.  You know what you know and you don't know what you don't know... acknowledge that Fact when buying or selling.   There's some things I know a lot about... there are some things I know nothing about... I know that difference and act accordingly.


With the great new Technological advances right at your Fingertips whilst shopping there are no real excuses for overpaying or being conned and exploited.   If you just are not sure of the Value of something, look it up, look it up before you pull the trigger on the purchase of it.   Before you Sell something you know nothing about, do some research, just so you can set a reasonable price point that isn't ridiculous in either direction and won't show your ignorance or naivete.

If you don't possess the Wisdom, Experience or Judgment that's Okay, everyone cannot know everything and those that think they do are just Annoying!  *Winks*   I'm always Learning about the Industry and the Passion I have for the Love of Old stuff... always.  It's a never ending experience to keep gaining Knowledge about and passing along to my Grandchildren.  That way they know what the Value is of what they stand to Inherit or stumble upon while out Treasure Hunting.

Don't discount what you can Teach to the Young either, they are like sponges when it comes to acquiring Knowledge and they often have Eyes like a Rat, they don't miss much!  Princess T, at the tender Age of Five, recognized and Scored for me the most Expensive Antique we own... curbside, on bulk garbage day, near a Historic Home being gutted and under a pile of rubble!   Sitting shotgun in her Car Seat she spied a Persian Rug worth well over Thirty Thousand Dollars, buried under drywall fragments and splintered lumber!  I would have missed it, it would have in five minutes or less been Lost to a Landfill since the Garbage Truck was on the next Street already!

Who knew how much Attention she'd been paying since her Toddler days of The Good Stuff we have around the Home and she asked questions about incessantly?!   I didn't have a Clue, until that fateful Day, that she had such an Eye for the Good Stuff and Antique Persian Rugs in particular!   She has an Eye like that for Fine Art too, one of my Old Vendor Friends who used to own Art Galleries discovered that fact and has since Mentored her Natural Ability to identify and Appreciate Fine Art.  It's not something she was necessarily Taught by any of us, but being around it, she paid Attention.

I've said it before but it bears mentioning again that EXPOSURE is EVERYTHING!  The G-Kid Force can spot a fake, a re-pop or The Real Deal a Mile away!   They can Appreciate something Pretty and yet not at all Valuable, and they know what has Value already and is Investment Quality.  It will only improve with Age and Experience how much they can come to know above and beyond what they already possess in Knowledge.   She Appreciated that Pretty Religious mass produced Print, but said it was too Expensive for what it just is... I concur with that Assessment.  If it were Antique and not a re-pop of one of The Great Masters, she would have known that too.

Besides, something is only Worth what someone is willing to actually pay for it.  If it's something you dig and gotta have, for you it would be worth what you clearly were willing to pay... or not.   It's entirely subjective sometimes, the Value of something, I might Value something that you don't at all and vice versa.   What I'm willing to pay for something you might not pull the trigger on... or even Like.

When someone solicits my Advice about whether something is Worth what the price tag says, I might give them my Opinion, but will always then ask how much they actually Love the item?   If their Love for it is very strong, the how much of that, might outweigh how much is being asked, even if it's higher than a Deal and not really a Bargain.  When I fall in Love with something, I might not Care that it's not a Bargain Price.  I have to weigh whether the ask price is Worth me Investing in it or not?   Usually you just KNOW whether you'd regret buying it... or walking away from it.


I've rarely, if ever, had Buyer's Remorse about those sacrificial purchases that I chose to Pony Up and just buy because I absolutely Loved it that much!   Not everything worthy can be had at a Bargain after all.   Many OOAK items will never, ever be able to be had again so if you hesitate, you may lose out and have non-buyer regrets and remorse though.   I would much rather NOT have that Wouldda, Shouldda, Couldda regret from walking away from something I should have just bought.

Lord knows we've all had that kind of regrettable experience along the way haven't we?   There's a few instances from DECADES ago that still come to Mind and I STILL all these Years later have regrets about not procuring when I could have, should have, would have... if only... I hadn't walked away instead!  *Le Sigh*   The ones that got away... those are the lamentation pieces!  *LOL*

For the Consummate or Incurable Collector those are the things that Haunt you, the ones that get away!   It never bothers me if I make a misstep and once in a great while don't make a good decision and therefore find that perhaps I did overpay to the place where there was no margin for decent Profit.   It happens too, just so long as it doesn't happen often you can easily move past it, unload it and just recoup what you can, even if you just break even or take a slight hit.

And for those in the Business of buying and/or selling Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles, you also recognize that the Market fluctuates too.  Things fall in and out of Favor, it's just the Nature of it all.   You can think something was a Deal, something that SHOULD Sell and profit you... and it can puzzle you when it just doesn't.  I don't spend a lot of time puzzling over such things, I mark it down and get rid of it so that the Turn is quicker and it can just be replaced with something else.

Because if I'm Selling it, then I already detached from it to where I have zero Sentiment about it and I can just be practical and business like about how to best dispose of it.   I see too many Vendors who seem to be too in Love with the Stuff they're Selling and it hinders them to just Let it Go... and get it Gone.  To not have this Lofty Vision of what it's Worth compared to what the Market will bear at the time.

And if you bought it in it's heyday then mebbe you did overpay for what it's now Worth, when it's Time has passed and it's just not as desirable anymore.  Anyone who bought Antiques in the 80's for example, may just HAVE to take a hit now if they're trying to hawk it at Today's prices because Antiques in and of themselves have clearly fallen out of Favor in the present Market.  They're viewed differently than your Gramma's Era anyway.  If nobody really wants it anymore it's Value may be zilch actually and plummeted terribly in the resale Market.

Think of every Trendy Toy that had it's height of Popularity and then fell completely out of Favor.  Until and unless the Nostalgic Element kicks in Years later when the now Grown-Up Kids are buying back their Lost Childhood, it may never recover initial Appeal.

Here's a prime example of Past and Present Value my Friends... my Antique Masonic Collar.   It probably cost more to Create this, with the Quality of Materials and Handwork used, when it was New, than what I now paid for it Today.   A Garment such as this was never Cheap to Create, if you Created one now with comparable Materials and Workmanship you would pay a Fortune.  In it's Era it was probably a Fortune by it's Standard of the Times.  But they're not that desired by the masses, nor were they probably EVER... so I got it on the Cheap.  Color me Happy coz I Love such things and Collect them!

If you could even find the Antique Materials the sum of the parts is worth more than the price I paid for the Garment.   The Metallic Fringe Trim for example, would be worth more by the Foot than what I paid for the Collar.   I buy things like this in any Condition, because those in Poor Condition I can Create Amazing Fabric Art out of.

The Young Prince just returned Home from spending a few days at his Dad's, he came Home with Aquatic Frogs and all their paraphernalia that they gave him as his Christmas Pressy.  He also came over with his little Sister, the Youngest of all of his Sisters.   So next Post I'll have some Bonny Baby pixs to Share, she's a chunky little Monkey, Seven Months old but wearing a size 2T already, she's an Amazon of a Girl!    Gramma had trouble schlepping her in the Car Seat into the house, Holy Cow that Kid is heavy already, she'll HAVE to learn to walk early!  *LOL*

Okay, so I couldn't wait to Share Chubby Baby pixs of the Grandbaby with you all, she's such a Serious Child!  *LOL*   Though she did cooperate with Gramma's Pathological Picture Taking she was clearly not Amused.

They couldn't stay long, just long enough to bring her Big Brother's Aquatic Frog and Habitat inside and get it set up.   The Aquatic Frog and Habitat was the Christmas Pressy The Young Prince got from his Dad's Family this Year, he's in Reptile Heaven up there now in his Living Spaces!  *LOL*

Under Protest he did pose for a couple obligatory Christmas Pixs with his Youngest Sister and Brother though.  He's not much about being in front of the Lens, or around Little Kids, he professes that he shall have none... since he's had enough with numerous Sisters and Brother so his Kid Quota is completely maxed out.  *LMAO*

Unfortunately the pixs taken at his Dad's Home with his Little Brother were blurry and of poor quality, but I doubt I'll get him to pose for more, so it is what it is!  *Le Sigh*   The younger Grandson is very compliant about Gramma Dawn's Pathological Picture Taking.  The Force said it's coz he's not had enough Years of enduring it yet, give him Time and he'll come to Hate and avoid it too!  They could be right?!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*

Anyway, for now I have compliance with the Younger Grandkids and I can also luxuriate in buying Baby Clothes, which was Fun.   My Friend and I spent way too much time {we're told by The Force} picking out Baby Girl Clothes for his Youngest Sister's Christmas Pressy!  *LOL*   Well, almost all of our Grandkids have Grown Up now into Young Adults, so to have some still be little is Fun... and Nostalgic.   At those Ages they still think you have Super Powers!  *Winks*

By the time the Grands are in their Teens and Twenties, well, not so much... forget about it, you'll be Lucky if they still think you're Cool enough to hang out with without much embarrassment to them?!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Okay, well, I Confess it's Fun to embarrass the Older Ones, I'm very Good at it... it's become like a Super Power of sorts!  *Winks*

In all Fairness tho', the Older Grown-Up Grandkids are easier, not so much Work anymore, lower Maintenance, they can fend for themselves, which is kinda handy, I ain't gonna lie!  *LOL*   After two Generations of raising Kiddos I'm super glad that I'm not raising any of the Younger Grandkids, that would be rough in our advanced Senior Years.  I like to spoil 'em while they visit and then send 'em Home to torment their Parents... that's the Natural way it should be, right?  *Winks*

Besides, now I have Great-Grand-Reptiles in da House... which The Young Prince says, Yeah, but it's better than me having or wanting Kids, right?   And aren't you Glad I don't want or have any of THOSE?!??!?  True that, we're in Agreement about THAT!   *Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!*   The Asian Habitat Theme I am diggin'.   And he takes excellent Care of his Critters. 

So, that being said, meet the newest Great-Grandbaby, she doesn't have a Name yet and he says she Needs a Partner since they don't like living Alone... swell... guess we'll be Aquatic Frog buying next... that and Bloodworms for her... my Grocery List is starting to look really scary my Friends!  *LOL*

Todays For Real Grocery List:  Tea, Soda, Blood Worms.


Merry Christmas, Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. LOVE the antique collar!!! I adore the angel holding the baby with a little one under its skirt! so cool and different.
    Great photos of wonderful swag

    1. Thanks Holli, hope that you have Scored yourself some cool Christmas Swag too my Friend?


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